Ok disclaimer: I do not own twilight Stephanie Meyer does… sadly

Ok disclaimer: I do not own twilight Stephanie Meyer does… sadly. If I did Jasper would me the main character and Jake would be gone… This will be Bella x Jasper cuz I feel like it. If you don't like it GET OUT NOW! Italics mean flashbacks. This is more of a prologue and the next chapter will be the real 1st chap.

Jasper's POV

8 months earlier

I went back to get my jacket, seeing how I was wearing a t-shirt and I opened the door and that's when I saw it. My 'brother' and my wife naked on top of each other. I just snapped, I grabbed him and threw him against the wall. "Jasper I can explain!" he stammers. "Save it for some one who cares Edward." I reply coldly. I then grab all my clothing and walk down to Carlisle's office to talk to him. I knock, "Carlisle?" "Come in." "I'm leaving." "Why? What happened?" "Edward… and … Alice…" "Say no more. Would you like me to talk to them?" "No, its fine. It's their life." Jasper says sadly. "Ok you're taking everything correct?" "No, just what I need. I'll buy the other essentials when I arrive." "Where are you going?" "Up to Denali. But I'm not going to be with Tanya's clan." "Alright, you have your phone right?" "Yes I'll call you when I arrive." "Alright, I'll be waiting." "Thank you for being so understanding." "No need to thank me I just hope you sort out what you need to sort out." "I hope so too." And with that I left his office and my family.

As I was driving I began to think. 'How can I blame them? Shouldn't I have seen this or felt this before?' I started to feel guilty for something I had no control over. 'I must be feeling her emotions.' (Her meaning Alice.) 'I have no reason to feel guilty. I didn't do anything wrong.' I sigh, confusing my self again. 'Why dint she just tell me how she felt? Because she expected you to feel it…' I answer my own question. I get to Denali fairly quickly and pulled into a hotel about 4 miles away from where Tanya and the others are. I walk to the desk and say, "I need a room for one." "Alright check in is in about 3 hours." "Ok." 'That gives me 3 hours to buy what I need.' I get what I need and check in. The next 6 months go by slowly. I only leave my room to feed at night.

Then I finally decide that it's time to go back to the house. I pack up all my stuff and drive back. I get to the house and sigh. 'Did Alice see this? Do they know I'm coming back?' I walk up to the door and take a deep breath. Then I knock softy…

Alice opens the door and the first thing I notice is a ring on her had. "So you got married?' I direct this thought towards Edward. 'Yes I'm… sorry' he responds 'I know you are Edward. But it doesn't change the fact of what you did.' 'I know…' "Can I come in?" "Yes." I walk in and go straight to Carlisle's office and open the door. "Can I come in?" "Sure." " Your here to stay… right?" "Yes I'm back. Are Edward and Alice in his room? " "Yes you can have your old room…"

That was two months ago. Now we're here in forks again after 100 years and its our first day back. This is the story of a boy that met a girl and fell in love…