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Summary: I thought we were like Romeo and Juliet, but it turns out I was Sirius Black's Rosaline. I was a toy, a plaything for him. But Romeo dies, and so does Juliet.

"What?!" I demanded, staring into Sirius' stormy-grey eyes.

"I'm sorry, but I don't think we can be together." said Sirius, but anybody who could see his face would know that he was not in the least bit sorry. He was grinning all over, and so was James Potter, his best friend. I wanted to hex the smirks right of their horribly good-looking faces, but they know much worse hexes than me. I feel tears well up in my eyes.

"I…I…I thought we loved each other?" I moan, my tears fall into my mouth, I gasp at the salty taste.

"I did too, but we can't be together, I'm sorry, Ruby." he said, he is still smirking.

"Fine." I whisper, my tears streaming faster.

I see Peter Pettigrew grin too. Of course, they love to do this. Every girl in this School is desperate to go out with a Marauder, so when one of them finally picks one of us, with instantly agree. Forgetting the harsh way they dumped our friends. The like to do it in public, so the girl whines and moans, they watch and laugh. Remus Lupin doesn't do this, but he still watches, he doesn't tell his friends to back of, that's why I feel a sudden rush of hatred to him. All of the Marauders are good looking, even Pettigrew in an odd, cute rat-like way. James and Sirius are more traditionally good looking. Remus is handsome in a smart, proper way.

I couldn't believe my good luck when Sirius Black asked me to Hogsmeade last month. I practically fainted on the spot. I said yes immediately, falling for his floppy hair and beautiful eyes and perfect features. He grinned when I said it, as did Potter. I didn't even wonder what they were up to. He treated my well at Hogsmeade, taking me to The Three Broomsticks, buying me a warm butterbeer. And after that lovely day he walked me right the way to the Hufflepuff common room, and he brushed my black hair out of my face and kissed my lips gently. I almost fainted then. I loved that he chose me, when he could have any brave Gryffindor, or any smart Ravenclaw. But he chose me, a Hufflepuff! I was beaming all day long. My best friend, Alice, was all too happy for me, as well.

"Fine!" I repeated, Sirius laughed. We had been sitting under a tree, and we were talking nicely until he broke the news that 'we just aren't right for each other'. Other people had crowed around to see Sirius's latest heartbreak. I wonder who it will be next. Which pitiful fool will make the same mistake as me?

"Don't be mad, Ruby, darling." he said, in a seductive tone. I want nothing more than to turn around and to thrash my fist into his devilishly handsome face.

"I can be as mad as I want, Black! You are pathetic! I hate you! If you ever come near to me again I'll kill you!" I shout, running towards the castle.

I run into Lily Evans, a nice red-headed Gryffindor.

"What's wrong?" she asks, I don't think she actually cares.

"Nothing." I said, choking on tears, and I continue to run to the common room, which is empty, as everybody was watching us outside. I bound into my dormitory and a collapse on my bed, sobbing into my duvet.

I move up to my pillow, beating it.

"I hate him." I cry into it.

I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I know, Alice is shaking me awake.

"C'mon, it's time for dinner." she moans.

"I don't care. I refuse to be within a twenty foot radius with Sirius Black." I said, hugging my pillow.

"Who cares about him!? Every girl in this entire School, bar the Slytherins, feel sorry for you." whines Alice, pulling me of my bed.

"Fine, but I'm not happy." I grumble, making a face. I follow her down the stairs.

When we get to the Great Hall, I feel sick.

"I can't do this." I complain. I really can't face him.

"You have to, you can't starve because some idiot dumped you." she snapped.

"Fine, I hate this." I murmur. I feel hundreds of eyes bore into me as I walk in, I look to see him, and he's staring. He's got his arm around a girl with a smug smile on her lips. I know that she's Marlene McKinnon, because she went out with Alice's brother, Van last year. Marlene is OK; she's pretty, and nice. Why wouldn't Sirius want to go out with her? I glare at him as I walk past he smiles his smile that makes me go weak at the knees, but I ignore it and hold my head high, because I can't let that idiot get to me.

I sit in-between Alice and Van. They both smile and are both nice to me. I smile back, but my thoughts are with Sirius and Marlene, had they planned this all along? They were made for each-other, I liked Marlene, but she was vain. Sirius is vain. Oh, what a match made in heaven. They are like Romeo and Juliet, and I am Rosaline the one he didn't really love, the one that was OK, but not good enough. But Romeo and Juliet die don't they? So it's OK for me.

I hate Sirius so much right now, but why do I think about him?

I love him!

I hate him!

Are they really such different things?