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"In love with...


Okay, so she had it bad. But it's not like she'll ever admit it, or the fact that she's in love with him. She'll always try to find an excuse to be close with Shiki.

"We're childhood friends, of course I'll always be by his side."

"He needed to tell me something."

"He ate my pocky, so I'm going to hurt him!"

Those were her known reasons. Even though everyone knew about her and Shiki, she would deny it. They would always tease her, but she'll either ignore it, or deny it. Shiki…well, he didn't care about the matter. He would shrug and just place his cheek on his palm. Sometimes Rima wished he would of helped. Sometimes she wished that he would crack and tell her how he feels about her. Sometimes she wished she can hurt each of them, and one day she actually had hurt Aido for bothering her. Yeah, she had it bad. I mean; they had a bond, for Christ's sake! Still, she felt like a complete idiot to fall for Shiki. No, she denies it every chance she gets. Anyways, he never showed any emotion towards her that will make her think he was interested. The thing is, she just doesn't see how they can be together.



Imagination is going overboard

Rima sighed. She looked out her bedroom window, enjoying the view of the night sky. She denies the fact that she loves him. She denies the feelings for him. But most importantly, she denies her heart of getting broken by him. "…Shiki…"

Shiki Senri. Shiki's a top model, a high level vampire, related to Kaname-senpai, and Rima's best friend.

"Rima…" A smile curved onto Shiki's face as he thought of her. She was beautiful, but fragile. She looked like a porcelain doll. Her hair was in her usual do-up. Her blue eyes would look up at him in a blankly stare. Her white coat over her slim shoulders, with her white skirt as well. Those creamy legs that he loved so much covered up with knee lengthy blue socks. On her tiny feet were her brow boots, which made a soft tap against the hard floor. The way she acted so attached to him whenever he goes. Well, he is her best friend; of course she'll want to follow him. She didn't like him nonetheless love him. All those times when everyone teased him, he shrugged not really caring.




"Shiki!" Rima had called out one time when she was left behind. Her voice sounded like a melody to him. Her smile, the one she would do only for him was on her angelic face.

"Hurry up, Rima!"

Hmm, he loves to imagine her running towards him. But he knew. He knew that she doesn't love him. But still. He couldn't feel like something of the edge of his heart was tugging him towards her.

Hopelessly in love with…


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