This is a new story I thought of when I was thinking of the movie, Cheaper by the Dozen. This is based from the movie. Since this is a huge family we have here, I thought I should make a character bio's page. Whoo!

The Parents

Charlie Swan- Charlie is the father of the Swan family. He's a football coach, and his work gets in the way of everything else sometimes.

Renne Swan- She's the mother, and of course, is somewhat irresponsible. She's a stay at home mom, and is always asking for help from the older children- mostly Bella because she's the oldest girl when Alex is gone and Michael can be reckless when it comes to his siblings.

The Highschoolers

Alexandra Swan- (21) (Nicknames- Lex, Alex, Lexie) Oldest Swan daughter. She lives with her fiancé, but always comes home almost every other weekend to have dinner with her family. She is engaged to one of the most annoying men on the planet who has a huge ego for being on a toothpaste commercial on TV.

(Hazel eyes, long auburn hair. Olive toned.)

Michael Swan- (18) Oldest Swan son. He's graduating soon, and is all for football.

(Curly brown hair, green eyes, and has a large build- works out for football. Tan.)

Bella Swan- (17) Bella puts up with everything around her (siblings, irresponsible mom, moving, school, ect.) She's always helping her mom around the house and drives siblings everywhere now that Alexandra is gone and with Michael busy with football and getting ready for college. She's very shy.

(Mahogany hair, brown eyes, pale.)

Natalie Swan- (16) She's the girly girl, and a little bit over dramatic. She loves clothes, obsesses over what her hair looks like, and has a lot of friends- very popular. She always talks on her cell phone and loves shopping. She wants to get into fashion.

(Long layered blond hair, blue eyes, tan(er), darker blond highlights.)

Carly Swan- (14) She plays lacrosse and is sort of a tom boy, even though she rarely looks like one. Even though she's three years younger, she's closest to Bella, and she can't resist getting in trouble with Christopher and Alan whenever the chance comes.

(Dirty blonde hair, pale, big brown eyes.)

The Elementaries

Sophia and Delilah Swan- (12) The only set of twins, they're identical. Sophia is slightly more shy than Delilah, but not by much. They are both a lot smarter for their age, and talk for each other out of habit.

(Green eyes, long pale red hair. Pale. Freckles.)

Christopher and Alan Swan (10) The second pair of twins, right after Sophia and Delilah, bless Renne's heart. Chris and Alan are each other's best friends and they always get in trouble over one another. It's been known that they either share the blame, or take turns by rock, paper, scissors to see how receives the punishment. Alan plays the obo and Chris plays the trumpet.

(Curly dirty blonde hair, green eyes, pale.)

Aaron Swan- (9) He is always doing reckless things- jumping off of the third story staircase banister, hanging from a chandelier, ect…. He loves his skateboard, and is helping anyone who needs someone to be his stunt double.

Curly dark hair, pale, hazel eyes.

Eli Swan- (7) He's the shyest boy, and has five pets. He's blind and has a seeing- eye dog named Henry. He takes every chance to be independent and hates to be "babied". Bella admires him very much and worries about him at times. She may complain about his pets, but puts up with them anyways because she loves him dearly, like the rest of her family.

(Spiked auburn hair, olive toned, has extremely pale green eyes.)

The Baby

Amanda Swan- (2) (Nicknames- Mandy) She's the baby who is always hungry. Cute and adorable, she's always keeping Renne busy, leaving Bella to help with the other siblings.

(Brown hair, blue eyes, pale.)

Okay, yes this is slightly AU because Renne and Charlie are together and have ten children. (I know what y'all are thinking: GOOD GRIEF!)

I don't exactly know how everything is going to happen here, so I figured we would find out during the ride. Sound good? Please review, and tell me: What do you think I should name Alexandra's fiancé? TELL ME!