This is my first transformers fanfiction. I don't normally do family sitcoms as I'm more of a drama person. But I was inspired by many stories from this category that I had to try it!

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Prologue: Father of a race of machines

Samuel James Witwicky, Autobot ally, Savior of Earth and the destroyer of the All-Spark; was in the school library studying for his final exam for his calculus class. It had been a year since the disaster in Mission City and his life, since then; had not been the same. During the first three months of the incident, he had dated and broken up with Mikeala Banes. Although he loved her dearly, he had found that love to be that of sisterly when he got to know her. They did not seem to have much common ground except that of a physical attraction. While the break-up had been fresh, they eventually loved again.

Mikeala has a serious relationship with Chip Chase, a wheelchair-bound computer genius his age who was smarter than even Maggie and Glen. (Mikeala had claimed that after meeting Sam, she got over her taste for jocks and had a thing for nerds now.) He had been quite an asset to them when he was introduced to the transformers. Chip had not only gotten a better understanding to Cybertronian language but even found ways to have their technology work for them.

Sam had not stayed single for long either. He had recently found a kindred spirit in the form of his classmate Caroline (whom he affectionately called Carly.) Carly was a very beautiful girl and also one of the more popular ones in his school. She, in fact, was equal in Mikeala's beauty. But she was very different from Mikeala. Carly was fairer, shorter, blond and blue-eyed. (A complete opposite to Mikeala.) But she was also a bit girlish, had a valley girl accent and even came off as shallow when she was in Trent's crew at the time.

However, she did have a strong sense of right and wrong. When a jealous Trent had not only made fun of Chip's disability, but even went so far as knocked him out of the wheelchair, it had been Carly who had helped him back in his chair and then turn on Trent. She had first slapped him hard enough to leave a very red handprint and then she immediately told him off in front of the whole school on what a jerk, coward and total and complete loser he was. Sam had been awed by her behavior as he had always known her as a vapid airheaded cheerleader. When he noticed that Trent had tried to strike her face; Sam, with the same bravery that had allowed him to face the Decepticons, had plowed into him. He had called him a coward as well and vowed to never be afraid of the likes of him again because he wasn't that big if he would actually hit girls. (A taboo that his mom had imprinted on him.) He and Carly had been dating since then after the dethronement of Trent.

Like his old girlfriend, there had been more than meets the eye with Carly. She may seem shallow, but she did, on occasion, show signs of a steel-trap mind. She was no genius or mechanic (her quote: "I can't get my hands dirty, I just got my nails done.")But she certainly was brave and determined. She had proven that on several occasions when former members of Sector seven had tried to kidnap one of the Autobots. She would had gotten herself killed if reinforcement hadn't arrived. (This further raised Sam's love and respect for her.)

Speaking of the Autobots, his relationship had changed drastically after the destruction of the all-spark. Instead of them protecting him, he found himself protecting them. Not only that, he even found himself protecting the Decepticons. Something he most certainly did not see coming.

And to think, this had all started when he had destroyed the life-giving all-spark.

His musings were interrupted by the sight of his exasperated but amused ex and his giggling current. Sam had a feeling that his day was just about to be ruined.

"What's up?"

Carly stopped giggling long enough to ask, "Have you seen the news lately?"

Sam groaned as the bad feeling got worse. "No, but does it involve a robotic smack-down, despite my threats that they stop doing that?"

Mikeala gave a tired grin. "Yep, they're in the city park right now. I got my car ready, so we'll be there in ten minutes."

Same gritted his teeth. It's times like this that, had he known what the consequences would have been by destroying the All-Spark, he would have given the thrice-damned cube to the Decepticons and beg them to kill him.


It was a beautiful day in one of the few national parks in Tranquility, where the children played in the fields and parents watching their children in fondness.

At least, that's what it was twenty minutes ago before the children and adults left in a hurry.



The scene that would greet you would be very typical in Tranquility: The sight of two ancient factions fighting for the forces of good and evil. Most people wouldn't pay too much attention about it.

However, if one were to move a little closer to the scene, one would notice a drastic change in the Cybertronian soldiers: They were now six feet tall.

If that wasn't enough, those who knew the factions personally would also take notice of the major changes in their behavior.

"GIVE IT UP, PRIME; I MIGHT GO EASY ON YOUR WIMPY AFT!!" Megatron shouted as he started blasting at his enemy with his fusion cannon.

"IN YOUR DREAMS, MEGAGLITCH!" Optimus shouted back as he deflected the blasts with his battle axe.

One can see that the Autobots seemed somewhat childish and immature in their fighting and taunting. Even the great Optimus Prime was showing signs of impatience and rudeness. (A rarity in the normally patient and pacifist leader.)The Decepticons were not hateful and filled with uncontrolled rage. While they were far more violent than their more peaceful counterparts, they were only showing signs of frustration and sulkiness.

What could possibly cause the two factions to pick a fight in a park on a sunny day? Was there a new energy source found there? Was a new weapon buried there that could turn the tide on the war? Revenge? Power? Politics? What could it be?

"Slag it Prime! Will you just let us play dodge ball?"

"No! We called it; we are going to play something safe and public-friendly."

"WE ARE NOT GOING TO PLAY CROQUET!! NO SELF-RESPECTING DECEPTICON WOULD EVER PLAY IT AND I CAN'T EVEN HIT STARSCREAM WITH THOSE HAMMERS!!" Starscream, who had been busy wrestling with Prowl, suddenly turned his ire to his premature leader.

"Hit me with what now?" Starscream growled as he ran to shove Megatron. Unfortunately, He over compensated in speed and flew out of control towards them, barely missing the young leaders of two factions.

"Star, look out!" Thundercracker cried as he watched the mini jet go out of control.

"You're not allowed to go in the streets without Sammy! You know that." Skywarp called out.

Starscream flew past the parking lot, rolled a few times in the street and eventually crashed to the side of a Bentley. Shaking his head as he sat up, he suddenly clutched his knee, which was oozing energon out of his scrap. Starscream's bottom lip started to wobble.

"Oh no…." Optimus looked at Megatron, who also had a look of horror in his eyes.

"Starscream don't do it, hold it in!" Jazz panicked as he already proceeded to turn off his audio receptors. Soundwave, who had been twisting his arm, wisely followed the example.

"Uh…….uh……..uh……uh…" Starscream tried to hold it in but anyone can see it would not last.

"Hook, do something!"Brawl squealed as he prepared for what was coming.

"Too late!" Hook panicked as he hid behind Bonecrusher.

That was when Starscream lived up to his name.



The building windows and lampposts around the area shattered and several people swore that they would be having hearing problems in the near future. Three young adults, who were driving a red sedan, suddenly knew that they were heading in the right direction.


"Arrrgh, someone make him stop!!" Megatron shouted.

"What!" Optimus shouted as he removed his hands for a split second before regretting doing it.

"I SAID MAKE HIM STOP, I COMMAND IT!!" Megatron shouted over the small jet's wailing.

"Yeah right, I'd like to see you stop Starscream once he throws a tantrum." Optimus shouted at his brother.

On top of one of the thick trees of the park; Shockwave, who had been chosen as the lookout in case trouble interfered in the battle, nearly went spazzing when he saw a familiar car coming towards the park. He climbed down the tree and ran to the two siblings.

"Megatron!" Shockwave whimpered when he saw the red sedan pull up.


"He's here!"


"Sam is here!"

"I CAN'T HEAR YOU! WHAT IS IT!!" Megatron screamed.

"BRATS!!" went the voice of one very annoyed human that drowned out the crying.

The transformers all froze in fear, even Starscream stopped crying. They slowly turned around and spotted two exasperated but amused female humans and one very unamused young male human.

"……I tried to warn you that our step-creator has arrived." Shockwave quietly spoke as he tried his best to look as chagrinned as possible to ease Sam's anger. (Well, as chagrinned as one can get with only a giant optic for a face.)

After assuring the authorities that all was taken care of, Sam was left alone with the metal children, whom were all sitting with their legs crossed and looking highly nervous. Mikeala was repairing Starscream's knee while Carly did a damage check on the injured transformers.

"You wanna explain to me why you decided to initiate World War Three in a public area when I remember clearly telling you guys that fighting equals house chores." Sam stressed out. The one week where he decides to study for a test and it was ruined by his 'children'.

"IT WAS HIS FAULT!!" Both Optimus and Megatron shouted as they pointed accusingly at each other. The two armies immediately started to point fingers and yell excuses and why they were innocent and how Sammy should side with them. Sam just rolled his eyes and raised his hands for silence.

"Guys, what have I told you about pointing fingers?" He asked as he gave them a glare.

The mini transformers all sighed and recited as one. "It doesn't matter who started it, it's always Sam who has to pay for the property damages."

"And what are you doing right now?"

Ironhide walked up to the dented car. "I wouldn't say that it was damaged. Look, you can barely see any dents on it." With that said, he gave the car door a soft pat. The car trembled and literally fell into a few dozen pieces.

"Oops." Ironhide quickly looked at the shocked sparklings, Hysterical females and a non-plussed male.

"You're all grounded." Sam sighed with a shake of his head.


Later that day in the military base, which was now Sam's new home, Sam went to his room to study. He had felt a bit bad about making them paint the entire base, mop the floors and clean the dishes. But they had to learn that their actions had consequences.

'Like my actions.' Sam thought, regretfully.

He still remembered the day he had gotten the All-Spark in his hands. Optimus had ordered him to shove the All-Spark with the matrix. At the time, adrenaline and panic had taken over his body. He knew that if the All-Spark should kill Optimus, he and the planet would still be stuck with the problem: Megatron. This is why he ran towards Megatron instead and shoved the All-Spark instead.

That was when a flash of light introduced him to a world of hurt.

When he eventually came to, he found himself with two small robots, injured and terrified. Soon, Captain Lennox came in with a cranky Ironhide and shy Blackout, and then Mikeala came with a clingy Barricade and crying Bumblebee. Epps joined them with a newly revived Jazz and Brawl. He also got a call from Glen, claiming that he, Maggie, Simmons and Keller had a shivering Soundwave in their custody. His Cassecticons were not with him and they had no idea where they were. It was only a matter of time for the rest of the army and human allies to find the scattered Autobots and Decepticons on the planet. The All-Spark had changed every transformer on the planet Earth into children, even the recently deceased.

It had only been a week before that event with Maggie, Glen, and Chip Chase researching the phenomenon that Sam realized the true effects of his act. Not only were they permanently children, but they had no recollection of anything, not even of the war. All they knew was that they were of two different factions and what they were programmed within their sparks, including on who the enemy was to them.

It hurt Sam so much that they lost all their memories, experiences and even some of the skills that they had gained over the years. Especially on little Bumblebee; whom he had learned to love like a brother with everything they went through.

Now the Autobot scout didn't even remember their time together. In fact, he didn't even know how to speak Cybertronian yet, let alone human English.

Sam had cried for days after learning what he had done. He felt that he had let everyone down by doing what he did and not what Prime had ordered him to. Therefore, he had taken it upon himself to take care of them until a cure is found. Or at least until an adult Autobot showed up and decided to take them back to Cybertron. Not that he had a choice in custody, anyway. The children had already seen him as their father and were quite vocal about being separated by him.

He looked out the window. The bots and cons were painting the base grey and were keeping themselves occupied by concentrating on their work or complaining. Every now and then, they would come into an agreement and even exchange a few jokes.

Sam smiled at the scene. Maybe Carly was right. Despite the fact that they were built for destruction, they were still innocent kids.

"Deep down, these guys are little angels." She had said.

Fate, it would seem, decided to interrupt his musings with a swing from a paintbrush.

"Hey, you did that on purpose, ya pile of scrape." A voice snarled that sounded like Sunstreaker.

"I did not! If I did, I would have poured the whole can, like so!!" said a voice that could only belong to the triple-changer Astrotrain.

"My……….paint jooobbb!!"despite the childlike tone, Sunstreaker sounded surprisingly terrifying.

The sounds of crashes, curses, and cans colliding with helms could be heard.

"Little angels huh? Right, then I'm the king of Cybertron." Sam groaned as he left the room to diffuse yet another fight.


What!! Why are the transformers all children and how is Sam responsible for this? Will they change back to normal? Why are they behaving so differently and why do they see only Sam as their adopted father? Tune in next time for "All in the Family".

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