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Bailey An's Stuff:

FYI: Bella, Jasper, and Rosalie are all siblings and are the children of Charlie and Renee Swan and they live in Phoenix, Arizona. Esme Hale is Renee's very rich sister who lives in Forks, Washington. Charlie and Renee are very poor and can't take care of Bella, Jasper, and Rosalie anymore, so Esme is adopting them. Carlisle Cullen --who is chief of medicine in Forks, Washington-- was previously married to Wanda Cullen, who died 8 years ago in a plane crash. Carlisle is now a single parent raising three teenagers: Edward, Alice, and Emmett. (All human)

Bella's point of view:

My body shook as my mother signed, and then my father on the adoption papers. I watched with shocked eyes as the social worker nodded and handed the paper to Aunt Esme. How could they? I knew that my parents couldn't keep paying for all the food, but Rosalie and I told them about our new jobs and Jasper already had one, so we could have paid for our food and our tuition. I didn't dislike Aunt Esme, I actually loved her a lot, but I did not want to leave my parents and move all the way to… Forks, Washington, the rainiest place on Earth.

"Okay, you are done. Ms. Hale, the children are all yours now," the social worker muttered, breaking the hard silence.

Aunt Esme smiled and turned to me, Jasper, and Rosalie. "Are you all packed and ready to go? Did you say goodbye to all of your friends?" she asked motherly.

She always cared so much for us and she made it so hard to be furious at her for agreeing to adopt me and my siblings. It was our parents' idea, but she agreed to it-- she was already beginning to worry about us. I suppose there really was no avoiding it, and at least we had such a kind Aunt to live with; I'll always be thankful for that.

I sighed and forced a small smile to play on my lips. "Yes, Aunt Esme, we are ready," I almost snapped.

She didn't look taken aback. She just continued with her sweet, warm smile as she nodded and stood up. "Do you need help with your bags?" Her kind nature, again.

I looked to Jasper and Rosalie, who gave me an 'I can handle it' look. I shifted my eyes back to Esme and shook my head. She nodded, but helped anyway. She was just that way, always helping, worrying, and caring-- no wonder the social worker agreed so quickly. No wonder my parents had asked her. She was rich, too, so we wouldn't really need the jobs we were leaving behind, but I still insisted that once we arrive at Forks, I'll get a job. She was hesitant to agree, but I persuaded her.

I climbed into the back seat of the car as Rosalie took the passenger set and Jasper took the seat next to me. Esme, of course, was driving. It was a short drive to the airport, but it seemed to be an eternity as I sat there thinking about the family and friends I left and the small town that awaited me. I wanted out, but it would be hard for everyone. I knew that this was best, but it seemed too… horrible. I could only hope that it would get better.

The plane was more relaxing for I was able to get some sleep in the First Class section (Esme forced me into it). This time, though, Rosalie sat next to me and she was more comforting as she tried to console me as she watched some television. She and Jasper took it all so lightly-- or at least they hid their inner feelings, which they normally didn't. It was probable, though. Seeing them upset would have made it much harder than it was. I loved my older siblings and would never trade them.

Rosalie and Jasper were twins, Jasper being the oldest. They both had blond hair and were absolutely gorgeous. I used to envy Rosalie when I was a bit younger, but then she started doing my hair and make-up and made me feel much better about myself. Rosalie was vain, though, but she was still a caring sister. Jasper… Words are hard to describe my beloved brother. He was the more sensitive one. Jasper was the kind of guy you wouldn't be surprised to find that he wrote poetry (which he did not). He, of course, was gorgeous, too.

I felt Rosalie's slowed breathing next to me and I turned my head to find her asleep. I sighed and glanced at Jasper across the isle. He sleeping, too. And so was Esme, who sat next to him. It wasn't unusual-- I always had trouble sleeping when I had something on my mind. Leaving my home was a big something and could have bothered me for days on end. I groaned at the thought.

I looked at the miniature television above my head and just continued to stare at it, not really paying attention to what was happening on it. I didn't really have much going on in my head, either. My mom used to say I would go into a trance or something of the sort, but Jasper called it 'sleeping with my eyes open'.

I jolted back to reality as I heard Rosalie jump in her seat. I chuckled lightly as I saw her horrific expression. "A nightmare?" I asked teasingly.

She glared playfully at me. "Yes, mind you. They can be quite scary," she added sarcastically.

I smirked. "Rosalie scared?" I gasped.

She let out a dramatic sigh and tried to stifle a smile. "Oh yes, Bella! I was terrified!" she joked. I started to laugh quietly, but still loudly for Esme shot awake at the sound. When she seemed to realize what it was, she smiled motherly and giggled softly.

Finally, after what seemed like ten days, we arrived in Forks. I stumbled out of the airport carrying all of my bags by myself. I would clumsily trip of the most pathetic things: my feet, a penny, a yo-yo, and the carpet. My balance was dangerous, not just to me, but to everyone around me. It would seem I had two left feet. Two very unbalanced left feet.

When I finally succeeded in my quest to get outside alive, I was bewildered by what awaited us-- a new shiny, red Toyota Prius. There was a pink bow on it and a giant card on the front hood. I immediately dropped my bags and rushed to admire it. Esme followed slowly behind me, a huge smile embroidered on her face.

"Do you like it?" she asked timidly after a few moments of my gaping.

I swiftly turned to her, shocked. "This is mine?" I bombarded.

She nodded and I enveloped her into a tight hug, tears falling from my face. I planned on buying myself a car with the money that I earned from the job I planned to get, but I didn't really plan on getting such a nice one. I then felt guilty. She took us in, she got us First Class seats, and she bought me a car. And I, I did nothing. I just hugged her (and cried tears of joy). I owed her so much.

"Thank you!" I muffled through sobs. Esme tightened her grip on me and then let go, a grin never leaving her heart-shaped face. She was quite pretty now that I think about it. She was slender, yet had a bit of roundness in her shape. She had long, beautiful caramel-colored hair cascading down a little past her shoulders. She looked like any mother would, only with a better figure.

Rosalie came up from behind her and observed the vehicle. She circled it several times until she came the short-mind conclusion, "It's small." Rosalie was a car expert and surprised me every time with her knowledge. That's the very bright side-- Esme would never have to send a car off to Port Angeles for an over-priced, greasy garage.

Esme rolled her eyes. "Yes, dear, it is small. I knew Bella would never accept anything more expensive." She was right. I would never allow her to buy me anything bigger, because, in most cases, they are more expensive (although I'm sure this Prius was expensive).

Jasper peered from my side to get a better look at it. He scrutinized it as well, but was less harsh. "I would expected you to get her a blue one…" he trailed off with a shrug. That made since, even if it was a little rude. Blue was my favorite color and I'd been told many times that it was a perfect compliment to me, just as red was to Rosalie and purple to Jasper.

Esme's expression became confused as she asked me, "Do you prefer blue? It's fine if you do-- I can trade it for a different color."

I stiffened and vigorously shook my head. "No, no! There's no need to go through all that trouble! Red is a wonderful color!" I stated. Red was a wonderful color, just not the best on me, but I didn't mind. I wouldn't care if it was puke-green!

Esme's smiled returned and glanced at Jasper and Rosalie. "I'm sorry I didn't buy you two cars, I just thought since Bella insisted on a job, she would need to drive there."

Rosalie and Jasper shrugged and smiled. "It's fine; we don't need cars anyway," Jasper answered kindly. Even though Jasper said some stupid things, he was still polite.

Esme nodded and turned her attention back on me. Her face was full of warmth and love. "We best be heading to my house! Bella, I want you to drive your new present, okay? Just follow behind me-- I own the silver Porsche," she said gleefully. You could tell by her expression that she loved her Porsche and would take any chance to show it off. She seemed like a teenager sometimes, and I guess, just like in Phoenix, I would be the 'adult', but at least something wouldn't change.

I nodded and Esme tossed me a key and walked off to her car, Jasper and Rosalie following close behind.. I sighed and picked up my bags and walked excitedly to my new car. I fumbled with the key a bit before I finally able to open the door and shove my bags in; it took effort. I then filed my body onto the leather seat and sighed in contentment. I closed my eyes to enjoy the moment when I heard a sudden honk from a silver Porsche. I jumped and banged my head on the roof of the car.

I snapped back to reality and stuck the key into ignition and turned the car to life. The purr of the engine wasn't booming and distracting, instead it was quiet and, actually, soothing. I smiled at the great choice of car and watched as the Porsche began to head off. I followed soon behind.

It took a while until we finally passed the sign that said 'Welcome to Forks'. As soon as we drove into the small town, all the previously showy cars depleted and we were driving amongst 'scrap metal'. I chuckled at all the old models and bad paint jobs. That just meant that Rosalie, Jasper, and I were all going to make a 'grand entrance' at school tomorrow.

School. Another thing that added on to the list of change. School was going to be so different for my friends weren't going to be there. I would really miss them, but I wasn't really close to them like Rosalie was to hers and Jasper to his. They had best friends, I just had friends. I had refused to get so close to another after what happened to one of my friends, the one I had grown to love.

I sighed, but brightened as I saw we were in Esme's driveway. She paused in front of the entrance to the long, metal gate surrounding a large Victorian house. A man sat in a box next to the entrance and opened the gates for us. We drove onto the long driveway and parked in the severed garage. I got out excitedly to get a better look at the house.

When we were younger, we never visited our aunt. She was too far away and was busy with her job a lot of the time. But now, after Esme won the lottery and invest all of it in the stock market and business schemes, she quit her job. She now had people working for her in her new bakery stores, 'Washington Delights'. It was now one of the most popular bakeries in the country (go figure, huh?).

Esme strutted up to me with a enormous grin on her face. "Welcome to your new home," she whispered to me, Jasper, and Rosalie.

Our new home…