Maybe I will.

Ichigo had never expected to sleep with little Hanatarou. Even in his wildest dreams he had not thought he would fuck Hanatarou rough and fast and both of them would utterly love it. He had never even dreamed that he would feel like he belonged inside the fourth division healer and would do anything to stay there. He had also never anticipated experiencing his first threesome just moments after his first time with another man. He had also definitely never predicted that he would ever sleep with HIM.

Kuchiki, Byakuya.

But it was happening, right before his eyes. He watched as the noble Captain slowly slipped out of his haori, showing his lightly scarred chest. It was as if the Captain had never been seriously injured except for the scars caused by his own fight with the man. The man was hot…like beyond amazingly pretty. Ichigo had always thought that the sixth division Captain was girly, at the best a pretty boy trying to look manly. He had never expected to be attracted to the half naked Captain to the point where he could feel his cock swelling inside Hanatarou's body once again. Then he heard the man beneath him speak and couldn't stop the blush from spreading across his cheeks.

"Ne, Byabya, I think you should play with Ichi. That was his first time so I'm sure there are some…activities that he has not engaged in as of yet." Ichigo almost gaped at the easy way that Hanatarou said his nickname for Byakuya. If anyone else even called the Captain by his first name they were skewered by Senbonzakura in mere seconds. Hanatarou could call him by that ridiculous nickname without Byakuya even raising an eyebrow. Then Ichigo finally processed what Hanatarou said and felt the blush deepen.

"Ho…how do you know…that?" Ichigo couldn't get the blush to dissipate as both of the other men laughed at him. He also couldn't get his eyes to leave Byakuya's smiling face. He had never seen the man smile and was completely enthralled by the sight. He didn't even notice when his body was shifted and he was pulled up onto his knees, his head landing on Hanatarou's chest while his half formed erection was pulled out of the healer's body.

"It's glaringly obvious, Kurosaki. You were very stiff and nervous." Ichigo felt like glaring at the know it all Captain but was abruptly stopped when he felt something press against his own virgin entrance. He felt a gasp leave his throat when he noticed that the object tracing around his entrance was wet and definitely not the shape of a finger. He looked back down at the seemingly innocent healer under him to see Hanatarou chuckling and grinning at him.

"Ohhh, Bya's sharp tongue is good for more then cursing people out." Ichigo groaned at the implications of those words as he felt himself spread farther and that sharp tongue pressed slowly into his body. Once again while he was thoroughly distracted the two men moved. Byakuya allowed Ichigo's body to lower, his tongue still sliding around the loosening entrance, as Hanatarou slid down so that his and Ichigo's groins touched.

Ichigo couldn't stop another groan from escaping him as both of Hanatarou's small hands wrapped around his full erection, pressing both of their cocks snugly together. Then the small healer began to move his hands on both of their hard erections as Byakuya pressed his tongue back into Ichigo's body successfully frying the remaining brain cells that the human boy had.

"Maaa, Bya, I don't think he's going last if we keep doing this." Ichigo barely registered the words as Hanatarou's hands and Byakuya's tongue kept working on him. He didn't care what the other two men did as long as they kept doing it; he had never felt so damn good in his entire life. That, of course, was until he felt something very tight and constricting snapped around the base of his weeping erection. That he did not like…not at all and he was going to voice his complaint as soon as he could speak coherently.

That didn't happen any time soon seeing as Hanatarou's hands were automatically back on his now constricted erection and Byakuya's tongue was inside his entrance as far as possible. His mind couldn't form anything near coherent thought so the only things that came out of his mouth were garbled moans and stuttered names. Apparently the two other men didn't mind considering they just kept teasing him and working him higher and higher until he felt something he had never experienced before.

Ichigo moaned when he felt two of Byakuya's slim fingers slide into his entrance touching him where he had never been touched before. Then it happened. He felt those still slightly cool fingers brush up against something inside of him and he felt himself snap, he felt every ounce of control that he had snap. He felt like he was coming, like he was having the greatest orgasm he had ever felt but he wasn't. He could feel his ass muscles clenching around the fingers still buried inside of him as his cock throbbed painfully. It felt so awesomely good but so horribly bad at the same time.

As soon as Ichigo could feel his body again he noticed that he was laying flat on top of Hanatarou with Byakuya's fingers still inside of him. His body felt amazing but still so high strung that he could barely think. He looked beseechingly up at Hanatarou before he felt his body being shifted again. He looked down to see Hanatarou's erection right in front of him and couldn't stop himself from licking his lips.

"That is what you are supposed to do with his cock, Ichigo." Ichigo whipped his head up to look back at Byakuya before he felt Hanatarou's small fingers on his neck.

"Don't worry, Ichi, we won't hurt you." Ichigo looked between the two men for a while longer before looking down at the absolutely delectable looking cock before him. This was something he had always wanted to try but when if he was no good? What if he didn't do it right, would they kick him out? The decision was taken away from him when he felt fingers at the back of his skull and a dripping cock pressed against his lips. Ichigo automatically opened his mouth and hummed at the flavor. It was like nothing he had ever tasted before. He found himself taking another experimental lick across the leaking head jumping slightly when he heard a lusty moan come from Hanatarou.

"Don't stop now, Ichi, please." Ichigo felt himself blush once again wondering where his confidence had gone before he lowered his mouth over the cock so temptingly offered to him. Then he felt the noble's slim fingers moving in him once again and knew exactly where the confidence had gone…even if those fingers felt slightly different now. These two, more experienced men, had stripped him of all confidence and ego and he couldn't find it in himself to care.

Ichigo could feel the quickly warming fingers moving slowly inside him pressing against that one spot that had caused him so pleasure as he sunk his mouth over Hanatarou's delectable cock. He was using everything he had ever read about or seen to try to pleasure the small healer and apparently he was doing something right. He could hear the panting moans and stuttering of his own name from the fourth division member as he dragged his tongue over the prominent vein on the underside of Hanatarou's cock.

Then he was being moved once again. Ichigo let out a disappointed whine as he was pulled away from his treat and repositioned. He found himself reclined on his back with Hanatarou sitting on his lap and Byakuya looming over both of them. The orange haired man watched in fascination as the sixth division Captain stripped revealing more of the pale skin. He felt his mouth drop open when Byakuya's pink tipped cock was revealed, standing firm, and almost pointing towards the ceiling. But that wasn't what surprised the inexperienced human boy. It was the silver…rod, he couldn't think of a better word, that was sitting snugly in the slit of the Captain's erection. He had heard of the practice but had never actually seen it.

"You really are a pervert, Byabya." Ichigo watched as Hanatarou leaned forward, his ass rubbing down against Ichigo's cock temptingly, his hand sliding along Byakuya's cock before gripping the thin silver rod imbedded in the Captain's cock. "How long have you been walking around with a sound against the top of your prostate driving you completely insane?" Ichigo found himself mortally fascinated as Hanatarou pulled the thin rod out before thrusting it back in making the normally stoic Captain literally double over in pleasure. He then felt himself chuckle when big hands covered Hanatarou's on the Captain's cock stilling their movements.

"Such a damn tease, Hana-chan." Ichigo felt his own cock twitch when the metal rod, which was a lot longer then he thought, was slowly pulled out of Byakuya's cock. "You just want to tease me or do you want that cute little ass of your stuffed with two cocks?" The teenagers eyes opened almost as wide as saucers at the very dirty words that came from the Captain's mouth. In his utter astonishment he barely noticed Hanatarou pushing down against him and the small shinigami's cock dripping with excitement.

"You really mean it, Bya?" The substitute shinigami found his mouth gaping again at the wanton display that Hanatarou made. He saw the, normally shy, shinigami spread his legs baring himself fully as his hands went to the back of Ichigo's head. "Gods…Bya…Ichi…please, NOW!" Ichigo felt himself being repositioned once again, a slick hand sliding over his cock before Hanatarou sank down slowly over him. He watched the healer's back bow as he sank down over Ichigo's cock like he had been doing it his whole life. "So good…now…Bya, now, take it off." The teen was slightly confused by Hanatarou's words, they seemed to be totally off subject, but quickly understood when he felt Byakuya's nimble fingers on the cock ring still constricting him.

Ichigo's entire body jerked as the cock ring was removed. He was only stopped from coming by Byakuya's strong fingers around the base of his cock constricting him much like the ring had done.

"Don't come yet, Ichigo, not until I'm there with you." Ichigo watched, once again fascinated, as Byakuya dipped his fingers back into the lube slowly pressing one of those slick fingers directly beside his cock and slipping it into Hanatarou's already filled entrance. "Wouldn't want to hurt him, now would we?" He nodded and let his head fall back as he felt the sensation of Byakuya's fingers stretching Hanatarou even while he was inside the healer. He could tell each time another finger was added by the feeling of extra slickness and tightness. The passage around him became so much hotter and tighter but somehow miraculously did not tear.

Ichigo felt himself twitch again when Byakuya's third finger entered Hanatarou alongside his cock, stretching the healer farther then he thought imaginable. He watched as Byakuya worked his fingers in and out of the filled passage stretching Hanatarou for a bit longer then necessary before sliding his fingers fully out. He saw the Captain twitch slightly at his own touch while lubing himself thoroughly. Ichigo did not know how this was going to work but he couldn't wait to see.

Ichigo watched as Byakuya moved in close carefully hooking his elbows under Hanatarou's knees spreading him as he positioned himself pressing tight against Ichigo's lower body.

"Ichigo, put our hands on his hips and lift him until your still barely inside him." Ichigo nodded and placed his hands on Hanatarou's hips lifting the smaller man until only the head of his cock was still cradled inside the warm body. He then felt Byakuya move even closer to him pressing his cock firmly against Ichigo's much like Hanatarou had earlier. Ichigo shuddered when Byakuya pushed up just sliding the head of his cock into Hanatarou 's body alongside Ichigo's. "You ready, Hana?" Hanatarou just nodded before responding.

"I…I'm good…I just want you two IN me." Ichigo groaned at those words his hands tightening on Hanatarou's hips as he desperately tried to stop his hips from moving. He came back to his senses as one of Hanatarou's landed on his shoulder, the other resting on Byakuya's shoulder, as the small shinigami began to lower himself onto the two cocks splitting him open. Ichigo didn't know just how much control and effort it was going to take not to thrust into the tight body strangling his cock but he soon found out. He had to slowly thrust his hips in sync with Byakuya as Hanatarou sank down onto their cocks. They were almost there when the hand on his shoulder tightened convulsively. All movements stopped and Ichigo freaked out.

They had hurt Hanatarou.

The teenager automatically tried to pull out and get away from the other man. He had never wanted to hurt him and he had to stop no matter how good it felt for him. He was startled when he was stopped by Hanatarou and Byakuya and held firmly in place.

"Don't leave, Ichi, please, I'm fine, just a little more." Ichigo took a few deep breaths trying to calm his wildly beating heart as he got encouraging looks from the other two men. He nodded and about choked when Hanatarou forced himself down the remaining inches fully burying the two men deep in his body. Byakuya looked worried also but the looked dissipated when they both heard another lusty moan from Hanatarou. "Stop treating me like glass and fuck me."

That seemed to be the breaking point for Ichigo and Byakuya. Ichigo heard Hanatarou scream when they both thrust into his body in unison. This scream didn't bother either of them, however, seeing as it ended on a pathetic moan with Hanatarou almost crying in pleasure. Their bodies all seemed to move like a well oiled machine. When Ichigo was pressing in deep along Hanatarou's prostate Byakuya was pulling out and vice versa.

Hanatarou felt his body arch and shuddered. He couldn't control his reactions and that wasn't something he was used to. It was understandable though. He had never felt so…full before in his life. Ichigo and Byakuya were both big but together they were…amazing. He could clearly feel the two different sized heads stretching his insides and grinding over his prostate. Another scream was ripped from his throat when they both thrust up hard into his body impacting his prostate ruthlessly. They started a new rhythm and Hanatarou felt the already tight coil in his stomach twist almost painfully as he gripped Ichigo's and Byakuya's shoulders. He felt his body being lifted with each hard thrust before he felt a particularly harsh thrust to his prostate. The coil snapped.

Ichigo felt his hands tighten bruisingly on Hanatarou's hips as he thrust into the constantly tightening body. He had never felt anything so tight or hot and the friction of Byakuya's cock rubbing against his own was maddening. He felt himself compelled to look up at the noble Captain just to see a mischievous grin cross the dark haired mans features. He saw Byakuya lift a small black…box before pressing he button on it. Ichigo was confused for just a split second before he screamed and thrust harshly up into Hanatarou's body. He could feel his body shaking as the vibrator buzzed inside him pressing against his prostate even as pressed into Hanatarou's body. Through the haze of pleasure he tried to think of when Byakuya could have inserted it without his knowledge. Then it hit him, that was why his fingers had felt different that time!

The teenager didn't get any time to ponder his situation when he heard a deep moan from Hanatarou. He looked up to see Byakuya press another button on the box and the vibrator moved faster in him. He couldn't stop himself from thrusting harshly into Hanatarou again but it was different this time. Byakuya followed Ichigo when he moved causing both of the men to hit Hanatarou's prostate dead on at the same time. They both heard Hanatarou choke on a moan and felt his hands tighten on their shoulders. Then they both felt Hanatarou tighten around their cocks and that was it.

Hanatarou came first. His body tightened around Ichigo's and Byakuya's as his orgasm over took him. Long white streams of come covered his and Byakuya's chests as his body convulsively tightened and loosened. Ichigo was next, the vibrator still moving in his ass enhancing his orgasm as he thrust up hard into Hanatarou's hot body his hot come flooding the healers entrance as he moaned. Byakuya was last, having enough presence of mind to turn off the vibrator before shuddering hard and coming in Hanatarou's body not able to stop the moan from escaping his throat.

All three of the men moaned at the added sensations of the others orgasm. No one knows how it happened but they ended up on their sides on the small hospital bed with Hanatarou sandwiched between the other two men when they came down from their highs. They all groaned tiredly as Ichigo's and Byakuya's softened cocks slipped out of Hanatarou's entrance leaving quite a mess behind on the once clean hospital bed.

It was a short week later that Ichigo had to go back home. He got a hard kiss from both men before promising to come back…

Even if he had to give himself another paper cut.

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