Chapter 15: Finale

"Sakura, I'm sorry."

Her eyes met his dark gaze as a shaky laugh escaped her lips. "Dummy."

"Sakura?" He blinked.

"Sai, I'm sorry! For making you worry!" She corrected sadly before sniffling and looking at him with a sudden confused frown. "Why are you here?"

"Oh… I went to talk to the owner before I left. On my way out a neighbor said… you stopped by. Then I saw you… fall—are you—"

"Sai, do—" Don't go! She bit her tongue. That wasn't fair. "G-Good luck… with your mission."

He stared at her for a minute before giving her a smile that didn't reach his eyes. "Thank you."

They stared at each other until Sakura blushed and looked away. She couldn't think of anything to say. Sai hesitated before stroking her cheek lightly in an attempt to comfort her. He didn't want her to be sad.

"Sakura… where are your shoes?" He asked suddenly, noticing her bare feet.

"Ack!" She turned redder as she finally noticed too. "I-I… ran without thinking."

Sai stared before smiling. Sakura was a weird one. But it made him happy. She still cared. Pulling her to her feet he let his happiness wash over him as he stroked her hair before tucking it behind her ear. When he made to pull his hand away, she caught hold of it as if he would blow away once the contact was broken.

"Sai… you… you will come back, won't you?" She whispered, pleading eyes meeting his.

He mentally frowned. What could he say? What if something happened? Of course… her question made it sound more like she was more worried he would willingly leave. Ah. "Yes. Because here is where you and Naruto are."

Yes. He would return to them, unlike someone he knew.

Hope filled her once worried eyes as a small smile started to appear. "Promise?"

He nodded once.

"Be safe… me and Naruto, we'll—… we'll be waiting." She said softly, releasing his hand as she gave him the kind smile he liked so much.

Now he had a reason to come home… there was something worth coming home to. Friends. He gave her his best smile and nodded.

It would be almost two years before Sai returned… but that's for another time.

-Where the Blossoms Fall End-




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The Story Continues. . .?

+For Whom The Blossoms Fall+

*Sai's Prologue

It would be almost two years before Sai returned… but that's for another time…

That time is now.

* * *

Sure fingers moved the brush smoothly over the paper, blending colors and lines so flawlessly you'd think he was just making random lines. But he wasn't. He made a sensible picture, things that were easily recognizable standing out. The curve of a human nose, the swell of petal soft lips, two pairs of eyes that stared back at the looker with such friendly welcome it was hard not to feel at home in those gazes.

A handsome blonde boy with the most distinctive face markings, almost like whiskers, came to life on the page as those sure hands splashed colors of gold, honey, sky blue, and warm peach in the appropriate places. Next to him a pretty girl with soft salmon colored hair and stunning sea green eyes was already complete.


Calm onyx eyes stared at the picture before them as the sure hands finished their task with practiced care. He was sure they looked different now, even if it was only a little, but this was what he remembered. He would get to see them again soon, though. He couldn't wait. Smiling, he brushed long silky ink-black locks from his eyes before setting his painting aside to dry.

"Sai-san, you need a hair cut!" A soft feminine voice giggled suddenly.

He turned his dark gaze to the speaker before offering his keaton grin. "I suppose."


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