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A/N- Okay, I want to pre-warn you that Sesshomaru may seem out of character in this story, but I'm trying my hardest to keep him the same, but he is no longer as cold hearted as he once was. I was inspired to write this from one of my friends so I hope you will enjoy it!

-- Story Start--

Sesshomaru sighed heavily bringing his glass of sake to his lips and sipping it before setting it back on the table. Music was blaring throughout the club. People were shouting, dancing, or walking around drunk. Kagome sat across from him with his brother to her left next to Sesshomaru. The miko kept looking over him to the dance floor searching for her friend, Jessica, who was supposed to meet her here in ten minutes.

Sesshomaru had met the young human woman once with his brother and the half-breed's group of friends, but he had also seen her in the halls of the high school he had graduated from five years ago. She was the girl every guy wanted. Shoulder blade length blonde hair with a red tint to it, fair skin, a slender figure similar to a Barbie doll, and the most beautiful apple green eyes he had ever seen. He never really spoke to her in school mostly because she had only one class with him and that was math, which he later found out was her favorite subject and was very good at it too. She didn't hang around much either. She had a few friends like Kagome and Sango, but was known for keeping to herself.

A month after high school it seemed to him she had just vanished off the face of the planet. He never saw her anywhere and the house she had once lived at was sold to another family of two. A year had gone by and he almost forgot about her until he saw a young woman you looked similar to her, but by her scent he knew that it wasn't her. Ever since, he couldn't get her out of his head. It drove him insane! But he was able to hide it and it died down about a year ago when he heard Kagome had kept in touch with her and she was living in an apartment in town. It completely vanished when he saw her for the first time in five years. That was about a month ago at this same place.

"There you guys are! It's a mad house in here!" A sweet woman's voice called out from somewhere behind him and Kagome shrieked excitedly running over to the blonde and hugging her tightly. She was wearing a black spaghetti strap tang top and blue jeans leaving her hair down.

"Jessica, it's so good to see you!"

"You too, Kagome!" The twenty-three year old hugged her friend tightly back. When the two women pulled away she waved to the two men watching with an eyebrow raised, "Hey, Inu! Nice to see you again, Sesshomaru!"

Sesshomaru nodded his reply taking another sip of his drink. Inuyasha smiled warmly then said, "Yay! Barbie is back!"
They all gave him a dark look, but Jessica waved it off, "Well, you sure don't change much over a month do you, Inuyasha?" He gave her a confused look then she turned to Kagome, "You're actually married to this lunatic?" She teased watching Inuyasha's expression from the corner of her eye.

Kagome giggled, "Yes… unfortunately."

"Kagome!" Inuyasha shouted.

"What? I was just kidding." Kagome hugged Inuyasha around the shoulders whispering "I love you." in his ear then turned to Jessica who was scanning the crowd. "Why don't you sit down between me and Sesshy?" Jessica nodded and both girls took their seats. "So, who is watching Luna tonight?"

"Oh, Emily is. She has studying to do and figured that since it's so quiet, besides Luna playing, she'd get more done. Besides, Adriane is working, and Kara is out with her husband for the night."

"Who is Luna?" Inuyasha asked before taking a gulp of his beer.

"She's my daughter. She'll be six next March."

Sesshomaru's mouth almost fell open, but he held it back with some help from his brother who spat out the remainder of his drink that hadn't been swallowed quite yet. The liquid barely missing Sesshomaru.

"Inuyasha!" Kagome scolded, but he paid no heed

"You have a kid already? She's adopted right?" Inuyasha said faster than he could think.

"Watch your aim, little brother." Sesshomaru growled moving his chair closer to Jessica and away from the mess Inuyasha just made.

"Yes I have a daughter and no she isn't adopted. She is biologically mine and that is that." Jessica said trying to hide the coldness in her normally sweet voice.

"Oh yeah? Then where is her father?" Inuyasha asked coldly the thought of his father digging a hole in the pit of his stomach as the feelings came back to him.

"Inuyasha!" Kagome glared at him.

Jessica stared at him icily then turned from him, "It doesn't matter. To you or me." She sighed and looked down at the table. "He left after he found out I was pregnant. He really wanted nothing to do with Luna or me so it doesn't matter if he's gone. It's probably better that way." She closed her eyes and took a deep breath before looking up at Inuyasha with a small smile on her face, "Besides, Luna is happy and healthy, I'm doing all I can to support the two of us, and I'm happy. I mean… I know it's hard on Luna that she doesn't have a father and I have to admit it is kind of hard, working most of the time and spending less time with Luna than I'd like, but we're doing just fine on our own."

"Could you at least get a boyfriend?" Inuyasha winked obviously back in a good mood, "I bet Sesshomaru wouldn't mind."

Jessica laughed and Sesshomaru growled a warning to Inuyasha. "Thanks, but… I think I'm doing just fine, Inu."

"Just saying…. Hey, Kagome! Lets dance!" Inuyasha got up and dragged his wife on the dance floor that was crowded with people doing random dances and couples moving to the beat.

Jessica laughed turning to Sesshomaru, "So how have you been?"

He smiled slightly taking a drink. "Nothing very interesting to you. Just got a business going."

"So I've heard. What about family wise? Any girlfriends?" She laughed nudging his arm with her elbow teasingly.

"No. I'm more of a business person than a romantic."

"Oh really? With all the girls throwing themselves at your feet I highly doubt that."

"Well, you have just about every guy throwing themselves at you. Why don't you have one?"

She took his glass from his hands and took a small drink, "I have a bit of a problem with trusting guys after Luna's father. I think I'm only restricted on going out with guys I've know for a while that are my close friends." She handed the drink back to him and he looked down at the half empty glass then back at her. She giggled, "Sorry. I didn't feel like getting up to get my own. Not that I'd like to drink a whole glass anyway."

He nodded understanding, "It's fine. Are you busy Friday night?"

"No. Why?" She asked intrigued clearly visible in her eyes.

"Because I have two tickets to this vampire movie." He smiled, "Too scared to go alone." He joked.

She laughed, "Isn't it that new one that came out three days ago? I wanted to see that!"

He nodded and she eyed him suspiciously, "Which theater, what time, and is this a date?"

He smiled taking a sip, "At the theater just down the street from my apartment complex, at 6:30pm, and not necessarily, but it could be."

She smiled in reply. "We'll just have to see what happens, won't we?"



"Wow…. Great movie… crappy ending." Jessica commented staring at the ground a little dazed with Sesshomaru walking on her left on the sidewalk exiting the theater.

"Aren't most movies like that?" He glanced at her.

"Well, yes, but… I like the romantic happy endings not- Hey! Watch it!" She yelled after a guy wearing a black outfit who had shoved her into Sesshomaru, whose hand she was now holding thanks to the moron, and had disappeared into the crowd. "Jeez… people these days." She looked back at Sesshomaru who was watching her closely then looked down at their intertwined hands hanging loosely down between his black jeans and her black mini skirt. Her cheeks took on a deep shade of red and she took her hand away quickly turning from him. "Uh… um… sorry."

Sesshomaru shook his head shoving his hands into the pockets of his black coat and walking beside her again. "Don't worry about it. Are you hungry?"

"Uh… yeah…."

He chuckled. She was holding her hand that he had held with her opposite one rubbing it softly as if not believing what just happened. "Good because I have reservations for this restaurant." He stopped and she copied him looking up at the building on her right.

She immediately gasped bringing a smile to his lips. "No way! There is no way you could get reservations here! This place is so hard to get reservations for! How did you-?" She turned to him letting her hands fall to her sides and he instantly took the one he had earlier leading her into the restaurant called Aragawa.

"I know people."

She smiled tightening her grip on his hand allowing him to lead her wherever he pleased.


"So how'd it go with Sesshy?" Kagome asked from the other line of the phone.

"It went really well. We're thinking about this Friday or Saturday night to go to a club or something."

"Did anything else happen?"

"Like what?" Jessica asked adjusting the phone so it rested on her left shoulder while her head held it there so she could pour some of the oatmeal into two bowls for her and Luna.

"Like did you guys kiss, hug, flirt a lot? C'mon girl, you are leaving me out!" Kagome cried frantically into the phone.

Jessica bit her lip trying to hold back a smile. She was so glad Inuyasha wasn't home and Luna was upstairs getting dressed and ready for school. She had kissed Sesshomaru. Well, actually, he had kissed her, but it was still a kiss even if it was by accident.

Earth to, Jessica! Are you there!"

"Yes, Kagome. And yes we did kiss, but it was only an accident so don't get any ideas."

She heard Kagome laugh, "Accident? What kiss is by accident? Don't tell me you tripped down the stairs and he tried shielding you with his own body and then you landed on top of him with your face a mere centimeter apart and the gap between your lips quickly closed thanks to your purse knocking you upside the head. To end it all he lip locked you into it so you couldn't break apart and tell him you were sorry and it meant absolutely nothing."

"Where the hell did you get that idea?" Jessica made a disgusting face setting the two bowls at the table just as Luna came running down the stairs with a short pink skirt and matching T-shirt.

"Mommy! I missed you last night. You never sang me that lullaby." The little girl climbed up into the chair.

"I'm sorry, Sweetie."

"…Stupid action movie Inuyasha wanted to watch. It was really good. But the ending sucked!"

"Please tell me the kiss wasn't the ending." Jessica rolled her eyes handing Luna a spoon and she began eating.

"Oh no… the ending was when the two were beginning a little fun."

"Must be a very good movie. What is it called? Maybe I can have Sesshomaru over and he can watch it with me." Jessica teased leaning back against the counter watching Luna eat while staring back at her mother with curious blue eyes.

"He isn't gonna be interested in it. It's about these-"

"I'm positive I can get him to watch it with me. Remember, we watched the "Eternal Light" movie last night."

"Are you serious? Oh, Jess, I gotta go. Got to get to work."

"Oh crap! Me too. Call me on my cell when you get off."

"Okay. Bye."

"Bye." With that she hung up the phone and placed it back on the receiver resting on a wooden end table next to the right arm of the large couch close to the kitchen entrance.

"Who was that, Mommy?"

"Kagome." She took Luna's bowl and set it in the sink then sat down to begin eating her own bowl.

"Oh. Who is Sesshomaru?" The little girl grabbed her pink backpack that was decorated with little hearts and began walking to the front door a few feet away.

"My boyfriend."

"What's a-?"


"Oh! Suki and Maki are here! Love you, Mommy!" She rushed for the door.

"Love you to! Have a good day at school and be good!"

"I will!" With that she shut the door.

Jessica shook her head, "Saved by the bell." She had just finished dishes and was about to go up to take a shower and change out of her short red nightgown when the phone rang. "Huh. Kagome must've had an early shift." She picked up the phone, "Hello?"

"I know where you are."