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Intro: Dumpling Mishaps, Stolen Kisses

Soft pink petals fall
Floating gently on a breeze
Shower me sweetly

It was all that damn Naruto's fault, really! If he hadn't-- if he wasn't--! No, it wasn't fair to blame Naruto... it was His fault! His fault for being there! His fault for just standing there, not moving out of the way like any sensible person would! His fault... for looking like Sasuke-kun.

Stop trying to place blame on someone! It was an accident! That's all! Haruno Sakura scolded herself mentally.

But you know you liked it, even if it was just a little...Inner Sakura chimed in.

Oh gods. She needed to stop thinking about it... it was starting to give her a headache.

"It was an accident." She stated to herself simply. "That's it."

And I didn't like it! She mentally noted, her thoughts now trailing off to how she'd rather it had been Naruto. At least then she could have just hit him, yelled a little and then let it go. But no. It had to be Him. It just wasn't her day.

"Stupid Sai! You stole my first kiss!"



"IT WAS AN ACCIDENT!" It was, I swear! Uzumaki Naruto was scared. As he rightly should be, his instinct told him as he kept running. There was a pissed Sakura chasing him and he did not have a death wish! While she had become a lot nicer and gentler to him, he had no doubt in his mind that she would actually kill him this time. Probably with one punch that would render an instant K.O. Curse Tsunade for teaching her how to attain such strength.

If only she would listen to his explanation. It was an accident!

He had been delighted when Sakura had agreed to join him for lunch. Even more so when she offered him the rest of her dumplings. Reaching over to grab one, he had accidentally dropped it. It fell onto Sakura's lap. Without thinking about it, Naruto had reached for it... an accident! Sakura's shriek made him realize what he had done and the way she growled his name while clenching a fist made him run for it.

Hopefully she would lose stamina soon and give up the chase. After she had cooled down, he would try, again, to explain it was all just an accident.

A sudden sound of crashing made Naruto look over his shoulder. What he saw made him skid to a halt.

Staring for a few seconds at the frame-freeze scene in front of him, he decided he should give Sakura a lot of time to cool down-- of course... this offense could dwarf his-- wait! He should be angry! Sakura was...!



The bristles are too soft... after a few uses, it would probably be useless. Sai set the brush aside and looked over a set to the left of where he was standing

He needed some new brushes. He wondered if he was shopping for new ones just for that reason. In the books he read, he learned that some people liked to shop for the pleasure of it... usually teenage girls. No, he was doing it because he needed to.

He wasn't sure what all he liked yet. He supposed there was a possibility that he enjoyed painting. He wasn't sure... he'd been doing it since he could remember. It was a part of him, just like Root...


Sai's attention was brought to the voice he knew well by now. A flash of black and blonde streaked by, his eyes following.


The sound of angry running behind him made him turn around to see who or what Naruto might be running from.

He probably saw Sakura about two seconds before she collided with him, knocking him back into some art supplies. Thankfully he caught himself on a table before actually falling over... though something felt more different than it should have. Moving his eyes to look straight ahead he was a little surprised to see Sakura so close he could count her eyelashes if he cared to, of course that would be silly. He then noticed their awkward position.

She had fallen against him, her lips meeting his. She was now staring at him with a horrified expression.

"Ah--!" He was at a lost as for what to say.

Sakura pulled away, still looking a bit horrified. There was a brief pause before...


Before he could react, Sakura kicked him across the face which landed him on the ground on his back.

What was that for?! Why was she always hitting him?

-Intro End-