Keiko: HEY! NEW FIC!

Ikuto: but you didn't finish your other one!

Keiko:…I know…..sorry I didn't update that one in awhile, but I got grounded and my dad turned my computer off and when I FINALLY got back on, the data was lost cuz I forgot to save it. TT-TT

Amu: t-that's so sad. -cries-

Ikuto: -grabs amu from behind and….licks the tears away- IKUTO!

Keiko: haha, any way this IS AMUTO! YAAAAY!

Amu: WHAT!?

Ikuto: YES!

Keiko: on with it!

A dolls love story

Amu walked into her room and lied down on her bed. She was very tiered after fighting all those x-eggs. "nene, amu-chan, are you alright?" dia floated over to her.

"yea, just tiered I guess." amu walked out to her balcony. She looked up to the moon. 'I'm so confused. I'm liking tadase less and less. And he's being replaced by that pervert ikuto…with his deep blue eye's, tall figure…I-I just wanna reach out and- NO! ugh!'

Amu looked up and saw…. "a shooting star!" amu closed her eye's and made a wish. 'I-I wish I could find the one I truly love!' the star was gone when she looked up. And in it's place was….

"I-IKUTO!?" amu fell backwards. "don't do that!"

"do what?" he got in her personal bubble again!

"I-ikuto go away, I-I'm tiered." amu was blushing madly.

"feh, child, it's only 7, if you go to bed early every day, you'll have no social life, stupid.." he didn't mean for it to come out as cold as it did.

He realized how mean he sounded and looked over to amu who looked like she was about to cry.

"amu….?" he asked. Amu looked up at him with anger filled eye's. "amu…?" he tried again.

Amu got up. "go away! And never come back!" she yelled at him. A single tear rolled down her cheek.

"amu….I…" ikuto walked towards her. She pushed him away causing him to fall.(not off the balcony) She ran inside and locked the balcony door. The last words he heard were 'I hate you, tsukiyomi ikuto!'

Ikuto felt hurt but was gonna leave to let her calm down. He jumped off, not looking back which is something he will soon regret.

"amu-chan! Are you ok, what happened!?" ran, miki, su, and dia were all trying to get through to her, but she just cried in her pillow, and fell asleep.

-the next morning.-

Amu woke up. She sat strait up, but, since when was her room so….BIG!? "ran, miki, su, dia! Were, how, why!?" amu jumped off her bed and realized…"ahhhhhhhhhh! I'm falling!"

She hit the floor. "tha-that didn't hurt as much as I expected, but it still hurt." she got up and walked to her full length mirror(idk if she has one, but it's good for the story.)and was shocked.

She knew it was her looking in the mirror, but, the one looking back was an exact replica of her, but a….doll. 'I'm….a….doll!? I'm no taller than a chara!'

(she looked exactly like herself, but MUCH smaller, and she fell asleep in her uniform so that's her outfit.)

(And she was one of those stuffed dolls made of fabric, and batting.(soft stuff in stuffed toys)still had her eye's and mouth, no noes)

She was about to scream when she heard a tapping at her balcony door. It was ikuto.

'I can't let him see me like this! Who knows what that pervert would do!' amu ran and jumped under her bed. The door opened, she didn't lock it good.

"amu? Amu! Amu!?" ikuto was looking around. "it's so early, she couldn't have gone to school" ikuto was talking to no one in particular. "were are her eggs?" ikuto saw no sign of them. Ikuto sat on her bed.

Amu realized something too, she is a doll. There for, has no heart. Her eggs do not exist.

The door opened and her mother walked in. "amu, dear, wake up or-" she stopped mid-sentence when she saw ikuto on amu's bed.

'm-mama!?' amu was freaking out under her bed.

"mama, what are you-A BOY!?" amu's father walked in.(he's not calling her one, he's referring to ikuto.)

"who are you and where's amu!" her father yelled. Ikuto thought this the perfect opportunity.

"me? I'm her boyfriend." ikuto got up from the bed. "and I was gonna ask the same question."

'b-boyfriend!? Ikuto, next time I see you-' amu was blushing.

"b-b-b-b-b-b-b-BOYFRIEND!?" amu's father passed out and ami walked in.

"mama, papa, what are you yelling a- neko-kun!" ami ran up to him.

(the first time ami saw ikuto was in episode 43, when she followed amu and ran past him, he was black lynx)

"hey, kiddo." ikuto patted her head.

"neko-kun! What happened to your cat ears, and that tail?" ami asked looking up to him.

Ikuto smirked and made something up real fast.

'I see that smirk, what are you planning?' amu was furious. And after his statement…..

"that was a cat suit amu made me wear."

….she was redder then….a cherry.(ikuto: your bad at analogies. Keiko: I know TT-TT)

"c-c-c-c-c-c-c-cat suit!?" papa couldn't take it any more and passed out…again.

"oh my. Um…where's amu?" her mother changed the subject.

"I don't know, I just got here and she was gone." ikuto felt himself get a little worried. 'were can she be at this time in the morning? She couldn't have…run away? No, that's not amu. But after last night….' he trailed off in his own thoughts.


"I guess I'll go look for her." ikuto jumped off the balcony. 'thank god he's gone.' amu signed.

Her parents left the room.

Amu got up from under the bed. "sorry mama, papa, I need to leave for awhile so I can find a way to be human again." amu felt a tear fall down her face.

She jumped off the balcony and landed on the ground. "thank god I'm a doll, and have no bones."

Amu walked away from the house, not looking back.

Keiko: ok, that's the first chapter! YAY! I had a dream last night were this story took place and I wrote it in my dream notebook(I don't remember my dreams for long so I write them down, that's were all my stories now, and for the future come from)and here it is, I'll write fast too.

Ikuto: dream notebook? Let me see-grabs-

Keiko: -slo-mo-noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Ikuto: -read- you had a dream you walked in on me and amu doing….IT!?

Keiko: -nods-

Ikuto: then another were amu was your sister!

Keiko: -nods-

Ikuto: WOAH!

Keiko: oh, you went in to the parts I wrote when I saw you doing….it?

Ikuto: t-these a-a-are…..GREAT!

Amu: what?

Ikuto: -hands to amu-

Amu: -reads-

Ikuto: amu?


Ikuto: amu!?

Keiko: she can't hear you, her soul left…look-points-

Ikuto: -stares-

Keiko: guest bedroom.

Ikuto: thank you!

Keiko: ehem!

Ikuto: sister-in-law!

Keiko: good, REVIEW!