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Chapter three: They Belong In A Zoo!

On Cybertron, one can see an ultra-marine hovercraft with an Autobot insigma speed down an area with a Cybertronian tank following that had a Decepticon insigma. The Hovercraft releases an equivalent of a sigh, if anyone had come to him a few astro-cycles ago and told him that he would be working with Decepticons, he'd have them check by Ratchet.

As it is, he was working with a Decepticon and Ratchet , their best medic, wasn't here to check his processors.

Serving to the side, he followed to look at the quiet Decepticon. They were not exactly the best of friends. Pit, they weren't even the best of allies. They were only together because they were fighting a common enemy and fighting a three way war was distracting and stupid. Onslaught, the Decepticon with him, was only on this because of the fact that he needed to seek out his two younger brothers that disappeared on earth. Like many of the others in the alliance, this Decepticon was doing this on the sole fact that he is seeking his missing teammates so they could form their gestalt form and be an all-powerful team again.

Cause Primus forbid the great Onslaught was doing this because he missed his brothers.

"Well," He finally asked, not standing the suspense any longer. The cybertronian driving along with him gave no sign of even hearing him. Growling, he tried again to gain his attention.


"If you are wondering if my plan was successful; then yes it was, unsurprisingly. I not only have the information we need, but the proofs that will further help build our case for this fragile alliance that the Decepticons unfortunately serve in." Onslaught drawled. Kup growled again. Oohhh, how he hated that mech. Unlike the other Decepticons, he never picked a fight or threatened others. He just had a self-centered attitude that made it difficult not to punch his faceplates in.

Despite this, there was no arguing that he made a good current leader of the Decepticon due to his formidable power and his keen processor. The other power hungry and irrational Decepticons were either grudgingly following orders or they were dealt with violently by his remaining Combaticons.

Both mechs managed to make it into a street that may have been a dead end, but was an area for a secret space bridge that would lead them to their underground hideaway. Kup transformed and was quickly followed by Onslaught, who didn't even spare him a glance.

'Arrogant whippersnapper; worse than Hot Rod.' He thought as he watched the young leader of the combaticons and Decepticons head to a dark alley, where their temporary base would be. Onslaught placed his hands on the wall, which identified him and activated the hidden space bridge. Both Cybertronians soon found themselves in a base that was deep underground of Iacon. Working or lounging around in the room were mechs of different faction, be they Autobot, Decepticon or Neutral. All of them having seen that their government had no care about them and noticing that something sinister had occurred in Cybertron.

Hot Rod, a talented squad lead of a group of young Autobots, marched towards them with a look of intent in his optics. Giving a nod to his mentor Kup, he focused his attention to the Decepticon towering over him.

"Did you manage to get it? Did you find the discs?" He demanded. This was it! If Onslaught had it, it would not only prove their theories right, but will serve as evidence to the more skeptic members as well as use for new members to further convince them of joining them.

"The discs were exactly where I knew Shockwave would hide them. Knowing him, he placed them in a area that no one else would think to look but would be obvious to those that knew him personally. I must say, Shockwave never ceases to amaze me with his careful planning and back-ups." Onslaught stated.

Kup and Hot Rod waited to for him to continue, but anyone can see that Onslaught was trying to savor the moment. Finally, Hot Rod had had enough.

"Well, what did it reveal?' Hot Rod asked impatiently as ever. They appeared to have gotten the attention of everyone in the room as they suddenly stopped what they were doing and listened in on them.

Ultra Magnus, the current leader of the Autobots, walked up. "Onslaught, please, stop teasing the others and inform us of your findings."

Onslaught looked at him for a minute and sighed. "It was just as you suspected: There does seem to be something going on in both our council and in the senate. Many of the council members are acting in a way that goes against the Decepticon protocols. Not only that; but according to our spies, they seem to be communicating with an unknown entity; I could not ascertain a face, but I can tell you it was no Cybertronian."

"Wonderful, it isn't enough that we have to deal with the disappearance of the All-Spark, our leaders and many of our comrades, but now this! An alien invasion within our very government?" a voice griped, startling everyone. A blue and white Autobot suddenly appeared in the center of the group, looking for all the world like his day had taken a turn for the worst.

"Mirage! What have we told you about doing that?" Kup snarled. Did this guy like startling everyone with his entrance, Blurr was bad enough.

"Sorry, I was sure I made enough noise for everyone to hear." Mirage smirked, showing everyone how he enjoyed using his capabilities.

"And I'm sure my gun is going to go off in your direction one of these days if you do that again." Cliffjumper snarled as he glared at Mirage. He so did not like that mech!

"What about Shockwave, did you find out what happened to him?" Blitzwing asked as he watched the scene in boredom. Really, with the Autobots' attention span and infighting, you would think the Decepticons would be winning their wars by now.

"Unfortunately, no. He was found out and was hunted by the sentries that used to work for him. He had gone to his base to try one last ditch effort to inform the Decepticon elite of the situation and to bring them here. He's been MIA since then." Onslaught said sadly. Shockwave was his rival in chess matches, no one else thought up strategies like him. It was a terrible loss to lose him.

"So we have no idea if he's alive or not?" Mirage asked. He wasn't really worried about him, but as one of the co-founders of the rebellion, he had a lot of information on their base, tactics and even how to gain access in the base (as he made seventy-five percent of the security clearance.)They'd be screwed if the enemy got their hands on him.

"Shockwave is a tactical genius, not to mention he has survived in far worse situations. Trust me, he's alive. I don't think he would ever allow himself to be taken out by a bunch of mindless drones that he himself built." Onslaught pointed out. "Nor do I believe he was caught. If that was the case, we'd be scrap a long time ago."

"I didn't come here to listen to the status of a Decepticon. Especially one who has manipulated the Senate and has had mercenaries constantly hunts us down. What I'd like to know is what are we going to do about it?" Arcee demanded. She was not a fan of Shockwave. In fact, even Elita-1 found him detestable and would like nothing more than to shoot him through his spark chamber first chance she got.

"Do you think it's possible that this might have been what started the war in the first place? That the invaders may have manipulated us into doing this war to lower our defenses and resources?" Ramjet asked tentatively. He was one of the few Decepticons that had been unsure of this whole war to begin with. Heck, he wasn't even sure how it all started.

"I wouldn't be surprised if that may be the case. Before the war, many of the Decepticons were not acting themselves." Thrust wondered. "I recall Blackout was acting far more violent than he usually was. Sure he was as dangerous as the next Decepticon, but he was the more patient and quiet type. He was more interested in his research in medicine. Before he started to change, we heard he was going to be upgraded to a Medic-bot. Now I find out that he serves as Megatron's bodyguard. I knew that they were friends and even gladiator rivals together, but he never even shown interest in entering the political world when Megatron became Lord High Protector."

"Starscream may be one of the cons who may have had something done to. Even for a seeker, he seems a bit off." Blast-Off stated as he crossed his arms.

"That's an understatement." Vortex chuckled. "In fact, many of us questioned the sanity of our great leader Megatron for making him 2nd in command in the first place. Primus knew that if Starscream does ever ascend to become the leader of the Decepticons, we'd be royally screwed."

Mirage glared at them. "If I wanted to hear theories, I would have gone to Perceptor. Is there any evidence that that the team sent to this planet Earth is alive?" It was obvious that Mirage was worried. But then, his childhood friend, Hound, was down there. Hound was the one who convinced Mirage to enlist as a soldier in a war, despite the fact that this would mean he would have to give up his rich and luxurious life. Both of them used their skills for tracking, infiltration and spying on the Decepticons, making an unbeatable team. However, when their need to find energon became a top Priority, They had to explore new worlds in Outer space to seek it out. There, Mirage drew the line. Hound was always the explorer while Mirage liked to think himself as a mech who kept his feet firmly on the ground. In other words, there was nothing that would convince him to go to Earth with Hound.

He kicked himself to this day for not going. If he had been, he may have helped Hound in whatever trouble he got himself into.

"We just have to continue contacting them. I refuse to believe that something from a primitive organic planet can destroy both factions. There has to be a reason why all communications have stopped." Ultra Magnus stated with a confidence that sounded empty even to him.

"Let's call Blaster. Maybe he has something to theorize on when the transmissions have failed." Arcee suggested.

Springer taped on a console and the screen blinked to life. "Blaster, This is Springer, come in." He spoke in a gentle voice. On screen, a large red autobot appeared. He smirked at Springer, smiled at Arcee and gave her a saucy wink before he turned to Ultra Magnus.

"Blaster in da house! What up?" Blaster responded as he picked up the transmission. Ultra Magnus sighed and cursed the cycle that Blaster learned to speak earth lingo.

"Blaster, we have the information on what's occurring to our world. But we still have received no contact from our leader and his teams as well as the Decepticons. Do you have a theory on why?" Ultra Magnus questioned.

"Well, I figured that some bad-ass energy field of some sort shorted out the network and royally screwed up the communication systems. If you want, I can call up the homeboys through a wide range and see if I can directly contact them through their own com-links instead of their communication network."

"No, it could be easily decoded by the enemy. They cannot know that they are found out. We are planning to gather as many mechs and femmes as possible and we plan to (I cannot believe I'm going to say this……….) overthrow our current government. We now have proof that they are either willingly or co-erced in aiding an alien invasion." Ultra Magnus sighed. For many vorns, he had worked in the personal protection of the Senate from the decepticons. Now with his knowledge of how it worked as well as his access in even the most forbidden of rooms, he was going to help the Decepticons in destroying it.

The only satisfaction he would get from the outcome was that the Decepticon council will be destroyed along with it.

"Awesome, when do we jam?" Blaster asked with a grin. Finally, something to do! He loved his job and everything, but everyone else got have some action, even his cassettes. They were currently in Kaon, keeping an eye on the Decepticons that were influenced by the aliens.

"That's just it, since we still cannot be able to communicate with the others we have to hold up the attack until either we get either the matrixes, the all-spark or the other Autobots and Decepticons to help. We simply do not have enough firepower with us. So until we do, you stay on standby and find a way to contact the others. Be sure to have some energon on you, because I doubt you'll be recharging anytime soon."

"So how long do I have to stay online to get a call?"

"As long as it takes Blaster."

"Awww, man, I gotta do this for all I know could be the end of time. This'll seriously destroy my social life." Blaster sighed dramatically.

"I'm sorry if we are ruining your life, but we need you to find the others before the invaders begin their first wave. Too many of our people have disappeared, many of them our friends. I'm sure you do not want that to continue." Arcee stated in a serious tone. Many of her friends had disappeared without a trace and she was started to dread finding out what has happened to them.

Blaster's sorrow did a 180 and he gave a dashing smile to Arcee. "Anything for you, babe; but you owe me some sugar after this."

Arcee made a show of rolling her optics as she smiled fondly at her friend. "Fine, you'll get your kiss; now get out of here." Hot Rod and Springer's head shot up at that. Was she really going to do it?

"Word up. Blaster be out." He cut the transmission.

Everyone looked at Ultra Magnus as if he knew what was going on, which he did. He sighed and wondered if this was why Optimus was often seen groaning and pinching the ridge of his nose.

"Solar-cycles before the transmissions stopped, Jazz started sending Blaster some of the music he's been listening to and the language that they normally speak. He's been talking like that since then." Ultra Magnus exasperated as he rubbed his head. Hot Rod tried to hide his smile as Arcee tried to hide hers with a scoff.

"All right! While our friends are in danger on earth, (our elite soldiers that have been trained for anything, I might add, including our Leader Optimus Prime.) We have creatures from another world kidnapping innocent beings and replacing our most influential government members. The same beings whom may have been setting us up to have this war! To top it off, the very person that has the information we need as well as the means to identify them is also on earth and has not contacted anyone since then and Blaster has a death wish. Did I miss anything in all this?" Hot Rod asked sarcastically.

"We need Optimus and the all-spark, if it's possible that they find it. I hope that they get back from whatever trouble that they are in. Until then, we need more information on what we are dealing with." Ultra Magnus stated; his vocal processors broke no arguments. He turned to Mirage. "Mirage, I need you, Perceptor and if possible, Alpha Trion to watch the Senate. Stick to them like turbo-glue and report back any suspicious activities."

Onslaught stood up. "I'll have my men do the same on the council. Although I should warn you that gathering information is not really one of my talents. I normally reserve that to Swindle, he can talk even the most paranoid Autobot to give him the information that he wants."

Blast-off sighed sadly. "And when talking doesn't work, he has Brawl get it out for him." Just thinking about his brothers made him feel empty in the spark. He missed them so much despite the fact that they had the worst habit of getting themselves into trouble. Vortex, the sadistic torturer/interrogator of the group, placed a comforting hand on his brother's shoulder. Blast-off smiled but quickly shrugged it off.

After all, Decepticons were not supposed to be sappy.

"It's just as well that I leave. I can't miss my appointments; otherwise the senate will suspect something and keep close watch of me." Mirage stated as he disappeared. Despite not being able to see him, everyone heard him say, "Let me know if you all learn something new." Before the door opened and closed seemingly itself.

Hot Rod stretched as he walked towards the exit. "It's been a long time since I last burned rubber, I'm gonna need to start racing again. Wanna come Blurr! Let me have a chance at stealing your title as fastest bot in the universe." He challenged. A blue Autobot looked at Hot Rod with a smirk as he appeared at his side in a blink of an eye.


"What about our date? You were supposed to join me at the seminar so we can meet on later at my place." Arcee questioned. She hoped that Hot Rod didn't forget like last time. Hot Rod tried to hide his wince and was about to explain when Blurr intervened.

"But-didn't-you-say-that-you-would-rather-do-patrol-for-a-whole-orn-than-do-something-as-boring-as-listen-to-a-bunch-of-old-empties-talk?" Blurr interjected as he appeared near her and Springer. He then covered his mouth.

"BLURR!!" Hot Rod shouted. But it was too late, the damage had been done. Arcee was giving him a molten-hot glare and Springer looked like his Spark-day just came earlier.

"Hot Rod, since you're so eager to go for a drive, why don't you go and inform the other decepticons on our plans. Primus knows I don't want to waste valuable time reading my findings on a big shot like you." With that said, she turned to check on the energon rations, with Springer right behind her.

Dirge couldn't help but laugh along with his trine. "Better luck next time, kid." Even Onslaught chuckled as he and his remaining brothers walked past him and left.

Hot Rod growled and marched to the entry point, furious. How is it that he was the squad leader of a group of Autobots and he still gets treated as a sparkling. So what if he was young, rumor has it that Lord High Protector Optimus Prime was his age when he led the Autobots.

Granted, Optimus had been groomed to lead by Sentinel Prime, another legend among Autobots.

"Sorry-about-that-Hot-Rod, I-Acted-Before-I-Thought! It's-A-Curse-For-Being-The-Essence-Of-Speed-Speed-Speed!" Blurr apologized as he zoomed in front of Hot Rod.

Hot Rod looked up and gave Blurr a smile that didn't reach his face. "That's okay, Blurr. I really don't mind going to my former enemies' territory and quite possibly get my aft handed to me. Especially with that Refector gestalt taking pictures while that happens. I have an assignment for you, anyway."

"Are-you-going-to-send-me-to-get-the-Stunticons?" Blurr panicked. The Stunticons were not exactly very social mechs. Not to mention that the mechs outweighed him by several tons, and that's just each.

Hot Rod smiled sweetly at Blurr. "Oh, I have a better job for you."

"What-Is It? Is-It-Life-threatening, Is-it-risky, Is-It-Dangerous-Dangerous-Dangerous?!!!" Blurr did not like that smile. Nope, it was one that promised him nothing but pain.

'He's-Been-Spending -Time-With-Vortex-Again!' He thought fearfully.

Hot Rod placed his hand on Blurr. "You're going to deliver a message to Elita-1 and the other auto-femmes, and you're going to tell them that their mates are M.I.A."

For the first time in a long time, Blurr stalled. The femmes had no idea what had happened to the team that was sent to Earth. They were going to kill him for giving them this message. If Elita-1 didn't cut him up, then Chromia would definitely release all arsenals on him! Never mind what Moonstreak and Firestar would do to him when they learn what has happened to their loves.

"Don't worry, that's why you were gifted with speed. I'm sure you'll outrun their missiles of theirs. By the way, Chromia just got her new energy signature-seeking missiles. I always did wonder if even you could outrun missiles that are locked on your very essence." Hot Rod grinned maniacally as he playfully balanced on the heels of his feet.


"Sure you do."


Meanwhile, back on earth in California at 6:00 am, we see a peaceful town that is so tranquil that it was known as Tranquility. The town is known for its low crime rate, clean neighborhood and well to do citizens as well as a serenity that could calm the most ferocious tempers. And least, that's what it says on the tourist brochure.

The people that live here, of course; will tell you a different story.


A year ago, this may have disturbed the people of this town and caused a massive panic. As it is, the people walked on to their routine like nothing happened while not even batting an eye.


Inside the base, where the children were housed, Sam was calmly trying to feed Bumblebee, who seemed more interested in wearing his food then eating it. Wheeljack was helping by feeding Barricade, who mostly spit it out onto himself. Just ten feet away was Red Alert, who was on his knees with his face in the corner of the kitchen.

"Can I leave now?" Red whined, his face on the wall. This was boring and his knees hurt.

Sam stopped eating his breakfast long enough to glare at the emergency vehicle.

"No, Red. I warned you about using explosives in the base. What do you do? You blow up your closet, causing the Lego castle in the next room to collapse, making the constructicons go on a rampage, thus invoking many of the kids from both factions to have a meelee inside the base. You're staying in that corner, and just be glad that the reason you're not being spanked is because it would hurt me way more than it'll hurt you." Sam had tried to spank Sunstreaker one time when he thought it was a good idea to glue Barricade and Bumblebee on the ceiling by their doorwings. The result of that ended with Sam putting his hands on ice and Sunstreaker trying to clean himself of any fingerprints that he perceived to have found.

"You never punish Wheeljack when his experiments explode." Red Alert pouted at the unfairness of it all. He was just trying to keep everyone in the base safe and this was how he was thanked! Next time he should let the monsters eat them all.

"Hey, leave me out of this!" Wheeljack shouted as he trying not to get hit by the flying baby food being flicked at him.

"That's different. He doesn't mean to blow things up. He only wants to learn and he never blows things up the same way twice. You deliberately threw a grenade at a closet because you thought you saw the Boogieman. And it isn't the first time you threw a weapon at said Boogieman." Sam pointed out, not noticing that Bee placed a glop of banana on his shirt.

"But there was a boogie man, I saw him." He hadn't imagined it. The Boogieman had jumped out of the closet and tried to eat him.

"Well if he was there, I can assure you that he not happy now." Sam muttered as he tried once again to feed Bee. But Bee was content in mashing them in his hands.

"Why am I being punished?" Inferno asked on the opposite corner from Red Alert.

"Because you were supposed to watch him; and you were the one that suggested that he get rid of the Boogie man." Sam simply stated. "No Bee, don't eat with your hands."

"How was I supposed to know that he had a hand grenade? Where the pit did he get one, anyway." Inferno asked angrily as he glared at his sorrowful brother.

Sam pointed to the wall at the other side from them, where Bonecrusher was standing in his corner. Bonecrusher pouted. "Stupid Red, why'd he have to blow up his closet? Didn't he see that some of us live on the other side of that closet?" He could feel his other brothers' frustration in the room three doors down. Making a huge castle out of Lego pieces was not easy, especially with bossy Scrapper and perfectionist Hook making comments on how things should be done.

"If I were you two, I'd avoid Scrapper and Hook. Both of them are angry enough to recontrusct you into target practice drones. Between you and me, we could use the practice." Wheeljack grinned as he finally put some banana mush in the fussy Cade's mouth.

When Sam's cell phone went off, he saw Carly's text message that she, Mikeala and Chip are here, he stood up and put his red jacket on. "Well, Carly's here, so I should get…….."


Sam went still as the food that Bee was eating dripped off his face. Bumblebee giggled at his expression while Wheeljack tried not to laugh. Barricade blinked and took a handful of the food off Sam's face and stuffed it in his mouth.

Sam sighed and went to wash his face, muttering "Evil baby."

Some days, it did not pay to have a few dozen kids.


Astrotrain was happily trying to read Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Of course, it was difficult to read with Starscream pacing back and forth and Thundercracker playing his Super Mario at full volume. He was just about to get to the first task when a pop sound was heard. Skywarp appeared in green spray paint with a grotesque fanged mask on his face.

"You're late." Starscream drawled.

"I ended up in Las Vegas twice, then in the Appalachian Mountains and somehow found my way in Mexico before I eventually came here." Skywarp grumbled. He was shaken as he sat on the bed. "Why do I always have to be the Boogie man?"

"Cause you can teleport the frell outta here when Red decides to attack us."

"He threw a grenade at me, Star. A GRENADE!" Skywarp screeched.

Thundercracker sighed as he put his handheld video game down. "Why do you constantly allow him to talk you into doing things like that?"

"Because he's holding Mr. Cuddley-Wuddles hostage." Skywarp whined as energon tears fell off his face.

Starscream cackled as he kept watch of a brown teddy-bear, which was humorously tied up and gagged in a corner.


Unnoticed to the seekers, Sam had overheard the whole conversation after he washed his face and changed into a cleaner shirt. Rubbing his temples, Sam wondered how on Earth their creators put up with this.

Starscream's mirth ended when Sam opened the door and turned to him. "Star, you have toilet duty from now until next month, and untie Warp's teddy bear." He stated as he gave him a glare. "And for everyone's sake, Leave Red Alert alone before he really decides to blow the base up with stronger explosives." He gave Warp a look, "Warp, get out of that suit before Inferno finds out you've been scaring his brother."

As Sam closed the door, Thundercracker grinned at his deviant trine-brother. "I told you his audio receptors have been improving." He chuckled at his shell-shocked brother and focused on getting back on his video game.


Just around the corner, Sam was heading out and turning……….. and crashed right into Soundwave.

"What the…………. Soundwave!!Geez, how does a guy bigger and taller than me, manage to sneak up like that?" Sam said from the dizzying fall.

Soundwave stared at him through his visor, which seemed to brighten up at the sight of Sam. He then reached down, lifted Sam up with ease, and dusting the dirt off of Sam's clothes.

"Hey, who's the caretaker around here, huh?" Sam joked as he smiled fondly at Soundwave. Patting the little mech on the shoulder, he was about to head out of the door when he was grabbed by the collar by Soundwave.

"What? 'Wave, I'm going to be late for school." Sam explained as he looked at the child wearily. Why couldn't the child talk? He knows how, Sam has heard him talk as a full-grown transformer (though very brusque and to the point), so why was he constantly silent?

Soundwave looked at him in what Sam could guess be a scrutinizing glare. Finally, Soundwave tilted his head, and then he reached behind the door and pulled out a paper lunch bag and a black backpack.

"Uuuuhh, right, I was going to get that………. Thanks Wave" he was about to give his quiet son a hug goodbye, only to find a metal hand completely encompass face, stopping him and pushing him back.

"Right, right, you're allergic to cooties, keep forgetting that." Sam murmured through Soundwave's hand.

Soundwave tilted his head, then he quietly walked past Sam, once again, Sam felt that annoying tingle on his head until Soundwave disappeared at the turn of the corner. Sam wasn't sure, but he had the feeling that Soundwave was quietly laughing to himself.

Sighing, Sam left to the loud impatient honking of his girlfriend's car. He was going to be so late for his test.


Optimus Prime; Autobot Prince of Cybertron, creation of Sentinel Prime and Galvatron; twin brother of Megatron who was the decepticon prince of Cybertron, future leader of the Autobots and holder of the Autobot matrix of Leadership, was bored out of his processor.

With Sam gone as well as most of the younger humans, there was no entertainment. The adult humans were busy doing their jobs in their computers or army training, so that left him with the other children.

He tried spitting spit wads at him, using his water guns, even went as far as poke him on the nose. Megatron simply snorted and around. Rolling his optics, Optimus sat on his bed and glared at his brother, trying to 'will' him to go online. Unfortunately, Megatron was a heavy sleeper. The guy slept through a hurricane one time and woke up wondering about the devastation in the area.

Pouting, Optimus thought of other means to wake his brother up. Splashing him with water was out as he tried that last week, playing rock music full blast was ineffective and only result in the other children yelling at him for waking them up.

So that left only one option, which now that he thought about it, was just as fun.

Optimus grinned as he got into a position. He bounced in his bed and then……

"YAY, FLYING HUG!!!" he shouted as he pounced towards the sleeping Decepticon prince.

An enraged shriek could be heard all over the base, waking up the remaining sparklings.


Outside the base, just a few blocks away from the Cybertronian base, Captain William Lennox knew that his day was not going to go right the moment he walked into the base. Once upon a time he would have been begging for something exciting to happen. Joining the army promised that, meeting the transformers ensured that. He had more excitement that year than anything in his entire life.

He now wished for the boring and quieter days.

The sound and tremors of a transformer running can be heard as he witnessed a giggling Optimus being chased by an enraged Megatron who was swinging his flail around. He decided not to get involved with that and went straight to one of the buildings to meet with his superiors. As he walked, he noticed a group of recruits around in a large circle making loud comments and cheering over something or another. Epps seemed to be enjoying himself immensely as he and Swindle were collecting bets.

"Epps, Swindle, this better not be another cock fight." Will shouts at them. Will those two ever stay out of trouble?

"Careful Uncle Will, Ironhide may not appreciate being called a chicken." Swindle smirked as he counted his money.

Will pushed a few of them aside to see who were fighting. Brawl and Ironhide were wrestling on the floor, each trying to get the upper hand. Will nearly had a heart attack at the sight; especially when he noticed small little dents as well as some energon cuts on their metal frame.

'Oh, the kids are gonna love this.' Will thought with a wince. He had learned that although they loved them to bits, the teens had a problem with them inflicting wounds on each other. It normally ends with Mikeala shouting at the children, with Sam rubbing his temples in annoyance and Carly throwing a hysterical fit.

Swindle grinned widely. "Brawl didn't have any energon this week, just between us. He's not at his one-hundred percent without it."

"Setting your brother up in a fight and then betting against him, Swindle? How do you live with yourself?" Will asked as he shook his head.

"With Six-hundred grand." Swindle smirked. Will glared at the little money monger. He then turned his attention to the wrestling sparklings, whom were now getting mud all over their armor.

"I'm going to regret this." He muttered. Steeling his nerves, he walked between them. "All right, break it up!" he shouted as tried to pull them apart. Ironhide had stopped immediately while Brawl simply snarled and tried to jump him again. Will tackled him. But not only did that end with him getting sore, but he found himself being dragged all over the area. Swindle looked like he was going to beat the scene when captain Bollocks walked out of the recreation area. He stopped when he caught sight of what a huge majority of his team were doing on their lunch break.

"What the hell?" Captian Bollocks shouted. "This is what you do in your past time? Everyone get up now! You, Swindle! (a fitting name for a brat like you.)Get back to your base, you aren't authorized here."

Swindle shrugged, gathered his winnings and was about to leave when one of the cadets realized something.

"Hold it! Since the fight is incomplete, do you think we'll get our money back?" One of the new recruits pointed out to Swindle, who transformed into a small hummer.

"Sorry, no refunds!" Swindle shouted as he ran for his life.



The new soldiers chased after the speeding sparkling, who just realized how outnumbered he was.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, BRAWL, SAM, HEEEEELLLLLLPPPP!!!!!!!!" Swindle shrieked as he drove full-speed off. Brawl chased after them in his tank form. While he wasn't allowed to shoot at them, intimidation worked very well.

A tired and sore Lennox and an amused Epps exchanged looks.

"Least it can't get worse." Captain Lennox sighed as he looked at the wreckage the children were making.

"Captain Lennox! Lt. Commander Epps! Front and center! NOW!!!!"

"Wanna bet?" Epps raised an eyebrow as he spotted a middle aged man in a uniform stomp towards them.

Annnnnnnnnnnnd, here comes their general.

"Ooooh boy!" Captain Lennox sighed as he followed his superior.


Their general was not happy with having yet another explosion in his base. These days, when things blow up, even the new soldiers don't so much as bat an eye anymore. They have gotten used to this kind of catastrophe. Hell, he even caught some of them making bets on who would blow up what in what time.

His army was supposed to react to explosions when they occur, not ignore them.

"You were the one that suggested to Keller that they be stationed here. It was your fault they were brought here? Not only that, I can't kick them or those kids out no matter what type of damage or disorder they do. The government and our president insisted that we can them happy at all times. We are an army, not a Daycare center for baby tinker toys!"

Will sighed softly and kept his face neutral. Like the other human kids, Will took great offence to anyone who insulted the sparklings. They were not computers, toys or drones. They were living machines with minds of their own and feelings just like the next sentient being. Rather than yell at his superior and end up suspended, he decided on his least favorite tactic: Diplomacy.

"Well they can't live with the Witwickys. They live in a residential neighborhood. Might as well paint a sign and say residence of giant robots, free tourist attraction. They need a normal life and to be away from the paparazzi. They'll never be happy if they have to hide from either fans or people who want to destroy them. The guys from Sector Seven are still after them, so the army is the safest place for them. But we can't keep locking them up like animals, they need to go out and stretch their legs too."

The general was not sympathetic. "Look, the mayor is coming here; I can't speak to him when I have to worry about something blowing up or a fight being started. Not to mention that miscreant Sunsteaker painting the walls of my quarters! Again!!!"

"What would you like me to do, sir?" Will sighed as he got a bad feeling about this.

"You once told me that you wanted something exciting in your life. That you wanted to do something new." He stated with a thin smile.

"Yes sir!" he answered while trying to wonder where he is going with this.

"Well, I'm transferring the both of you to the Transformer Command force. That means, when those civilian kids aren't there, you're responsible for them. You are going to take them on a field trip and leave for the next three hours, no more, no less."

"Ummmm, sir, Sam grounded them, they're not allowed to leave the base." Epps pointed out. He had not known what had gone on in the park, but he knew Sam well enough to know it warranted house arrest.

"Oh, so Caretaker-cadet Witwicky is now your superior officer?" the general spoke sarcastically.

"No sir, but he ………."

"No he isn't. I am! And I am giving you a direct order! I don't care what you have to do I don't care where you have to take them, it could be at a strip joint for all I care, just get them out of my base. Dismissed!" Their superior shouted. He cursed the day his base was chosen to house these creatures. Why should he tolerate them? They were nothing but trouble.


Walking out of the general's office, Will and Epps felt the hopelessness of the situation. They could not watch them, that was crazy! Two guards could not be able to watch almost three dozen children that were living machine and had live ammo. (They did not know how Sam could do this without freaking out every day.) Also, there is the matter that they would only listen to one being. Sam was organic, but as far as they knew, he was one of them. Sam was the only one allowed to tell them what to do. If someone else did, best case scenario would be that they would be humored with, laughed at or pranked depending on who they were dealing with. Worst case scenario was that they would be riddled in energy blasts in their bodies. Megatron and a great deal of others have already informed many soldiers that they would not take in being told what to do by organics.

Captain Lennox sighed as he walked outside to see Blackout and Ironhide, whom were rubbing the stomach of a now cooing Scorpanox. Giving them a smile that didn't fit his face at all, Captian Lennox approached the two little powerhouses. Scorpanox trilled at their appearance, causing Ironhide to look up. When he saw the captain, he grinned and saluted him. On the far side, he could see Optimus and Megatron wrestling on the ground.

"Greetings Captain Lennox!" Ironhide exclaimed as Blackout gave a shy smile and saluted to him as well.

Will looked up at the skies to gain some spiritual strength, and then he smiled at the two children. "Kids, you ever wanna see wild animals?"

"Like on the Discovery channel?" Blackout asked. He had never seen wild animals up close. Sure, Mojo was an animal, but he was domesticated, as Auntie Sarah said. How anyone thought that the hyperactive mutt that constantly lubricates on everyone, barks in a loud frenzy and runs like his tail was on fire, could be domesticated was beyond him.

"Yeah, only up close and personal." Epps replied while he prayed that they behaved. The people of Tranquility had a lot of tolerance, but that could in an instant depending on their actions.

"Really, really, really!!!" Ironhide hugged Captain Lennox's arm. Will winced at the pain in his arm but tried to bear it with another fake grin. Ironhide couldn't help it that he was this strong any more than any other child could.

"Yeah, looks like we're going to the zoo." Will sighed. He had hoped he'd be stationed back in Quatar one of these days, it was so peaceful there.

"YAY!!! We're going to the zoo! We're going to the zoo!!" The majority children suddenly appeared out of thin air as they all started to dance in a circle. Being grounded was no fun, anyway! Especially with Sam forcing them to do chores and watch 'educational' shows on how to behave. (Red Alert called it brainwashing while Megatron called it torture.)

As the children started to go wild, the two experienced soldiers suddenly had a bad feeling, the same one they had a year ago before their base in Quatar was attacked by Blackout.

"Oh Blackout, why didn't you and Scorpanox finish me off when you had the chance?" Epps moaned as Blackout stared at him, confused.


Only one child was not happy about it, and that was the nature lover himself, Hound. Hound watched as the other sparklings were talking excitingly about going to that Alcatraz animal prison they call a zoo. Scoffing, he followed the other children as they walked out of their base.

"I can't believe we're going to the zoo." Hound complained as he crossed his arms. He and the other children were climbing inside an eager Astrotain, who decided to go in his ship form today.

"What's wrong with the zoo?" Bluestreak asked as he put on his seatbelt.

"Oh nothing. I love the idea of free living creatures that are captured from their only home and family, placed in a prison where they are gawked at all the people and have other kids pelt them with food." Hound drawled as he placed his own seatbelt.

"Whoa, hater!" Jazz commented as he took a seat with Soundwave, who was playing with his indigo Nintendo DS.

"You paint a grim picture, Hound." Prowl agreed as he climbed inside Astrotrain, who was giggling from being tickled from all the walking the kids were doing in him.

"I think I'm painting a realistic picture." Hound countered as he sat next to Bluestreak.

"I like my pictures with rainbows and ponies, thank you very much." Bluestreak quipped. Hound rolled his eyes as Jazz laughed, leaning on Soundwave. Without even taking his visor off the game, Soundwave shoved Jazz's face off his shoulder.

As the little jeep and two little Dutsans argued, Astrotrain took off. However, Astrotrain had the feeling that the ride will end in pain for him.


Sam and Carly ran just in time as the bell rang in. Of course he stumbled along the way and crashed into a few chairs.

"Mr. Witwicky, you came right on time, today. Of course you choose to come in time on the very last week of finals." His History teacher drawled as he was ready to pass out the exams.

Sam smiled embarrassingly as he seated, ignoring the snickers of the jocks.

'Jeeezz, save the planet, stop a war and join the army and I am still the bottom of the food chain in high school.' Sam started to right on his history test; of course he only read the book once.

But then again, thanks to a certain glowing cube, he had photographic memory and a learning accelerator.

'Let's see, write the several consequences brought to light in the aftermath of World War One in a thousand words. This should take me about ten minutes to write.' He thought a a grin.


Inside the weary Astrotrain, Jazz and Sideswipe were having a break-dancing contest with Sunstreaker booing at them, Inferno was trying to hold his petrified brother, who hated riding inside a decepticon, and Optimus was giving puppy-dog optics to his brother, who was biting on an energon goody.

Starscream was bored. And when he was bored, everyone else knew it too.

He made a face as Megatron offered, though rather reluctantly, some energon bar to his Autobot brother. Optimus gave his sweetest smile and began to happily munch on it. Starscream made a face. Why would anyone wanna share with Optimus, the mech was a spoiled little brat. It pained him that they were related in some disgusting way. Smirking, he decided that a good tease should start up the day.

"Awwwww, look it Meggy-poo!! He's being sweet to his widdle brother." Starscream giggled at the tired Decepticon heir.

"Get bent, Screamer!" Megatron stated, without even powering his optics.

"And we're twins, same age. So there!" Optimus added happily. He had his energon goody so all was right in his world.

"It really amazes me on how soft the Decepticon heir is getting! You wouldn't catch me sharing my goodies with even my own brothers." Starscream sneered.

"He's right, he hordes all his food. He even stole some of ours." Thundercracker sighed. Would it kill for his brother not to start a fight with Megatron?

Astrotain whimpered as he flew. There was going to be a fight inside him, he could almost feel it.


In another section of Astrotrain, Maggie was with Glen, whom she managed to talk into coming and with Epps and Captain Lennox. On her lap was a sleeping Barricade with a pacifier in his mouth. Bee was in the baby carriage sleeping as well. He was also using Will's arm as a teddy bear. Will watched this wearily, hoping the littlest Autobot didn't decide to tighten his grip. Despite his small stature, Bumblebee can easily crush his bones.

"Pretty loud in there, huh?" Glen commented, wishing he brought his PSP. How did he get talked into coming here? He didn't even know how to take care of human children, let alone highly sophisticated living machines. Maggie, on the other hand, had the neighborhood babysitter as a teen not to mention is an aunt. Taking care of children was a cinch for her, even six-foot tall robots.

"Maybe we should go in there and check on the kids." She suggested while placing a head on Cade's head. She smiled fondly as Barricade cooed in his sleep. So cute!

"Don't worry Maggie, it's a thirty minute flight, what could happen?" Will assured. Epps smacked him on the back of his head when he said that.

"Ouch! Damn it, Epps, What was that for?" Will shouted as he rubbed his head. That was going to leave a mark.

"You jinxed it, that's what!" Epps shouted as he crossed his arms. He might as well wait until disaster stroke. He sighed as he heard the sounds of several crashes followed by swears and curses.


Five minutes earlier…..

"I challenge you, Megatron! Winner becomes the leader of all Decepticons!" Starscream shouted.

Everyone sighed; here we go again.

"You must be insane to think you can challenge me for that right. We all know who will be the ruler of all Decepticons. You'll never be leader of the Decepticons, not while I'm functioning." Megatron stated as he went back to reading Sam's American History book. He found American history a bit dull compared to the covenant of Primus, but he did like the civil wars, revolutions, and World Wars.

"I can't help it if I fear you may lead us to our doom because of the fact that you were trained by my weak and senile uncle. The fact that you're glitched in the processor tells us what the outcome of the legacy of the Decepticon Empire will be." Starscream sneered, null rays powered up.

Megatron growled. No one disrespected lord Galvatron this way. "You have a lot of nerve calling my creator weak, considering the fact that yours is a weakling, as well as treasonous and cowardly." Megatron growled, his fusion cannon humming with power.

Optimus looked at his brother, and then went back to reading his comics. He did not want to see another fight between Megatron and his cousin Starscream. Starscream was the creation of Scourge, one of the elite seekers as well as the Air Commander of the Decepticon Empire. Scourge was also the younger brother of Galvatron, which made him his uncle. At the time when Galvatron showed no interest in finding a mate, Starscream was a shoe-in in having the seat of the throne. Unfortunately for Starscream, when Galvatron was eventually forced into marriage and gained an heir from the all-spark, that notion was immediately shot down. Starscream would not be heir or leader as long as Megatron was around to inherit.

"Just as good anyway that I was created, everybody knows that Starscream couldn't lead ant-droids to a picnic." Megatron chuckled at his own joke. "You're just upset that you couldn't be leader of the Decepticon Empire like your creator promised." It was no secret. Everyone knew that Starscream wanted to be leader someday. It was practically ingrained in the seeker's processors.

Starscream sneered. "I was supposed to be crown Prince of the Decepticon Empire. If that stupid treaty hadn't made uncle Galavatron marry, I would have gotten the throne because he had no heir."

"Yeah, you leader? In two orns, the Empire would have crumbled." Megatron snarled. He was already bored of this conversation. Then he grinned evilly. "Besides, I doubt anyone wanted you as Lord High Protector of the Decepticon Empire. If I recall, your own creators didn't want you anymore, said you were defective and stuff. On another subject, how's Sunstorm doing these days?" Some of the bots listened in curiosity at that. Starscream was defective? Who was Sunstorm?

Starscream's face became blank at this, Thundercracker growled threateningly at Megatron while Skywarp was stunned. Sure, Starscream was a jerk, but that was way over the line. Everyone who lived in the palace knew how sensitive Starscream was about his 'problem' and his 'brother'.

The silence didn't last as Starscream attacked back. "Yeah, well, at least both my creators were Decepticons, and actually care for each other." Starscream sneered. Everyone in the room gasped, Optimus showed that he had some decepticon traits after all by giving Starscream a murderous glare where a tinge of red was in his optics and a feral snarl.

Megatron stood still, stunned. He hated being reminded on how he was created. Most people seem to forget he was also the creation of an Autobot, and not just any Autobot, but a Prime! While no one in their right mind would ever insult him in front of Galvatron, the look of distaste was very obvious in their optics whenever they came by to see him or train him. It made making friends with some of the other Decepticons very hard as they loved to remind him of the fact and throw it in his face that his twin was to be a Prime. Many of them treated him like he had some sort of a handicap.

The fact that Starscream reminded him that his creators didn't love each other was another blow to his spark. Everyone knew that his creators loathed each other. The marriage between them had been an attempt to gain a permanent cease-fire between the factions, (an obviously stupid idea dreamed up from the Autobot senate.)But the Decepticons were low on resources and supplies and needed to buy more time for their counterattacks on the Autobots, so they agreed with the marriage (no matter how many times Galvatron swore to kill them for this treason.) His and his brother's creation only added fuel to their constant fights.

Fights that made living in the palace almost unbearable for the twins.

Megatron glared at Starscream and ignored the stupid leaking that was occurring in his optics. Starscream, however, did not.

"Who wants to be led by a big crybaby like you, anyway?" Starscream smugly stated. Thundercracker slapped his forehead as Skywarp got ready to defend his brother if need be. Optimus scooted away from his brother.

Worst words you could ever say to someone like Megatron.

Megatron, of course, didn't stay sad for long. Decepticons didn't get sad, the only emotion they felt was anger and hatred.

And he now felt a huge amount of that right now.

"That's it! When I'm done with you, your own brothers won't be able to recognize you!" Megatron shouted as he started to charge his body to full-power.

"Awww, bite me." Starscream shot back.

"RRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!" Megatron pounced on him and proceeded to bite his servos.

"AHHHHHHH, I DIDN'T MEAN THAT LITERALLY!!!" As Megatron left teeth marks all over Starscream. Energon started to ooze from the scraps. Skywarp and Thundercracker tried to get involved by sneaking up on Megatron only to be grabbed by their servos by Optimus, who had his battle mask on. They growled and got into a stance.

Optimus raised his hands up in a peace fashion. "I don't wanna fight you!"

Unfortunately, Skywarp and Thundercracker were still upset over the insults directed at their creator and their brother. "Too bad!" They both shouted as they tried to double-team him. Optimus somersaulted over them and landed gracefully behind them, he back-kicked Thundercracker in the head and caused him to crash into a wall while he turned to face Skywarp and headbutted him hard on the head. Skywarp collapsed on the floor next to Thundercracker.

"I thought you said you didn't wanna fight!" Thundercracker groaned as he rubbed his helm and Skywarp slipped into la-la land.

Despite the mask, one can clearly tell that Optimus was giving off his well-known cheeky grin as he arrogantly crossed his arms. "I don't want to. But doesn't mean I won't."

Soon, the fight was noticed by the others. Seeing his friend in danger; Soundwave managed to grab Starscream in the back, only to be tackled by a now clearheaded Skywarp. Both sparklings were now rolling on the floor.

"Hey, a fight!" Brawl shouted eagerly as he ran in to join. He ran and rammed into Megatron. Before Megatron could get up, Brawl was now rolling on the floor with him. Optimus tried to help but was caught in a dog-pile by the constructicons.

"Finally, something to do!" Sunstreaker shouted. He just loved a good fight. He jumped in and grabbed Starscream in a headlock, while Ironhide and Blackout wrestled with Thundercracker and Sideswipe. Prowl tried to put a stop to it only to end up in one when Shockwave assumed that he was preparing an attack on Megatron. Soon, many of the kids broke off in teams to fight in the ship.

Noticing that all the kids were fighting, Swindle saw that he couldn't bet against anyone. "Well, when in Rome!" He pounced in to help his brother in a double-team attack against Sunstreaker and Sideswipe.

"Hey come on, guys! I can't drive when you do that."Astrotrain complained as they started fighting inside him and he started to serve violently in the air.


Multi-tasking was one of the many new talents of Samuel James Witwicky.

Five percent was on his French test, the other five, was on what he was planning to do for the summer, another five was on what kind of trouble should he be forced to deal with when he got back to his kids, the third five percent was on Carly's back (and baby got back!), and the final five percent was on how the All-spark was going to affect him in the long run.

Seventy-Five percent of his time was focused on what had happened almost two years ago, when he was introduced to the Autobots.

Earth was filled with resources, some that humans were taking for granted and others that were coveted by many world powers. That was the reason why a group of Autobots had been sent to Earth by Prime's order to excavate it as well as a small group of Decepticon. Since the year 1985, they had remained hidden in Earth, hiding in 'plain sight' and stealing energy for their starving planet. Despite little skirmishes and the occasional witness or two, they had always made the protocol to never allow the natives to know of their existence.

Until 2007, when they stumbled upon an old communication frequency that had told of a map of the All-Spark and the location of Megatron, as well as the fact that the Witwicky line had 'said' map. A race to find the All-Spark was on and Sam was the target.

Sam had to admit that he had not been happy to learn that they had planted Bumblebee at the car sale for him to buy so that he would verify the location of the glasses and try to take them without harm to him and his family, but they explained that had wanted to do this without informing too many people of their existence or informing the Decepticons of their plan. However, that had changed when Sam had spotted Bee's true form in the junkyard when he was calling in the others. When Sam had been pulled in by the police, he had been questioned by a police officer that took the term bad cop in a whole new level. It would only be later on that Sam realized that that cop was a holo-form made by Hound to see how much Sam knew and at the same time denounce everything in front of the other authorities.

Things also became complicated when Barricade, Soundwave and his Cassetticons had shown up. It was bad enough that Barricade had transformed and scared the living daylights out of Sam, but when a CD player suddenly flies off out of said police car and transform into a robot bigger than the one Sam was running from, well, Sam just felt that this wasn't his day. The Autobots had no choice but to reveal themselves and tell Sam the truth of the matter after he was saved. Prowl and Hound had to deal with Barricade and Soundwave while Bumblebee had to stop the Cassetticons from attacking Sam and his then girlfriend, Mikeala. While Bumblebee dealt with Ravage and the birds, Mikeala found herself dealing with Ratbat and Sam had to try and fend off Frenzy. After she defeated Ratbat with a power saw, Mikeala used the same one to deal one on Frenzy. This forced Soundwave to leave the battle to take care of his teammates, leaving poor Barricade with two Autobots.

Sam had been stunned enough to be taken into their temporary base to meet more of them, but had been even more alarmed that he held in his possession the map to the key to Cybertronian life. From what Wheeljack had explained, he held the pair of glasses that was a map to the All-spark, the key to their survival and their very source of life and not to mention the leader of the Decepticon and former lord high protector, Megatron.

Meeting Optimus Prime and being told the history of Cybertron and what they were dealing with made Sam realized that not only were his family in danger, but should the Decepticons win, the whole Universe would be in peril. So considering how much shocks he had suffered the past two days, it was no surprise that he was a bit high-strung that night while he was searching for the elusive glasses.

Then Simmons and Sector Seven came by and terrorized his family. Another bombshell was introduced when he recognized one of the members of S7 squad that had attacked his family, helped in freezing and torturing Bee, the one that was still working with its former S7 boys and was still causing as much trouble as possible for him.

'He chose the wrong side when even that creep Simmons admitted he was in the wrong. I want nothing to do with him anymore.' Sam scowled as he finished his test and completely focused his mind on last year.

As he learned more of what was going on from both Simmons and Benechek, Sam was stunned to meet Megatron. He was disgusted to learn that Earth technology came from Megatron's body and were reverse-engineering the techs off him. The fact that they were planning on doing the same thing to Bumblebee made him sick in the stomach. Despite the frightening face of Megatron, Sam actually felt bad for him. No matter what his excuse was for starting a war and destroying Cybertron, he did not deserve this. To make matters worse, his obsession, the All-Spark, was only a few meters away. They have been using the All-spark, the most sacred artifact on Cybertron; and started to create and destroy each life they made from the techs with it: The same technology that came from Megatron's body. The phone that Simmons used to prove his point and the way they took his life away made Sam numb to the bone. No doubt Megatron had watched the All-Spark being used like that over the years and had witnessed the deaths of each of his 'children'.

Sam had the feeling that if ever Megatron escaped, his rage would be horrific and he would focus his rage on the humans.

Things would have been better had Soundwave not snuck into the base in the form of Mikeala's cell phone. Just as Sam was still trying to figure out how in the hell Soundwave can compact himself into something so small, he had released all his cassecticons and they started going all over the place to cause chaos. In all the confusion; Frenzy had snuck off and released Megatron from his icy tomb.

Just as Sam predicted, Megatron was not a happy camper.

When Sam was escaping in Bee with his then girlfriend and the All-Spark, Pandomionian was what Sam saw when he drove. The Decepticons started to pop out of nowhere and started to hunt him, Mikeala and Bee relentlessly. Starscream and his seekers started to take out all the Air-force pilots and proceeded to try to take out Bee. Sam was glad that Ironhide and Ratchet showed up when they did and took care of him. Skywarp and Thundercracker would have gotten him if Sideswipe and Sunstreaker hadn't landed on them and started to attack them. Despite his feelings back then on Decepticons, Sam couldn't help but wince when he caught Sunstreaker tear out Skywarp's wings and started to savagely beat him with it.

Things got even worse in Sam's opinion when Bumblebee lost his legs in the battle and Sam was forced to leave him. Lennox had shoved the all-spark in his hand and told him that he was a soldier now and he had to go. So Sam had run, because what else could he do. He could not help but feel like a coward for not fighting and for leaving Bee behind.

Of course, Sam didn't stick around to dwell on that for long, especially when a furious Swindle tried to avenge his brother's death by Bumblebee's hand by killing him in return. It was a good thing that Bluestreak shot him down when he did. Though, he felt bad when the last word out of the Arms Dealer was "Brawl."

Being chased by Megatron again had opened up whole new levels of adrenaline rush and made Sam unconsciously consider trying out for the track team. Megatron had been even more frightening then he originally thought, with his deep, dark, taunting voice as he was toying with him when Sam tried to escape him though an abandon building. It was also clear that Megatron wasn't just satisfied in just killing him when he offered to make him his 'pet', Sam could not help but wonder exactly what he meant by that, considering the different meanings behind that word. It became clear to Sam that the years frozen had warped Megatron's processors. Sam had never been so happy to see Optimus after he fell off the roof and he silently vowed to punch Will Lennox first chance he got. Soldier, indeed!

It was also clear to Sam that Optimus just wasn't that into the fight with Megatron. Sure, he was defending himself and the humans, but he was not going in for the kill. Also, Sam wasn't exactly sure, but he had the distinct feeling that Megatron was going easy on Optimus. Either Megatron was weakened from years of being on ice or he truly did not have the spark to kill his twin.

Optimus and Megatron's fight had not helped matters or the city. Not wanting to kill Optimus, even when he begged Sam to push the cube into his chest, Sam ran and shoved All-spark in Megatron's instead. The way Optimus screamed and how he ran to his brother made Sam realized that he didn't want Megatron to die. Before the energy wave would be released that would alter every transformer on earth and introduce Sam to a whole new meaning of 'hot-searing pain', the last thing Sam saw was Optimus shrieking in both pain and anguish as he held Megatron before they were all engulfed in the energy wave.

When he finally came to, that was when Sam's real problems began.

Sam sighed as he grasped the All-spark shard that he placed around his neck with his army tags. Mission City would forever be in his nightmares. The attacks, the explosions, Megatron chasing him, Bee losing his legs, Devastator attacking the city, Jazz's and Brawl's deaths, and the destruction of part of the city. All these events and the outcome led to several questions.

Would the All-spark have truly killed Optimus or would it have done something differently if he had shoved it in his chest, considering that shoving t in Megatron did not kill him but changed everyone?

If he had acted faster or been smarter, would it have made a difference for his robotic friends, would he have escaped this city without his friends getting hurt?

Was there truly a purpose for the All-Spark to turn the children into sparklings?

What is the threat that the voice in his dreams is worrying about?

But the more important thing that he wondered was would the Autobots and Decepticons ever forgive him when they realized what the true cost would have been when the All-Spark was destroyed?


Just outside the entrance of the zoo once Astrotrain reached his destination, the children found themselves under the stern gazes of the four adults in their charge.

"Does that mean we can't go to the zoo?" Bluestreak asked quietly.

"No, you still get to go, but I mean it you guys, no fighting." Will Lennox orders sternly. Did the kids not understand the concept of getting along, especially in close spaces? They were lucky that Astrotrain was made of tougher stuff.

Of course, the cars that they crashed into were not so lucky; it was time for the military to pull out its checkbook again.

"You okay, Astro?" Epps asked as he eyed the rather stiff Triple-changer who was covered in scratches and paint scruffs.

"A little sore, but nothing a mech like me can't handle." Astrotrain shrugged, ignoring the sore dents on his chassis. He glared at the other children. "Next time, I'll eject you all. That'll teach you to use me as a fighting arena." He growled.

Glen sighed resignedly. "I'm telling you, taking the kids to the zoo has the words 'bad idea' written all over it." Why could he not say no to these military men?

"I'm beginning to agree." Maggie sighed at the children who resumed glaring at the floor. They clearly did not like being told what to do by humans. With Sam, it was different, he was one of them and an authority figure as far as they're concerned. Carly was way too sweet to be completely mean to, though she has proven to be quite the fighter when the time came. Chip was smart enough to overwrite a few of their programming if he wanted to and he was protected by Mikeala. Mikeala may not seem like Sam but the woman could hold herself on her own and she had an authority you could not ignore, so they respected her.

You also tried not to mess with the human that could easily make your medical check-ups a living nightmare.

Maggie sighed. The kids were sweet, but she had to remind herself that unlike regular human kids, these kids could cause serious property damages as well as injuries, without even meaning to. She wondered how she went from communicating and translating alien languages to babysitting alien children. She was supposed to be looking for more Autobots or decepticons that could be approaching earth. In addition to that, she was also supposed to be translating the writings on teletron-1 to her computer. So far, she found herself reading about some transformer bible on how Cybertronians came to be and the never-ending fights between Decepticons and Autobots.

From what she read about their wars, she realized that Earth got off way easy.

"These guys are going to give me an ulcer." She sighed to Barricade, who looked at her sympathetically.

"Poor Maggie!" Barricade gave her a hug. Maggie smiled; it was hard to think of them as trouble when they do stuff like that with her.

"Okay, now that that's over with; why don't we go to the concession stop and get some snacks." Glen asked as he finally noticed the food court.

"Glen, you're on a diet! And besides, I wanna see the marine animals. I love Dolphins! And there's supposed to be a special show today." Maggie knew she sounded like a little girl but the zoo always brought out the kid in her.

"No. I want to see the lions. Those are my favorite." Epps playfully added his two cents.

"Shouldn't we at least find out who's paying for this first?" Will asked, hoping that he brought enough money.

"Not me, left my wallet at home."Glen stated as he raised his empty hands.

"Oh really?" Now why didn't Maggie believe that?

"Hey, I didn't come here to spend money. Besides, don't kids go in here for free?"

"That's babies! Besides, they three vorns old. By earth standards, they're two-hundred fifty and a half-olds, not including Bee and Cade whom we have no idea how old they are." Maggie stated.

"Well, don't they get Senior's discount?" Glen was getting desperate.

"You think the ticket master will flip for that?"

The children rolled their optics. The humans were arguing again. It would take a while for them to stop fighting. And they had all learned from experience that when humans fight, it not only took hours for them to stop, but they always found something new to argue about after they resolved the first one.

"Look, let's just split up in teams of four and we can just meet up at the concession." Will finally said; He just wanted to go home to his wife and daughter. Was that really too much to ask?

"All right, who gets who?" Epps asked as he got into Military mode. Might as well get on with this mission.

"I'll take Bluestreak, Shockwave, Ironhide, Blackout, Prowl, Barricade and Bumblebee you can…" Will started before he was interrupted by Maggie who got in his face.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!! Why do you get the well-behaved ones? Can I at least have Cade and Bee, They're babies and I doubt you know how to handle babies?" Maggie started as she placed Barricade down and placed her hands on her hips. Barricade sat near her foot and began sucking his thumb.

"No, but I'm a father and so far I'm doing a pretty good job! Besides, you have your hands full with the other kids." Will pointed out.

"Okay Look, I'll take Megatron or Optimus, but not both. When those two are together, they are nothing but trouble. If they're not fighting each other, they're plotting together." Glen intercepted between the hot-tempers.

Speak of the devils……….

The children watched the adults argue. Optimus realized that they were too distracted to keep an eye on them. Optimus and Megatron exchanged looks and smirked. They were going to have some fun. They sent a silent communication to the others, causing even the sweetest Cybertronians to smile mischievously. As the adults started to argue, none of them noticed that the children had activated their stealth mode and were sneaking off with Blackout pushing Bee's carriage. Barricade, blinked his optics for a second before he, too, toddled off after the others.

One Autobot in particular had a plan, though. While he may get in trouble for it later on, the results would be worth it.


"We escaped the humans!" Sunstreaker cheered as he and Sideswipe high-fived each other.

"So where do we go?" Sideswipe asked as he took in the sights and smells.

"There's a map! Let's find out where the petting zoo is." Bluestreak pointed at a large map on the side. He wanted to pet some animals.

"Let's see, we are here, so that means…………." Shockwave drawled as he examined the map.

"There's where I wanna go!" Ironhide shouted as he pointed on the map. "That's where they have the lions and tigers and bears."

"Oh my!" Ratchet stated.

"I wanna see tigers!" Sunstreaker demanded as he pushed Ironhide aside.

"Come on Brawl, let's see how many wild animals you can take on before they kick us out of the zoo." Swindle grinned, dragging his big brother with him.

"Let's go that way, Sunny." Sides grinned.

"Okay, and don't call me Sunny."

"I wonder what the health plans on these animals are?" Ratchet thought out loud as he was being dragged by Ironhide.

"Look Scrapper, monkeys! Let's see if we can keep one!" Hook squealed as he dragged his oldest brother off.

"So lions are the king of the jungles. Wonder if they've ever faced me off." Megatron grinned as he went towards the lion's section. Optimus blinked at his brother, and then he followed after him.

"There's a birds' sanctuary here? Hhhhmmmmm, let's see if they are treated with dignity. If not, we shoot the zookeepers." Starscream stared to his brothers. They hovered a few feet and zoomed off to the opposite direction of Megatron and Optimus.

Wheeljack grinned and grabbed his partner-in-crime. "Hey, Shockwave, wanna go see the dolphins?"

"Well, I am rather curious. It is believed that they used to be land mammals before they de-evolved back to aquatic mammals." Shockwave stated matter-of-factly.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah I just wanna hear their echo-location. That's a language I wouldn't mind listening to. Hey, you think they like music? I got 'So long and thanks for all the fish' in my iTunes." Jazz beamed.

"Only one way to find out." Wheeljack grinned. He, Jazz and Shockwave ran off.

"Hey, has anyone seen Hound?" Bluestreak asked as he looked around.

"No, let's go look for him." Prowl sighed, having the feeling that the animal loving Autobot was about to do something ridiculous.

Soon most of the children went off to a different direction, making it a day in the zoo the people were not likely to forget.


Maggie knew there was something wrong when she heard nothing but silence: No rants, no whining, no fights, not even Bluestreak's incessant talking. She turned to be greeted with an empty area of the zoo.

"Where are the kids?" Maggie asked as she looked around. That sparked a reaction to everyone.

"You lost the kids?" Glen shouted as he looked around to see a robot-free area.

"Correction: WE lost the kids." Maggie pointed out. Even the carriage that held Bee was gone.

"Oooooohhh, the generals going to kill us!" Will moaned as he buried his face in his hands. He should have retired when he had the chance.

"Screw the general! What about Sam? If he finds out we lost his 'precious brats', you can bet that our asses will be on target practice. And let me tell you, Sam has gotten better at shooting." Epps panicked. Sam rarely got angry. He panicked, went on nervous rants and even shouted really loudly in frustration. But when he got angry…………………… let's just say that Epps rued the day he ever gave Sam a gun.

"Which way do you think they went?" Glen asked as he stood on a bench to look for them.

A large group of people suddenly screamed and ran by them from the east side, where the more predatorily animals were caged.

"I think I got a pretty good idea." Maggie grimaced as she bit her lower lip. Not good, the press will have a field day on this.

"I just hope Sam doesn't find out about this." Will stated with wide eyes when he saw how many people were running.


Sam was in the middle of his Physics test and was about to finish it before the other class. Just two more test and vacations can start for him. No more school to cut off his time with his kids; he could give them all his attention and see if he could somehow either get them home, change them back if he could, or at least keep them here and raise them as his sons.

'They just need to adjust to Earth; they really are good kids deep down.' Sam thought as he finished his math test.

He was just about to put his test away and leave when the door opened to reveal a plump bleached blond woman in a red suit. It was Miss Rodriguez, their school secretary.

"Excuse me, Mr. Witwicky. The school has just received a phone call from Tranquility zoo. They have a bone to pick with you on your children." Miss. Rodriguez stated in a cheerful voice.

The sound of a hand smacking a forehead echoed on the hallways, which is quickly followed by a giggle from Carly and Mikeala.


I know not much zoo action, but I thought you may want to know where some of the Cybertronians stood in society. Also, I thought most would like to know how this is an AU and why there are more transformers then they should be. Hope that answers everyone's questions.

My version of how all the transformers as well as how they played a part in it was a bit hard to write. But hopefully, when the outline all set, we can see how it all works when Sam has his flashbacks. (I'm still resentful that Soundwave was dropped from the first moive and doesn't get his original alt. mode. Still, I did a pretty good job on him so far.

I also wanted to show you that Cybertron is also in big trouble from something just to show you that the kids will be needed in the future as well as why no help has been received. After all, an entire year of no calls and no energon; that should have someone suspicious.

If you were disappointed with this chapter, I promise you won't be in part two of the zoo field trip, lots of mayhem and madness.

On the next chapter is part two of the zoo as we see what kind of trouble the kids get into. Hopefully, their chaperones will stop them from doing anything ridiculous. What is Hound's true reason for releasing the animals? Why is Scavenger suddenly afraid? Who is that mech that is coming to earth that is worrying him?

Stay Tuned.