I think you're a warlord

You're the love of my life

But it cuts like a dagger

And I feel that I'm being misled

See I'm a little concerned

For I recently learned of the prison tattoo on your head

And it makes you smile when you hear "Kill em all"

You love the smell of burning barn on a farm

You march in the rain in your leather boots

And you quoted Ares in our fifth anniversary card

I think you're a warlord baby

Are you a warlord?

You might be a warlord baby

You keep extensive scrolls on the Trojan War

And you watch reenactments whenever they're playing

I guess I should have known when you got a new bone

For your puppies named Strife and Discord

You showed up late to our very first date

I said how are you

You said where's the ransom

Call me paranoid, but I'm not overjoyed

When you ask me if I want to shower

I think you're a warlord

Don't be lyin baby

Are you a warlord?

Are you anti-roman baby?

Your every dress is cut up into shreds

You hold a warlord picnic and bash

And it makes me irate when you say I look great

When I have animal blood on my hands

Your social politics says that you should make the Greeks mix

And you call it your only future

And whenever I'm sad you say it's not so bad

To every problem there's only one solution

I think you're a warlord

Give me an answer baby

Are you a warlord?

You drive a fucking chariot baby

You say that love is blind

How could I have guessed?

But than again I met you when you kidnapped me from my home.

I know you're a warlord

And that's why I'm leaving

I know you are a warlord

Sure is my name is