Well, this is it. The end of Sinner and Saint. I enjoyed this a lot. A thanks to all my reviewers, you guys are the greatest. And an even bigger thanks to my betareader! Without further ado, here's the last chapter!

Kindness against Envy

He was so mad at Daisuke.

No, 'mad' wasn't the right word. Pissed, livid, furious, enraged, and homicidal were more like it. Ken could've just strangled him. How could his best friend do that to him?! He trusted Daisuke, then he goes and does that!

Jealousy must work in some kind of chain, he decided. Boy meets girl. Girl likes someone else. Boy gets envious and tries to make girl jealous by swapping spit with his best friend's crush.

I should at least give them time to explain, Ken thought, laying down in his bed with Wormmon, who was trying to calm his partner down but not understanding this 'romantic feelings' concept. I mean, I walked around that corner at a bad moment, then just left without letting them elaborate on the situation. Maybe it was just tension, an impulse or urge, and it had to be dealt with. It most likely didn't even mean anything in a romantic sense...

Oh, fuck it. Daisuke and Miyako were making out and he was pissed.

Ken knew the goggle-head did it for all the wrong reasons. Hikari would hear about it one way or another, which is what Daisuke intended. It was cruel, immature, and undeniably asshole-ish if you asked Ken.

But why was he angry? Miyako wasn't his, she could make-out with whomever she wanted. Maybe Daisuke was who he was mad at, he knew Ken had a crush on her and yet he still went through with his let's-make-Hikari-jealous scheme.

Was it — dare he say – jealousy? That little nasty feeling had done its fair share of damage on his life and it was something he never ever, ever, ever, ever wanted to feel again, especially after what it made him wish upon his own brother...

He shivered, then sighed. Yes, it was jealousy. How come Daisuke got Miyako? It made his blood boil beneath his skin like volcanic lava. This whole plight was unfair.

His D-Terminal beeped next to him on the bed, signaling that he had a message. He sighed; it was from Daisuke.

Hey, dude. I'm really sorry about what happened today...

Ken paused, contemplating on what to write. He was still furious as hell...

He replied: It's okay. Don't worry about it, buddy.