" Mom ur what"


"to who?"

" one of your Friends dad!"

Danny: does he have any kids?"

Gwen: though ( i hope it's not Izzy, or heather!")

(door bell ring's)

Gwen's mom: "their here"

when Gwen opened the door she was shocked

Heather: "Dad ur making me live with weird goth girl"

--later that night--

Heather:" i call bed!"

Gwen: my room my bed u sleep on the floor!"

heather: "whatever!"

-- next morning--

Gwen: ( listening 2 flyleaf)

heather:" turn that crap off!!"

Gwen: "my house,. my music!!"

(door bell ring's)

heather: "i got it...Trent what are u doing here??"

Trent:"picking up Gwen"


Gwen: "what!!"

heather: "Trent's here!"

Gwen: ( walks into living room) "ooh hey!"

Trent: hey ( gabs Gwen's hand and walks out the house)

heather: "oohh gwe-"

Gwen: ( closes door in her face)

Heather:" grrr that little- wait i can go through her stuff" smiles and runs up stairs