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Better Summary: This takes place in the Avatar world, but has almost nothing to do with the story line. Katara was sent to fight in the war, but she wasn't too victorious, being a young girl and all. The Firenation troops that were sent to eradicate the village Katara was sent to protect are led by Prince Zuko.


Drifting felt so nice.

The frigid, rushing current carried her beaten, charred body down the valley, through the snow patched mountain range. She hadn't been able to hold back the flames, and the faces of the innocent were still watching her.

Even though they were all dead.

Her mind was trapped between the reality of the harsh winter, and the illusion of her oncoming death. Which one was real, she didn't care. Death would come no matter what.

Her mind had failed to detect that the generous current had placed her on the soft sands of a secluded beach. Then, it left her there and continued snaking its way through the mountain range.

Katara's face was locked in a daze, her clear blue eyes seeing through everything, as if nothing was there. The bare, bone white trees swayed gently over her ravished body, casting speckled, filtered shadows amongst the sand. She heard song birds somewhere in the blank void that was the world. Her slow, dying breaths came out as an icy mist, and her usually honey brown skin was shockingly pale. Her frozen lips matched the color of the deep water, a deep ominous cerulean.

All she could do was wait for death to come embrace her.


"Set up camp here! Take the Rhinos to the river!"

A constant stream of commands rang out among the disgruntled soliders, and the sound of unfurrling canvas and clashing cookware created a symphony of movement.

Prince Zuko sat atop his Komodo Rhino, a look of boredom on his face. He wanted to go home so badly. This damn cold was nearly unbearable. Who could live like this?! And why had Azula been sent to Omashu?! Zuko was more than capable of taking over a petty Earth Kingdom city!!

When the hurried guards finally asembled the Prince's tent, he let himself inside and laid out his belongings. He pondered his battle plans as he rolled out his turtle duck feather stuffed sleeping mat. He then spread out the thick, tanned parchment in front of him, the maps easily taking up the entirety of his floor.

They were located somewhere slightly north of the Fahn Ty Mountain Range, just as the foothills. They had gotten an approximate handle on where the were when they had located the bend of the Goshen River. He traced his pale finger over thier march, ending up at a narrow turn in the river. It would open up to a small lake futher on.

The Goshen River...

Legends said that the water that ran through it was sacred, because the Spirit of the Moon bathed herself in it evey night, blessing the chilling waters. But that was an old Water Tribe story meant to put children to sleep. It was so common that even Zuko knew it, and he grew up in a whole different world.

His attention returned to the maps and charts in front of him. Sighing, he pinched the bridge of his nose and looked to the ground. Whenever he was stressed, he found himself performing this annoying habit.

As he removed his top knot and let his grown out hair trail toward his shoulder, a guard called from outside the tent flaps.

"Prince Zuko! The scouts have returned."

"Did they find the lake?" He sounded uniterested in what the guard had to say.

"Uh, yes sir. And they made one other discovery"

Zuko's eyes darted up to meet the man's. Something happened that wasn't by plan? "What is it?"

"It's... A girl, Prince Zuko."

"A girl? Is she alive?" Zuko interest peeked. He loved when something happened that wasn't according to plan. Is usually benefitted him. And helped him show up Azula.

"Barely. But there is an issue."

"Please be clear with your report, private" Zuko's hushed tone incurred a feeling of dread in the private.

"Y-yes sir! She seems to be the Waterbender we fought at the last raid. That small girl with the terrible temper."

Oh, Zuko remembered her. It had been exceedingly unusual to see a Waterbender among a squarderon of Earthbenders. And what was even more unusual was that she had been the only one. She had been the last one standing, and through it all, she had a wicked smile on her face, enjoying the sight of his men being washed away. But, before Zuko could finish her off himself, she was ambushed from the trees and sent crashing into the river. They all assumed she had been killed when she was engulfed by the fire.

"Sir? Should we finish her?"

"..." Zuko thought of how she could prove an advantage to him. "Actually private, bring her here."

"S-sir?! She killed twelve of our men, I don't think it would be wise t-"

"Are you defying me, Private Mong?" Zuko voice was laced with the promise of the most painful death imaginable, even though it was hushed and calm.

"N-n-no! Prince Zuko I would never-" He waved his hands in front of his face as though he were swatting away the very thought.

"Good. Now, please carry out your task." he cooly motioned to the opening.

"Yes sir! Right away sir!" he dashed out of the tent, his frantic words trailing behind him.


Colors danced before her eyes, mostly shades of prismatic white and pale blue. They swirled, trying to form the outline of the trees for her, though they couldn't seem to allign themselves. Her chilled lips trambled, trying to form words.

What were they? She had no clue. Why would she try to speak? Not the vaguest idea. Maybe her body was trying to call for help?

Her soothingly colored companions were chased out and replaced by shades of bloody crimson and highlights of gold. This flustered and confused her. But something confused her even more.


She felt her body being lifted from the cold ground, and she was suddenly warm. Her body began to thaw like ice.

Her mind was scattered, ripped from the murkiness. Who was it? Was she dead? What was going on?!

Katara had been so sure that she was dead. How did she survive? All those infernos, swallowing her, carring her, turning her skin to ash. But...

Then eveything started to glow when she hit the water. She had been dead for a while that much was certain, but there was no way she could still be alive.

Katara distinctly remebered the angelic white light wrapping around her body, making her whole again, turning ash back into flesh, and filling in her burnt out eye sockets with the liquid saphire that had previously inhabited them.

And the voice. The serene, icy voice.


"I will give you life, if you can give the world life in return"

"...Of course" Katara's voice had sounded like rasping metal.

"Find the Avatar, and you will find me again"

Katara opened her new eyes just in time to see a fading figure. She was beautiful, dressed seemingly in clouds and mist, with cascading white hair.

Somehow Katara knew who she was.

The Moon Spirit...


Katara felt that her body was wrapped in thick furs, but she also felt the vice like bonds on the wrists and ankles.Then she could hear rough, masculine voices. They hard to decifer, thanks to the pounding headache and thrummed in her ears.

"We can't allow her to live! You all witnessed her power!"

"But think. She completly repaired her body! We razed her to ashes! Literally!"

"How can you tell she's the waterbender?! Maybe this a different girl!"

"She was the only one there. Besides, I remember her face very clearly."

"...You are insane for even thinking about letting her live."

"I know, but...I have an ominous feeling..."

"Private Mong, you have an 'ominous feeling' about everything!"


"What do you think, Prince Zuko?" Katara listened, pretending to be unconscious for the time being. She felt that her body was wrapped in thick furs, but she also felt the vice like bonds on the wrists and ankles.

It was a while before a husky voice broke the silence.

"Why not? It she turns out to be more than we can handle, we hav more than enough to men to kill her all over again."

"But, Prince Zuko! What could we possibly gain fro-"

"She brought herself back to life. What more is there to think about? Imagine having that kind of power on our side, what we could do with it. We would be unstopable." The Prince's voice stayed calm and collected.

"What if she refuses?"

A chuckle came from the depths of Zuko's chest. "We'll just have to kill her."

Katara's blood froze.

Did they think that she could heal people? She had never tried.

What if it turned out she didn't have the gift? They would kill her on the spot. She laid still, but fully aware of what was going on around her.

The Prince spoke again "Wake her up and feed her before she withers away. I don't want my prodigal healer to die on me" She heard the whisper of his body leaving the tent.

Roughly, the men left in the tent shook her. "Wake up, peasant!"

Her cerulean eyes instictively shot open when she was jarred. Her eyes met the intimidating brown eyes of the solider that the voice belonged to.

She put up a defiant front and kept her mouth shut.

"Don't be stubborn." His voice was violent, but suggestive.

Stubbernly, she allowed herself to be fed the burning hot soup.

But only because she had to live.

She had to find the Avatar, and keep her promise to the Moon Spirit.


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