Keiko: this is the bonus chapter, actually, I only call it a bonus, cuz it's the reviews from the guardians, and ex-guardians.

Ikuto: and me?

Keiko: we read yours in the last chapter.

Ikuto: fine…

Keiko: on with it!

Amu's reviews!

From: boyfriend who looks like a girlfriendx101x (nadeshiko/nagehiko)

Chapter 1: interesting story….but how come it's always about AMUTO!? I DON'T EVEN HAVE a name for me and amu, and if it is a story bout us, it's always, I kissed a girl!

Chapter 2: wow, ikuto is meaner than I am when I chara change!

Chapter 3: this was a perverted chapter, the author is SICK!

Chapter 4: I….was…..being…..a…..MOTHER!?

From: !KING!(tadagay)

Chapter 1: oh no! lots of people are reading me these amuto stories! Help! At least they fought! HA!

Chapter 2: HAHA! IKUTO CRIED! Loser! Ouch. These fan girls making me read this crap -ouch- are violent. Like ikuto. XD! Ouch XP!

Chapter 3: haha! Amu's mad at you! -ouch- stupid fan girls and there stupid electric chair and bats…OW!

Chapter 4: yes! It's over! Ouch…but I want to be with amulet heart! I can't if amu is taken! Stupid ikuto, stupid marriage -ouch- AND STUPID FAN GIRLS!


Chapter 1: YAAAY! Amu-chi is a doll! YAAAAY!

Chapter 2: ikuto is a butt face! He hurt amu-chi!


Chapter 4: YAY! I LUVLUVLUVED your story!!

SlavesOnSpeedDial (rima)

Chapter 1: cool story.

Chapter 2: lol, ikuto is a bully, amu, call me, I'll fix his ass.

Chapter 3: like I said, but this time, I'll fix that mami's ass.

Chapter 4: good ending, and guess that driver got to her first. '

SuperXsamurai! (kairi)

Chapter 1: no kairiXamu? Oh…

Chapter 2: lol, this was interesting, when do I get there!? And ikuto is a meanie face!

Chapter 3: wow…perverted, I'm still here amu!

Chapter 4: well, this is the end, I had fun reading! Make a new story soon!


Chapter 1: yea! Go amu! -thumbs up- you're a doll!

Chapter 2: Ikuto! Your supposed to love her! Not hurt her! Try again! -thumbs up-

Chapter 3: HEY! THAT GIRL IS MEAN! -gives thumbs down-

Chapter 4: YAAAY! I'm with utau! Oh, and amu's getting MARRIED! Isn't she like…12? Lol, any way great story! -thumbs up-

Keiko: ok! Thx for reading! PLZ review! Even though the story is done, I love all your reviews!

Ikuto: that's all for now!

Keiko: and if you like me as an author, add me to your author alert, I have A LOT of amuto ideas and it's gonna be awesome!

Amu: yay!

Ikuto: you finally give up?

Amu: yea, yea, yea….-glomps-

Ikuto: YES!

Keiko: oh and UTAU'S A MAN! (p.s. sabby, please don't steal that, it's an inside joke. -glares-)

Keiko: lol, love you ALL (yes, even you sabby, even though you take some of my funnies(even if that's not a word) I still luves you!) and review!