Jessica watched with a warm smile on her face as Luna ran happily through the play structure at the park. She sat with Sesshomaru, who laid out on their red and white checkered picnic blanket with his reading glasses on reading the morning paper. Her smile grew when she turned to him. He wore a black button-up shirt with a pair of jeans and his black leather shoes to this outing. It had been his idea to take Luna to the park today after his meeting. Although, it was still late November the weather was a lot warmer than the usual chilly, crisp air that they had been witnessing almost every day now. She had just picked up Luna from Shippo's and Kirara's house when he had called her to meet her here at the park.

Sesshomaru looked up from his reading to look back at her, "Something wrong?"

Jessica shook her head suddenly. She couldn't help starring at him when he wore his reading glasses there was just something kind of sexy about it. Not that he wasn't sexy already. "No. Nothing is wrong. I was just watching you read."

He nodded in response turning to look at the play ground where the little blonde haired girl wearing a bright pink coat was talking to a boy about her age over by the tire swing on the opposite side of the park. "Looks like she is making new friends and having fun." He observed.

"Yes. She really enjoys it here." Jessica glanced over at her daughter and then back to Sesshomaru. "There was... um... something I wanted to talk to you about." She told him nervously trying to avoid biting her bottom lip, but she couldn't help it.

Sesshomaru set down his paper and sat up from laying against the oak tree to look at her, "What's wrong?".

"Nothing is wrong." She reassured looking around nervously for anyone in hearing range, but no one was around, "I just wanted to warn you that something might happen." Jessica paused a second studying her lover's face which didn't express much at this, "Just in case something does happen."

"What do you mean? Are you or Luna in danger?" Sesshomaru realized that it was kind of a dumb question to ask since with what happened on Halloween they have been on their toes for the last month. But he didn't really know the right question to ask to understand what she was trying to tell him.

"Well, you see.." Jessica started nervously fidgeting her fingers around a little bit, "Earlier today, when I was with Kagome, she told me that she and Inuyasha were trying to have a baby. I mean, she told me they weren't having any luck." She looked up at him from the top of her eyes lowering her head a little feeling kind of guilty, "Remember how you found out I am an "elf" as they would call it in this era?" Sesshomaru nodded at this piecing it together and she continued, "As an "elf" I have magical capabilities. I can pretty much make anything happen and do anything I want, but there's... well.. you know how Darien is a demon?"

Sesshomaru nodded again at this and then suddenly realized what she was trying to say. "You mated with Darien before Luna was born. Thus, he can feel you when you use your magic." He stated remember hearing back in his time that when her kind mated with demons her people's abilities could be bound to their mates. But what did this have to do with Kagome and Inuyasha trying to have a pup? Unless...

Jessica looked down at the blanket shamefully at his words. She was glad she didn't have to say it, to tell him she had let Darien mate with her. It was her one mistake she wish she could have taken back. But she couldn't and hearing it now from Sesshomaru almost made her feel worse about it. She glanced over at Luna who was playing on the tire swing with the boy. Luna was the only gift Darien had given to her. She didn't know if she could stand it if something happened to her. "Well, I felt bad for Kagome because I know she has wanted to have a baby for a while now so I used my magic." She glanced over at Sesshomaru, whose face was still unreadable. "I don't know how long he will be able to sense me, if he can even sense me now. I don't even know if we are still mated since we haven't exactly been together in about five years." She turned to him fully now almost frantic because she didn't want him to tell her what she already knew. That this one decision to help her closest friend could be potentially fatal for both herself and, more importantly, Luna. "I was young when I was seperated from my people so I'm not sure how the mating thing really works or if something happens to the couples friendship, bond, or whatever if they are still considered mated or not."

Sesshomaru stared at her for a minute then looked over at Luna who was now playing tag with the young boy. He then took off his glasses and put them in his chest pocket before looking back into her saddened green eyes. "I don't blame you for wanting to help them, but I still think, before you make decisions like that again, that you should think better of the consequences of those decisions." She nodded averting her eyes down at the blanket again, but that didn't last long because Sesshomaru lifted her chin to look back up at him again. "With that being said, I think that it would be better for you and Luna to stay with me for a little while. Just until we are sure that he won't come after you again."

Jessica looked at him in surprise, "Sesshomaru, I don't-"

He cut her off shaking his head. "I know. But I can't protect the two of you when you practically live across the city. Since Darien already knows where you live anyway, and probably now he will be able to detect whether you are with me or not, I think its safe to say if you two are with me he won't come after you. But if you remain just the two of you at your apartment, alone, there is no telling what he might do."

Jessica thought this over a minute looking over at the playground again. Sesshomaru did have a point. There was no telling what Darien would do or what exactly he could sense at this point. She was sure of what he was capable of doing and for Luna's safety she should take up Sesshomaru's offer. He was a dog demon with the same, if not stronger, power than Inuyasha and he had protected her from Darien that night before Halloween. But she was still cautious. She had made the mistake of trusting a demon man once she didn't want to do it again. Even if everything about Sesshomaru was different. Even if she did trust him. She didn't want to push their relationship too fast like she did last time. But it felt like she had been with Sesshomaru for months rather only about a month and a half. She felt like she did know him, well most of him. She didn't know where he went off to on most of the weekends. He said they were out of town "business trips", but Jessica wasn't so sure. He always came back a little bit different, a little bit more stand off-ish like he wasn't completely himself. Or at least not the self she knew him as.

She glanced back over at him looking at the play ground still weighing her options. If she were to take up his offer would it really be considered moving too fast? It wasn't like she was going to marry him all of a sudden. Sure they slept together when they spent nights at places, but they were adults and that was okay. It wasn't like she was going to move herself and Luna in with him either. It would only last a few weeks tops, right? But what if Luna liked living with Sesshmaru? She already considered him her father, she liked him a lot, and she ways always asking about Sesshomaru marrying her mother. The little girl didn't understand how adult relationships worked and Jessica knew that Luna would be disappointed if they stayed with Sesshomaru for a little bit and then went back home. Jessica knew her daughter would expect more and would want that. But.. was that what she wanted?

Sesshomaru looked over at her curiously, almost like he could read her thoughts, but she knew he couldn't. He only gave her that expression when he knew she was thinking deeply about something and he was also waiting for her to answer. Locking her green eyes with his honey ones she knew it was exactly what she wanted. She did want to be with him, probably more than she wanted to ever be with Darien when she was naive and younger. Sure she was still unsure about a few minimal things, but she wanted to let their future to take its course and when the time came for him to tell her whatever secrets he was holding she knew he would. But for now, she was just gonna let time tell. She smiled at his questioning look taking his hand from the place it rested on the ground and giving it a firm squeeze.