Well with my computer on the fritz and zoning out from time to time, as well as sophomore year coming up and freshman year now over with...don't expect for me to write a lot. Please. It's hard to find time to come up with something new, not to mention I got tired of writing Naruto fanfiction and wanted to move to something different for a while.

So for all you Elfen Lied fans, please enjoy this next project of mine. However, please note, while I have been watching some new anime and reading manga, I'm not up to date on the manga for Elfen Lied (I've read it but only from where the anime leaves off, so please excuse any character screw-ups I may have.)

Alright. So like I said, I'm back for a while but it'll be hard to post like mad like I used to. (I'm not in Middle School anymore, so I can't post as often lol.)

DISCLAIMER: I don't own Elfen Lied or any characters in the story. I only own this fanfic.

Kilee Drifter

Kurama sighed as he began to walk up the stairs to the Temple house where Nana lived. Would he be able to get any forgiveness out of her at all? After all, his own daughter, Mariko was dead. And Lucy was...

Kurama sighed at the thought, looking at the stump of arm he had left, now covered by a prosthetic. Inching up to the gate, he gulped.

She was the only one left. The only person he had to go to. The rest, Hiromi, Mariko, and another were all...

Kurama gulped as he reached to knock on the translucent door. He stopped and noticed he could see the vague figures of two girls playing with a dog. One of the girls had what looked like ribbons tied around something sticking out of both sides of her head. It was a Diclonius. Nana.

Kurama's hands grew sweaty as he knocked on the door softly, getting the attention of both girls. The moment of truth had arrived. Was Kurama ready to try and rebuild his life? Or was he going to fail himself and Nana again?