"Greg!" Nick was currently chasing his roommate through their apartment, trying to get from him an old notebook. He and Greg had had been living together since Greg had been kicked out of his apartment when the rent became too much to pay. Nick had been happy to provide shelter for him, as long as he provided pay for groceries and everything. But, today, the lab tech was being a real pain in his rear end.

"Dear journal!" Greg yelled loudly from somewhere in the general kitchen aria. "Today I worked a case! It was really hard! Good thing I had Greg with me! I love working cases with him! He makes them fun!"

Nick had found him. Greg was on a chair, his head almost but not quite scraping the top of the low kitchen ceiling.

"Aw! Nick! I never knew you felt that way!" he cried, dramatically.

"Greg! If you value your life you'll shut up right now, get off that chair, and give me my journal!" Nick bellowed at the blond on the chair.

"Dear journal! I can't stop this feeling inside of me! It's all weird! It happens when ever Greg is around! I've heard what it is before! It's love!" Greg nearly fell out of the chair, but kept on reading. "Is it true, do I love him? He's sleeping next to me right now; I think his sugar rush has worn off. And he's cute with his hair messed up. Yup, it's love. I can tell. But how do I tell him? I don't know, but I'll figure something out. I love you, Greg Sanders…"

Nick had hesitantly made his way up to Greg at this point. Greg lowered the 'journal' to see the taller man standing in front of him. He hopped off his chair, all the better to see Nick's eyes. "Really?" he whispered, swallowing hard. "You do?"

Nick nodded, his face flushed from running, still breathing heavily. But, both of those things could be from the man standing before him, as well. "I really do. With all my heart."

Greg stood on tip-toe, gently touching his lips to Nick's. "Good," he whispered, leaning his forehead against Nick's. "Because I love you, too."

Nick smiled as Greg wrapped his arms around his neck, pulling him down for another kiss.

"Babe, we need to pack," Nick mumbled against Greg's lips after a few minutes. "Wait, can I call you that?" he pulled back, staring quizzically at Greg.

"'Course," Greg replied, grinning as he pulled Nick back down.

"Greg," Nick warned, pushing him back again. "We need to pack. Conference to go to and everything, remember?"

"Few more minutes?" Greg begged, working his magic on Nick's neck. Nick couldn't help but moan a bit, but, pushed Greg gently away, all the same. "Packing now," Nick told him, sternly. "But we'll pack quickly…"

Greg grinned, running into the back room and beginning to pack. Most likely, Nick and Greg would forget fifty things each, but, who cares?