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Bonds made, Bonds broken - By Robinyj (Diana)


Dylan and Beka had managed to run into one another during their search for Harper and both were now on the Command Deck. They had been talking strategy and possible ways to find their engineer, when they heard Harper's announcement.

"Hello, former friends and crew members. This is your new captain, Seamus Harper. Seeing as you're all trying to kill me I am at this moment, ordering you from my ship. In case you don't feel like evacuating I have provided a little, shall I say, motivation. In two minutes the ship's life support is going to be deactivated, I suggest getting out while you can. Have a nice life. Captain Harper out."

"He's bluffing right?" Beka asked hopefully.

"God, I hope so. Rommie, is Harper in your system?" Dylan called out. He was disappointed when it wasn't the ship's AI who responded, but their missing crew member.

"Sorry, Dylan. Rommie's a little detained at the moment. I do in fact have control, and just so you know there are now four minutes thirty seconds until life support is shut down. I suggest you run!" Harper said, then cut the com link once more.

"Come on let's get out of here." Dylan led the way off the Command Deck.

"We're just gonna leave?" Beka asked increduously.

"Unless you know how to survive on a ship without life support, then for the moment, yes. We'll be back, we just have to be alive to do it." Dylan pointed out. Beka had to agree and they raced to the escape pods.


Harper remained in Andromeda's mind, he knew if he left than Rommie would probably be able to find some way out of his little trap. But that was okay, in a few minutes he'd have the ship cleared and it would just be him and Rommie. It wouldn't be too hard to turn all command functions over to himself after everyone else was gone. For the moment he stood watching a view screen as his 'enemies' all fled the ship.

"Hehe, look at 'em run. This was way too easy. I've said it before and I'll say it again; the Harper is good!" He smirked and then wiped away a bead of sweat. Rommie wished there was someway to convince Harper she meant him no harm.

"You do realize that if you cut life support you'll die as well. It does seem rather pointless." Rommie told him, hoping to get him to change his course of action.

"Now you must think I'm really stupid, Rom-doll. I'm not gonna cut life support to my area of the ship." Harper replied, you could hear the obvious "duh" in his voice.

"And where would that be?" Rommie asked, hoping to get him offguard.

"Nice try. But you're not gonna find out where I am, so give it up. Just sit back and be happy I don't deactivate you." Harper continued watching the crewmembers all race for the escape pods and then realized that someone was missing.

"Hey, where's Tyr?" He asked, searching all the screens.

"If you hadn't turned off sensors I could tell you."

"Yeah, right. Oh well, if he's not in an escape pod it's his own fault. Hope he can hold his breath for awhile." Harper said, trying to act as if he didn't care. His conscious mind didn't of course, he thought these people were trying to kill him. But deep down in his subconscious where the virus had yet to reach, he still knew they were his friends. "Damn it, where is he?" There was a small trace of concern in his voice.

"Why do you care? He's just trying to kill you, isn't he?" Rommie asked.

"I don't care!" Harper replied, rather unconvincingly. "You just shut up before I erase you. There's only three minutes left anyway."


Tyr pulled himself along as fast as he could. He knew precious seconds were ticking by and hoped that he was nearing Harper's position. Even if he wanted to he wouldn't reach the escape pods before the five minutes were up, he'd been crawling in the vents for over half an hour now. So he was forced to keep looking. According to his scanner he was getting closer. Three minutes left.

My god boy, how do you get through these blasted tunnels? He thought to himself. Before he could try to think of an answer he reached a closed panel, he'd come along a few of them in his journey but this one was different, if his scanner was correct. This one had a life form on the other side. Gotcha. There was no time to be subtle, Tyr pulled the panel off with brute strength and peered in. It was a little room, like a miniature work area, and there was actually enough space to move around slightly and partially stand. But he didn't care about that. What he did care about was the still form leaned up against the wall, who was jacked into Andromeda's system. Tyr had found Harper.

"Hello little man, you gave us quite a run. Now what to do with you." Tyr mused to himself. Right now he had to figure out what to do next. Harper's mind was in Andromeda and Tyr had no idea how that technology worked. If he were to simply unplug Harper, he didn't know what would happen. It could harm Harper seriously, or damage the ship worse. Besides, just pulling him out wasn't good enough, Tyr had no doubt that Harper would have set up the termination of life support on a timer, that couldn't be stopped by anyone but him. So if he did pull him out the life support would still be gone. What bothered Tyr was how bad Harper looked.

He was sweating badly, his breathing was harsh, his whole body shook and a quick check showed his eyes were not dialating correctly. Tyr did what he thought was best and administered the antidote to Harper while he was still in Andromeda's system. He just hoped it worked instantly.


Harper was watching everyone evacuate the ship when he suddenly felt very odd. His knees buckled but he remained upright, and he clutched his head in his hands. His vision was becoming blurry and his head pounded. He was suddenly hit with a wave of nauseau and his legs gave out, causing him to fall on his knees.

"Harper what's wrong?" Rommie asked concerned.

"Nothing!" Harper snapped immediately, but something was definitely wrong. He couldn't seem to remember why he was doing this. His mind was being assaulted with images of his friends; good images of comradery, friendship, and trust.

Trance smiling as Harper gloated about his genius. Rev giving him spiritual support as he coped with being infested my Magog. Beka watching out for him like she always does. Tyr actually laughing at one of Harper's jokes.

"No. No!" Harper shook his head trying to banish the thoughts as the virus continued to struggle for control. "No! Tyr tried to kill me, just like they're all trying to. They want me dead! ......... Don't they?"

"Tyr was under the control of an unknown virus, Harper. Just like you are now. We're your friends, you must remember that." Rommie tried to reason with him.

Harper didn't know what to believe. A minute ago he'd been so sure, now everything was clouded. He didn't know what was real, what was true. He needed to think. More images floated into his mind, helping with his decision.

Dylan congratulating Harper on his latest project. Trance and Harper sharing a drink. Tyr and Harper fighting side by side against the Magog.

"Oh god, what's going on?" Harper couldn't take it anymore. He fell to the floor, still clutching his head as the images continued to play. His breath came out in quick, short gasps as he took everything in. It was several moments before he looked up. His eyes showed a storm of emotions: confusion, regret, sorrow, understanding, and pain. The virus was gone. He got to his feet shakily and looked over his surroundings, as if trying to figure out where he was.

"What have I done?" He asked himself, his voice barely a whisper.

"It wasn't your fault Harper, you were under the virus's control." Rommie told him, she assumed the virus had somehow been defeated.

"I have to fix this." Harper said absently as he stumbled over to a console. His legs were unsturdy and his mind was blurred so bad that he couldn't recall how to work most of the systems. "What do I do?" He asked in frustration.

"Let me out of here. I can take care of the rest." Rommie replied.

"Uh, okay." He searched his mind for the proper codes. It took him several seconds. "Um .. deactivate program - Harper emergency alpha 2 beta 6 - restore system." The walls encasing Andromeda immediately dropped. She set to work at her thousands of simultaneous functions. Terminating the life support cut off, reactivating com lines, restoring lights; after she was sure everything was functioning she focused her attention on Harper. She slowly approached the young man, who was now on the floor, shivering uncontrollably

"I'm sorry Rommie. I'm so sorry." He told her, his voice sounding small and shaking badly.

She gently laid her hand on his shoulder, "It wasn't your fault, Harper. It wasn't. Just like it wasn't Tyr's." Harper nodded, but was obviously still unconvinced. "Why don't you disconnect now. Get back to your real body, you'll feel better."

"Yeah." He whispered again, even softer than before, "Guess I have to go face the music." He disconnected from Andromeda's system and rushed back into his own body.


Tyr waited impatiently for something to happen. Anything. He just wanted some indication that the antidote had worked. His attention was called from Harper when he heard Andromeda make a ship wide announcement.

"Life support will remain online, please do not evacuate the ship. The situation is under control and all systems have been restored." Rommie announced.

Tyr didn't know if Rommie had just managed to break free from Harper's confines, or if the antidote had actually worked so he continued waiting. Several seconds later ...

"Oh man." Harper opened his eyes and unhooked his cerebral port. He seemed extremely tired. He looked at Tyr and held his gaze for only a second. Sorrow, regret and a longing for forgiveness were clearly written on Harper's face. He attempted a weak smile, "That virus sure is a bitch, huh?"

Tyr actually laughed, as did Harper but the humor didn't reach his eyes. He tried to pull himself into a sitting position but found he was too weak, the day had drained him. He started coughing hoarsely and Tyr helped him to sit up.

"I really screwed up this time." Harper noted, no humor touching his voice.

"No worse than others before you." Tyr said, looking Harper in the eye. Words weren't necessary. They both silently agreed that neither were to blame and this whole incident was forgiven. Harper nodded in understanding.

"Thanks." Harper replied solemnly. He then began coughing again, worse than before. The virus may have been gone, but there was still something wrong. "I think I'm gonna ... pass out now." Harper's body became limp and he gave in to unconsciousness.


An hour later Trance walked into the Medical Bay. The rest of the crew was already there watching over Harper, who was still unconscious. It had taken nearly half an hour just to get Harper out of Andromeda's access tunnels. He truly did have a wonderful hiding place which made it nearly impossible for the medical bots to reach him. Eventually Tyr had become so agitated that he had Andromeda show him a layout of the tunnels and carried Harper most of the way out. Now Trance was returning with the results of Harper's tests.

"So, how is he?" Beka asked as the purple girl came in.

"Not too bad, and also not too good." She replied hesitantly.

"Don't tell us the virus is still active." Dylan pleaded.

"No. The virus is all gone, it was cleared from his system just like in Tyr, but there was a few problems. Since the virus was mutated in Harper it was a lot stronger and took a lot of his energy, he was extremely exhausted, that's why he passed out. He probably won't be waking up for awhile either. The virus needed all the energy it could get to remain active, which wasn't hard due to Harper's weak immune system. He literally didn't have an ounce of strength to spare. Since he was so weak he was susceptible to illness and now he's running a pretty bad fever. The chemical imbalances in his brain aren't completely back to normal yet either, but they're getting there." Trance told them all, she had kept eye contact through her diagnosis but now her gaze drifted to Harper. "I think he'll be okay. He's gonna be awful tired for a week or so though, until he gets his strength back."

"Is there anything we can do?" Beka asked.

"Not really. Just let him rest, when he wakes up don't tire him out. But first we have to hope the fever breaks soon. He really doesn't have the strength to combat it for long." Trance said worriedly.

No one got much sleep over the next two days. Everyone took turns sitting with Harper, waiting and hoping the fever would break. They went to their stations when necessary and if it had been several hours since anyone had visited him then they went to see him. One thing's for sure, he was never alone. Unfortunately he wasn't getting much better.

The fever continued to rage on, stealing away Harper's desperately needed strength, making him weaker and weaker. His pulse slowed with each passing hour, much to everyone's dismay. He was also delirious and apparently trapped within his own worst memories, which were assuredly, pretty bad. It was late on the second day when Tyr was sitting with him. It was just him but he had no doubt that someone else would be in shortly.

"Harper...." Tyr started. He didn't really know what to say. Everyone else had talked to the boy, even though he couldn't hear them, so he thought he may as well give it a try. "Boy, how I am supposed to talk to you while you're unconscious? Listen little man, you have been through too much in your lifetime to be brought down by some virus." There was a slight pause before Tyr began again, "You know, I was always determined never to be your friend. From the first time I saw you I thought you were just an annoying kludge. I tried to ignore the fact that everyone you met always found you hilarious and charming, not to mention wonderful company. But I continued to see you as a weakness. A cowardly human only worth keeping around because he had adequate engineering capabilities. It took a Magog swarm ship for me to see you for who you are. You have fire to survive. You wish to live, and enjoy life while you have it. So live Harper. Wake up."

"I have finally opened my eyes and allowed you to become my friend, Seamus Harper. Do not think that you will prove me wrong by dying on me. You will live. I will see to it." Tyr promised solemnly. As Tyr spoke, Harper's nightmares ceased for the first time in over twenty-four hours. Tyr continued his watch, with Beka coming in only minutes later. A few hours after that, the fever broke.


It was another day before Harper regained consciousness.

"Harper, are you awake?" Trance asked softly when the young man showed signs of consciousness.

Harper's eyes flickered opened, he looked at Trance and smiled weakly, "Hey babe. You been waiting awhile?"

"Only about three days. I've waited longer." Trance replied, "Do you remember what happened?"

Harper closed his eyes momentarily and let the images flow through his mind, "Yeah." He said quietly, "I remember."

"It wasn't your fault." She assured him right away.

"Yeah, I know. Just might take some time to convince myself of that." He said, his voice raising only slightly. He tried to sit up but found the simple action exhausting. Trance pushed him back down gently.

"Get some rest. You're gonna be really weak for the next little while." She told him.

"How little a while?" Harper asked, dreading the answer.

"You'll probably be stuck here in Medical for about a week." Harper groaned as he dropped his head back to his pillow. "I'm gonna go call everyone to tell them you're okay." Trance said, moving away.

"No!" Harper insisted, "I don't think I could face everyone right now. I know, I know ..." He cut her off before she started again, "It wasn't my fault. But I still feel bad. I actually thought you guys were trying to kill me."

"I can't not tell them." Trance said, uncertain what to do.

"I just don't think I can face everyone at the same time. It'd be a bit ... overwhelming." He tried to bite back a yawn but couldn't. The short conversation had drained him of the little energy he had and he was soon fast asleep. Trance smiled and contacted everyone and told them Harper had regained consciousness, but made sure none of them came to visit just yet.

Over the next few days Harper was never alone in the Medical bay. At all waking times one member of the crew was with him. He apologized profusely, and was told so often that it wasn't his fault that he began to believe it. His mood became lighter with each passing day, and his strength came back. The only thing that plagued him was that Tyr hadn't come to see him. He didn't dare ask anyone what the big man was doing, but he was curious and somewhat hurt.

Little did Harper know that Tyr did visit. Quite frequently in fact. Harper was just always asleep. Tyr kept a silent vigil over the sleeping engineer almost every night, being careful never to wake him or alert him of his presense. It wasn't until two days after Harper had been released from the Medical bay that he actually approached the young man.

Harper headed to the Machine shop, intent on working on his latest project of engineering genius. As he entered he was surprised to see Tyr apparently waiting for him. Harper couldn't help but remember how he had been attacked by Tyr the last time he ran into him at the Machine shop. He suppressed the shudder that came with the memory and plastered a smile on his face.

"Hey Tyr. Long time no see. I know this ship is big but I thought I might have run into you once or twice during the last week or so. What happened? You forget where the Medical bay is?" Harper asked lightheartedly, but his eyes gave away the raging emotions in his heart.

"I was unsure of whether or not my company would be welcomed." Tyr admitted.

Harper's smile became real as he identified the honesty in Tyr's voice, "It woulda been welcome. But I guess I wasn't real ready to talk to you either, or I probably would have asked someone why you weren't stopping by."

"I merely wanted to make sure that there were no harsh feelings between us, for any reason." Tyr stated, his voice losing its usual gruffness.

"Naw, we're good. Neither of us were really ourselves. I'd like it if we both just dropped the subject." Harper was sick of the recent past plaguing all his thoughts and being the subject for all conversations.

"Agreed. Well then, I will leave you with your .. uh .. things." Tyr swept a hand around the room, indicating the various odds and ends.

"Hey, these are highly sophisticated pieces of equipment." He picked up a nearby part and held it up, "I mean just look at the craftsmanship on this ... uh ... this ... thing." Harper's voice dropped when he realized he didn't know what the part was.

Tyr chuckled and clapped Harper on the shoulder, "It is good to have you back boy." Tyr made his way to the door.

"Tyr." Harper called out, halting the Nietchzean in his tracks, "Thanks for stopping me before I did something I would really regret."

"You're welcome. You can prove your gratefulness by promising me something." Tyr said, turning back to Harper.

"Uh, sure. What?" Harper asked a little suspiciously.

"Next time we are in need of supplies, make Dylan go on the supply run." Harper smiled and nodded in agreement as Tyr walked out of the Machine shop, friendship greatly intact.

The End


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