Stop the Presses.

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Chapter 1

Bella squirmed under the delicate and deliberate hands of Alice and was unable to hold back an audible sigh.

"Honestly Bella, I'm beginning to get the impression that you aren't interested in this job." Alice stopped working on Bella's hair and scowled at her reflection.

Bella looked away sheepishly. Alice was doing her a favour and she was responding like an impatient child. She felt guilty and couldn't stop herself from blushing in response.

"I'm sorry Alice. I'm just nervous and sitting here with nothing to do but watch you fuss over me isn't making things any easier. Do you really think this is going to help with my interview?" Bella wrinkled her nose and lightly traced her fingers over her now rouge lips.

Alice turned away from the mirror and leaned against Bella's bedroom doorframe.

"Of course it will. Bella when are you going to embrace the new fashions? Gibson girls are out! Flappers are all the rage and you're missing the boat. With you looking this ritzy, there's not a chance they'll say no to you. Besides, Edward said this Big Cheese you're going to see likes the lookers. Look at you. You're a looker." Alice pointed impatiently to the reflection.

Bella turned and fingered her auburn hair. She tried to absorb the new reflection in the tiny mirror on her vanity. She was a looker. Even though Bella wasn't interested in fully embracing the flapper lifestyle that Alice seemed to have born for, she was partial to the fashions. She flashed a grin at Alice's reflection and the tiny brunette clapped her hands and headed down the stairs. Bella stood up, smoothed out her midnight blue dress and followed suit.

Alice was already chattering away to Bella's older brother, Emmett by the time she descended the stairs.

"Gee, Bells. Are you interviewing to write for the paper or model in their magazine?" Emmett grinned his big brother grin and Bella blushed, Emmett's favourite response.

"You'll be sorry when I'm an ace reporter and your name is mysteriously absent from all Bears articles."

Emmett feigned hurt and chuckled as he shrugged into his jacket. "You're a hoot Bella Swan. Now get in the car and let's get you a job."

Alice and Bella climbed into Emmett's Ford, compliments of the Chicago Bears. Even though Emmett wasn't a recognizable name among the team yet, they still took good care of him. Emmett had just started his second season with them, being offered a position straight after graduating the University of Chicago. Alice and Bella had just graduated in the spring. Alice was working as an office receptionist for Women's Wear magazine but had higher goals of being a regular contributor. Bella was still trying to find a job that didn't involve getting her boss coffee or answering someone else's phone. Alice knew she was going to be moving up soon so she took her position in stride.

"Look, there's your new building Bella," Alice trilled from the backseat. "It's going to be great to have you around for lunch."

Emmett escorted the ladies inside and steered them towards the giant staircase in the middle of the lobby.

"Edward!" Emmett boomed from the bottom step to the first landing.

"Hello Emmett, Alice, Bella." Edward was leaning casually against the brass railing that circled the staircase and continued up several floors above them.

Alice hooked her arm inside Bella's and grinned. Bella sighed just loud enough for Alice to hear her and tightened the crook of her elbow to squeeze Alice's arm. Edward made Bella more nervous than anyone she had ever known. When the Swans moved to Chicago in Bella's junior year of high school and Emmett's senior, Edward and Alice were the first friends they made.

Charlie, Emmett and Bella's father had been offered a detective position with the Chicago PD so they had made the move from Washington to Chicago. Bella and Emmett both welcomed the move. Washington has lost its charm for all of them when Emmett and Bella's mother had left the entire family to run away with her boss. Charlie had always been pretty passionate about his job as a police officer, which resulted in longer hours and less time at home. Renee had used her free time to take up part time work as a secretary in a law office. Her boss had used her job as an excuse to seduce her away from her family.

When Charlie brought up the opportunity to his kids, they were packed the next day.

Alice and Edward were brother and sister as well so the four of them fit together right away. In University they had separated from Edward, Alice, Bella and Emmett to Edward and Emmett and then Alice and Bella. But Bella had never stopped admiring Edward from afar and only Alice knew what his presence did to her. With Emmett's big mouth, it was best to keep it from him.

After college, Edward got a job writing for the Chicago Tribune's entertainment section doing music reviews and Emmett was scouted for the Chicago Bears. Edward had helped Alice get her foot in the door at Women's Wear since the publication was housed in the same building. When his editor started looking for a new reporter for women's section of the Tribune, Edward had suggested Bella apply.

"Good morning Edward." Bella smiled and tried not to stare at Edward. He was wearing a charcoal grey pinstripe suit that couldn't have accented his toned body any better. His usually unruly hair was slightly tamed, adding to the beauty that Bella could never get enough of. Even though he would only ever see her as Emmett's little sister and Alice's best friend, Bella still couldn't get over him.

"Are you ready for your interview?" Edward pushed off the brass railing and moved closer.

Bella was practically stopping the flow of blood through Alice's arm she was squeezing so hard. She was nervous about the interview, but it was made worse by the fact that Edward would be there the entire time. Edward in his snug charcoal suit… Bella nodded, not quite trusting her voice. She unconsciously smoothed her dress and looked at Alice.

"You're a doll. There's no chance you won't get this." Alice's eyes twinkled with that little hint that always made Bella feel as though she would never know as much as Alice; the same twinkle that Bella would never bet against.

"Thank you Alice. Have a nice day at work, I'll see you for lunch." Bella smiled and hugged her friend.

"The first of many!" Alice winked and disappeared up the stairs.

"Good luck little sister." Emmett squeezed her shoulder and disappeared down the stairs. "I'll be back for you later. So long Edward! Take good care of her."

Edward flashed his crooked smile that made me weak in the knees.

"Always," he called after Emmett while offering me his elbow. "Ready?" He asked, ever the gentleman.

Bella carefully avoided touching him and instead gripped her briefcase with both hands.

"Yes." She breathed and Edward fluidly put his arm back down. Ever the gentleman.

Side by side they entered the bustling office of the Chicago Tribune.