Hello everyone. Welcome to my very own Author fighter story. I will try to make this as accurate as possible and tell me if anything's wrong. Enjoy


It has been a quiet time for the Author fighters. Nearly three months ago did the author fighters foil Drakes latest scheme. Normally they would be prepared for the next time Drake attacked the Author fighters, but for three months that time had never came. Drake and his cronies had disappeared and hidden themselves so well they was no way of tracking them

To some members this was a time to relax. Besides the odd crooks the team had little to worry about and so used this time as a chance to rest and have fun

Other members however grew more intense at the fact Drake was missing. It seemed impossible to them that rake would give up. Everyone knew he never gave up

Author fighter leader DarkMagicianmon was one of those concerned. He knew Drake better than anyone else in the team. It scared him the most he was gone

DM stood up in the meeting room with Hikari, Ross, Ranger24, TSS, Airnaruto45, TLSouldude, Erinbubble92, Charles Roberts, Jean Kazuhiza, Slpytlak, Alyssalioness94, Iron-Mantis and Warlord-Xana

'Glad you could all come here today guys. We have some news concerning Drake' DM said to his team. They all look at each other in concern. They all knew he may be back. Ross looks at the group and raises his hand

'Yes Ross?' DM asked

'Um where's everyone else Chief. If it's about Drake shouldn't everyone be here?' Ross asked. DM shook his head

'Unfortunately no. Ever since his disappearance it's been hard to keep you all in one place. You were all I could get at short notice' DM said. It was true, DM had feared that many members would relax and go off somewhere. Drake could use their laxity as an advantage

'We shouldn't worry Sempai we should be enough to tackle this problem' Hikari reassured DM who smiled

'Thanks Hime. Anyway guys I called you here today because tomorrow night at the local Museum an Archaeologist is giving the museum an old and rare stone tablet with inscription on it'

'And what has this got to do with Drake sir?' Ranger asked

'Supposedly the inscriptions hold secrets about Darksides long forgotten. Secrets Drake may want' DM said sternly

'Secrets? Your telling me there's more about Darksides we don't know about?' Soul said in annoyance

'Soul since the beginning of time there has always been darkness. No matter how hard we try darkness will never leave this world. It will come in many forms, some worse than others. This tablet holds some of those secrets' DM told him

'In that case we should read this thing, so we know what we might have to deal with' Jean said. Everyone except DM nodded in agreement

'That would be a good idea Jean if it wasn't for the fact it's in writing that only the owner of the tablet was able to read. To everyone else who saw the stone it was impossible'

'Then get this guy to read it for us. Ask him tomorrow night when they reveal it' Erin suggested

'Oh Erin if only it was that simple. Days ago the Archaeologist went missing. It is my belief he was kidnapped' DM said sternly

'You think it was Drake sir?' TSS asked

'To be honest it doesn't matter who kidnapped him. Whoever kidnapped him wants him to translate the tablet, and to do that they need the tablet as well. Meaning they will attempt to steal it' Dm said

'Let me guess sir. We're gonna stay up all night guarding the tablet aren't we?' Charles asked already knowing the answer

'You guessed right Charles. If we guard the stone then whoever wants to steal it will be confronted by us. We'll arrest them and find out what's the heck's happening around here. Tomorrow night on the night of the grand opening we will station ourselves around the museum guarding all openings. No one will get through without us knowing' DM explained

'Finally some action. It's been damn boring ever since Drake disappeared. Now things may finally get back to normal' Iron-Mantis said cracking his knuckles

'I wouldn't get too happy dude. If we're dealing with Darksides then it's pretty serious' WX told him


DM was right that someone was plotting a robbery, but it wasn't Drake. In fact it wasn't any Darkside at all. In their hidden base which was basically a huge cave fitted with lights and equipment were the legendary magic haters the Huntsclan

Hundreds of Huntsclan member had squeezed in the cave and looked up to a stage where the Huntsmaster and his protégé the Huntsgirl were standing (They're in their green uniform. Not purple)

'Fellow Huntsclan members' the Huntsmaster preached to his followers 'Tomorrow will be a day that none of us will ever forget. Tomorrow night a stone tablet containing secrets of magic long forgotten will be given to the national museum. This is our golden opportunity. With this new knowledge, we will finally destroy the magic world and those cursed dragons. This will be a golden age for the Huntsclan!!'

The whole room erupted as everyone cheered and shouted 'Huntsclan' over ad over again

'Make sure your weapons and gear are prepared. This robbery must go without a hiccup. Dismissed' HM ordered. Everyone left the caves to an unknown area leaving only the Huntsmaster, Huntsgirl, and a figure in the corner of the room sitting on a chair

Not much could be seen about the person appearance. All that could be noticed was that he was a teenage boy with only his long, blonde and scruffy hair showing as his face was covered with a black hoodie. On the back of the hoodie there was a strange cross as it had circles on all four ends. He also wore black jeans with his black hoodie and held a coke bottle in his hand. When the Huntsmaster walked up to him he didn't bother to look at him

'That was quite the speech Hunt dude' The hooded boy said with a cocky smile

'A good leader has to able to make sure his men are willing to obey your orders. I've promised them a golden age, now all is left is that this mission isn't a failure. That's where you play your part in this right?' the Huntsmaster asked.

The hooded boy got up from his seat and took a swig from his bottle. He then looked at the Huntsmaster and gave him a deadly smile

'That was a part of our deal. In return for giving me what I want I'll make sure you go through this robbery untouched by any do-gooders. That was the deal after all' the hooded boy said with a laugh. The Huntsmaster grumbled

'Just keep to your word Nukid. This plan must go absolutely right. Failure is not an option' the Huntsmaster said sternly

The boy now known as Nukid smiled and waved as he walked away from the two and walked out the cave. The huntsgirl then looked at her master

'Huntsmaster, how can we trust him? He isn't one of us, why are we working with him' the Huntsgirl asked with concern. The Huntsmaster was quiet for a minute but then looked at his student

'Do not concern yourself little one. If what they say about the CP9 is true, then we have little to worry about the quality of his work, and I'll keep an eye on him' The Huntsmaster said reassuringly

He had only heard rumours of the CP9, and they weren't pleasant rumours. Perhaps this boy would be useful

The next day

The national museum was a lot more busier than normal as today the museum would be given it's oldest and most valuable collection to date. Historians from around the world had gathered to look at this ancient Tablet either to try and decipher it themselves or just wanted to see it themselves

The stone Tablet was exhibited in the middle of the room so all the guest had enough room to observe the stone. DM watched the crowd from the balcony on top. He was as alert as a hawk, he could feel the imminent battle about to take place and it was making him edgy. He decided to make sure everyone was ready by contacting them through his earpiece

'Group 1 ready?' DM said through the earpiece

'Group 1 is in position on the roof sir. Nothing's coming through this way' TSS replied through his earpiece

'Good, group 2 ready?'

'Group 2's ready Sempai. The back entrance is secured' Hikari said through her earpiece

'Good job Hime, finally group 3 ready?'

'Group 3 three is ready and very very bored' TL responded

'Patience Soul, whoever's behind all this will make himself known soon. Just wait'

'Sir what makes you'll think they'll come today. They could come tomorrow, next week, hell even next month!' Ranger24 asked through his earpiece

'Come on Ranger in all movies valuable things are robbed on its grand opening. Trust me they'll come today whoever they are' DM said ad turned off his earpiece

DM stood in the same spot for twenty minutes waiting for any sign of a robbery. What he got was a little more than a sign


Suddenly from out of nowhere the front doors which had been locked tightly were blown off by a huge explosion. The doors had been blown up from by a planted bomb. All the guests in the room stood in shock from the explosion scared out of their mind. Only DM was not shocked at the explosion. He half expected something like this to happen. He didn't however expect who the robbers were gonna turn out to be

The Huntsmaster walked over the rubble he had recently caused followed by the Huntsgirl at least ten huntsclan soldiers holding their trademark staffs. The Huntsmaster turned his attention to the crowd of museum guests

'Ladies and gentlemen, please do not be alarmed. Me and my associates are only interested in that stone tablet over there. Do nothing stupid and we can all leave here safe and sound' the Huntsmaster said to the crowd. He then began walking to the Tablets container while the crowd moved out of the way

'You're one to talk about being stupid Huntsmaster' DM shouted from his balcony. The Huntsmaster turned to him and snarled 'Trying to pull of robbery like this near our base is practically insulting' DM smiled cockily which made the Huntsmaster even more annoyed

'DarkMagicianmon, you dare to call me stupid, even though you came here all by yourself?'

'By myself? What gave you that impression? I never do things like this alone' DM clicked his fingers and Warlord Xana and Roscoso jump out from separate parts of the balcony landing behind the tablet. Also from behind the Huntsclan Alyssa and Erin jump out outside blocking the door

'You guys ain't going nowhere' Alyssa said while the Huntsmaster huffed

'So you brought some friends with you boy. No matter I still outnumber you by hundreds' The Huntsmaster grabbed some form of phone and held it near his mouth

'Platoon C, attack from the back entrance!!' HM ordered. However he got no reply from the group

'Platoon C?...PLATOON C!!' after HM shouted he got a reply but not one he expected

'I'm sorry but Platoon C can't reach you right now. Maybe you should try in 5 minutes when they regain consciousness' Airnaruto replied through the Huntsclan radio wave while groaning sounds could be heard in the background

'What? Who the hell are you?' HM demanded, however it was DM who answered

'His name's Airnaruto45, and he's just one of my teammates' DM told him

'Team?! What team?' HM said in shock

DM smiled with pride and humour at his next sentence

'We're the Author Fighters, and we're back in action'

There's chapter 1 people. Sorry if I come off a little cocky, and the story will get better as it progresses. Stay tuned