Logan looked at the purple clock on the wall and sighed. It had been three thirty forever. Would her parents never come and get her? Maybe they had forgotten? She slipped out of bed and crept over to the door. Opening it barely, she peeked outside. The hall was empty. Logan opened the door a little more, and stepped out. How could they have forgotten the most important day in her life? She walked down the hall and entered the common room. There she saw Robin feeding his second-born son Alfred.

"Logan what are you doing up?"

Logan walked over and climbed up on the chair next to him. She looked at him with big eyes. They really had forgotten.

"No wait. It's Wednesday today isn't it?"

Logan smiled and nodded almost violently. They hadn't forgotten.

"You're starting school today don't you?"

Her smile widened.

"But what are you doing out of bed? It's still a few hours until school starts."

"Why can't it start now?"

"Because with the exception of you and Alfred, everyone else is sleeping."

Logan bent over and looked at the tiny baby in Robin's arms. He was a spitting image of his father, and a fussy sleeper. He looked up at Logan with big green eyes and when she made a funny face he smiled grabbed after her. He caught some of her hair, and gurgled when he pulled at it. Logan screamed and together with Robin she pried it out of his fingers. Robin smiled.

"You know he'll take anything he can get his fingers on."

Logan nodded and rubbed her soar scalp.

"But it still hurt."

"He's like his mother."

Robin purbed him before Alfred finally went to sleep in his father's arms. Robin got to his feet carefully and Logan followed his example.

"Now get to bed and stay there until Raven or Beast Boy comes for you."

Logan just nodded. He was using his leader voice, and when Robin used his leader voice you didn't argue. She sighed and went back to her bed, under her blanket, but she knew she would never be able to sleep. Not in a million years. But her eyelids did feel heavy, so she decided to close them just for a moment. She wasn't going to sleep or anything. She wasn't...

"Rise and shine beautiful."

Logan opened her eyes and looked at her father.

"Are you up?"

Logan bounced out of bed and ran around her room. She looked at the clock. It was eight and ten minutes. She jumped up and down. School was starting. School was starting. Someone grabbed her from behind, picked her up and swung her around before holding her up side down. Logan laughed so hard she couldn't breath. The door opened and Raven, holding hands with Lewis, looked in.

"I thought I said to wake her up?"

"And she's up. Aren't you beautiful."

Logan nodded and her father put her down feet first.

"Now you think you two can wash up and get dressed without tearing down the house?"

"We're not making any promises."

Raven rolled her eyes but gave Beast Boy the smile he was begging for.

"Just make sure she's ready to go in time. I don't want to be late first day in school."

The door closed and Beast Boy looked down at his daughter.

"It's like she's the one starting school."

Then it hit him that Raven never got to attend school. She never got to go to class, or get friends or anything like that. She had been educated, but she was to destroy the world so sending her to school would have seamed meaningless. He looked down at Logan and smiled.

"Go wash up Logan."

She just nodded, but he knew she had felt the change in him.

Less than twenty minutes later was Logan Marie Roth ready to attend school. She sat in the back seat next to Lewis and her small legs hung over the seat. Her father parked, her mother got Lewis out of his car seat and the three of them started to walk to the huge redbrick building when they understood someone was missing. Beast Boy walked back to the car and opened the door. Logan didn't look up. She looked fixated on her two new black shoes that matched her yellow and green uniform.

"You know the rest of the children are inside."

The girl ignored him.

"What's the matter beautiful? Are you scared?"

"I'm not scared."

Her voice was trembling and Beast Boy looked over the car at his wife. Raven opened the car door and leaned over Lewis's car seat.

"It's okay if you're scared Logan. You are meeting a lot of new people and everyone is scared."

Logan looked like wasn't sure to believe her or not.

"Were you scared?"

"I never went to school Logan. I was home schooled."


Logan wasn't really sure what that meant.

"Do you think the other children will like me?"

"I'm sure they will beautiful."

Logan smiled and went out of the car, but she was gripping her father's hand tight. They walked into the schoolyard that was filled with students in identical male and female uniforms and their families. Beast Boy and Raven quickly understood that their daughter would attend a school with children of ambassadors, celebrities and millionaires. After a few minutes a native american woman in her fifties walked up the stairs, and everyone looked at her.

"Welcome parents, guardians, family and students. My name is Mrs Weaver, and as principal here at Gregory Elementary, it's my pleasure to welcome you all to a new school year, and an extra big welcome to our new students. Starting school is always a big transaction and we here at Gregory Elementary will do our best so that your time here will be an enjoyable one."

Then there was the school song before everyone was told to wich classroom they had to go to.

After about one hour the teacher, a young woman said that now it was time for the parents to leave. Raven and Beast Boy said their good byes, Logan hugged Lewis, and then they left. Logan felt terribly alone.

"Who was that?"

Logan looked at the girl who had talked to her. She was a small, had blue eyes and bright red hair. A few feet away was two girls, one blond, one brunett, and Logan could tell they were friends with the read haired girl.

"That was my brother Lewis."

Logan felt warmly inside as she always did when she talked about her brother. She was fairly proud of him.

"Why was his skin green? Was he painted?"

"No, his skin is green."

"It is?"

The girl looked behind at the two other girls and they laughed. Logan felt another warmth cover her face and she didn't like this one.

"Hey you're turning green too? Are you sick?"

"No, we were born this way."

"Why? Are you freaks?"

Logan felt her eyes water, but she refused to let the girl see that.

"Girls, lets all gather in a circle now."

Logan went passed the three girls with her head high, but her cheeks were warm and bright green.

"At least now her face matches her hair."

Logan had never felt so alone in the entier world.


"What is it beautiful?"

"I'm sick."

Beast Boy felt her forehead.

"You're warm. You've been sick a lot lately. Maybe Cy should check you out?"


He was surprised by her abruptness.

"I'm sure I'll be better tomorrow."

He just tucked her planket around her, gave her the book she pointed to and left. Raven looked up as Beast Boy walked in to the common room. He shrugged.


"That's third time this week."

"Maye she never fully recovered."

Raven looked at him. Something wasn't right.

"How green was she?"

"Green? Almost nothing. Her forehead was a bit green, but otherwise."

Raven got to her feet.

"I'll talk to her."

Raven walked to Logan's room, but she wasn't there.


She heard sounds coming from the bathroom and opened there door. Long strains of green and purple hair was lying at the girls feet and her fingers gripping a pair of silver scissors kept working through the rest.

"Logan what are you doing?"

Raven ran over and took the scissors. Logan looked at her before starting to cry. Raven wrapped her arms around her tiny body.

"What's the matter Logan?"

"The other children are making fun of me, and teasing me."

For a moment Raven lost control over her emotions and her two violet eyes turned to four red. But she focused on the girl in her arms, and soon gained control over them again. She held the girl tight.

"It's okay Logan. It's okay."

Raven rocked the girl back and fourth repeating that frais like a mantra.


Logan with her hair short and saved in a joint effort by Bumblebee and Starfire, was sleeping in her bed and Raven explained to the others what had happened. The room was filled with tension.

"I'm going to kill them."

"Beast Boy don't overreact."

"You know they are the kind of people we fight against. People who hurt the innocent."

"These girls aren't treatehing people."

"They are treatehing Logan."

"I have to agree with Beast Boy. All criminals start small."

"And words do the hurting. I know."

Raven was looking at a spot on the wall and was surprised when Beast Boy called her name.

"Rae, what should we do?"

Raven sat down.

"I have an idea."