Logan smiled as Speedy grabbed her hand.

«Can I get a dance?»

«I can't turn down the groom now?»

He dragged her out on the floor and they started to move to the music.

«So, how old are you know?»

Logan laughed.

«You've asked me that already Speedy? Don't you remember?»

«I can't remember all the conversations we've had.»

«Three times. In two days.»

«Well, I can't believe you're 13. You look older.»

Logan laughed again as Speedy twirled her.

«Well, that's what mom says. Lewis is nine and Lucky is three.»

«Now that I believe.»

They looked over at Raven in her maid of honor dress with a sleeping Lucky on her lap. She was talking to a not-surprisingly colourful Cassie. Then at Lewis and Angela talking to a titan with Bruce standing with them, not contributing. Logan shook her head, but quickly turned to Speedy smiling.

"Nice dress by the way."

"It was Cassie's choice. She wanted a rainbow."

He laughed, and Logan blushed.

"And of course you ended with the green one."

"It.. It wasn't my choice."

She blushed even more.

"If I didn't know better I would have thought you were bashful Logan."

They stopped dancing and he led her to a table. Giving her a drink.

"I don't understand what's happening Speedy. I feel like I'm losing control over everything. You should see me at school. I can't even look at Jack anymore without turning green as a tree."

She couldn't look at him, but when he didn't say anything she peeked up. He was smiling.

"You're a teenager Logan. This is normal."

"I never agreed to any of it."

"No one ever does."

He bent down and whispered in her ear.

"You want to make a run for it, and train on your shooting?"

"Cassie would never forgive you."

"Who's going to tell her?"

Logan looked down, before smiling. Then she got to her feet and both left the party.


"So what's the ods for getting Robin to build a swimmingpool at home?"

"About as big a chance as world peace."


Angela hit her sister playfully. Logan shook her head as she emerged again. It was late and she was the only one stil left in the pool, all the other children sitting on the edge either with their feet in the water og on dry land.

"You should get out of the water before your celles explode."

Angela made a face, Lewis rolled his eyes and Bruce smothered a laugh. Vanessa didn't seem to notice the reaction. Logan sighed before swimming over to the ladder. She grabbed it and winched.

"What's wrong?"

"Just the wound from yesterday Victor."

"You okay?"

She smiled to the worried boy and again Bruce smothered another laugh. Lewis hit him behind the head. Logan jumped up the floor and took the towel Andy gave her.

"Logan see what I can do?"

"Lucky watch out."

Logan turned around as Vanessa shouted out and saw the little boy slip on the wet tiles and fall into the pool. Logan dropped the towel and dived into the water.

"Get my mom."

Andy and Angela nodded before running out. Lewis turned to the pool as Logan came with the little boy in her arms. A gash on his forehead making the water pink. She put him on the tiles before pulling herself up next to him. Vanessa bent over Lucky and placed her ear over his mouth. Her eyes grew.

"He's not breathing."

Bruce pushed her aside and started performing CPR. Lewis grabbed Logan's hand. It was like every breath took forever. Every time Bruce breathed into the boy's mouth before pressing down on his chest. Logan didn't dear to breathe. Her hand tingled and she looked at it. It was the hand Lewis was holding. His hand was glowing and when she removed it she saw her wound was healed. Her eyes grew.

"Lewis, you can heal."

He looked at her confused. Everyone did, even Bruce.

"You have to heal him Lewis."

He looked confused down at his hand, then hers.

"You have to heal him."

She grabbed his hand and moved it over to Lucky's headwound.

"I don't..."

"Don't think. Mom's powers doesn't come with thinking. Feel."

Logan knew her powers were out of control. She didn't care. His hands started to glow and the gash closed up, not even leaving a scar. As Raven appeared before the children Lucky started to bawl. She looked confused, then relived. She bent down and picked him up. Calming him down. Looking at Logan and Lewis.



A few seconds of silence before all the children tried to talk at once. All but the teenager. She had teleported out of the room.


"How is he?"

Beast Boy looked over Raven's shoulder to the little boy sleeping in his parents bed in the guest-room.

"He's fine. He's like you, an attention span of five seconds."


She smiled at him, before her smile vanished and sighed.

"I have to talk to Lewis, you have to talk to Logan."


"You know how she gets. Apparently Lucky wanted to show her something and that was how he ended up in the water, and I don't think it helps that Lewis developed another active power. She's so self-confident."

Beast Boy nodded.

"Wait, what am I supposed to say to her?"

"Just tell her she did good."



"Hi Lewis, how are you feeling?"

Lewis was sitting in his bed in the room he was, for the trip, sharing with the other boys. Everyone were asleep, or looking like they were. Lewis and Raven were whispering.


"You saved Lucky's life you know."

Lewis nodded. Raven grabbed his hands and looked at them.

"I guess you got a crash course in how my powers work?"

Lewis nodded again.

"Emotions. All I could think about was Lucky and how much I loved him and my hands started to glow."

His hands started to glow light blue.

"I don't think you need to learn meditation like Logan considering you just heal, and that can't do much harm if it goes out of control."

"Mom? Why did I get healing and not Logan?"

"I don't know precious."

Lewis nodded and the pair sat quiet. It didn't bother them.

"Mom? Is Logan okay?"

"I think so, why?"

"I don't know? I thought she might be mad at me or something. She just vanished."

Raven petted her son.

"Lewis, I don't hink Logan loves anyone as high as she loves you and Lucky. She just can't show it as much as she wants to because of her powers."

He gave her a small smile before Raven kissed his forehead.

"You did good Lewis. Don't forget that."

He nodded before laying down and going to sleep.


Beast Boy, in the form of a butterfly, landed on his daughter's nose. Logan smiled a little, as he morphed back.

"How did you find me?"

"I know you, and no matter how much you resemble your mother, you're still my kid."

"I didn't know anyone questioned that?"

Beast Boy sat down next to her on the sand, looking out on the ocean and the sun setting.

"I hate my powers."

"Will it help if I said you're not the first person who's said that?"

"No. Why would that help?"

Beast Boy laughed as Logan gave him a how-stupid-can-you-get-look that was so like her mother it was, well, comical. Logan huffed and looked back out at the sunset.

"I'm sorry Logan. Why don't you like your powers?"

"They are so, passive."

"I didn't know teleporting was passiv. Neither is magic."

She scowled at him.

"I can't understand how someone so powerful as you keep looking down at your own powers."

"I couldn't help him. Today Lucky needed help, and I couldn't save him."

Logan looked out at the sea, and didn't even notice her father had morphed to a tiger before her powers reacted. She looked frightfully at him as he attacked again. She jumped backwards, missing him. He just growled.

"Dad? Dad what are you doing?"

He attacked her again. She teleported to behind him. He turned and jumped her again. Logan jumped up, hitting him in the head before flying over him. Landing on her feet before turning and looking at him again.

"You're not weak Logan. You're one of the good guys and you are not weak."

Logan looked at him for a second before hugging him, burying her face in his chest.

"You use your head Logan, and thankfully you got that from your mother."

She laughed, before they started to walk up toward the house.



"I'm glad I'm one of the good guys."

Now it was Beast Boy's turn to laugh.

"So am I beautiful."


Logan wanted to scream, and after placing her hands firmly over her mouth that was what she did. It was a month since the wedding and the rehearsals for Wicked had begun. Jack, who of course was playing Fiyero Logan's characters love interest, had suggested they had a practice at his house, and Logan had agreed. Then they had started to argue, Jack had called her baby girl again and Logan had slammed his bedroom door and was now walking back and forth in his living room. Why was he always pointing out that she was one year younger than him? She sighed and flopped down on the couch as a boy entered from the kitchen.

"Hi Raymond."

Raymond, as always, just looked at her. It didn't bother Logan.

"Why does your brother keep teasing me and calling me baby girl Raymond?"

She didn't expect an answer. She just needed to talk to someone, and she had forgotten her cellphone in Jack's room so calling Sahara or Vanessa was out of the question.

"Is he really that an ageist? I just really hate that nickname. Baby girl. I'm not an baby. I'm only 16 months younger than him. What Raymond?"

Raymond was looking at one of the pictures of the three children, Jack, Raymond and their former sister Barbra. He was pointing at the latter.



He shook his head and looked like he was confused, hurt and angry.


"Yes, I guess Barbra was the baby."

Logan used to be able to read Raymond, he was a simple mind, but now she was confused. Raymond shook his head again.


It dawned on her.

"Was Barbra called baby girl?"

Raymond nodded, before he started to stare at something. Logan ignored this. That was common.

"Barbra was called baby girl."

She looked at the picture before turning and running back upstairs.

"Why didn't you tell me your sister was called baby girl?"

"How did you know?"

"Raymond told me."

He looked confused, then he grinned and shrugged.

"It's not like you asked."

"You ass."

She pushed him against the wall.

"You stupid ass Jack."

He grinned, before kissing her.

"I like you Logan."

She hit him on the upper arm. He flinched, but smiled.

"So now you like the name baby girl."

She hit him again. She was still angry because she felt tricked somehow. She had thought he was making fun of her, and he had let her get angry.

"I like you too, even if you are an ass."

He kissed her again quickly. Before looking at the music sheets lying all over the floor. Having been knocked there when she had pushed him.

"So, you think we can separate your notes from mine?"

Logan looked over her shoulder before starting to pick up some.

"I wrote my name on mine."

"Oh, aren't we the smart one."

She scowled at him, and he started to laugh.

"But you are the smart one Baby girl."

"And don't forget it."

He started to laugh again.