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Deidara ran his hands through his hair nervously. Sasuke was supposed to meet him here at the park. He was sitting on the bench, waiting for him to arrive. The blonde was growing anxious... But after quite a few minutes, Sasuke stepped up in front of the blonde. He was frowning deeply, hands balled up into a tight fist.

Deidara got to his feet quickly. "Sasuke? What's wrong?"

"Where is he?" He spat out angrily.

"Where is who?" Deidara said softly. He didn't want to anger Sasuke any more then he already was. "Sasuke? Why are you so angry? What happened?"

Sasuke glared at Deidara. "WHERE THE FUCK IS HE?!"

Deidara flinched backwards. "Who Sasuke? If you just tell me who then maybe I can answer you."


Deidara's eyes widened to the point where they look like they might pop out of his head. "You... how did you..." He was speechless. He didn't know what to say. He'd never seen Sasuke this angry before.


Deidara flinched. Sasuke knew.... He knew... before Deidara had a change to explain it to him. Now he'd never listen. "Sasuke... Please calm down. Let me explain."


Deidara's heart clenched. Sasuke hated him... "I don't know where he is...."


"I'm not lying! I don't know Sasuke!" He really didn't. Well... he knew Sasori was at the park. He just didn't know exactly where.

Sasuke stepped closer to Deidara. "Fucking tell me." He growled. He was willing to hurt Deidara to get answers...

Deidara took a step back, away from the boy. "Honestly, I don't know where he is. He could be home... or somewhere."

Sasuke reached out and grabbed Deidara from his collar. "Lies. All lies. FUCKING LIAR!" Deidara squeaked, flinching away from Sasuke.

"I suggest you let him go." Sasori snapped, standing behind them. He was watching from behind the tree.

Sasuke dropped Deidara and turned to him, dark eyes filled with anger, glaring. "I'M GOING TO FUCKING KILL YOU!" He charged at him.
Sasori shook his head lightly, easily dodging and in one blow, one punch, He knocked Sasuke out.

Deidara blinked and stared at the limp Sasuke. He ran over to the unconscious boy and got on his knees, inspecting him. "You knocked him out..."

"He was getting too rowdy and tried to hurt you." The redhead shrugged.

He sighed and ran a hand through his hair. "I've never seen him snap like that before..."

"He just doesn't like me. I guess that's why he did it. He's too unstable though. He needs more help than just a therapist."

He nodded. "What are we gonna do?"

"Mental institute."

"We're going to have to deal with his brother..."

"What do you mean?"

"He's 17, Sasori. His brother has to check him in. Not us."

"Ah, lovely.... sibling."

He nodded and pressed his palm to his forehead. "And... Itachi already hates me..."

"I'll tell him."


"Now where does he live?" Sasori pointed at Sasuke.

He got to his feet. "I'll show you."

"Alright." He moved to Sasuke before picking him up. "Lets hurry, he can wake up any minute now."

He nodded and hurried off toward Sasuke's house with Sasori followed behind, Sasuke over his shoulder. After a few minutes they reached Sasuke's huge house. Deidara paused in front of it, staring up at it.

"This it?" Sasori stopped next to him.

Deidara nodded, swallowing hard. "Let's go." He made his way up to the door, Sasori behind him. Deidara took a deep breath before ringing the door bell.

After a few minutes the big door opens to reveal a tall raven haired man with dark eyes. His eyes landed on Deidara and they narrowed slightly. Then they landed on Sasori and they narrowed some more. Then he noticed his brother. His eyes shot back to Deidara. "What is this?"

"He went psycho so I knocked him out." Sasori said lightly as he handed Sasuke to him.

Itachi carefully took his brother into his arms. "Psycho??"

"He wanted to kill me. He needs help."

He blinked, his eyes focusing on the blonde that was looking down. "Why did he want to kill you?"

"Because he can't get what he wants." The redhead shrugged. "He needs help fast or he'll end up really killing someone and going to jail."

Itachi sighed. "I knew this would happen eventually. Thank you for bringing him to me."

"You're welcome." Itachi nodded to the redhead before moving back and closing the door.

"That was easy."

Deidara sighed and nodded at him. "Too easy..."

"I just have my way with people." He smiled.

Deidara smiled at him. "I'm glad Sasuke's finally going to get the help he needs."


He started to walk away from the house. "So... Thanks."

Sasori walked next to him. "You're welcome." He took his hand. "Now what am I to you?"

Deidara smiled and walked closer to him, squeezing his hand. "My lover. My boyfriend. Anything you want to be."

"How about I'm yours." He swung their hands lightly. "Forever and ever."

He nodded, grinning. "And i'm yours. Forever and ever. Deal?"

"Deal." Sasori smiled. "Ne, Dei?"


"If you cheat on me, I'll yank off your dick."

He blinked. "I would never."

"Better not."

"Aw! No one's more intoxicating then you." He grabbed Sasori's arm with his hand, pulling them closer.

"And no ones bigger." The redhead gave him a smirk.

He giggled. "True"

"Love you."

"I love you too."

"Now let's go home and have crazy sex!"

He giggled and bounced up and down. "Ok!"

Sasori smiled sweetly at him, swinging there hands more as he walked. He was in love. He had Dei all to himself. His Dei and no ones else's. He was happy. Truly madly deeply.

Deidara returned the sweet smile. He was worried about Sasuke... but most of all, he was happy. Happier then he's ever been. And it was because of Sasori. He was finally truly in love and never wanted the feeling to go away.

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