AN: I understand that starting a new story is the last thing I need. Seeing that my history with finishing stories isn't too good. But I really like this idea and I'm just going through with it. It's a little different than what I usually write but it still has the same essence.

Dedicated: There's no dedication to this story yet. Just with high hopes of people reading this story and actually suppressing a strong emotion.

SONG: New American Classic. By Taking Back Sunday.



Hospitals. I never despised them until this moment. The blasting white walls. The smell of death haunting you. Fake sympathy and pity being thrown at you like scraps to a mutt.

The one I was located in was no different. A small section, furnished no differently than any other. The girl in the bed was young, about the age of sixteen. Her skin was a deathly pale, almost translucent. She was showered in stern faces obviously bearing the knowledge of bad news.

There were many people occupying the room, yet my eyes were only for one. She lifted her head aware of my gaze and are identical blue eyes locked for a moment. Her eyes are the key to reading her emotions. Fear was eating out her soul causing her hand to seek a mate for reliance. Mine was there in a second. Every fiber in my being tensed, it was my job to protect her. My arms ached to pull her against me and shield her from the rest of the world, from all the somber faces. From the words spoken next.

"Brain Tumor. If all the test go well and she responds to the medication, we can give her a few months."

The world around the family shattered with the realization of what was being spoken to them. In a few months, there would be a Mother and Father without a daughter. A brother left without a sister. The thought was almost unthinkable. An older brother's job is to protect the younger from any harm. This was one thing I couldn't rescue Ami from.

What do you guys think? I was going to make this into a book in progress … but I don't think that ever going to work out. Continue This?