Chapter One: One Girls Breaking Heart

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"You tell me now!" A very angry blond raised her voice to the two other figures in the living room of their house. "You wait to now to tell me that I can't be with him. I thought you liked the Inuzukas."

"Ino, we have nothing against the Inuzukas." A woman with blonde hair tried to sooth her daughter.

"What is it then, you just don't like Kiba? Cause I highly doubt it's Akamaru." She said sarcastically.

"Ino shut your mouth before I make you shut it." The large male placed his hands together threatening his daughter with the very jutsu that he had taught her so many years ago. Ino did not speak afterwards. Her blue eyes merely starred daggers at her parents.

She and Kiba had been dating for almost eighteen months now and she was very happy with their relationship. Kiba adored her to no end and she finally said those three words that he longed to hear from her before he left for his mission. And she did, she loved him; dog smell and everything. Kiba suited her wild personality and was never afraid to mess around with her, yet he knew when to be gentle with her. He was always protecting her from others while knowing exactly how to please her.

So the question became why were her parents saying that she couldn't be with him?

Ino merely shook her head causing her blonde hair to sway back and forth in her ponytail. Her parents had been waiting up for her after she had returned from her date with her beau. He had been assigned to a two month long mission and the day before he was to return Ino had been assigned to a two week long mission. Today they spent the day together, after she reported in the progress of her mission. But when he saw her he was troubled. In his hand he held a small velvet box. He told Ino that he went to her father to ask for her hand in marriage and he declined saying that he couldn't discuss the reasons why, further.

Ino hugged Kiba tightly she would have said 'yes' without a moment's hesitation. Why were her parents deigning her happiness with the man she loved? She told Kiba she's get to the bottom of this so there she was in the living room of her home demanding to know why her parents said no.

"Ino, be a lady and hold your tongue." Her mother scolded harshly which was very uncharacteristic of Mrs. Yamanaka. She then looked to her husband who nodded for her to continue. "Darling we have nothing against Kiba or the Inuzukas," She held up her hand to keep Ino from voicing her opinion. "Ino, when you were born, your father and I made an arrangement with another family."

It took a minute for the girl to understand what her mother was trying to tell her before her eyes widened in shock. "Mother, don't say that, please."

"Ino, you're already promised to another man." Her father stated bluntly. "We've recently talked with the family and they wish to continue with the marriage; as do we." He spoke the last part slowly to remind his daughter that their wishes as her parents could not be ignored.

Tears built up in Ino's eyes. Her body began to shake and she couldn't stop the muffled cries from escaping from her mouth. She tried to pull herself together, to keep her pride but with each word her parents spoke she couldn't believe this was happening to her. Only the very important clans, such as the Sarutobi's and the Hyugas, put together arranged marriages and even they were on rather rare occasions.

"You're wedding," Her Inoichi didn't get much further than that before Ino cracked.

"I hate you! I hate you both!" She yelled her body trembled and she wrapped her arms around her stomach trying to hold herself together.

"Ino," her mother tried to sooth reaching her hand out for her daughter. Ino merely smacked it away.

"Don't touch me." She yelled as her feet carried her out of the house. She knew exactly where her parents would think she would go. She would normally run to Sakura, then to Shikamaru; but this was bigger than the two of them. She ran through some of the back streets of the village until she found the dirt road that led straight to Kiba's house.

She ran up the dirt road falling twice but picking herself up anyway despite the pain in her hands and knees. It didn't even compare to the pain her breaking heart was causing her. She did not want to wake up his mother or sister because she knew from Kiba that they were not morning people. She made a wide sweep around the side of his house till she came to his window. He was still, up like she knew he would be. He was playing with the velvet box with one hand while the other rested in between the pillow on his bed and the back of his hand. He wore nothing but his sleeping pants on. Akamaru lay off to the side of his bed. His deep brown eyes were deep in thought; so it took Ino a few knocks on his window before he noticed that she was there.

"My god Ino," He exclaimed softly pulling her through the window. He held her delicately in his arms. Akamaru barked happily to see Ino but then he settled down when he sensed her distraught mood. Instead he trotted over to the open window and shut it.

Kiba placed Ino on his bed with her face buried into his shoulder. She sat there, clinging to him desperately. She didn't want to let him go. She wasn't going to let him go. After she had cried her eyes dry Kiba lifted her chin to look him in the eye. "Ino,"

Ino shook her head and leaned in to gently kiss his lips. He was so beautiful to her and he did not have a second thought about stopping their kiss. Ino felt the tears start back up and pulled away. Kiba pulled her into his lap and rested his forehead oh hers. "Talk to me Ino, what happened."

"I...I asked them, wh...why they wouldn't let me marry you." She managed to say only after many attempts.

Kiba wanted a good reason. He had tried his damn hardest to impress her parents and he thought he had earned their trust with their daughter. His family sure loved her after she spent some time around them. He held back his anger and whispered, "What did they say?"

She left out some muffled cries before being able to tell him; "They put me in.. arranged marriage. They said it was planned soon after I was born but they chose to tell me now!"

Kiba's jaw dropped. He would never, never ever had guessed that the Yamanakas would put Ino, of all people through an arranged marriage.

"To who?"

"I didn't ask, and I don't care it's not going to happen Kiba." Ino said looking him right in the eye. "I'm not going to marry anyone but you." She swore to him gripping his hands. She looked to him for some guidance but he was just as rattled and befuddled as she was.

Not knowing what else he could do to sooth her he pulled her back to him placing his lips on hers; pressing his on hers until he felt her moving her mouth along with his. Ino placed her hands on the rise of his chest gripping him gently. Kiba moved his hands to the small of her back pulling her closer to him. He did not press Ino or lead her like he would normally do if it was just the two of them alone.

They both knew in the back of their minds that this might be the last time they get to spend alone together. Parents had every right to intervene with their child's marriage if they want too. There was no law in Konoha saying they couldn't; it just merely fell out of fashion as the children began to marry for love instead of power and/or status. Not many problems emerged from it so the parents roll in finding a partner for their children simply lost the same weight in their children's eyes.

Ino never imagined her parents would do this to her. Ino never thought her parents would be the ones to break her heart. Maybe anger her, but wasn't the man your with supposed to break the girl's heart. Not the parents. We're the parents the one's to try and keep their girl's heart from breaking. Sure they could hate Kiba for the rest of their lives but to refuse him in her name was different.

'No,' she thought, 'I'll show them how much I love him. I'll give him something they can't ever take away from him.'

Ino threw her bangs out of her face with a quick toss of her head, which was the only moment she broke the kiss. Kiba smiled at her enjoying the company before him. Ino had snuck over to his house before and he to hers, but it was always planned. Planned so well that Shikamaru was even impressed when they first got away with it. After tossing her hair, Ino shifted her body so she startled Kiba's legs before once again returning to her man. She wasn't a little girl anymore. She was a full grown woman with hopes, dreams, wishes and wants; soon going on twenty years old. (a/n- In my fanfic you have to be twenty one before you can officially be called an adult)

Greatly enjoying the amount of attention he was receiving Kiba pressed on the small of Ino's back harder so she would be pressed closer to him. Ino did not object to the closeness and gracefully wrapped her arms around Kiba's neck. She pressed her mouth harder against his in an eager response to the building lust in her body. She was going to give herself to him tonight; give her virginity to him if she was not able to give anything else and there was nothing anyone could do to take it away from him once he got it.

Parting her mouth slightly she felt Kiba's hot breath enter her mouth, he always tasted so clean. She seductively ran her tongue across his bottom lip begging for him to come out and play with her. Kiba obliged his woman happily and so began the war of tongues. As always Kiba won and pushed Ino's tongue aside as he entered her mouth. Every time he would brush by her tongue she would let out a soft moan, a lustful cry for more and after a few minutes she began to feel his erection building beneath her.

A small smile escaped her lips as they broke away for air. But Ino knew that she did not have Kiba's full consent to what she wanted. To what she knew he would want too with just a small bit more of prying. She trailed kisses along the side of his jaw slowly and painful as Kiba moaned in what she knew was pleasure as his manhood hardened further. She knowingly snuggling her face in the crook of his neck as she began to move her hips back and forth, rubbing her sex against his. Kiba lavished in the moment before stopping her in realization to her intensions.

His hands immediately dropped to her hips and Kiba gave Ino a hard and serious look. "Ino," he cautioned, "Don't do this just to do it,"

"Please Kiba, take me." She whispered into his ear trailing her fingers along the toned muscles of his revealed chest. "Don't question it, we both want it."

"It's more complicated than that." He warned. "Your parents think better of you than to sleep with me."

"Then it's just something that they're going to have to accept." Ino said looking him straight into the eyes. "I love you Kiba. And I will always love you. It is something they cannot stop or take away because I hold you here, in my heart. I will only give myself to a man I love. Not some boy they chose for me to wed."

He was at a loss for words. He knew she loved him; he did not know that it would be to this extent considering it took her over a year to confess her love. Ino gripped the edge of her purple shirt and slowly lifted it over her head, not breaking eye contact. She slowly undid the bandages which held her breasts securely in place so they fell free before him.

Akamaru left them alone. He knew enough to know that his master and his mistress would not want an audience.

"Kiba, please." Ino felt her eyes begin to water but still she did not break contact with Kiba's beautiful brown eyes. "This may very well be our last night together." She reminded him. Her hands unhitched one from her waist and placed it on her now exposed breast. Kiba starred at them. He never had the chance to see one up close before let alone touch it. Gently he squeezed it in his palm making Ino close her eyes and rock on him once again in pleasure. He ran his thumb over her heightened nipple and she let out more soft noises that only urged him on further.

"I want to give myself to you." Ino rocked on him further leaning in to whisper in his ear.

Kiba smiled into the crook of her neck and began to lay kisses down her body. "Do you trust me not to hurt you?" He said knowing how tender a girl's first time could be. Not that he bedded another girl, it was all part of 'The talk' every horny teenage boy is given.

"I trust you to take care of me. I know it might hurt; but I also know it is worth the pain to get the pleasure." Ino smiled as he roughly reclaimed her lips. "And I want no other man to pleasure me but you."

Kiba grinned his wolfish grin as he pulled Ino on top of him on his small bed. "Then pleasure you I shall."