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Chapter #1

Edward peeked through the small opening, blinking anxiously at the scene unfolding before him. He was worried about the whole situation and he hadn't a clue of what to do. If only he had some sort of direction...

Leaning back and pulling his legs to his chest as another set of military boots marched by, he let out a nervous breath. No one had found him yet and he was lucky for that. He'd managed to squeeze underneath a desk when the raid had started and at some point a large crate had slid in front of it. There was still a small opening that he could peer out of but he made sure to stay away whenever someone from the military passed by.

There were lots of them. They had flooded in, taking his Master and the rest of the household completely by surprise. It was a miracle that he'd managed to go unnoticed this long since the soldiers were everywhere.

He pulled the expensive Xingese robe around himself tighter and tried to think. There had to be some way out of this situation; if he only had time to come up with it. Another opportunity like this would never come along. It would be his only chance to escape this evil place.

As for his Master and his henchmen – he could care less what happened to them. He wished that they would be condemned to suffer years of the same humiliation and torture that they had inflicted on others before dying horrible painful deaths. He hated them, his Master most of all, the man who took pleasure in his humiliation and used his body as if it were a toy to sate his carnal desires.

It was wrong to hate his Master. Edward knew that. He owed him everything – his life, his body, everything that he was and yet here he was wishing for his death.

He was a horrid ungrateful beast. His Master was right to punish him and to take pleasure from his body.

If Ed got his wish that his Master was taken into custody and he was undiscovered where else could he go? Who would take in something as loathsome as him? His Master looked after him out of the goodness of his heart. No one else would treat him even half so well.

And if the military discovered him there was no telling what cruelties he'd endure. His Master had often told him of the atrocities the army had committed and threatened to turn him over to them when he wasn't obedient.

Edward pressed his face against his bare knees as he heard his Master raise his voice, snapping at the military men.

"Ha! You fools! You have no appreciation of any of my work. Take a good look – see how beautiful it is!"

Ed heard a man close to his hiding spot mutter, "Beautiful, my ass. This looks like some kind of a horror story. Urgh."

"You are absolutely disgusting," Ed heard a man with a rich, smooth voice say. He sounded positively horrified. "What's this? A bathtub full of blood?! You call this beautiful?"

"You don't understand anything," his Master growled. "This is an art! And what better way to make Precious' skin more soft and supple? Ordinary water won't do, it must be one of the three vital fluids!"

Edward shuddered and pressed his face more firmly to his legs, wrapping the silk robe over his bare feet. He hated the pet name his Master had chosen for him – 'Precious'. Of course, he hated his baths more.

"Precious?" the same man asked again. "Who is Precious?"

Ed's ears perked up at becoming the topic of conversation. He sat up and tried to think furiously he knew time was running out.

"Precious is my favorite," his master declared proudly. "My best work of art. I put in all my effort and time into his care. And he's turned out beautifully. A true masterpiece. Something that none of you would understand."

The last sentence was spat out in an angry way that made Ed flinch. He was used to hearing that tone directed at him and followed by him getting a shock from the collar around his neck. It was his Master's newest method of training him since his last escape attempt. He wore a device around his wrist that would let him punish Ed immediately and if Ed tried to leave the house there were electric wires in the walls that would give him a substantial jolt.

"Well, if he's anything like the rest of this mess…" the man with the smooth voice trailed off. Then he sharply addressed Ed's Master. "Where is Precious?"

Ed shrunk into the deepest corner under the desk as his Master spoke hesitantly, "That's a good question. I thought… Where could he have got to now?"

Edward shivered, making himself as small as possible. He pleaded silently to not be found out. He hoped that there were no clues that indicated he was hidden here. No had seen him duck down here, had they? He didn't think so. They wouldn't look under here would they?

"Last I saw him, he was over there," one of Edward's Master's men said.

His Master agreed. "Yes, I know. But then there was all this commotion. You don't think he ran away, do you?"

"Boss, he's smarter than that. If he tries to leave that collar will shock him to death. Nope, my guess would be that the little rat is hiding somewhere," his lackey answered.

"Ah, yes," His Master agreed thoughtfully.

A jolt of electricity surged through him and Edward's hand's immediately shot to cover his mouth. He tried to suppress any sound as best he could but he let out a tiny squeak. His eyes widened and he held his breath, hopping no one had heard.

"See," the man said. "He didn't even leave the room."

Ed slumped a little, the tension leaving his body. There was no doubt in his mind now that he would be found out now.

"What did you do?!" demanded the military man, his velvet voice hard with anger. "Lieutenant, I thought these men had been searched?!"

"Sorry, sir!" came the prompt reply.

"You, remove that device and the rest of you find this 'Precious' at once!" the commanding voice ordered.

"Yes sir," a chorus of other voices answered briskly and Ed could hear clipped steps head in various directions. Boxes began to be moved. Edward shrank as far back into his hiding spot as he could.

"You're never going to find him that way, he's an expert at hiding. Besides," his Master chuckled. "It's hardly necessary." He was obviously undisturbed by anything that was going on. "Precious," he called softly. "Come to Master."

Ed scrambled out of hiding place as fast as he was able, pushing the crate out of his way. He only hoped he would he would be quick enough. The place was crawling with soldiers and he had to slip by one, nearly tripping over the hem of his robe in his hurry. In record time, Edward made it across the room and to his Master's side. The man was handcuffed with his hands in front of him, standing with his other lackeys bound in a similar fashion. As soon as the youth reached him, he stopped and stood as close as he could to the man, his fists tightly clutching his robe closed.

Suddenly, the room was still and everyone in it was all staring at him. Edward's guilt was there for all of them to see. He was a loathsome and disgusting creature. He hung his head in shame, laying his furry, triangular ears back. His tail lifted the back of the dressing gown as it swished back and forth nervously, his cheeks burning.

Now the outside world knew of his existence. The day that his Master had warned him about had finally come. A shiver of fear passed through him. What horrors awaited him now with the military? Would he be subjected to more transmutations? Experimentation? Maybe dissected alive? He supposed he could only hope that his death would come quickly.

"A chimera?!" the man with the smooth voice demanded in a horrified voice. "You made a child into a chimera?!"

Ed lifted his head a bit to see the man who was speaking. He was dressed in the familiar blue uniform that the rest of the soldiers were wearing but he held a definite air of authority and command. He was pale, tall and fit with short jet-black hair. His narrow dark eyes held such fury and loathing that Ed dropped his own eyes back to the ground.

"No," his Master answered.

"How can you deny it?" the handsome man with the smooth voice snapped. "This boy has a tail! Look at his ears! With all of this evidence in this laboratory, are you going to deny that he is a chimera and expect me to believe he was born this way?"

Edward's Master glared at his opposition. Automatically, the boy's aforementioned ears twitched nervously. His Master was angry and that couldn't mean anything good.

"He isn't just a simple chimera," the man growled. "He's a work of art. The perfect chimera. My ultimate creation. You, Colonel Mustang, as a State Alchemist should see the beauty in what I've done! Considering what he was, I did him a favor."

For a moment, Colonel Mustang, as his Master had called him, seemed at a loss for words. He just stood there seething with anger. When he finally spoke, his voice was calm but thick with rage.

"Get these monsters out of here or I can't be held responsible for what I do next."

A monster. Edward knew it was true. He was a monster and he deserved whatever happened to him. No matter how horrible.

Somehow Edward had been hoping that his Master had been wrong. Or maybe even lying. He'd hoped that others in the outside world would be able to see him, maybe not as beautiful the way his Master did, but just as a human being. Now he could see that it was impossible.

The soldiers surrounding their group and guided them towards the doors. Ed walked along beside his Master, wondering what was going to become of him.

Suddenly the smooth voice rang out behind them. "Wait!"

The group of prisoners and their guards stopped.

"Precious!" Colonel Mustang called. "Come."

Ed looked up at his Master but the man merely kept looking straight ahead and chuckled. Ed wasn't sure what he should do. The soldiers looked at him expectantly so he felt he had no choice but to obey. His stomach did a flip as he left his Master's side and the group began to move toward the door again. He wondered apprehensively what the soldier was going to do to him.

Suddenly a flashbulb went off in his face. One of the other soldiers had turned a camera on him and taken his picture. Ed twitched slightly, ears flattening and tail puffing up.

"Stop that!" the Colonel ordered.

"But sir, he's evidence," the other soldier answered.

"I'm aware of that," Mustang affirmed walking over to where the two of them stood. "Now surely you have other duties besides arguing with your commanding officer, Collins."

"Yes, sir!" the soldier agreed, giving him a sharp salute and walking off to continue his cataloguing of evidence.

Edward watched the exchange with cautious interest. The commanding officer. Indeed, the man with the camera, the guards escorting the captives out and all of the soldiers all seemed to obey this dark haired man standing before him without question. The rest of the household had obeyed his Master but there was something different about the way this man conducted himself. He was authoritative but there was no malice in it. The youth took careful note of this.

Ed flinched involuntarily as a large, warm hand was laid on his shoulder. He could feel the heat through the thin material and became intensely aware of his nudity beneath the silky robe. He looked up to find himself staring directly into a pair of dark intelligent eyes. The officer had stooped down to Ed's level. All of the anger and disgust seemed to have disappeared. Ed wondered if the man was going use him right here in front of all of these people. Is that why he had been called back? Why his Master had chuckled?

Ed swallowed hard. His Master had taken him in front of other people when he had really wanted to humiliate him, but never so many. Would they all take turns with him? His Master had never let anyone else touch him he was very possessive of him but sometimes he had threatened Ed with the prospect. It was something he had always dreaded especially with how some of his Master's men had leered at him and the jokes they'd made about him.

His heart was pounding.

"Precious, " the man said kindly. "I'm Colonel Roy Mustang. I'd like you to come with me. No one is going to hurt you. Do you understand?"

Edward nodded though he didn't believe it for a moment. His Master was always doing things to him that weren't supposed to hurt and hurt a lot, or things he was supposed to like and didn't. But any objections would only get him punished so he had no choice but to go along with it.

Satisfied with his answer, Mustang straightened up and headed to the far corner of the lab. Ed followed obediently in his wake, skirting nervously away from the other soldiers that happened to come close to him.

Everyone had resumed working. The whole room, the lab, was a mess. His Master's notes were scattered everywhere and a couple of his experiments had been completely destroyed. The soldiers appeared to be cataloguing everything.

When they got to the far side of the lab Colonel Mustang pulled out a crate and patted it. "Here, have a seat, Precious."

Ed sat down obediently. He tried not to meet the man's eye but he kept looking up out of curiosity.

"I need you to wait here for a bit," the man instructed. "Do you understand?"

Again he nodded making sure the robe was wrapped tightly around him when he sat down.

The colonel stalked off to talk to a blond haired soldier who called him over while lighting a cigarette. The two of them started talking in low tones that Ed supposed they didn't think he could here but his hearing was a lot more acute than it had been when he was human. Ed was careful not to look in their direction as he listened.

The blond haired soldier spoke first. He seemed a bit hesitant, taking a drag of his smoke before speaking. "Sir, would you like me to put the chimera with the others?"

"No, we can't do that!" the colonel said adamantly. "This chimera is half-human! And look where he's been living - bathing in blood! Who knows what else he's been through! He can stay with me!"

"Isn't that dangerous, sir? He may not be stable," the soldier objected.

Mustang chuckled. "I'm the Flame Alchemist I think I can handle a chimera one-on-one. But if it makes you feel better you can keep an eye on him."

Mustang then left the soldier to go and answer questions in another part of the lab. The soldier stayed around while he finished his cigarette. Ed didn't pay any attention to him and was careful not to do anything suspicious. He did as he was told and remained seated on the crate.

He did his best to keep his eyes down but now and again he glanced up from underneath his bangs to watch the soldiers' activity. Out of everyone the Colonel looked the busiest. He had to not only examine Edward's Master's research and direct how it was documented but he had to answer questions and give the other soldiers orders. Photographs were taken before anything could be moved and samples had to be bagged for analysis.

As he watched the colonel working with the other soldiers he couldn't help but wonder if he was his new Master. None of the other soldiers approached Ed or gave him a second glance so perhaps that meant that he was off limits to them unless Mustang gave them permission to use him. Though nobody leered at him or made lewd comments either so it was possible that they weren't interested either.

Maybe they had their own chimeras to have sex with at home. Somehow it seemed wrong even though he didn't know much about the outside world. After all that was why they had taken his Master and the others away. And when he thought back to his old life he couldn't remember any chimeras.

Just his father, mother and brother. The sudden thought of them made his chest hurt. He hugged himself and blinked back the tears that sprang to his eyes. How he missed them. To see anyone that he used to know now was impossible though he thought sadly and returned his thoughts back to the bustle around him.

Things gradually slowed down and many of the soldiers began to pack up and leave. Still, Ed obeyed the order he'd been given and stayed where he was. It wasn't until there were only a handful left that the Colonel approached him again.

"Sir?" a female voice inquired politely.

Both the Colonel and Edward turned to look at the woman approaching them. She was also dressed in that familiar blue uniform and her blond hair was done up in a bun. Her eyes were a color close to Ed's own, only with a touch of red. The youth could immediately tell that she was intelligent, focused, and sharp. A predator.

"Yes, Lieutenant?" the Colonel replied.

"Would you like me to find someone to take care of him for the night?" she asked, nodding in Edward's direction.

"No, I think I'd feel better if he's with me," the man said with a kind smile and a shake of his head. "Besides Investigation will probably be here first thing tomorrow and it will save time if he's already with me."

The Lieutenant nodded. "Are you taking him back to your hotel room then, sir?"

"Yes. I'm ready to call it a night," he said good-naturedly. "You should do the same." The Colonel turned back to Ed. "Come, Precious," he ordered and Ed stood.

"Goodnight then, sir," the woman said.

"Same to you, Lieutenant Hawkeye," the man nodded and then began walking in the direction of the door.

Edward followed, glancing back at the woman briefly. Her name was Hawkeye? How surprisingly fitting. He turned back, keeping his eyes on the broad back of the man in front of him.

The youth followed Mustang apprehensively until they reached the foyer and he saw the doors that led to the world outside of his Master's home. His shock collar. He couldn't leave as long as it was still around his neck.

The Colonel walked up to the double doors, opened one and held it open for Ed. But the youth stopped a few steps away. Any further and he knew he would suffer. The man noticed the boy's hesitation.

"What's the matter?" the Colonel asked.

Edward wasn't sure if he was allowed to answer verbally. His Master had never liked it if he spoke without permission. He wasn't sure what the rules were now so he reached up and grabbed onto his shock collar, hopping to convey what he meant.

The man stared at him for a moment blankly and then realized the problem. "Of course! The collar! I had completely forgotten…"

The Colonel stepped back inside and stooped down to examine the youth's collar. Edward's ears automatically flattened themselves and he leaned back uncertainly. He watched the Colonel's face his brows knit in concentration, his dark grey eyes intense. Ed could smell the musky scent of masculinity and feel the heat of his breath. He was surprised to find he enjoyed it.

Being this close to his Master had always disgusted Edward. He'd always smelled of acrid sweat, foul chemicals, blood and death. More often than not his breath reeked of rank alcohol and old food. The stench of his hot, heavy body on top of him turned his stomach and made him feel like he was going to smother.

"There!" the man said, holding the shock collar out with a triumphant look on his face.

He smiled at the youth before ruffling Ed's hair unexpectedly. The boy made a face, not sure how he felt about it. He put a hand that wasn't holding his robe closed up to his bare throat. It felt exposed and vulnerable.

"Now, let's go," the Colonel said, pushing the door open with the hand that was holding the shock collar.

The man let out a sharp cry when the collar gave him a powerful shock. Ed jumped back, eyes going wide as saucers, ears flattening to his skull and his tail fluffing up. He'd half been expecting it but the youth still couldn't help but imagine how it would have felt if he'd attempted to walk out the door with it around his neck. The colonel swore and tossed the collar aside.

"Son of a bitch!" the man exclaimed examining his hand briefly. He turned to look at Ed. "And you had that things around your neck?! What a bastard! I'll have that man's head, I swear!"

Even though Edward knew that the man's anger wasn't directed at him, it frightened him anyway. His ears stayed down and his tail curled around his ankle slightly. He watched the man with wide nervous eyes.

Once the Colonel was done his cursing, he opened the front door again and called Ed. The youth followed him and, for the first time in years, he found himself standing outside.

The air was crisp, cold and fresh. He'd never smelled anything so wonderful! Ed could barely remember what snow looked like and seeing it for the first time in so long made his heart leap. Some part of him wanted to rejoice in his freedom, roll in the snow and make wild gestures and noises. However, dressed as he was; nude and barefoot with only an expensive silk robe covering him, he merely stared around in wonder at the soft whiteness surrounding them.

"Colonel!" a voice called. "Hey, Colonel! Over here!"

It was a voice Ed recognized. He glanced over to see the blond soldier standing not too far away next to a parked car. He still had a cigarette hanging from his lips.

"Havoc!" the Colonel greeted him, a small smile quirking his lips. He scooped Edward up into his arms princess style and strode over to the man and his vehicle. "I assume that the First Lieutenant made you fetch the car for us."

"You know her – always ahead of the rest of us," Havoc responded with a chuckle. Then his gaze fell on Ed and his expression became more serious. "This is the chimera from before, right?"

"Precious," the dark haired man responded with nod. "I'm taking him to the hotel tonight. Investigations will probably want to see him first thing."

"Probably for the best then," Havoc agreed.

"Come on, Precious," the Colonel said as he set him inside. "In you go."

The inside of the car was warm and there was the faint smell of gasoline. The Colonel got in next to him and Edward felt comforted by the additional warmth and bulk next to him in the dark. The front door of the car opened briefly as Havoc got in and took the wheel. Soon they were driving along the lights of streets and buildings passing by. When he glanced out the window Edward was pleased to note that it was snowing, the tiny white flakes flashing by the glass in a blur.

Even though it was rather late in the evening, the hotel was still rather active with all of the military personnel returning from the mission. Havoc wrapped Edward up in his great coat and carried him to Mustang's room while the Colonel went to the tavern to order food.

The idea of eating made Edward's mouth water especially since he could smell the cooking as soon as they entered the building. He hadn't had anything to eat since his breakfast. He was a bit nervous being left alone in this strange room with this blond soldier who smelled like smoke.

A strange room with only a dresser, a chair and a bed.

The setting seemed to suggest that they would be having sex with him but Havoc just sat in the chair and smoked. He didn't talk to Ed or try to approach him so Ed sat on the bed and waited too, clutching his robe closed. He was confused. What was going to happen to him?

It seemed an eternity to Ed but finally the Colonel returned with a tray of food. The most delicious smells filled the room. Ed swallowed hard praying with all his heart that there would be some scraps left for him to scavenge. Or that perhaps they would have him do tricks and reward him with food. He hoped he wouldn't have to work too hard to please them.

He was surprised that Havoc got ready to leave as soon as Mustang got back. The colonel asked him to stay but he said he'd made other plans with his comrades.

"Well, more food for us then, eh Precious?" the colonel said playfully, closing the door behind his subordinate.

Ed hardly dared hope that it could be true when Mustang handed him a bowl of hot stew off of the tray he'd set down on the dresser. He even handed him a spoon. Ed looked at it in amazement. How long had it been since he had been allowed to use silverware?

The officer took a bowl and spoon for himself as well. He noticed Ed's fascination with the spoon but misinterpreted the reason. "It's a spoon," he said and demonstrated how to use it by taking a spoonful of stew.

Ed couldn't help but smile to himself as he dug enthusiastically into his supper.

Between the two of them they managed to finish off all of the food in a short amount of time. Ed couldn't remember when he had had a meal that delicious. He had tried to lick his bowl clean but Mustang hadn't liked it. Up until now the Colonel hadn't punished him for anything so he hadn't wanted to push his luck.

Mustang gathered up all the dishes and set them on the tray outside the door of their room. He locked the door then walked over to where Edward sat on the bed looking at him intensely. Edward wanted to squirm under the man's piercing gaze but instead he bit his lip, ears and tail twitching slightly.

But when he spoke the colonel's voice was gentle, "Precious, stand up."

Edward obeyed, his heart pounding. Even when he was on his feet the man loomed over him. Edward looked up at him nervously. When he was standing next to Mustang, his head didn't quite reach the man's shoulder. The colonel was taller and more muscular than him and there was no doubt in Edward's mind that he could hurt him if he felt so inclined.

Why was he looking at him like that? Did Mustang want to have sex with him now? Edward let go of the front of his robe and dropped his hands to his sides. He decided whatever it was the man wanted he would do his best to please him and not fight him.

He didn't know if he would know how to please him. He had only belonged to his Master and his Master was the only one who'd taken him to bed.

The thought of being intimate with this tall, dark stranger was surprisingly appealing to Edward. He'd learned to take some pleasure from his Master when they'd been together and this man, this Colonel… Ed liked him. He was nice. He smelled nice. And he was handsome. Edward owed him, for freeing him. For taking him outside. For feeding him and treating him like a person. It made sense to repay him in some way and the youth only had his body to offer up.

The man stood before him, his eyes studying Edward and the youth felt his cheeks beginning to heat up. He didn't know why, but with a stare that intent fixed on him and thoughts of sex going through his mind, the blood just began to rush to his face. And to his groin as well. He could feel himself getting hard.

"A chimera," Mustang mused. "A human animal cross. This is the first time I've ever heard of a successful combination of the two, though I'm not sure how many have tried… So how much is human and how much is animal I wonder?"

Edward's stomach dropped in disappointment. The man's thoughts appeared to be purely scientific.

Mustang continued. "The majority of you appears to be human, at least physically. The ears and tail aside, that is. But what about mentally? I could imagine that sick bastard leaving you with the brain of an animal," the man said but then stopped and blinked. "Wait. Precious, look at me."

Edward did as commanded. He looked at the man uncertainly.

"Do you understand what I'm saying to you?" Mustang asked.

Ed nodded uncertainly. The man expression became intent and he licked his lips.

"Good. That's good, Precious," he said. "But if there was some way to be sure…" He seemed to stop and consider the problem for a moment. "Okay, we're going to play a game. I'll name something in this room and you go and touch it, alright?"

Again, Ed nodded.


Ed touched the bed.


Ed went to the window.

Mustang proceeded to name everything in the room, including himself and Edward before he was thoroughly satisfied that Ed understood what he was saying. Ed really didn't get the point of the game but he was happy to humor the Colonel.

Then Mustang had him sit down on the bed and faced him solemnly. "Now, Precious. I want you to try something. It may be difficult for you but will you try?" he asked the youth earnestly.

Curious as to what he wanted him to try, Ed nodded.

"Okay," the Colonel said and licked his lips. "Try saying Mus-tang." He pronounced each syllable distinctly.

"Mus-tang." Ed repeated.

The colonel frowned slightly. "Try saying Precious."

"Precious," said Edward.

"You can talk," Mustang said without expression.

Ed nodded.

Mustang frowned at him in confusion. "Then why haven't you said anything before this?" he asked, obviously put out.

Edward looked at him, opened his mouth and then closed it again. He wasn't allowed to speak unless his Master gave him permission. He wasn't sure how to convey this without speaking but, then again, his Master was gone and Ed's shock collar had been removed. And the Colonel wanted answers. The man seemed nice and Ed didn't think he would punish him for speaking.

Mustering up the courage, Ed began in a tiny, quiet voice, "I'm not allowed to speak unless my Master gives me permission."

The odd look that Mustang gave him cause Ed to blush and look away. The man probably thought he was an idiot. Or maybe he was angry at Ed for speaking now that he knew that the youth wasn't normally allowed to. He glanced back to Colonel when the man let out a snort.

"Well, I'm your Master now," the man declared boldly. "So you're allowed to speak. If I ask you a question I'd like you to answer. Do you understand?"

"Yes, sir," Edward said, averting his eyes from the Colonel.

"Now that has been resolved, we'd better get to bed and to sleep. It's going to be another long day tomorrow. I'll give you a t-shirt to sleep in. I'm having some clothes brought over for you tomorrow morning so we'll have to make do for now," the Colonel instructed. He peeled off his military jacket walking over to the dresser. He pulled out a plain white T-shirt and threw it to Ed.

He caught it and as he got ready for bed he considered his change in fortune. He now had the answer to his question. This Colonel Mustang was now his Master and it was Edward's duty to do everything in his power to please him.