So, this is a RP between me and BlueChii2k3. We're still working on it, but trust me; this is a lot different then Imperfect. There's more sex... and some cheating and... Poor Deidara. Haha.

Title: Secret Temptations

Rating: M for language and sex

Pairing: SasoriXDeidara. With a side of SasukeXDeidara

Summery: Deidara's a normal art college student. He works at a simple diner like restaurant in his free time. But for some odd reason every night he works, at the same time, a redheaded man comes into the diner. And he refuses to be served by anyone other then Deidara. The man creeps him out a bit... But Deidara's a little too naïve for his own good. So, he makes a deal with the redhead and ends up going on a date with him. Unfortunately, Deidara's psycho ex-boyfriend isn't going to let this go over that easy... Deidara's feels bad for him... so he takes Sasuke back... All the while... being sexual with Sasori... It could not end well. Not with a psycho emo boyfriend that would very well possibly cut off Sasori's dick for even looking at Deidara wrong... Ahh. The wonderfulness of obsessive Love!

Warning: Yaoi. Sex. Psycho emo guys. Haha. You know the normal stuff.

Disclaimer: Naruto doesn't belong to me. You all know that. I wish he did... cuz he'd be... Oh, not for children's ears! Haha! Oh! And remember, half of this (Sasori and Sasuke's parts) Belong to BlueChii2k3.

Deidara nearly tripped over his own feet as he made his way to his table, carrying a tray of food. It seemed like a normal day at work for him. He was lucky today. He had yet to actually break anything. Damn his clumsiness...

A redhead walked into the restaurant, taking his seat in a corner as usual. He came here every evening not to just eat though. He came to watch a certain blonde waiter. He sat back slightly, waiting. He told off every other waiter until a certain blonde one came up to him.

One of Deidara's co workers tapped on his shoulder telling him he had a customer. Deidara blinked as he looked the redheaded man over. The man came every night. Deidara smiled at the redhead and walked over to him. "Hi! Back again I see!"

The redhead turned his eyes to him, smiling. "The usual, please." He ran a hand through his hair, taking his glasses off and putting them down. He just came out of school.

"Of course." Deidara winked at him before walking away, while writing down the man's usual order.

The redhead chuckled softly, watching him carefully as he walked away. He couldn't keep his eyes off of him.

Deidara placed the piece of paper with the other orders and picked up a tray. He moved back out into the dining area and to another table. The redhead's eyes followed the blonde's every movement, it didn't even seem like he blinked at one point.

Deidara felt like he was being watched. He blinked and looked over his shoulder, noticing the redhead staring at him. He blushed softly and smiled a bit at the man. The redhead was hott, but he creeped Dei out a bit.

The redhead smiled back at Deidara before looking away; only to clean his glasses. His foot tapped on the floor as he continued to wait for his food, impatient.

Deidara made his way back to the kitchen and grabbed the redhead's meal. He hummed as he made his way back to the table. He placed the redhead's food and drink on the table and smiled at him. "Enjoy your meal."

"Thank you." He smiled at him again before starting to eat. Deidara paused at the man a moment before walking away to continue working. The redhead continued to sit there and eat. When he was done he sat back and went back to watching the blonde again.

Deidara hummed as he continued going around and waiting his tables. He noticed the redheaded man was done so we walked back over to him and gave him another flawless smile. "Finished?" He picked up the empty plate. "Desert, or the check?"

"What would you recommend if I say desert?" He smiled a dazzling smile.

Deidara blushed slightly. "Um, well, if you have a great sweet tooth I recommend the double chocolate mousse cake."

"I see. Can you bring me that then?"

"Sure." He giggled at him softly before turning and going back to the kitchen. The redhead smiled, watching him again. A few minutes later Deidara came back out with the cake and placed it in front of the redhead. "I hope you like it. It's my favorite thing in his whole place." He said, grinning.

The redhead pushed the cake to him. "Then how about you have the first bite, ne?" He smiled that dazzling smile again.

The blonde blinked, blushing. "Um, if you insist..." He glanced around, noticing the place was pretty empty. He smiled softly and sat down across from the redhead. He picked up the fork and took a small bit. He placed it in his mouth and almost moaned at the sweet chocolately goodness that filled his senses.

The redhead rested his chin on his hand, watching the blonde carefully. "And now you can have the rest."

Deidara licked the chocolate from his lips. "No." He pushed the plate to the redhead. "You HAVE to atleast try it."

"If I don't like it, you have to sit here with me tomorrow here for some food with me." He smiled.

He blinked, surprised. "Um..." He smiled. "Ok."

He took the fork from Deidara and took a little piece before placing it in his mouth. He chewed and made a slight disgusted face. He hated cake.

Deidara pouted slightly. "Aw! You don't like it?"

The redhead took a napkin and put the mashed cake in it. "I hated it."

His pout grew. "But it's soooo good! How can you not like it??"

" this; I hate it." He pushed the plate to Deidara.

"Damn..." He sighed and took the fork from the redhead, taking a bite for himself. "You don't like chocolate?"

"I hate chocolate. Along with cake." He smiled his dazzling smile.

He blinked. "Wait... You... You tricked me!" He pointed at him with the fork.

The redhead chuckled softly, sitting back. "I didn't trick you, I just didn't tell you I hated chocolate and cake."

He narrowed his eyes playfully. "You still tricked me." He took another bit of the cake.

The redhead stuck out his tongue at him. "Enjoy the cake, I am paying for it." He smiled.

He pouted but ate the cake anyway. "So now I have to have lunch with you tomorrow? I'm off, so we don't have to eat here."

"Where would you like to eat then?"

He shrugged. "It doesn't really matter to me."

"Me either. By the way, your name is Deidara right?"

He nodded. "Yes. And yours?"

"My name is Sasori." He held out his hand to Deidara. "Nice to meet you."

Deidara smiled at him and placed his slightly smaller hand in Sasori's. "Nice to meet you too."

Sasori shook his hand lightly before letting it go. "You have a pretty smile."

He blushed slightly. "Thank you. So do you."

And Sasori smiled that dazzling smile. "Why thank you."

"You come here a lot." He said, finishing off the cake.

"Its a nice place and I'm too lazy to cook after school."

"School? Where do you go?"

"I go to University Of The Arts."

He blinked. "You're an artist? What kind?"

"I major in Graphic Arts. Minor in Wood Carving."

Deidara nodded. "Oh! I go to UOA too. I major in sculpting." He said grinning.

"Oh really?" He raised an eyebrow at Deidara. "I would like to see one if you don't mind."

He blushed slightly. "R-really?"

Sasori nodded. "Yes, really."

He lowered his eyes. "Um.. well... you see... I don't really... have any. After a project... I blow it up."


"Because it's so beautiful. My kind of art is a little different then others... I believe art is fleeting and... blowing them up is incredibly beautiful."

"I...really don't agree with you on that."

"How can you not? It's the best kind of art."

"Its not. Fine art is something great that is eternal."

Deidara rolled his eyes. "You're entitled to your own opinion."

"Deidara!" The blonde looked up to see his manager glaring at him. "Get your ass back to work!"

Deidara waved at him and stood up. "Ah, sorry but I guess I need to get back to work."

"Its alright. May I get he check please?" Sasori shrugged lightly.

"Of course!" He pulled out the paper and placed it in front of Sasori. "There ya go."

Sasori looked at it before placing the money on the table, leaving extra for Deidara. "Keep the tip." He stood up.

He grinned at him. "Thank you."

"You're welcome, see you tomorrow." He waved lightly as he moved to the exit.

"Bye! Tomorrow then!" He waved at him before picking up the money and putting it in his apron and clearing the table.

Sasori smiled as he walked out the restaurant, putting on his glasses as he started to walk home. Today was a good day and tomorrow would be even better for him.

Deidara smiled as he made his way back to the kitchen. So the redheaded man wasn't as creepy as he once thought. Plus, they had the same interest! Kinda... It turned out to be pretty good day.

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