Setting: Little bit after The Widening Gyre but in my universe Trance got the larvae out of Harper and Tyr, I don't like the idea of those creepy crawlies in such a hottie, and it's my fic so I can do whatever I like.

Author's Notes - There is a lot of Tyr and Harper stuff at the beginning but this is NOT A SLASH!!!! Okay, I wrote my other Andromeda fic after having seen only four episodes. I have now seen eight or nine. I know that number is pathetically small, but I'm trying. Hope you enjoy.

Bonds Made, Bonds Broken

The Eureka Maru flew smoothly through the open space while on its way to the Maritou Space Station for supplies for the Andromeda and her crew. The Andromeda herself was currently busy trying to prevent a comet from striking a defenseless planet. It sounded easy enough but would take some time so it was decided that the Maru should get the supplies. Onboard the ship, all was quiet. Extremely too quiet for that tastes of Tyr Anastazi. He was completely and utterly bored.

Tyr sat in the pilot's chair even though he didn't do the piloting, it was just the most convenient place to sit for the time being. They had just finished the final slipstream jump before they reached the station. It had been several hours since they left Andromeda and Tyr felt the boredom lurking into his bones. He despised having been chosen for this mission and didn't mind telling anyone so. As he sat in the piloting chair he threw a deck of cards into a hat one by one, with a hundred percent accuracy. Finally he couldn't take it anymore and started to make his way to the only other person onboard the ship.

"Where are you, Little Man?" Tyr called out as he entered Engineering and saw no one.

"Right here." Harper replied as he crawled out from one of the overhead vents. "What can I do for you?" He asked.

Tyr sighed, "What is our ETA for the Space station?"

"I don't know. Like an hour, maybe two. What's wrong? Those superior Nietzschean genes can't handle the boredom of space?" Harper asked, in a slightly mocking tone.

"I do not enjoy this much inactivity. How did you stand the boredom on this ship for months on end?" Tyr's voice clearly revealed his frustration.

Harper laughed, "Boredom? Are you kidding? I'm the Engineer of this scrap heap, the *only* engineer. You think I ever had a day where there wasn't fifty bagillion things to fix? What do you think I'm doing now? These aligners haven't been replaced in years, the slipstream drive hasn't had an overhaul in about that long, and the core processors are slowly but surely degrading. I don't get the luxury of having to deal with boredom." Harper jumped down from the vent and strolled over to a nearby console. "If you really want something to do feel free to pick up a nanowelder and start working on the aligners." He said with a cocky grin.

Tyr scoffed at the idea, "Reduce myself to the level of a grease monkey? I think not."

"Your choice." Harper shrugged as he climbed beneath the console and began fidgeting with the wires. He tensed suddenly and looked Tyr in the eye seriously, "You're not gonna tell Beka that I called her ship a "scrap heap", are you?" He asked, his eyes pleading silently.

"That depends on what's in it for me." Tyr almost laughed at the look on Harper's face. "Relax, I won't tell her what you said about her precious ship. To be honest I mostly feel the same way." Tyr admitted, still leaning against the wall. "How in the galaxy did I ever get stuck with this assignment?" He was mostly talking to himself, but Harper had an answer for him.

"Because, it was us or no one." Harper said, without coming out from beneath the wiring, "Trance and I aren't allowed to take the Maru out alone now, thanks to our little run in with Gerentex, Beka said we were irresponsible or immature or something. Like, what's up with that, anyway? But, I have to come because I'm the only one who can pick out the proper supplies, Beka and Dylan are needed on Andromeda and Rev, well I think Rev just refused to come." Harper scratched his head, trying to figure out why Rev hadn't come.

"I do not blame him for refusing, why I ever agreed in the first place is beyond me." Tyr stated.

"Well at least the company's good." Harper smirked, indicating himself since he was the only other person onboard.

Tyr looked away, as if in partial disgust, "God, what was I thinking?"

"Oh yeah, like you're Mr. Conversationalist." Harper remarked, focusing once more on the minor repairs.

Tyr had no comment and continued his wall leaning. The next few moments passed in silence. To many it would have seemed like an uncomfortable and slightly tense conversation, but it was an amazing improvement for these two. Harper and Tyr had never really been able to get along until the Magog attack. They had been civil, most of the time, but Harper's insecurities about all Nietzscheans and Tyr's thoughts that he was a "superior race", had always kept the two from communicating. However fighting off a fleet of Magog together in hand to hand combat and then being captured and infested, tends to make people grow closer. That day had by far been one of the worst in Harper's life, and Harper had lived a *bad* life. In all his years on Earth he'd been able to avoid the Magog and infestation. It was on the Andromeda, the one place Harper had finally felt safe, that his worst nightmares had come true. And through it all Tyr had been there beside him, giving him the courage to fight, and not allowing him to quit.

"This ship is in dire need of a recreational area." Tyr commented, breaking the silence.

"Yeah, I'll be sure to mention it to Beka next time we upgrade the place." Harper said sarcastically as he crawled out from beneath the console. He began tapping the screen to check if his fix-it job had been sufficient; to his dismay the screen still wasn't responding.

"Damn it! What the Hell is wrong with this thing?" He smashed his fist against the screen in frustration.

"You are the Engineer. I would hope that *you* would be the one to know." Tyr said, in his subtle smart alec way.

"Oh, ha ha." Harper crouched down to check beneath the console once more. "It's probably something simple, like .. AH!" Harper was thrown back as the console he'd been working on exploded. He hit the wall with a thud and sunk to the floor.

Tyr lifted his arm to shield himself from the sparks and yelled, "Harper!"

The young engineer made no signs of movement. The fire control system kicked in almost immediately and the struggling flames were quickly doused. Tyr made his way to Harper's side and rolled him onto his back. He was unconscious, but his breathing was steady.

"Harper, can you hear me? You in there little man?" Tyr slapped his cheek lightly in an attempt to get a response. Harper began to shake his head but didn't open his eyes. Tyr slapped him again, slightly harder than before. "Open your eyes and get up, I have seen you shake off worse things than that."

Harper moaned and opened his eyes, "Man, you're all sympathy aren't you?" He asked rhetorically as he pushed himself up onto his elbows.

"I just knew that your skull was too thick to be permanently affected by that meager blow to the head." Tyr replied as he extended his arm to Harper. Harper took it graciously and stood up while rubbing the back of his head.

"Damn it, that hurt. Musta accidently crossed some wires while we were talking." Harper said absently and started to head back over to the console to find the problem. Halfway there he was hit with a rush of dizziness; he stumbled back slightly and clutched his head. Tyr grabbed him by the arm and kept him upright.

"Easy, your skull may be thick but not impenetratable. Let's take you to the Medical bay first, shall we?" Tyr suggested already leading him out of the room.

"Fine, whatever." Harper agreed, too disoriented to argue.

Tyr chuckled softly to himself, "I have to give you credit little man, you do manage to keep life interesting."

"It's what I do." Harper replied, "Need a picker upper? Just call Seamus Harper. He'll blow himself up for your amusement." Tyr rolled his eyes and hauled Harper along to the Medical bay.


Little less than two hours later, they arrived at the Space Station. They docked quickly and made their way onto the station. Tyr thought that Harper seemed far too excited to be there and purposely lagged behind while Harper scrounged around the area for the supplies they were there to get. Harper for his part was excited for a good reason, he loved bartering for supplies because he could always get a great deal. The incident in Engineering was at the back of his mind and almost completely forgotten, he just added it to his list of injuries in the line of duty. A quick scan had shown his skull was still intact and a painkiller was keeping back the killer headache he knew would follow up something like that.

"Tyr, would you hurry up? You're the one who was so bored the whole trip, you'd think you'd move a little faster so that we could get out of here." Harper commented as he continued to lead the way around the station.

"I do not derive the same pleasure you do from socializing with these swindlers." Tyr replied, without quickening his pace.

"These swindlers? Oh, you've never seen the Harper in action. I'll show you some swindling." Harper smirked as he made his way through the crowd.

An hour later Tyr hated to admit it, but Harper was definitely a swindler extraordinaire. He argued over prices with every merchant they talked to. At first Tyr had been annoyed that Harper could never accept the first offer so they could be on their way, but eventually he realized that the young man was as good as he said. He was sometimes able to get the item for less than half of the seller's original price. He would look over all the items carefully, detecting any minor faults, any imperfections were unacceptable and would immediately drop the price by several thrones.

Once while they were acquiring a part for the slipstream of the Andromeda, Harper had realized that the merchant knew absolutely nothing about the piece of equipment. He immediately asked if he could take a look beneath the panelling and began to point out problems with the part that weren't there, although the man wouldn't know that. It was clear Harper knew what he was talking about and they got the expensive part for practically nothing.

After they acquired the items they were immediately brought to the Maru. Tyr usually took them himself and by the time he returned Harper was always ready with another bargain for him to load.

"I must admit, I would hate to try and sell you anything. You do realize you robbed that man of at least five hundred thrones?" Tyr asked as they made their way around the station, but he already knew the answer.

"I know. Wasn't it sweet? God, I love this stuff." Harper said excitedly as he glanced at their list of supplies, "Okay, all we need now are those parts for the navigational system. Let's try this guy, he looks like a pushover." Harper rushed ahead, eager for another bartering session.

Tyr lingered behind, knowing Harper could handle it. He leaned against a railing and watched as the people milled about the area. Fifteen minutes later he realized that Harper should have finished by now. He made his way over to the shop area that Harper had entered and peered inside.

"Look pal, I'm telling you for the last time that it's not worth more than a thousand thrones. You can take it or leave it." Harper practically yelled at the merchant.

The store keeper didn't look happy, and it was obvious he didn't like the price being offered. He was slightly larger than Harper, but most people were. Tyr honestly didn't know what race he was; he wasn't human, but wasn't far off either. The differences were subtle, but there; the slightly miscolored hair, enlarged eyes, only three fingers. Other than that he appeared human.

"I will accept fifteen hundred and no less." He said firmly.

Harper seemed absolutely appalled, although Tyr knew that was more than likely quite a reasonable price. He decided to make his presence known, mostly because he had become bored again and wanted to get the parts and leave.

"Harper, will you be finished shortly?" He asked, crossing his arms in front of his chest to emphasize his point.

"Huh? Oh yeah, give me a sec." Harper requested, then turned his attention back to the man, whose gaze now seemed to be focused directly on Tyr.

"You know, now that I think about it, a thousand thrones seems very reasonable." The man said, his speech stuttering slightly. He had very quickly become nervous.

Harper was pleased but also somewhat confused. He looked back at Tyr and realized how menacing the large Nietzschean appeared. He smiled as he realized that the man had probably assumed that Tyr was Harper's back up so to speak. It probably wasn't uncommon for the more powerful patrons who arrived at the station to dress as everyday buyers to avoid thieves. The merchant must have thought Harper was one of them and Tyr was his bodyguard or enforcer of sorts.

Whatever works. Harper thought pleasantly.

"Well, I'm glad you agree." He paid the man the agreed sum and then turned to Tyr, "Okay, we can go." He smirked.

Tyr breathed a sigh of relief and took the package from the cowering man. The crowd seemed to have dispersed slightly as they made their way back to the ship and they no longer had to push to make their way through.

"Well let's see, deduct another thousand and then let's say, oh, three hundred to give back to Dylan as his change and we have a remaining total of ...." Harper was tapping a pad, figuring out how much they had spent, "twelve thousand thrones. Oh, I am good I am so good. Half of which goes to you my friend."

Tyr looked at him, slightly puzzled and partially annoyed, "What are you babbling on about?"

"Oh, I didn't tell you? You see Dylan gave us a working amount of twenty five thousand thrones to buy all these supplies. With my lovely charm and ability to find a decent deal, I got us all the equipment we need for a measly thirteen thousand. So I figure we give three or four hundred back to Dylan as the change and he'll never be the wiser as to the actual amount. Seeing as you're my partner in crime I only see it as fair that I give you your half. Six thousand thrones enough to make you stop complaining about the boredom of this mission?" Harper asked, handing Tyr the flexi he'd worked out the calculations on so he could inspect them.

Tyr looked at the figures and allowed a smile to pass his face, "I should have known there was a better reason you were so determined to get a good deal for every single item. And yes, I believe the trip has become almost worth its while."

"Glad you approve. Just adding to the Harper college fund."

"You are planning to go to college?" Tyr asked, somewhat surprised.

"Lord no, the fund which I spend on college girls. They are so demanding. Dinner and drinks and valet parking, they always want the whole shebang." Harper explained.

"Yes, well just be sure that Dylan isn't suspicious of our little deception." Tyr warned him, "The good captain has been known to be very tricky."

"Damn right. But it's not like he's not gonna believe that prices have risen a little over the last three hundred years." Harper said, taking back the flexi.

"You better hope so, little man."

They continued walking around the station and ten minutes later Harper turned to Tyr with a mixture of confusion and worry on his face.

"Uh, do you know where we're going?" He asked, scratching his head.

Tyr growled in frustration, "I was under the impression you knew where we were going."

"Me? You're the one who's been going to the ship back and forth all day." Harper defended himself.

"Yes. And in that time I have taken so many twists and turns in these corridors I can not tell one from the other." Tyr cast a weary eye around the station; finally they had everything they needed and they forgot where they parked.

"Okay, look. All the docking areas are on the outside of the station, so if we walk around the perimeter we have to reach the Maru eventually right?" Harper suggested as a course of action.

"That's all well and good but this station is huge, it should only take, oh I don't know, two hours to go around the perimeter." Tyr told him, although he knew it was the only course of action.

"Well I know we didn't dock two hours away. The ship can't be too far. This way." Harper indicated. Tyr sighed and shifted the case with the parts in it to his other hand before he followed him.

Fortunately for them Harper was right, they found the ship ten minutes later.

Harper leaned over a railing and squinted, "Ha! There she blows!" He pointed to the docking area below them where they had left the Eureka Maru.

Tyr looked himself and felt a surge of relief that it was indeed the Maru, "Finally. Let's get back to the Andromeda quickly. God, another six hours with you as my only company. What did I ever do to deserve this?"

"Man, I love you too pal." Harper replied sarcastically as he led the way to the staircase leading down to the Maru's docking port. The docking areas were practically deserted; a sharp contrast to the crowded corridors and walkways around the market areas, right now there was no one in sight as they made their way down the winding staircase.

Harper jumped down the last three steps gleefully and spread his arms wide, pointing extravagantly to the ship in the airlock.

"Home again, home again, jiggedy jig." He smirked and glanced back to Tyr coming down the stairs closely behind him.

"Do shut up and get on the ship."

"Well, aren't we cheerful? You know it wouldn't kill you to ... huh?" Harper didn't finished his statement. His attention was drawn to the walkway above their heads. There had been no one in sight a few moments ago but there was someone up there now who didn't want to be seen. Several somebodies, Harper thought. Tyr noticed too and glanced above to see several sets of feet crossing the walkway swiftly.

"Harper, get on the ship." Tyr urged him, as he came down the last few steps.

"Don't have to tell me twice." Harper took off for the ship but it was too late.

A half dozen men came barrelling down the stairs behind them, while four more jumped off the walkway above them and landed directly in their path.

"Oh great. Who the Hell did we piss off now?" Harper asked as he kept a wary eye on the men now circling them. They were all of average height and build, bigger than Harper but smaller than Tyr. They were dressed in everyday wear so clearly weren't secret operatives but they did seem rather mad. They were a mixture of humans and other humanoid like species that they couldn't identify. Harper realized that two of them were men they had walked by when they were trying to make their way back to the ship when they lost it for a few minutes.

"Hey guys, we don't know you so why don't you just head on back to whatever hole you crept out of and ..." Harper was once more cut off as one of the lead men suddenly threw a smoke bomb at their feet. White gas immediately filled the area, nearly blinding in its intensity. Harper began to cough roughly as he inhaled the gas, while Tyr barely had to clear his throat. The men converged on the duo as the smoke poured from the bomb.

Harper was trying desperately to control his breathing when he felt the presence of their assailants converging on them. He fought them off best he could; they were bigger than him but Harper fought dirty. He punched the first man square across the jaw and elbowed the second in the gut, but he knew he couldn't keep up the fight long.

"Harper!" He heard Tyr call his name and turned in time to catch the metal case that Tyr threw him.

Tyr was enjoying himself for the most part, although he was mentally chastising himself for having not brought a weapon onto the station. He lashed out at his attackers, easily dropping them.

Harper smashed the metal case into one man's head and then bashed another in the stomach with it; clearing a path for himself. He began to cough once more as he made a break for the Maru.

"Tyr, let's jet!" He yelled behind him as he boarded the Maru swiftly.

Tyr for his part wasn't in too much of a rush, but he threw another man to the side and followed Harper onto the ship. Once onboard he closed the doors and they pulled away from the station. Only when they were undocked did he turn his attention to Harper.

"I hope that will teach you not to mention such large sums of money on a station filled with thieves and murderers. It's a good way to get yourself killed. It nearly did." Tyr commented as he walked over to where Harper was leaning against a wall, gasping for breath, "Are you alright?" He asked, with more curiousity than concern.

"I think .... there was ....... something in .... that gas." Harper said as he coughed hoarsely and his eyes began to droop.

"I'm feeling no ill effects." Tyr stated calmly; Harper didn't reply. He continued coughing, getting closer to floor level with every breath.

Tyr shook his head as Harper fell unconscious, "I swear boy, trouble follows you around like a dog. Knocked unconscious twice in one day, what are the odds? And I don't suppose you'll be waking up to pilot the slipstream."

As Tyr brought Harper to one of the crew quarters on the ship to sleep off the gas, he couldn't help but wonder about the gas's odd effects. Harper was unconscious, although it appeared to have been a slow acting knock out gas, Tyr felt absolutely fine. Not even a slight irritation. He finally came to the conclusion that it simply must be a human thing.


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