I really don't know why I wrote this, and I'm sorry if you don't like it. I was just in the car, and Billy Joel popped on, and I love this song. Now that you know the origins of this 'wonderful' story, read on!

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Vienna Waits For You

Slow down, you crazy child- you're so ambitious for a juvenile, but then if you're so smart, tell me: why are you still so afraid?

Wally West awoke in a heap of sweat, and stumbled blindly to the mirror. He searched his reflection, and saw a long scratch from a fight already healing. He sighed and slid into his clothes, the ring slipped onto his fingers. He went to work and did his mundane routine, putting away criminals, checking for DNA samples on the crime scene, analyzing, smiling, putting on the front he had practiced for years.

His mind didn't drift to the nightmare. He didn't let it.

Where's the fire, what's the hurry about- you better cool it off before you burn it out; you got so much to do and only so many hours in a day.

Then there was the league business to take care of. He put on the other front he had, and grinned the entire day- even when he felt bleak and weary inside. He sped as fast as he could, and saved a few people, who only screamed and ran away, instead of thanking him. He didn't care, though. He had other people to save.

But you know that when the truth is told, that you can get what you want, or you can just get old.

Then he had to go home to news reports, talking about all the stuff he'd done. Then he would go to the store and catch a glimpse of another magazine stating they knew the identity of the Flash. Last week it was Bruce Wayne, and the week before that, some other random guy. But they wouldn't know who Flash was unless he messed up, and he was still young and agile. He had years to be worn down- years to have his perspective changed. He did what he thought was right, and he wouldn't stop until he was too old to even walk, much less run.

You're gonna kick off before you even get halfway through- when will you realize?

He wasn't worried about dying. That wasn't what he screamed at night over. He could handle death- he'd seen it too often not to be able to.

Vienna waits for you.

It was the speed force, always there- always present, ready to snatch him. Always waiting.

Slow down- you're doing fine, you can't be everything you want to be before your time, well though it's so romantic on the borderline tonight. But too bad, but it's the life you lead you're so ahead of yourself that you forgot what you need. Though you can see when you're wrong, you can't always see when you're right. You got your passion - you got your pride, but don't you know that only fools are satisfied- dream on, but don't imagine they'll all come true.

He crawled into bed, thinking about what he had hoped for when he was a kid. Love. Money. Food... well, that one never left. But some things need to be forgotten, he decided. And happiness was one of them. He was a hero, and the only time he had felt TRULY happy, was in his nightmares- his dreams...

When will you realize...

But he knew that, as a hero, he couldn't go back to the Speedforce, no matter how much he wanted to- no matter that he knew he could. He couldn't go back.

Vienna waits for you.


Yea, I know... very short, but I wanted to do a song fic, and then this song just reminded me of Wally, so... yea. Sorry if you didn't like it. btw, if you haven't heard this song, hop on youtube. And while you're there, look up Beatles. It didn't mention them in this, but... you know... it's the Beatles. Look them up! : )