The dark haired Captain could hear the small shinigami murmuring to himself as he paced back and forth in the fourth division barracks. He had never seen the healer so agitated, well, at least not agitated enough to pace while a Captain was watching. The Captain watched for a few more minutes as the fourth division member wore a rut in the floor before he grabbed the small arm and dragged the jumpy shinigami into his lap.

"Tell me what is bothering you, Hanatarou." Hanatarou spluttered slightly and looked up into the face of the daunting Captain, a dark blush settling on his cheeks.

"Well…unnoo…Byakuya…I don't think that…it's something…you would be very…interested in…" Hanatarou's blush deepened as the Captain still holding him in his lap chuckled. The stoic man didn't even smile in front of any one else but apparently felt comfortable enough around the healer to laugh at him. Hanatarou would be outraged if he wasn't so embarrassed.

"Well, it is definitely something I would be interested in if it's something that you do not want to tell me, Hana-chan." Hanatarou felt the blush dissipate at the familiar teasing before hitting the Captain lightly on the shoulder.

"We've been friends for how many years and you still insist on calling me that." Hanatarou felt another rare chuckle from the Captain before he was graced with a response.

"Ohhh, only a couple hundred and I will keep calling you that as long as it receives such a cute response." The small healer hit Byakuya again before becoming serious.

"Do you really want to know, Byabya?" He saw the Captains face go from teasing to serious before he received an affirmative nod. "Are you really, really sure." Hanatarou got another nod and a slight biff on the back of his head because of his stalling. "Ok…I'll tell you…" The small healer paused and took a deep breath before continuing. "I…have a crush…" Byakuya nodded and waited before tapping the smaller shinigami again.

"Are you going to tell me who or are you just going to sit there?" The sixth division Captain watched as Hanatarou shook his head coming abruptly back from his own mind.

"Ohh…umm…Kuro…Kurosaki…Ichigo." Hanatarou was surprised to hear a full out laugh come from the dark haired man before his hair was petted gently. "But…but I'm not…god enough for him…I'm not strong enough…I don't stand out enough…"

"Ohh, I don't think that will be a problem." Hanatarou felt himself become stumped but before he could ask the noble Captain exactly what he meant there was commotion outside of the door before a knock was heard. Byakuya automatically asked who it was and what they needed. Hanatarou was surprised by their response.

"Yamada, Hanatarou is requested immediately in exam room ten. One Kurosaki Ichigo said he will not be treated by anyone but Yamada-san." Hanatarou heard the sound of the messenger leaving before looking up at the long haired Captain slightly bemused.

"Only…me?" Byakuya nodded carefully shooing the healer off his lap.

"Tell me how it goes, Hana-chan." Hanatarou nodded and bowed before leaving not even noticing the annoying nickname.

Hanatarou found himself standing outside of exam room ten just a couple minutes later. After he had left the office he had begun to think and now he was worried. He was worried about Ichigo's injuries, what if he wasn't enough and the substitute shinigami died? Hanatarou was afraid to open the door because of what he might find. The small shinigami took a deep breath and strengthened his resolve. He had to go in and he would deal with whatever he found there to the best of his abilities.

Hanatarou pushed open the sliding doors but automatically stopped at what he saw. He could barely stop himself from laughing when he saw the seemingly strong and fearless substitute shinigami staring at him, wide eyed, a finger in his mouth, and not a wound on him. He silently slid the door shut before walking over to the orange haired man and sitting down.

"Wh…what can I help you with, Kurosaki-san?" The stutter, normally caused by his nervousness, was now just way to stop his laughter as he watched the human boy.

"This." Hanatarou couldn't stop a slight chuckle from escaping his mouth as he took the proffered hand.

"Is this…a…paper cut?" Hanatarou saw Ichigo blush before looking down.

"And? It hurts, what can ya do about it?" Hanatarou shook his head before passing healing reitsu over the small cut instantly healing it.

"They you go, all better." The healer let go of the hand but was surprised when his own was grabbed in response.

"That's not all." Hanatarou glanced up and was about to respond when he was once again abruptly cut off. This interruption was much different however. Hanatarou felt his eyes widen as his and Ichigo's positions were suddenly changed and he found himself flat on his back underneath Ichigo with a hot mouth pressed against his own. He felt his hands reflexively grip the bed sheets as an equally hot hand found it's way into his haori to brush against his skin. He almost whimpered when that hot mouth pulled away from his own.

"Hanatarou, I didn't come here for my paper cut. I came here for you. I want you, I want to take you. Yes or no?" Hanatarou swallowed his eyes widening.

"Fo…for me?"

"Yes, for you, I like you and I want you. I don't know how else to tell you and I won't be here for very much longer, I just want to know that you agree." Hanatarou nodded and looked down to see his rapidly hardening cock. He had always gotten hard just from the substitute shinigami being close to him and he was very close right now.

"I…I do, but…I'm not…worth you…" Hanatarou gasped slightly when his shoulders were grabbed and that hot mouth was back against his, hot and hungry before leaving just as abruptly.

"Worth me? What the fuck? Of course your worth me." Hanatarou didn't even get a chance to respond before Ichigo's mouth was back against his. The teenager took advantage of the small shinigami's gasp by thrusting his tongue quickly into Hanatarou's mouth. Both men moaned at the taste as their tongue tangled and their hands hurriedly brushed over each others skin desperately trying to get off the others clothes.

Ichigo succeeded first as his hands pushed off Hanatarou's haori just as quickly untying his obi and pushing down his hakama. He didn't even give Hanatarou time to breath as he wrapped his hand around the healers prominent erection and stroked, hard, once. The substitute shinigami reveled in the almost scream that the action brought from Hanatarou. Apparently the little healer was very sensitive. He stopped his movements when he saw Hanatarou's eyes start to glaze over. He needed the smaller man to be coherent for his next question.

"Hanatarou." Ichigo chuckled as he got no response before squeezing once around the dark haired shinigami's cock abruptly gaining his attention. "Hanatarou, I need something to lube you with, where is it?" Hanatarou shook his head trying to form thoughts before gesturing above him.

"I…in the drawer, there's ointment." Ichigo nodded before reaching up and sliding open the drawer open automatically becoming stumped.

"Ummm, what color?" He heard a laugh from the healer before he got a response.

"Doesn't matter, but green is healing." Ichigo nodded again grabbing the green ointment and spinning it open. He coated two of his fingers thoroughly before dragging them down the other mans body and to his entrance. He was about to ask if Hanatarou was sure when he looked up and saw the look of pure, concentrated, sex on the, seemingly, innocent healers face. The substitute shinigami took a deep breath before sliding two fingers strait up to the third knuckle into the smaller mans body.

Hanatarou felt his body bow and a sharp cry come from his throat as two fingers slid easily into his body. God, it felt so good. The smaller man panted as those fingers moved roughly inside of him stretching him quickly and efficiently. He han\d to reach up and hold onto Ichigo when a third finger entered him and abruptly bumped into his prostate. He couldn't believe how utterly good everything felt with the younger male. He had never been taken so roughly or quickly by Byakuya and felt himself greatly enjoying the feeling of total submission.

Hanatarou whimpered when he felt Ichigo's fingers pull out of his body. It felt like he was missing something now that he was empty. He didn't get to wallow in the feeling long, however, when he felt something much larger press against his stretched entrance. He glanced up to see Ichigo looking down at him worriedly. He already knew that the orange haired male was going to say and decided not give him a chance to.

Ichigo groaned as Hanatarou wrapped his legs firmly around his waist and pulled forcing the teenagers cock to begin entering his body. The substitute shinigami took this action as a go ahead and began pushing his way into the hot body under his own. He couldn't think right as the strangling heat encased his cock. Sex had never been better and they were just barely started, he was not going to give this up for anything.

Hanatarou felt a whine leave his throat as Ichigo pressed into him not stopping until he was fully seated and throbbing inside the healers tight entrance. Then he started moving.

Hanatarou screamed.

He couldn't stop himself.

Ichigo was a natural, he had just the right angle and speed to drag over the smaller shinigami's prostate with every move. It felt so damn good and Hanatarou was not ashamed to let Ichigo hear just how much he was enjoying it. The fourth division shinigami could tell just how much Ichigo was enjoying the act by the not so soft sounds coming out of his throat. Then Ichigo began to really move. Hanatarou felt himself just holding on as he was rammed into over and over again. He could feel some of the desperation that had been shown earlier being pounded into his body. He didn't mind it at all, quite the opposite. Every move that hit his prostate had him moaning and dragging his fingernails down Ichigo's tan back.

Them Ichigo wrapped his hand back around Hanatarou's dripping erection and stroked once impacting the healers prostate roughly at the same moment. Hanatarou screamed for the second time that night. He never screamed. He couldn't stop the pathetic noises from leaving his throat as his body bowed and he came hard. The smaller shinigami saw stars as his cum poured over Ichigo's hand and onto his own stomach. He had never come so hard or so fast and couldn't stop himself from collapsing when he was done.

Ichigo didn't last much longer. A strangled groan was wrenched form his mouth as the tight muscles around his cock constricted even more milking him harder. He felt his body shudder as he came hard inadvertently pressing his cock directly against the other mans prostate as he did so dragging another groan from Hanatarou. The substitute shinigami felt the tension in his body snap before he collapsed on top of the smaller man. He could feel his body tremble as both men came down from their orgasmic highs. Ichigo was quite surprised when he heard Hanatarou speak almost immediately.

"You are such a voyeuristic pervert, Byabya." Ichigo couldn't even feel embarrassed enough to blush as he glanced over at the clearly hard Captain.

"I was just enjoying the show, Hana-chan." Ichigo swore he could feel a growl come from the small man under him before glancing up at the dark haired Captain.

"The maybe you should join us, Byakuya." Ichigo got a grin from Byakuya, a look he had never seen before on the stoic mans face, as the Captain stepped forward slipping out of his haori.

"Maybe I will."

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