Who Are You Now

By:Natalie Stiles

Chapter 1

Hope You all enjoy this story i put a lot into it.

now on with the story.

(Kai's Prov)

I came back. Back to Japan were I said I would never come againe.

Yet hereI am standing in the airport looking for that same bald fat man that started all of this.

He sent an eargent message saying that Rei Kon had gone missing and the Bladers were getting together to look for him.

The letter also said that we were going to have a reunion but it was cancled. Why I'm here though you may ask?

It is because I have secrets know one knows and since I have changed greatly since i left them I had a feeling they might wish to understand why I left.

Well there is Mr. D. I'll be seeing the others soon.

(Normal Prov)

Well how was your flight Kai was everything okay? asked Mr. Dickenson

Yeah it was fine. Kai answered handing the driver his bags and stepped into the limo.

So have you heard anything from Rei a call, letter, anything? Kai asked in a calm tone.

No but Tyson and the gang are out looking. Mr. D. told Kai.

So am I looking alone? Kai asked.

Not quite. said a voice from the front of the limo.

Tala is that you? Kai questioned.

Yeah, Bryan, and Brooklyn are here too. Tala called from the front.

We came to help you find Rei, Tala stated.

Thats great we should find him easly. Kai said with a smile.

So what are all the details Mr. D. Brooklyn asked crawling through the window to sit in the back.

Well we do know were he was last seen. He answered.

Where was he last seen then, Bryan asked.

He was last seen leaving a hotel in Tokyo called Borderlines then they say he went north, Mr. D. answered.

So we start in Tokyo, Tala said, then were would we go.

Well after that I think we should try the bars around the hotel. Kai said looking at everyone.

Thats okay with me. Said Mr. D. just meet back at Tysons if you find him, i will leave the limo here.

Well were here. Mr. D. said motioning for everyone to get out.

We're where may I ask. Bryan asked confused.

Well Bryan this is the hotel I figured you would all want to start here. Mr. Dickenson answered.

Yeah this is great. Kai told him.

I also got you a hotel room but they only had two beds so I hoped you don't mind. Mr. D. informed them.

Thats Fine we can share. Brooklyn called from behind everyone.

Hey guys I have a problem, Brooklyn said stumbling forward.

Brooklyn you okay. Bryan asked running to his side.

Bry I'm dizzy again i need to lay down. Brooklyn confessed.

Bryan is he okay, Tala asked walking over in time to help Bryan fully catch Brooklyn before he fell.

He Needs to lay down before he...

(He was interupted by Brooklyn passing out and just about hitting the ground but instead fell into Kai's arms)

Mr. Dickenson we need our room number and key now Kai comanded lifting Brooklyn with ease into his arms.

Yes, Yes, your room number is 112 here is the key. Mr. D. said handing the key to Tala.

Good-bye boys be careful. He said going to the limo.

(Moments Later Kai's Prov)

After we ran to the room we layed Brooklyn down.

Bryan went nuts.

He was screaming at himself about how he should have made Brooklyn stay at home.

It was like Bryan knew what was happening.

I knew one thing though I was going to find out what that was, but Tala bet me to it.

(Normal Prov)

Bryan what happened, Tala asked with concern laying a hand on his shoulder.

Bryan you can tell us Brooklyn may need medical attention so please tell us. Kai but in.

He will be find its just his body ajusting, Lee told me so. Bryan said carefully.

Ajusted to what may I ask. Tala asked just a little bit to calmly.

I got him pregnat okay I didn't have any condoms but Brooklyn said it was okay, so now when he gets to tired and dosen't rest he passes out. Bryan said tears running down his face.

Bryan its okay you and Brooklyn are in love so now Garland and Brooklyn can do the mother thing together. Tala said a smile on his face.

Wait hold up let me get this straight while I was away you guys became fathers and never told me. Kai said a little more surprised than he ment to sound.

Yeah we were going to tell you after we found Rei. Brooklyn said sitting up.

Your awake, Bryan said as his stomach growled.

We'll start the search for Rei in the morning here is the spare key order room servies I will be back later. Kai said as he went out the door.

(Kai's Prov)

I found this great bar right down the street from our hotel but I never made it inside.

I heard these sounds no human ever made unless they were in pain.

So I went down the ally behind it, but I did not like what i found.

It was Rei hunched over a garbage can.

It sounded like he was trying to pyuck his guts out.

His Hair was down and falling in his face.

So I did the unthinkable I went up behind him and pulled his hair back.

Then I saw his face it was so pale you could think he was a ghost.

Rei is that you he jumped and some how manged to stop throwing up.

He looked at me with those yellow eyes of his and smiled.

Then he twirled back around and to throw up some more.

(Normal Prov)

Guy's I'm back, Kai called to the group.

We're in here Kai come look at what we found. Tala called from the conjoined kitchen and family area.

( Tala's Prov)

When Kai came in the room what he held craddled in his arms, I did not expect.

There in his arms lay Rei pale and shivering.

I also did not expect to see Brooklyn jump into action like he did.

All you saw was a flash as he ran around the hotel room getting medican, warm water, blankets, thermometers, garbage cans, and bags.

He found and extra sleeping bag in Bryan's bag.

He then told Kai to lay him down.

When Kai did he covered him up in a furry blanket.

Told Kai to hold the termomiter, put a warm wet cloth over his head.

Once the termomiter went off, it read 103.4 so we knew he had a fever.

Then Brooklyn asked what had happened and twenty other questions I didn't half way catch.

(Normal Prov)

Well I went to the bar down the street I found him in the ally throwing up like crazy,along with shivering and pale.So I told him we were staying close near by.

He was to dizzy to so I carried him now here we are. Kai said finishing the story in a hurry.

Well is he going to be okay? Tala asked.

He should be but I don't really know. Brooklyn answered.

(Kai's Prov)

I did not like the look in Brooklyn's eyes.

It was that look you know the one that just tells you he thinks he knows something.

I really didn't like what he did next.

Brooklyn took Rei's shirt off, then he put pressure on Rei's lower abdomain.

This made Rei grown in pain.

He started to gag so Bryan rolled him over.

Rei was throwing up again.

Tala had his hair, I had his arms, Brooklyn was rubbing his back, and Bryan was trying to figure out what Brooklyn seemed to know.

When he stoped Rei rolled back over and slowly opened his eyes.

Brooklyn was smiling at him.

Tala was braiding his hair.

I was holding his hand.

Bryan was on the bed.

(Normal Prov)

So feeling better. Tala asked finishing the braid.

(Rei didn't answer he just looked at Kai with a weird look.)

(Kai stood up bringing Rei with him.)

We'll be right back. Kai said leaving the room with Rei right behind him.

(Kai & Rei in Kitchen)

Come on Rei you can tell me whatever it is.

If your sick we need to know. Kai said.

I just can't you will get angry with me. Rei told Kai.

No Rei I won't I've changed a lot I promise I won't get mad, just tell me. Kai told Rei sitting down beside him.

Okay I'll tell you as long as you don't get mad. Rei said finaly giving in.

You remember when we meet up three months ago? Rei asked.

Yeah why? Kai asked.

Well you remember that we had sex that night right? Rei asked starting to figite.

Yeah Rei is everything okay. Kai asked very confused about what was going on.

Kai I'm just going to say it, Kai I'm pregnat and the baby is yours. Rei said as he began to cry.

Rei thats amazing why did you not want to tell me. Kai asked a little puzzled.

Well I thought you would hate me because you know i fouced you to have sex with me. Rei answered shyly.

I would never do something like that, Rei I love you and I've been in rehabe so that I could control my anger issues. Kai told Rei, placing his hand on Rei's.

The guys won't care either because now we can expect three babies to be running around soon. Kai told Rei.

Really who? Rei asked.

Brooklyn, Garland, & you are all with child. Kai answered with a smile.

( Placing a kiss on Rei's cheek Kai stands up and brings Rei with him. )

Lets go tell the guys right away. Kai said very excited.


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