Who are you now?

Chapter 3

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(Normal POV)

"Well guys four of us are still waiting two of us already have theirs do you think we will be good fathers?" Tala asked as he walked up and down the hall.

"Yes we are all going to do just fine though it's amazing how we discovered that Rei and Brooklyn we're both three months six months ago."Kai said watching Tala pace the Tokyo Hospital.

"Tonight we both will become fathers Kai we will have to learn how to change diapers and everything." Bryan said through his hands. (He is really nervous)

"Mr. Hiwatari & Mr. Kuznetsov would you like to see your husbands first or your children?" asked the small nurse that entered the room.

"My husband but is it a girl or a boy." Bryan asked.

"You both have healthy baby boys I am proud to inform, Mr. Kon is asleep, while Mr. Kingston is waiting to see you Mr. Kuznetsov." "Mr. Kon told me that he wishes you to go see your son Mr. Hiwatari." The nurse finally finished and looked to both for their decision.

"Well then I will follow my husband's wish and go see our son." Kai said.

"Mine will want to go with me to see him so I'm off to see him first." Bryan said.

"Well then good luck to you both they are gorgeous they are I give you my best wishes have fun." The nurse was gone in a flash to other business.

(Kai's POV)

"I'm here to see my son," Kai said to the nurse at the desk of the baby unit.

"Well when was he born and what name is on his bracelet?" the lady asked.

"Um well I'm not sure when but I bet if I know my husband the bracelet says Hiwatari." Kai said anticipating her telling him there wasn't one and he having to go wake up Rei.

"Well congratulations Mr. Hiwatari you have a very healthy little boy waiting for his name." she said getting up to go to the door with Kai.

"Really Rei didn't name him yet?" Kai asked with a look of surprise on his face.

"Nope he told us to let you do it when you see his tiny little face."She said as she walked them over to a baby wrapped in blue with the Hiwatari name on is bed.

"Well here he is what do you think of your new son Mr. Hiwatari?" She said as she watched Kai's face light up.

"He is amazing me and Rei defiantly made that."Kai said with a smile.

(The baby had Rei's eyes and Kai's hair with little pointy teeth already in his mouth just like Rei when he was a baby)

"I think we will name him Degokyn a mixture of the whole gang's names." Kai said as he looked at the sweet little boy. (The Name Degokyn came from Kai, Rei, Brooklyn, Bryan, Tala, and Garland's names. Just if you wanted to know)

"Well I'll be back in a few minutes I am off to tell the father of my son our child's name." Kai said kissing his son's head before heading out the door.

(Bryan's POV)

"Brooklyn darling how are you; did everything go okay?" Bryan asked coming into the room to hold Brooklyn's hand.

"Yes love everything went fine Byron is doing well that is the name you said you wanted right?" Brooklyn asked hugging Bryan to calm him down.

"Oh yes that was the name that we chose for him together so I would never change my option." Bryan said calming down a little.

"Great then help me into the wheelchair I want to go see him." Brooklyn said leaning on Bryan for support to get to the chair.

"With pleasure my love I can't wait to see our little bundle of joy." Bryan said wheeling Brooklyn down the hall to get to the baby unit.

"We are here to see our son?" They said in unison.

"We have been expecting you too for a while little Byron is waiting for you anxiously." The nurse said walking them to the door like she had done Kai before them.

"Here he is Byron Kuznetsov healthy as a hatter." The nurse said as she left them to admire their work.

(He had Bryan's hair color and Brooklyn's pretty eyes to make a beautiful pale skin baby)

(They were admiring their handing work when Bryan looked over and noticed Hiwatari written on the baby next to their son's bed. )

"I bet that's Kai & Rei's son and look his name is Degokyn that's letters from all of our names isn't Kai and angel I would have never believed he would do that." Bryan said to Brooklyn.

"Our three kids will grow up close like we did right Bryan?" Brooklyn asked.

"Of course they will now that we are all back together I don't plan on breaking this bond again I mean would you?" Bryan asked.

"No that's why I asked I want our kids to know if they have a problem they don't want to tell us that they can defend each other." Brooklyn said.

"We would have but back when we were with Boris we couldn't without punishment I don't want them to ever have to grow up that way." Brooklyn said.

"Yeah I don't either and together with the others we can raise them to know that don't worry I know Rei is probably thinking the same thing." Bryan said holding Brooklyn close.

(Rei's POV)

"So Kai what do you think of our little pride and joy?" Rei asked with a smile bigger than his eyes.

"Well Degokyn is just perfect and the spitting image of you my love." Kai said hugging Rei close.

"How long did you sleep?" Kai asked.

"Forget that why Degokyn is it special like he is?" Rei asked confused of their son's new name.

"Well the letters are from different pieces of our best friends' names I thought you would like it that way since he will be raised with their two children for the rest of his life." Kai said looking Rei in the eyes.

"Wow you got that name out of six other names?" Rei asked.

"No only five, I didn't use my own name unless you count the K. but I was meaning the one from Brooklyn's name not mine." Kai said smiling at Rei.

"You like the name though right?" Kai asked Rei then kissed his cheek.

"Yes I love his name it is perfect just like him." Rei said hugging Kai, "but promise me this he will never have to leave his friends like we did so many times before."

"That I can promise he will defiantly never leave them and neither will we." Kai said doing the pinky promise like Rei wanted.

(Normal POV 2 years later)

"Well you kept your promise I am proud of you the children are happy and we are still with our best friends." Rei said hugging Kai as the 2 year old children played tag.

"It's their birthday and they act like it is any other day of the week we have raised them well." Tala called as he lit the candles on the cake.

"Yes, but the children will get older and then they will be in our hair like moths to a flame." Brooklyn said to Tala as he put the last bit of discarded wrapping paper in the trash the standing to support his big tummy… (He is pregnant with number two)

"That is the truth," Garland said coming around the corner little Grey on his hip Kaia on his heels. (Already had number two)

"Kai when are you and Rei planning on expanding the family any news yet…?" Garland asked as he got closer.

"Well that is the good part we just found out today that we are pregnant with twins not even a month along yet." Rei announced with Kai hugging him close.

"Alright kids come blow out the candles and make a wish…" Tala called from the cake.

Kaia, Byron, & Degokyn came running to the table blued them out then ran back to their game of hide and seek.

"Well I know one thing they don't have a care in the world." They all said together and laughed.

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