Author: Angelface23147

Story: Forced

Chapter: 14

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Main Pairing: Nara Shikamaru & Yamanaka Ino

Side Pairings: Hyuuga Neji & Tenten, Uzumaki Naruto & Hyuuga Hinata, Uchiha Sasuke & Haruno Sakura, Temari no Subaku & OC

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He didn't move. "Yes," he said

There was absolutely no way he was going to let such a loose cannon into his village. "She is welcome. You however, are not."

"I am not leaving her-"

"You have no other choice, Uchiha." Gaara stood, arms crossed across his chest, looking unblinkingly into Sasuke's black eyes.

Sasuke stood, clutching Sakura's body close to his own. Her pink hair was thrown in her face and her eyes slowly drifting up and down, fighting consciousness all the while. Sasuke finally had her in his arms, and he wasn't going to let her go; "I go where she goes."

"She got along perfectly fine before you walked back in, Uchiha," Gaara let a small smirk cross the confines of his stone face. "More than fine, last time I was informed."

Every single muscle in Sasuke's face twisted and tightened quicker than he had ever had before. Sakura was his and no one else's. The mere thought of another man touching her, what he had claimed all those years ago, was absurd. She had wanted him before she thought of anyone else. He had saved her life multiple times.

"Hokage-sama may have allowed your return to Konoha, Uchiha," Gaara started once again. "But you're not in Konoha anymore. This land isn't Fire Country. This is my domain, and my village Uchiha. I rule here."

Gaara could very easily tell what affect Sakura held on Sasuke now. Gaara also knew that Sasuke previously held no romantically inclined feelings towards his pinked haired beauty. Yet, that was not the reason that Gaara had become suddenly cautious of the Uchiha. Sasuke was never easily persuaded to do something, so the Uchiha's sudden reappearance meant that he was worried about something. What could have brought about such a sudden reappearance? Gaara wondered for a moment, before another, more troubling, thought hit him.

If Sasuke has finally returned, did that mean he was in danger of losing his Sakura? If Sasuke did return because of Sakura, that could mean that he finally had returned her feelings she felt so long ago. Feelings that Sakura had worked years to suppress; he was her first love, after all. No matter how much Gaara wished that wasn't the case, he could not change that. What she felt for Sasuke had caused her such a heart ache, feelings that she and Naruto sacrificed their bodies, their minds, and years of their lives while they waited for Sasuke. Sakura was no stupid girl. She would figure out just how much Sasuke cared for her if he was given the chance.

Gaara waited too long for Sakura to come around, and he wasn't going to give Sasuke the chance to take her back away from him.

"What the hell are you two doing? Just standing around?" A high pitched, concerned voice yelled from behind them. Both males made quick glances around the area the moment the voice registered in their heads. They knew exactly who was calling them, but since Sasuke skipped ahead of the rest of the group, he was certainly going to get it.

Kakashi, Sai, and the owner of the voice, Ino, came into view. All of them were riding on top of one of Sai's black and white birds, identifiable by its black and white painterly qualities, and two-dimensional appearance. Ino could easily see Sakura in the arms of Sasuke, which caused most of the color to drain from her face. "Kakashi," she said, quickly pleading for him to do something. "They look like they're going to rip each other's throats out. Do something Kakashi-sempai!"

With a nod of his head, Kakashi disappeared in his cloud of smoke. Sai turned his head to Ino, "I would have liked to see that."

"See what?"

"Sasuke-chan and Gaara-sama tear out each other's throats," A fake smile appeared on his pale face.

Ino smacked Sai on the back of the head. "No," Ino corrected him, "Sakura wouldn't like that."



Kakashi understood and was gone in a poof of smoke. He reappeared on the ground level, next to both Sasuke and Gaara. "Hello boys," he put one hand up, along with his normal warm-hearted smile.

Neither said a word, forcing Kakashi to put off the nice guy act.

"Kazekage-sama," he turned, respectfully, to face Gaara. "Sakura has probably been through some severe whiplash from our most recent attack with the few rouge ninjas that we encountered on our trip to Suna. It may be best for Sakura's health if…"

"Haruno-san may be admitted to our hospital. The Godaime had not informed me to the return of the lost Uchiha." Sasuke did not miss the 'lost' instead of 'last'

"Sasuke has only recently returned to the village Kazekage-sama." Kakashi explained.

"You must understand me, Hatake, when I say I am uncomfortable letting a rouge ninja into my village, yes?"

"That is perfectly understandable," Kakashi nodded in agreement and, for a fleeting moment, Gaara had thought that he was going to be rid of Sasuke, until Kakashi finished his sentence; "however, Gaara-sama, this mission is part of Sasuke's reorientation into the village. If he misbehaves, he will be denied re-entry."

Sporting his crinkly one eye smile, Kakashi waited patiently for Gaara to give his answer. The Kazekage, on the other hand, only looked at Kakashi like he was a crazy person. He didn't want the Uchiha in any village close to his people... or his Sakura.

"Why in the hell are you still just standing there, brother?" Kankuro yelled. His team had just reached the gates as Sai and Ino landed safely on the ground and the bird melted into a small pool of ink.

"Tell your brother to let the asshole in." Ino pleaded, with not a pleased voice herself, with Kankuro. "he's on the thin ice in Konoha anyway, so he's not going to dare do anything to harm his chances."

Kankuro looked right into Ino's eyes before turning to his brother, "Gaara, she is right. We all know Sasuke's an ass, but between our own shinobi and the eight plus here from Konoha, including Naruto, even if he does act up, no harm will come to the people."

Gaara's turquoise eyes apprised Sasuke for the last time. "Kankuro, lead Kakashi to the hospital. Hatake-san, if you don't mind escorting Sakura." Sasuke was not going to be anywhere near his girl as long as he could help it.

Kankuro nodded and signaled for Kakashi to take Sakura from Sasuke, who was naturally reluctant to let his sleeping beauty go. "I'm going with you."

"You will not set foot inside any building but your assigned housing unless otherwise specified." Gaara instructed. This time Sasuke had no choice but to agree since Gaara was allowing him into his village. Even Kakashi was putting his own neck on the line for Sasuke.

"The remainder will show our guests to their quarters." The men nodded and preceded ushering Ino, Sai, Neji, and Tenten to the house where Hinata, Naruto and Shikamaru were already staying.

All were in motion and moving when Sasuke found his foot trapped on the ground by a small ring of sand. "This is my village, Uchiha; do well to remember that."

Sasuke couldn't care less where he was, and he honestly didn't give a damn if Gaara was the Kazekage or not. What Sasuke did have a problem with was that, Sasuke had run out of Konoha, leaving his Sakura for this man and not for him. His problem was that, somehow, the very same red-headed kid, who was working in alliance with Orochimaru before Sasuke left, had taken his rightful place by Sakura's side and as Naruto's closest friend.

But, then again, he couldn't blame them for wanting to move on. He had told them to move on, to forget him. That doesn't mean he ever wanted them to. He never expect them to listen, because they both were almost as stubborn as him… almost.



"I can't believe Sakura-chan would do something this stupid." Naruto ranted inside Konoha's guest house, provided by the hospitality of Suna.

It was simply decorated with a mix of Suna colors and Konoha-es furnishings made of hard wood instead of softwood. Freshly stocked full of ramen as well, for the ever hungry blonde friend of Suna's most talented Kazekage, the front door opened into the kitchen/dining room and off to the side was a small sitting room. The guest rooms were on the second and third levels with one bathroom on each floor. The bedrooms each held two single beds so the rooms could be shared if needed. A small desk and wardrobe were placed there, for convenience, if the guest rather that an absolute necessity.

Shikamaru remained with Naruto and Hinata in the kitchen as they did their best to patiently waiting for any news of Sakura. Shikamaru sat in a chair at the table and watched Naruto do his pacing. Hinata leaning on the counter, trying to calm her lover down.

He, unbelievably, took Sakura's side. Even though he knew, if he were in her situation, he would have just stayed in Konoha, waiting for Gaara to send a formal request calling for his Sakura to come to Suna. That way, he would at least have escorts, and he could rub it in the elder's face for trying to order him around.

Shikamaru knew that Sakura was feeling betrayed. He highly doubted that she actually wanted to be a mother at this point in her life. Let alone a mother to an Uchiha child; throw the fact that she was bearing Uchiha Itachi's child made the situation ten times worse. And because the baby growing in her womb could be a very promising child, the elders were no doubt leaving her no choice but to adopt the role of Lady Uchiha and thereby be forced to wed the very man who broke her heart years ago.

Nope, Shikamaru would take his arranged marriage to Ino any day.

"Just be glad she's here where you and Gaara and keep an eye on her," Hinata tried to sooth the raging blonde.

"Yeah," Naruto laughed a little, then stopped, "wait, that's not the point."

Shikamaru rolled his eyes and joined the conversation after he pulled out one of his prized cigarettes; he could finally smoke since Ino wasn't around to nag him to stop. "Sakura-san is a grown woman, Naruto. She can take care of herself."

Naruto wasn't pleased, "Telling me not to worry about Sakura-chan is like telling you not to worry about Ino-chan, or even Kurenai-sempai and her son, Shikamaru!"

"All the women I am acquainted with are perfectly fine taking care of themselves." Shikamaru pointed out. "If I feel they could benefit from my assistance than that's when I offer my help, but even then they still have the option of accepting my assistance or not."

"Sakura-chan is more stubborn than Ino."

Shikamaru went to disagree, but his thoughts stop him. Sakura had her fair share of problems as Ino. "Every girl is different to those who know her best Naruto. Ino isn't the same with you as she is with me. Just like Hinata is different with you than she is with me."

"How typical," a strong female voice called like wind-chimes in the desert. Shikamaru would never forget that voice. Not till the end of his days. "Guys sitting around talking about girls. Hinata-san, couldn't you put them to work in any way?"

Shikamaru inhaled as far as he could on his cigarette, held his breath savoring his addiction before exhaling. Somehow, Temari, always could turn a conversation back onto herself. His eyes turned back to Temari, waiting for her next bit of two cents when he saw a flash of white behind the sand princess.

'White in the desert?' Shikamaru thought.

… No, not white... blonde...

"Ino?" Naruto raised an eyebrow in question.

"Ino," Shikamaru breathed as her blue eyes locked with his from behind Temari. Ino's pale face lit up with joy when she saw Shikamaru's dark eyes looking right pass Temari and at her. His beautiful, sun tanned face was in shock to see her. And she wouldn't have it any other way. Her smile stretched from ear to ear as she pushed past Temari.

Temari, confused herself, had to do a double take to figure out just what Shikamaru was starring at. Temari had forgotten that Ino was following her, along with Sai, Kakashi and Sasuke. She didn't expect Ino to have evoked such a response from Shikamaru.

Two males had accompanied Sakura to the hospital, so she just assumed that Ino would have followed considering she was always connected to Sakura's side when she was visiting in Konoha. But, the way Shikamaru's eyes were focused on Ino, and not even recognizing her, his ex-girlfriend of two plus years; she had no other choice but to assume that the infamous vixen of Konoha had won the heart of Nara Shikamaru.

Her Shika, Temari's boy.

She was the one who brought Shikamaru to Ino's light to begin with. They were always fighting about one thing or another. And the thought that Temari, the intelligent desert flower from Suna was losing her first love to some half wit Konoha brat made her sick to her stomach. Temari could tell Shikamaru was fond of his blonde-interest. The way he actually perked up when he saw her said enough. His eyes and mouth turned up in joy like they used to do for her. He embraces her tightly, using his entire body to hold her close.

"Ino what are you doing here?"

"I was placed on Kakashi-sempai's team to go after Sakura." Ino tried not to let the concern for Sakura show. She knew most miss-carriages are likely to happen in the first trimester than the second or the third. "Gaara-sama is escorting her to the hospital."

"I'm going too." The hyperactive blonde male declared.

"Oh, Ino, aren't you forgetting some little details?" Temari interjected, staring directly at Ino.

Ino knew Temari was never fond of her, especially when she and Shika were together. Temari would always try to steal the spotlight that Ino naturally attracted, and it made her jealous because she was always the center of attention in Suna.

Ino said nothing.

"Sasuke-san is back," Temari finished. "He was part of your team."

"He's been back." Ino corrected firmly. "Tsunade-sama couldn't stop him from coming after Sakura when she ran. Seems to have finally realized what a catch Sakura truly is."

"Stubborn, Uchiha," Neji muttered under his breath.

Hinata and Tenten shot him a dirty look but Shikamaru only smirked. Most members of the great clans were headstrong and stubborn. His own father could get that way and they were just a smaller, lesser known clan. Neji caught Shikamaru's look and settled himself down.

"Aw, Temari-chan," Naruto put his right hand behind his head. "That's just teme, don't worry about him. Me and Sakura are gonna keep him in line."

Temari frowned slightly when Ino gave her a don't-worry-I've-got things covered smile. "Naruto, why don't you give Sakura a chance to relax? We don't want her to worry right now in her condition. Why don't we go and visit her after dinner?"

"Sounds great, I'm starving anyway!" Naruto said as he walked out the door. "Is that one restaurant down the street still open, Temari-san?"

"Kankuro should be saving your table as we speak." Temari nodded.

"Well then, what are we standing around here for?" Tenten said as she grabbed Neji's hand and pulled him towards the door.

Shikamaru gently smiled at Ino, out of the corner of his mouth and she blushed ever so slightly. He stroked her arm starting at her elbow and ended by interlocking a few of her fingers with his. The two walked side by side down the evening Suna streets, not worrying about anyone else but themselves.

"Were you surprised?" Ino asked referring to her sudden appearance in Suna.

Shikamaru's smirk grew wider, "You couldn't just stay away, could you?"

"My mission was tracking Sakura down."

"A mission that just so happened to bring you here."

"And you know that I'm one of the only people in Konoha that can reason with her. I'm worried about the Kazekage's reaction. I know he's very fond of Sakura but, on the other hand, Gaara never really did like Sasuke-san too much either. I don't know how well he's going to take to the fact that-"

"Ino," Shikamaru cut her off. "There is nothing you can do."

Ino did not want to think that all she could do was sit back and watch her friend go through such a hard time alone. Yet, she knew Shikamaru was right. There was nothing that she could do to make Sakura's situation any better. That she could think of right now, anyway.



Just as Temari said, Kankuro was waiting at the largest most isolated table the small restaurant had. Ino always liked this restaurant because the seats and table were elevated so the guests did not have to sit so close to the floor. This way the waitresses and waiters were able to serve without constantly having to bend themselves over. The back-rests for the seats reached far over the head of the guest creating a wall between the tables adding to the privacy of the small enclosed environment.

The table was long but not much wider than any normal table. Two people have enough space to eat across from one another comfortably but not much more. Naruto rushed to the very back of the table ready to sit down and get his order out fast. Hinata, Tenten followed sitting across from one another because Neji did not want Tenten sitting next to the overly friendly Kankuro. Temari slid in next to her brother leaving Ino and Shikamaru to sit at the end of the table across from Temari and Kankuro.

"Kankuro-san," Ino cooed after everyone gave their orders to the waitress. "Thank you for saving the table once again." Ino knew that Kankuro was one of the guys in their age group that would always be stunned by her natural beauty.

"It is my great pleasure, Ino-chan," Kankuro laughed out loud before softly adding with a smooth voice, "You don't have to be so formal with me, we have known each other for years." Ino rolled her eyes. Here it began; Kankuro was a good looking shinobi, no doubt, when he wasn't wearing his tribal paint.

"Hardly," Temari said sarcastically.

Ino laughed lightly knowing that Kankuro was trying to flatter her. It wasn't working and she gave Shikamaru's hand an extra squeeze. "Tem please, I was just trying to make our guest feel more at home."

"I thought being hospitable included not trying to seduce your guest's fiancée." Shikamaru placed his arm around Ino knowing that such drastic measures would have to happen if Kankuro was going to stop his advancements on Ino.

"If you could pay for dinner that would be more than enough," Shikamaru said out of the corner of his mouth.

Kankuro leaned back in his seat with a smug look on his face, "Arashi said he's be stopping by later," he said. "The man's loaded and will do just about anything to impress me and Gaara."

The waitress appeared again with the hot teas and sake for the elder shinobi of the group. She was a young girl that probably got stuck with the job of being the waitress for the large group.

Temari gave him a dirty look and Ino couldn't help but exploit this. "You two a thing now?" She asked looking right into Ino's blue eyes.

"Yeah, it finally happened!" Naruto called with a food struggling to stay in his mouth. Ino giggled turning to look at Shikamaru. Her smile was small yet beautiful at the same time.

Shikamaru didn't understand why Ino was so focused on the way she looked when he thought she looked perfectly fine the way she woke up in the morning. Although, she could use a few more pounds of body weight to her, but that was a bridge that he wasn't even going to think about crossing until he got to it sometime in the future.

"Funny," Temari smirked, picking up her cup of sake. "You told me you'd never date a girl so materialistic." She has directed every single word at Ino. It was as Ino had started a war between the two blonde females just by being with Shikamaru. Words were weapons and smiles were your only defense.

And it was a smile that Ino plastered on her face.

Kankuro caught his older sister's comment, but knew there was nothing he could do now. The comment had already been said, the damage was done and if he attempted to correct Temari now, the sand princess would only get the satisfaction of knowing that she was able to play mind games with Ino while Ino couldn't fight back. That, and the fact that Kankuro knew he'd hear hell from his sister when they got home.

"It's not like you think, Temari," Shikamaru tried to put a white flag up between the two girls. He'd never have agreed to the mission if he knew he'd have to play Switzerland between two powerful female forces.

"I'm sure-" She was cut off.

Temari was cut off mid sentence by Ino, "Is that necklace new, Temari? I've never seen you wear it before."

Hesitantly she answered, "Yes, why?"

"That cut is one of a kind for any diamond, the clarity is flawless and it cut to perfection. Any treasure like this would be costing any woman a fortune by herself. Kankuro, you said that, Arabu, was it?"

"Arashi," Temari corrected harshly. "Yes, he did buy this for me. It was a gift from him to me."

"A gift with no occasion, I assume, only because you did not mention one. Your fiancée must like to spend all his time and money on you when he can. With not only such a necklace but that pure silk kimono with what looks to be a two thousand,"

"Three," Temari corrected through a forced smile.

"Ah, three thousand thread count. Not to mention that rock he put on you." By this time, Neji, Hinata, Tenten and Kankuro had temporarily stopped their conversations to listen in on the word war between Ino and Temari. "He's got to be a wealthy man if he's attempting to show you off with all these nice things. Not possibly a ninja either. There's no way even a jounin like Kakashi-sempai could afford to dote on a woman like this. Unless he's an elder, I have heard back in Konoha that you have been rather fond of older guys now."

Point Ino.

Temari glared at the blue-eyed blonde across the table from her. "He's an ambassador for Suna."

"Newly appointed ambassador, most likely," Ino laughed. "Courtesy of your brother, most likely."

Again Temari said absolutely nothing.

The blue-eyed blonde chuckled to herself as she picked up her food with her chopsticks. "I can't wait to meet such a man willing to spend all his time with you." Ino smiled and took a bite of her own grilled shrimp.

"Good thing, I already passed Shikamaru-kun by or else you wouldn't be here with him now."

Shikamaru winced at that suffix. "I told you not to call me that."

"Sorry," Temari smiled warmly at her former sweat heart. "Old habits die hard."

Shikamaru relayed a look of help to Tenten, who was sitting next to him. Tenten understood and proceeded to engage Temari. "How long have you been planning your wedding, Temari?"

"Just a couple of months, I told Arashi that I didn't want him spending a fortune on my wedding because the point is that we are going to be bound to one another. Not how expensive the wedding is."

"That is a very mature ideology, Temari." Tenten said. "Isn't it, Neji?"

"Don't start, Ten," Neji mumbled.

"Your family is spending too much!"

"As they should." Neji said. "They are lucky they are going to have you as their future Lady Hyuuga."

"You two are getting hitched?" Kankuro asked rather surprised.

"Yes, so you might want to keep your feet to yourself Kankuro or Neji will all but kill you for trying to get with Tenten before letting her finish the job." Shikamaru warned. Kankuro eyes widened and he quickly and quietly went back to eating his food. Not saying another word.

"Who else has been hooking up in Konoha now?" Temari asked.

Tenten answered, "Well, Neji and I have been together for a while now. You already no about Shikamaru and Ino, and Hinata and Naruto are finally public."

"How did you father take that?" Kankuro asked.

Hinata looked up and Kankuro as he was addressing her, but looked back down at her lap when she realized the answer to that question. She was the first Hyuuga in generations to leave the clan for any reason. Her leaving, the most defiant and rebellious action she had ever taken, and Hinata was not sure if she was even comfortable with the attention she was getting by leaving the clan. She never liked being in the spot light, but Hinata always stood behind what she believed in.

Naruto's love for her was something she never questioned and never doubted.

"Did I say something wrong?" Kankuro asked when Hinata stumbled to answer him.

Hinata shook her head vigorously, "Oh, no… no, you didn't."

Ino interjected, "Haishi still doesn't see eye to eye with Hinata concerning Naruto."

"Ino," Shikamaru scolded softly. "Don't." Ino gave him a confused glance. "This isn't your business."

"I was helping her out." Ino tried to explain in whispered tones.

"Help by keeping quiet," he scolded.

Temari laughed, "Like that will work."

Hinata sensed Ino's frustration with Temari's constant hits at her personality and turned the conversation back to the original topic. "My father and I don't see eye to eye concerning Naruto-kun, like Ino said." Kankuro nodded his head in understanding that she wasn't going to be saying any more on the situation.

"Don't worry Kankuro; Ino will probably be letting more slip eventually." Temari reversed the conversation.

Ino bit her lip. She couldn't say anything because she was known for being a know-it-all when it came to gossip. It was also true that she would occasionally have a little too much to drink or she got to emotional over something. Temari obviously had a problem with her, though. The quickest way to any problem was straight to the source. If that's how she wanted to play than Ino didn't mind getting her hands dirty.

"I don't keep my mouth open as much as you do."

In the five seconds after it took Ino to finish her sentence the entire table was quiet.

Temari smirked. "I don't open my mouth as often as you spread your legs. She let you get lucky yet Shika?"

Ino would have literally jumped out of her seat and taken Temari on right there in the restaurant if it weren't for the sudden appearance of the waitress at the end of their table. "Temari, you know better than to anger the guests."

A voice spoke. A voice that defiantly did not belong to their waitress. I couldn't because it was too low pitched and masculine. The rest of the bodies seated at the table along with Shikamaru and Kankuro turned to look at the mysterious voice. Ino did not; she kept starring right into her adversaries green eyes. Temari didn't look away from Ino; she already knew who had showed up.

"Arashi-kun." She smiled. The new arrival bent down and kissed the sand princess right on the left temple. "How was your day?"


Temari turned to welcome her man properly. "Why?"

"I was sitting at my desk all day listening to every other voice I didn't want to hear and your enchanting voice was nowhere to be heard." He smiled at her, perfectly white teeth gleaming every minute of it. Temari giggled and Ino rolled her eyes at Shikamaru.

'Gag me," she mouthed. He smirked and shook his head no.

'Show off,' Ino thought immediately. He's a charmer, using that smile to worm his way into peoples' hearts. He was the type of guy who made friends solely for the reason of using them as much as he can before he moves on to the next bigger and better thing. Suits Temari just fine, she concluded. Considering that Temari broke Shikamaru's heart without another thought as soon as this guy came along.

"I didn't think you'd be off this early."

"I didn't want to miss the most famous guests in Suna. They are creating such talk among the people." Arashi looked from one person to the next starting with his future brother-in-law and ending with none other than Ino. "And I see why the people make such a fuss."

Arashi's smile widened when he laid eyes on Konoha's blonde beauty. Ino caught the extra second that his eyes lingered on her form. Lingering eyes were nothing new, but the mere fact that Arashi was Temari's fiancée made her shiver. This guy was making a bad first impression. Shikamaru didn't get a good feel off of this guy either. It wasn't like Temari to settle for a charming, smooth talking guy.

But that wasn't the problem. This guy was making eyes at his fiancée. This guy took Temari from him and he was making eyes at Ino.

And I'll stop there.

I wanted to explain rather quickly that I did not make Temari's fiance a shinobi as well because I wanted him to be as different from Shikamaru as possible. If she wanted a shinobi then she was with Shikamaru before, I believe that there had to be something else tempting her away from Shikamaru for her to actually have left him in the first place. Therefore I came to the conclution that the Arashi could not be a shinobi.

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