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Amu: Ikuto said what?? -reading chapter 1-

Sora-chan: Ikuto run!!

Ikuto: -leaning against wall- Huh??

Amu: Ikuto?! Is this true?? -hands Ikuto the 1st chapter-

Ikuto: -reads chapter 1- No not a word. -smirks-

Amu: Ikuto! -tackles him-

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Ikuto: Owww!!

Amu's POV

I blushed as he walked off. 'Will he remember??' I asked myself. "Amu-chan." a voice said. Iturned around and there was Tadase-kun. He then kissed me holding me close to him. I blushed and as I looked into the distance I saw his blue hair, Ikuto. He then disappeared."Let's go, Amu-chan."Tadase said holding my hand.I walked steadily beside Tadase thinking why did Ikuto watch us kiss and was he jealous, right now?? "Are you alright??" Tadase asked."Yeah..." I said smiling. " I'm fine."

Ikuto's POV

Tadase kissed her...for some reason I'm annoyed, but why?? I mean they were boyfriend and girlfriend. "Ikuto?? Are you alright,nya??" Yoru asked concerned."Yeah,"I said."I'm just annoyed and don't know why." Yoru then looked at me but he was deep in thought. 'maybe...just maybe...""maybe it's cause you love her so much Ikuto,nya..."Yoru said. i looked at him. "Yeah Yoru...maybe..."I said my eyes looking into the distance.

X That night (Amu's POV)X

I finally came home after a date with Tadase, we had went shopping and ate lunch in a small cafe. I set my bags down and fumbled for my key in my pocket. "Ah, got it." I said pulling a key out of my pocket. I then stuck the key into the lock and turned it hearing it click, I took out the key. "I'm home."I announced as I placed my bags in the living room. "Oni-chan!" Ami said running down the stairs. She then tripped and fell flat on her face. I giggled then went to help her up. "Welcome home, Oni-chan." she said smiling. A few minutes later I went up to my room I unpacked the bags and hung up the clothes in my closet. I then grabbed my diary and sat on my bed.

Dear Diary,

Today I told Ikuto that I was with Tadase and that it wouldn't work out between us. Also Tadase took me and got me this cute outfit...

Sora-chan: For all you Tadase Haters don't kill me please! Remember this is an Amuto story.

Ikuto: Hey Writer-girl, Why would I be Jealous of the Kiddy King??

Sora-chan: Ikuto watch out!! -points behind him-

Ikuto: Wha-?? -turns around-

Amu: -Hits Ikuto with a steel bar- Stupid!!

Ikuto: Oww...that hurt. -puts hand on head-

Everyone: -sweat drop-

Tadase: Hey Amu what's going-??-get's hit in the head with steel bar-

Amu: Ikuto!! -Glares at Ikuto-

Ikuto: Oops sorry Kiddy King...

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