Hot Shot's girl: well here's the Animated version. I wanted this to be funnier 'cause I think Animated is the funniest out of the series :D I hope you like it, it may be a little silly, but then again it may have serious moments. Not too sure 'cause I haven't put much thought about it. Oh well we'll see where it goes. May be long may not be. Anyways enjoy :)

Hi, my name's Alexis Bellawind. I've lived in Michigan since I can remember. I was born and raised in a small town a little ways off of Detroit. My parents, on occasions, would take me there and I just LOVED it! I swore when I grew up this was the place for me.

After I graduated college I moved straight to Detroit. There I got an apartment and wondered what I should do, but one day—it dawned on me. I was going to be a reporter. Now I know that's a robot's job, but they're so . . . mindless and emotionless.

My parents used to talk about some years ago when they actually had attractive females report. I knew it was the job for me seeing how everyone thought I was attractive. When I went for the job though they asked me why I wanted to be a reporter when it wasn't really a human job anymore. I told them why and they were intrigued by me.

See, I am intreging as well, but then again they didn't want me so I kept looking, but all said it was for robots. Later the ones I asked first changed their minds wanting to be different from allt he rest and have an actual human reporter and so I started right away, my camera crew being nothing but robots, but hey—I wasn't complaining. I was an instant hit. Everyone loved me. I became so well know and well off that I bought a house in the city . . . sure it was stuck between sky scrappers but I was just fine.

I knew this city like the back of my hand. I was tough and spunky, as my parents said. I wasn't afraid of anything or any trouble which I was glad I didn't get in. I didn't really show my tough side unless I was pushed actually.

I was actually pretty nice to people. They all loved me and I was glad. Yes, I was the face of Detroit pretty much. I didn't mind the extra attention one bit.

Some of the things I didn't like was men thinking I was so easy to get when I wasn't. When I said I was attractive I just didn't know how much being on tv could help. Yes I've had trouble with me, but I never had the time to date, nor the time of day, I just didn't care. I didn't realize how much I was a killer until a robot fell in love with me . . . heh, I bet none of you'd ever expect something like that.

Alexis had been a reporter for about three years. She was there when the Autobots became famous in Detroit. She thought it was kind of cool how robots from another world actually had the capacity of feeling and thinking on their own without someone plugging them into an outlet. She was quite a fan, but then again a job was a job and so she just had to see them as mindless robots, that is . . . until one day.

You see what happened was these new transforming robots appeared. Like the Autobots they were, but they called themselves the Decepticons. They were a bunch of halfwits who couldn't think on their own two feet. Well this battle broke out against Autobot and Decepticon and of course the heroes won.

Only one Decepticon had died, or so everyone thought. It was Starscream who returned from the dead thanks to a fragment from the allspark. He soon realizes this and uses it to his own advantage. He tries to kill Megatron, but each time failing to do so.

Later he tries to ambush them as he placed a fragment of the allspark on a train. This was the story of the day and so Alexis Bellawind had to be out speaking about this incident. She noticed the Autobots trying to stop the train and saw they were doing a pretty good job too. After all was done and everyone safe Alexis sighed and decided to wrap it up for the day.

"And this is Alexis Bellawing reporting live in Detroit," she said finishing with a smile as the camera 'bot said 'and we're off'.

She sighed casting her eyes down. This day had been nothing but boring. She just wanted to call it a day and go home. She couldn't believe how dull everything was since the Autobots always won at everything.

She looked up in the air placing her hands on her hips and would have never expected what was coming next . . .

Starscream's plans never seemed to work and being on this planet wasn't helping. He was getting so annoyed with everything. With this planet, with the humans, with the Autobots, and with the Decepticons. Why couldn't he kill Megatron?

Why did everything he tried to do mess up? Oh well, he kept coming back to life thanks to that allspark fragment. He was immortal and this he liked. Nothing was sweeter than this. He had always wanted power and he had it . . . he just couldn't figure out a way to use it to its full potential.

He kept offlining after one hit hard from Megatron. It was getting ridiculous! What else could go wrong?! After the ambush . . . he wished he wouldn't have asked that. As he was being chased by Megatron he transformed and turned sharply around a building and just stayed there till Megatron and the others passed him by.

Once they had he smirked and started off in robot mode the other way. He looked at the dumb Decepticons following their blind leader looking for their invisible traitor. He chuckled to himself seeing how blind Megatron was. He inhaled victory as he scanned the ground just letting his optics wander.

Soon enough he saw one of the human creatures and he didn't know what came over him. As he saw the human femme with brown hair rising just above her shoulders and pale skin like ivory and not to mention the most perfect curves he's ever seen on one of these deformed creatures. Something came over him that he couldn't explain. Soon he was seeing her in a sparkling atmosphere as she seemed to smile at him, even though she wasn't even looking his way.

Soon his emotions took the best of him. He couldn't figure out what glitched his systems, but all that flooded his mainframe—was her. That femme reporter. He couldn't keep his optics off her which caused him to smack right into Megatron.

Starscream halted for a moment feeling what, or who he had run into. When he looked up and saw Megatron's angered face he couldn't help but give a nervous smile knowing what was coming next. Soon enough Starscream was met with his blaster and he plummeted towards the ground hitting it hard making sure all eyes and optics were on him.

Alexis jumped feeling and hearing that loud crash into the earth. She turned right away to see a larger transformer had just crashed. Could it bethis Megatron? No, he wasn't this dark. She turned to her camera 'bots and said—

"Hurry, turn the camera on!"

She came as close as she could for the Autobot Elite Guard was soon on their way checking to see who this was. Once Alexis noticed it was a Decepticon she began shooting.

"It's Alexis here again and there is, what seems to be, a fallen transformer. A Decepticon by the looks of it. I can't tell if it's alive or no—wait! It's getting up!!"

She backed up a little seeing him stir. Starscream onlined his optics seeing he was laying a couple meters in the earth and so groaned to himself saying—

"Oooh, not again."

He then noticed the female reporter starring at him with sparkling teal eyes, well they seemed to sparkle in his optics. He slowly dissolved again, but before he knew it stasis cuffs were placed on him by the Elite Guard which quickly snapped him out of his thoughts.

"Wait, what?!" he gasped seeing he was trapped. "NO!!"

And so as the Elite Guard took him away Alexis interviewed Jazz who was talking about where the Decepticon was going.

"So you'll be leaving to go lock him up back on your home planet Cybetron, is that correct?" asked Alexis.

"Yes that is," said Jazz. "He'll be far away so not to even try to harm any one of you."

At that he left. Alexis turned to the camera and said—

"Thoughtful and considerate. What more can we expect from the Autobots. This is Alexis Bellawind, live in Detroit."

"Annnnd, we're off," said the camera 'bot as they turned watching the Autobots take Starscream away.

He was yelling and screaming at the top of his voice compacitor demanding he be released. She sighed as she shook her head.

"Crazy robots," she sighed to herself. "I hope that nut job stays out of our hair for good."

Before she turned and left with her camera 'bot it noticed Starscream's glance at Alexis and it was soft and gentle much like how humans look at each other when they love someone. He then listened to him cry out—


But it was no use. The Autobots weren't letting him do anything. The camera 'bot looked at Alexis again and then back at Starscream who seemed like an ant now. He shrugged and went on his way to end the day with Alexis.

Hot Shot's girl: Yea I changed it around a little. I told you this story is going to be a bit different and what I mean is by Starscream all of the sudden liking her, kind of like love at first sight, but love . . . with Starscream . . . can never be good. You'll see what I mean later. See ya in the next chp when ever I get it up bye;D