My muse has been working way overtime for some reason. I live in the wonderful state that's getting pounded by a tropical storm right now so I got to stay home from school, which gave me time to think. This is what came out: a collection of little drabbles about Ichijouji Ken that had to deal with the Seven Deadly Sins and the Seven Contrary Virtues. Really, I dunno what's wrong with me... Anyway, enjoy and leave a review if you want. Oh, and this won't interfere with Always, Never.


The Kaiser was a narcissist.

He knew it. He embraced it. He liked it. He was proud of it.

He was perfect, after all.

And only a perfect person had any capability and right to rule down upon a world with an iron fist. Only a perfect person could live up to his achievements, no matter how twisted and sick they seemed to the 'average,' as the Kaiser called them; the insects who weren't worth the time of day.

Only a perfect person could accept his malicious deeds. Only a perfect person could see beauty in a monster.

Such a shame that he was the only perfect one.

The Kaiser looked up at a Control Spire, his gloved hand stroking the black marble almost sexually. A chill of pleasure ran down his spine as he felt the dark energy emitting from the tall architecture. Taking off his sunglasses to get a clearer view, he smirked.

He was so proud of himself and the beautiful mess he made.

He was so proud of being perfect.