I suck at song fic, but I wrote this anyway. The characters belong to Joss Whedon and the
the song to Alabama.


Whisper to me softly
Breathe words upon my skin
No one's near and listening
So please don't say goodbye
Just hold me close and love me
Press your lips to mine,

Feels so right

"Stay." He asked simply, knowing she wouldn't.

"I can't they'll wonder where I am." She told him as she leaned forward and kissed him softly. She reached for her clothes and a muscular arm wrapped around her pulling he close to his body.

"Please." He whispered in her ear, and that was her undoing, he never said "please" before.

She turned to face him, "Okay, I'll stay."

His smile showed his surprise. He planted small kisses all over her face and neck.

"Why is it so important that I stay?" She asked as she returned his kisses.

"I don't know, maybe I'm tired of this charade of hating you in public and loving you in private. I want you to stay over, I want to wake up with you here next to me."

"You said this was nothing, that it was just need between two people, Spike. You made the rules not me." Buffy told him as pulled away from him and continued speaking "Just you and me, pet and passion." She did a perfect imitation of him and giggled at his reaction.

"Rules are meant to be broken." He smiled at her as he rolled them, he looked down into her hazel eyes and kissed her soundly, she met his kiss with a passion he'd decided he couldn't live without.

Soon the rest of the world was forgotten as they joined together in a rhythm as old as time. But this time was different, this time was not about shared need, but shared love. "I love you, Buffy." He mumbled softly into her hair.

Sleepily she replied, "I love you too."

He watched her for a moment, not knowing what these new feelings would bring, only that it felt good, it felt right.

Lying here beside you
I hear the echoes of your sighs
Promise me you'll stay with me
and keep me warm tonight
Hold me close and love me
Give my heart a smile

Feels so right

The End