In a place far away
Where the water meets the sky
The thought of it makes me smile

You are my tomorrow.

"Mama, Oooohhh... It hurts." The 16 year old whimpered clutching the hand of the woman sitting next to her. The IV hooked to her body and the child within monitored both hearts, the beatings in unison, both mother and child were healthy, and the child was ready to come into the world, though not without a fight.

"Sshh, it'll be alright, Rin." She soothed, "Your dad will be here in a bit, he said he was on his way a few hours ago."

Rin rubbed her swollen stomach and said a silent prayer, after 9 long hard months it was finally time. Her baby kicked at the stretched skin and suddenly the monitors were sounding.

After a minute the sweet nurse assigned to her came in, glancing over the beeping machine she scribbled down in her note pad and finally turned. With a bright smile on her soft face she nodded, "Okay I just called for you doctor, he will be here shor- Oop there he is!" She informed just as a man came bursting in.

"Well Missy seems like that baby doesn't want to wait any longer, what do you say we get her out?" He boomed his deep voice echoing in the private room.

"Oh god." Rin cried terrified of the journey she was about to embark upon.

It was late afternoon, the sun shedding its last rays of light from the Autumn day. The air was crisp and the wind slightly around the small meadow. Trees surrounded the area, the leaves ranging in a variety of glorious colors, while the grass held fast to its greenery before winter could come and take it away.

She stood within it all. Her form strong and tall, she stood next to the grave. Her hair now longer pulled up in a high tail, eyes sadder no hint of makeup around them and shoulders heavier covered up by a light brown jacket. Beside her sat the dog, its snowy coat in contrast to the autumn leaves settled around it.

She stood for what seemed like ages, stood and just listened, just felt and simply was. Rin stood beside her daughter, she let the wind play with her hair as the child would do and listened to the memories that were constantly on her mind.

She could almost hear the beautiful voice, she would close her eyes and not once did she fail to see the angelic face, if she focused long enough and wished for it just as much she could swear she felt those delicate fingers entangling themselves in her own.

"Irina." She couldn't help but whisper, she couldn't help but beg for. As soon as she did though, the fingers would slip away, the face would turn back into black and the voice would cease to exist. Just as her daughter did. Because her daughter was dead.

"Happy birthday, Irina." Rin said to the grave marker. Running her fingers over the stone implanted in the ground, over the angel set atop it, "Take care of her." She told it and set the flowers within its' hands. Standing straight she turned and made her way back to her car.

"IRINA!" She woke up inside the ambulance, her neck was so stiff and her body felt like it was engulfed in fire. "Irina!?" She asked straining her ears for the child's' reply.

"She's gained consciousness." A man said standing above her, in his hands he held a bloody cloth, in the other a bottle of clear liquid. "Ma'am, can you tell me your name?" He asked.

"Rin Taisho... Where is Irina? Irina! Baby?" She called helplessly already knowing the devastating truth, premonition set deep in her bones.

"Ok, Rin stay with me. Tell me about yourself, about your daughter. Don't fall asleep, don't close your eyes." He pleaded, but she didn't care. She knew where her daughter was, she knew she wasn't ok.

Opening the door for the dog she let her jump in before herself. Putting the key in the ignition and turned it, the car purred and she pulled away from the curb, away from the cemetery and away from her baby.

She stopped for gas, and then for a quick drive through dinner. She drove to her small one bedroom apartment situated along the outskirts of the town, near her work at the local bank where she had been for 5 months now going on 6.

Stepping into her tidy home she allowed the dog to sweep in after her before shutting the door. Putting down her fast food bag she walked into the kitchen and took down the dogs food bowl. Filling it with the pebbles she set it on the floor and called out to the canine, "Bella, come here girl!"

And from around the corner came the dog, her fluffy tail swaying to and fro, the medium sized dog bounced happily along ready for her dinner.

She placed the bowl down, washed her hands and got ready to eat her own meal. Settling down for the night she turned on the TV and begun flipping through the channels when her phone rang.

Hitting mute, she picked up her cell, checked the caller ID and sighed, "Hello?"

"Rin, Hi this is Ryan Hamilton just giving you a courtesy call before the divorce is completely settled tomorrow. You will be getting a settlement of 79 million as well as the residence your ex husband and you shared. He has already moved out, and the house will be ready for you to move in, sell or rent out. We are just waiting on a fax from Mister Taisho that will be coming in as soon as he gets into his office." Her lawyer quickly informed, his aging voice sounded tired.

"Alright, that sounds good, thank you so much Mr. Hamilton I will send you your check as soon as the money gets into the bank!" She promised.

"Not a problem, you have a good night now. Good-bye!" Before she could even reply the phone was dead.

She had just turned the volume back on when the phone rang again. Glancing at the screen she let the voice mail answer instead. Her phone vibrated seconds after going silent. This is the fourth time her mother had called, but Rin knew what she would say, she couldn't face the sadness she knew would be in her mothers voice. Just like she couldn't face the pity she knew would be in Sango and Kagome's which is why she'd ignored their calls all day as well.

It had been almost 8 months since the day Irina died. At nine years old her baby was thrown from the car, ejected through the glass window, her small body had been scrapped along the underbrush of the nearby woods only to be stopped by the thick trunk of a tree. Skull fractured, massive internal bleeding, lungs collapsed, her ribs broken, her arm and neck snapped. She was gone before the ambulance even left the hospital.

Jasper was killed upon impact. The puppy was cremated and laid to rest as well in a nearby pet cemetery.

Sesshomaru had served her with the divorce papers himself, the second the service was over. He'd strolled over, his hair loose, tuxedo black, tie black, undershirt black, eyes deadly and so very cold. "My lawyer will be contacting you within the next 48 hours." It was the last time he'd ever spoken to her.

Upon investigation Rin was found innocent, the victim of a terrible accident. The deer had come out, frightened the woman in the oncoming lane next to the small car Rin and Irina were in. She had swerved to miss it and ended up slamming into them, sending Rin's small family off the road down into the incline below and destroying the love that had kept her strong.

Rin was still in a legal battle with the woman who was 78 years old and whose license had been out of date for the last 4 years due to her poor eye sight.

A knock at the door brought Rin out of her stuppor. Bella, the now 5 month old puppy Rin had received as a gift from Inuyasha and Kagome ran over, her tail high on the alert. She barked softly and waited for Rin to walk over.

"Who is it?" She asked through the door, peeking out the peep hole.

"Its Sango." The alto voice came through.

"And Kagome!" Came a higher pitched reply.

"Hold on," Rin called, "Bell, sit girl." She commanded, and the animal complied stomping its front paws with impatience while Rin opened the door and stepped aside letting in her oldest friends.

Two sets of eyes fixed on her, four arms wrapped around her and the three women cried together.

"She would have been ten today." Rin choked out, gasping for breath and clutching Sango's arm and Kagomes' hand.

Sango led them to the couch and together they sat.

Hours later, her food now sitting cold forgotten on the coffee table Rin lay still on the couch, her head resting in Sango's lap feet in Kagome's. Eyes puffy from the tears, voice thick with the pain she murmured, "The divorce is settled. Monday, it'll all be over."

Sango ran her fingers through Rin's hair pulling it away from her saddened face, "That was quick." Kagome said.

"Yeah, I know. I had told them I didn't want anything from Sesshomaru but he gave me the mansion, and about ¼ of his net worth." Rin looked up at her friends, "Why couldn't he have just let me be? Why did he have to show up that day? He just drug me off into his car, made me his wife, made my daughter love him and for what?" Rin asked. "I'm too old and too young to understand and to be going through this." Rin cried, "My husband left me, my baby is dead and I'm so sick of asking god why. Why did he kill my baby? She was so innocent, she wasn't ready to go..." Crumpling back into her friends arms she let the pain soak into her bones, and cried.

Kagome leaned forward her eyes large and full of truth, "It's his will, Rin. Sesshomaru I can't speak for but you Rin... You will see her again. She was always yours, and your hers. Its so dark right now but in time your gonna find that light again and be in that warm place."

"I'm so sad," Rin cried. "She was mine, she was the only person who really loved me. And now she's gone. I can't hold her, I can't touch her face, I can't run my fingers through her hair, I can't hear her voice, she had the prettiest clearest voice, and her eyes were so gorgeous, I go to sleep at night and your gonna think I'm crazy but I can feel her crawl in with me like she used to, I can feel her still. She can't be gone."

"You'll find her again, someday."

Rin woke in the night, her bedside alarm read 4:52 AM, inside her apartment all was quiet. Beside her, a mature Bell slept peacefully, and outside a light snow fell the cold chilling the room faster than her aging heater could warm it.

Wondering what could have interrupted her slumber Rin shrugged it off and rolled herself back over already halfway into her dreams she heard it.

The light padding of feet. Small, childlike with quick the steps of someone whose' legs hadn't had time to finish growing. Then suddenly they stopped and for a moment Rin's heart stopped. Like a bell ringing through the silent night the voice came as though the child was sitting right beside her, as though she could look over her shoulder and see her babies curious face still riddled with sleep questioning her, "Mama?"

Rin threw the blankets off and leaped from the bed at the same time Bella did. The dog stood, fur standing straight up, teeth barred eyes focused on at the empty bed growling ferociously. Wide eyed and afraid Rin reached out to the air. "Irina?"

But there was no answer, just the sound of the freezing world around them. And then Rin remembered. Running to the calender tacked to her kitchen wall, flipping on the light she gasped.

'Happy-Birthday Daddy!' It read in a childs print. February 3rd, it was Sesshomaru's Birthday.

And just like that she fell. Her heart broke again after months of keeping her sanity she knew her daughter had always wanted them together, the only thing the child had wanted and she'd been unable to give it to her.

The divorce had been settled for 5 months, Sesshomaru had taken in his former bride and together they'd finally been able to have the child they'd been denied all those years before. He and Kagura were written in the stars while he and Rin were just a tragedy lost in time never to be repeated.

Shaken she picked herself from the floor, soothed her pacing dog and together they crawled back into bed and in her dreams she saw her.

Eyes like her father, lips of her mother, hair like liquid silver, skin clear and smooth as porcelain. As beautiful as a rose, Rin watched on as she grew from a babe, screaming as she was borne into this world. She watched the babe stretch into the lanky child Rin recognized as her own and still she grew. Her body changing into a sweet faced teen and finally morphing into the heart stopping young woman Rin knew she become. The woman smiled, her lips rouge eyes sparkling, "Mama." She whispered to Rin, lifting her arm she waved good-bye. Turning her back to Rin she slipped away into the light and leaving Rin staring after her in the dark.

The next day Rin sold the mansion Sesshomaru had given her.

Years later Rin was proposed to. Sango cried at the news of the engagement and Kagome laughed, because her wedding was the same day her second child was to be born. Rin married, she bore 3 children in the coming years, all were all black haired, brown eyed. All had her tan skin and Kohaku's hazel eyes.

She watched her children grow, always afraid of letting them go too far, always hovering for fear of losing another.

More years came and went, Irina's grave stone withered and her angel dulled, Rin never failed to visit every fall, and tell her other children of the sister they never met. Bella grew old and frail, eventually the old girl gave in and death came for her.

Rin's mother loved her growing family, she talked fondly to them of their grandpa who'd also passed before their time. The old woman lived to see her second great grand child when death knocked at their door once again.

Sesshomaru had had his heir and never added on, the boy was a looker just like his father and mother before him. Kagura lived happily in the life she'd planned on living. The Taisho's company grew to a global scale and eventually Sesshomaru and Kagura moved to a country in hopes of promoting it further. There they stayed. On a trip back from the states Sesshomaru's plane went down over the Mexican Gulf. His body was never recovered, and so death had its third.

But with this loss came a revelation, stated in his will was that Rin shall receive a fund of 40 million, and an additional 10 for her children leaving the rest to his own family.

His brother was the bearer of this news and he was the one to watch Rin shred the check and curse Sesshomaru's name.

No one understood why his brother had done this, no one but Kohaku.

Kohaku who had picked up the phone that long ago night, Kohaku who had told Sesshomaru it was too late, that she was his and he'd never let Sesshomaru hurt her again. Kohaku who had fought the demon always plaguing Rin's heart, he understood. Kohaku who never told a soul and took the knowledge with him to the grave.

It was because the Sesshomaru was so in love with Rin. A secret hidden so deep in the man's heart even he never knew.

SUENA: Thank you to everyone for reading this story and keeping up with it through the years. It was always a challenge to write each chapter because this story broke my heart and I tried so hard to keep everyone in character while also trying to keep it as realistic as possible. I hope you all enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing it.

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