The next years went pretty well. I found out I had a sister who came and moved in with us. Paul imprinted on her. Then she ended up phasing and a leech was after her. The same one that killed our father and her mother.

Emily got pregnant so we had to get married in a hurry. We had problems, with my sister in the beginning. She had a problem with me and I the same with her. I was upset that she got to grow up with our father, even though he was still a dead beat. She was upset that I got to grow up on the reservation with family and friends. In the end though, it all turned out well.

The pack mates all imprinted one by one. Brady was the last one to imprint. We found out that there is another pack like ours out there. There are also other shape-shifter's, but they shift into different forms. One of the pack member's imprinted on a coyote shifter.

About 10 yrs after the battle, Jacob who by then took over Alpha, imprinted on a female wolf shifter like us, from the other pack. After their wedding Leah ran away, and coincidentally imprinted on a werewolf. A real, live werewolf.

So, here I am, an old man. My pack mates all quit phasing when their children got old enough to phase if need be. We all have children and we're happy. The Cullens come to visit ever once in a while. We held a meeting once to see if we wanted them near our children. We decided to wait till our children were old enough then told them everything. We wanted them to decide for themselves if they wanted to phase. We never had an option, but we all loved the life we lived and our mates. Most of our children said yes. Those who didn't got sent to Hawaii to live with Jacob's sister for a year, so they didn't get affected. Our children did the same for their children.

So the cycle continues. The reservation will never be caught off guard again. Our pack, might not be as big as it once was, but we have allies. Who will fight for us, with us. Vampires, Werewolves, shape-shifters, even a witch or two. We will never again, have to worry about getting attacked.

So this is my life. I can honestly say, that it has been good.