The Elite Guard gasped as they heard the explosion. Their prisoner had escaped and only his laugh filled their audio receivers.

"AH HA HA HA!! You can't keep Starscream locked up!" he laughed as he flew away.

It was partly true. Through the years many had tried to capture Starscream, but none has succeeded. He seemed to know how to get out of everything, but love—it was a different story. He came back to the ruined ship on the moon. Nothing much to come back to, but it was at least something.

He came inside and just plopped right on the command seat in front of the monitor. He sighed trying to figure things out, but his mainframe was clouded with Alexis Bellawind. He didn't know why. It's never happened before so why now? Why a human? He hated humans, or so he thought.

He couldn't think straight like this. It caused him to lose all thought of even trying to overthrow Megatron which usually clouded his thoughts. At first he tried to be rid of his thoughts of her and so decided to see what the Decepticons were doing. He flicked through his monitor channels and only came to the news and that pretty little new reporter.

"This is Alexis Bellawind here with the coverage of—" was all he heard of her sweet voice till his thoughts took hold of him and strange music started playing in his head as he starred at her.

He placed his chin on his hands and just sighed like a love sick puppy. He smiled lightly and sighed out—

"Hhh, Alexis Bellawind."

Her name was ever pretty. Actually it was odd, especially Bellawind, but her first name should be the name of a goddess for that's what she was to him. He giggled a bit thinking of what she'd look like as a transformer. She'd shame the very first femme herself if she ever was.

But he had no intention of turning her into one—well—at least not now. His mind wasn't clearly on that yet just on her stunningness. She was a sight to see and he couldn't tell if this was a short term thing like a crush, or a long term thing like love. Oh whatever it was he didn't care.

He was fascinated by her and wanted to see her. But . . . would she want to see him? He then thought about that for a moment. He looked down at himself and saw he was nothing but metal and bolts, a robot. Usually humans only saw humans. It would be absurd if one saw a robot—wouldn't it?

Well there was no way he was turning himself into a human. One reason being was he didn't know how to do such a thing. No one did, but then again—there was this Pomethious Black who was working on something similar to that. Oh no, he couldn't possibly—but wait! . . . he could do 'something' for him.

Starscream smiled as he got up and walked away pacing for a bit. Yes, it could work. Of course he'd have to have Alexis' consent about this and of course he'd need to do some convincing and kidnapping here and there. He was a Decepticon, he was good at things like this.

Yes . . . just in case Alexis would. It would be nice if she'd submit to him. Starscream chuckled to himself a bit before he went off to put his plan into action. In the back ground Alexis came back on air and so Starscream ran back to watch.

Yes—he'd carry out his plan—right after he was done watching her.

So now things seemed to be cooling down a bit. There hasn't been much of the Autobots or Decepticons. Alexis didn't mind, but she admitted it got dull. Now since there hasn't been much of a conflict between the 'bots that didn't mean there wasn't a conflict between the humans and them.

Other villains were still out against the Autobots trying to best them only to have the Autobots put them back in their place. The Autobots came to know Alexis quite well seeing how she interviewed pretty much them all. She was a nice person they all thought, but none as attracted to her as Starscream. She found, after a while, her job became dull.

What she really liked to have done is interview a Decepticon, but they all very too crazy for her. Blitzwing was bipolar, and Lugnut Megatron-crazed. Megatron, didn't give her a time or day thinking she was nothing but a mere worm not worthy to interview him. Alexis understood why the Decpticons didn't want to talk to her, but hey—she'd still try.

It was her goal for that year. She didn't know if she'd ever get the chance though. Lucky for her she wasn't hurt in any way. The Decepticons never really did harm any humans did they? One reason being the Autobots were always there to protect them.

She was on her own though, with her camera 'bot of course. She was quite adventurous and wasn't too scared to go out there after the bad guys. No she didn't try to play vigilante, she just wanted to talk to them. She knew that either they'd ignore her or talk to her seeing how all had an ego maniac in them.

She knew they'd all want to say how terrifying they are and what they'd do to anyone who defied them. She's interviewed quite the number of villains, all put away by the Autobots of course, but never a Decepticon. If it took her praying to get a shot to talk to one then she would, but for now, she was in the background just watching and waiting. One day, she knew, she'd get her break.

That day happened to be a Monday. The alarms went off in the prison as someone attempted an escape. The guards ran to stop them, but found it wasn't a break out, it was a break in. They ran into a large Decepticon holding Meltdown's container.

He looked like he wasn't too happy being treated like so. He was demanding he be released.

"PUT ME DOWN AUTOBOT!!" he shouted as he was tossed back and forth as Starscream shot at the humans who tried to stop him.

"I am no Autobot!" spat Starscream turning his head to him.

"What do you want from me?!" he demanded to know.

"You'll find out soon enough," he said as he turned and ran off with him.

"Put—me—down!" cried Meltdown as he fell up and down, up and down, from Starscream running off.

Starscream ignored him though. He continued to run till he found a suitable place to take off. He ran into a park trying to find an opening in the trees. He hadn't noticed that only a couple of feet from him was a depressed Alexis sitting on a bench with her camera 'bot.

"I just don't understand," sighed Alexis with her chin on her fists. "What can I do to get the chance to talk to a Decepticon?"

"It'll probably come when you're least expecting it," said her camera 'bot.

"Like now?" said Alexis with a chuckle as she looked at him.

They then paused hearing some police coming in the park searching for a Decepticon who helped Meltdown escape prison. They then froze hearing Meltdown demand to be released. Alexis turned in her seat to see a Decepticon carrying off Meltdown.

Now's the time! Alexis' mind shouted.

She jumped off the bench and stood towards Starscream as he took off in another direction. She knew she'd never get this chance again and so shouted—


Starscream knew very well the sound of her voice and whatever she said was his command. He stopped and turned to see Alexis Bellawind standing behind him with her microphone raised. Starscream's mouth was agape not believing he was actually this close to her again. Alexis' heart skipped a beat not believing she was actually getting a chance to talk to one.

She inhaled and asked—

"May I speak to you for a moment Decepticon?"

Starscream couldn't believe she wanted to speak to him. It was like a dream to him. His spark just melted at that and so he tossed Meltdown's container away last hearing Meltdown scream and grunt from being tossed around in that container of his. He straightened up and bit and cupped his hands saying—


"Really?" gasped Alexis. "Gee thanks—come on get that camera rolling!" she said to her camera 'bot who had his doubts.

They rolled either way though. Starscream knelt down to Alexis and just scanned her into his mainframe as she spoke to the camera first.

"This is Alexis Bellawind here live with—" said Alexis holding the microphone up to him.

"Starscream," he sighed out his soft optics only starring at her.

"The Decepticon Starscream whom, it appears has broke Prometheus Black, also known as Meltdown out of prison. Care to shed some light on that Starscream?" she asked holding the microphone up to him again.

"You're so beautiful, did anyone ever tell you that?" asked Starscream.

"Uuhh, well actually . . . not from one of you," she said being caught off guard by that comment.

"Well that's good," said Starscream with a bit of a giggle.

"Like I was saying," said Alexis trying to get back on track. "Will you explain why you took Meltdown?"

Soon though they were stopped as the police came, along with the Autobots. Starscream had no choice but to go. He took Meltdown's container in hand and took off. All just watched as he escaped with Meltdown wondering what he was going to do with him.

They knew, with Starscream, they'd find out soon enough. Starscream had brought Promethious back to the ship. He knew he couldn't possibly breathe in space and so kept him in his container till he could build himself a breathing mechanism. Starscream told him what to build and nothing else, not as to why or anything.

He wanted to make sure no one found out what he planned. Till then, for he knew Meltdown would be taking a while to build it, he'd be residing on earth to watch Alexis. Ever since she spoke to him his spark ached to be near her. Plus he did need to know where she lived if he was going to put his plan into action any time soon.

At first though, when he saw her, she had just gotten off work. She didn't even go home at first. She just went to go buy some groceries. He thought after that she'd be going home, but she didn't.

She went to the park and enjoyed a little picnic there. It was on that same bench she sat on before she saw him too. Starscream just watched her in a near by bushel of trees making sure no one knew he was near. He couldn't believe he was so obsessed with this human.

He'd never believe it before. He never even thought it was capable of happening to him. He's known some 'bots whose went gagaed over a certain femme, but she—Alexis—isn't a femme. She doesn't even act like one. He still couldn't figure it out why he was so attracted to her, he guessed he never would.

He just waited and watched. He then saw she decided to leave and so he followed. It hadn't even come to his mind that he was stalking her like a lunitic. Oh well, he was right about now.

He soon watched as she came home and saw it wasn't really a good place to live, nor a good place for him to watch her. Oh well, he was going to do it anyways. She went inside and at that time night had come. He was behind her house making sure no one spotted him on the street, but still someone might be able to. He watched her home till all the lights were out and she slumbered.

He smiled to himself. He wanted to stay and watch her sleep, but he had work to do. He'd see her on the news tomorrow anyways. He'd be waiting—as always.

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