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HighSchool Fic-

Summary: If there's one thing the loud-mouth, hyperactive, and obnoxious Uzumaki Naruto is good at it's racing cars. When he slips a love letter into Uchiha Sasuke's locker by accident, he might just have to use his skill to shut up the Uchiha who got the wrong idea and threatens to black-mail him, but what happens if Sasuke wins?

Pairings: SasuNaru, NejiNaru, GaaNaru, ItaNaru, KakaIru, SaiNaru, one-sided SasuSaku, one-sided LeeSaku, and ect. -basically a lot-

Rating: M- for cursing and for lemons and violence in later chapters.

Contains- Boyxboy, Shonen-ai, Yaoi, whatever you want to call it.

What Comes After The Rain?

Naruto scribbled down a few more cheesy lines on the paper before finally coming to the conclusion that he perfected it. Rummaging through his frog shaped backpack he managed to find a wrinkled, but still useable white envelope. He re-read his work trying to make absolutely sure that there was no errors. He wanted it to be perfect for Sakura-chan!

Dear Sa-chan,

I was always really nervous about telling you

something like this, but I found that I wouldn't

know something can work out unless you try

right? So I wanted to send you this letter

to ask if I can be your boyfriend. Because

well, I think you're really good looking and smart!

When you come up with your answer, please meet

me at the gym's enterance at 3PM.

Love, Uzumaki Naruto!

He folded the letter and put it in the evelope refusing to let his grin falter. Yeah, she was really popular and obsessed with the school's president, Uchiha Sasuke, who was the richest and smartest kid in the school, but he can give it a try right? Even though he was probably the poorest and least smartest kids in this school and the elementry school. Naruto really didn't mind being broke though. Actually 'broke' was an understatement, he had to save up just to be broke. His parents are a faded memory so he always had to fend for himself, living in a small cruddy apartment, but he never quite got around to complain about it.

He had a job, he worked at a car maintence shop. So his car could be fix and painted and everything for free, because he was the one that did it. His car was far more a beauty than his apartment and everything in it all put together. If there was one thing he loved to do and was really good at was racing, and when he said racing he meant really fast driving at two in the morning racing. He's never lost against anyone, ever, and he planned on keeping it that way.

Zipping up the mouth of the frog on his bookbag, he tossed it over his shoulder and walked down the hallway in search for Haruno Sakura's locker. His best friend Inuzuka Kiba said that she was too much of a spoiled bitch to even throw him a glare, let alone be stuck with him for a two hour movie. So Kiba was quite hesitant when he told him he was going to be giving her a letter.

He didn't have much time to remember her locker, but he thought that he could manage remembering it. He put Kiba through a lot to try and get that locker number, no one else would tell him, so he sent his dog-like friend. 'Locker number, um, 298.' Naruto looked at the lockers searching out for the number 298. When he found it a pink blush dusted his features as his hand shakingly took the evelope and stuck it in the crack on the bottom of it and jammed it in there until no part of the letter was left out. Feeling content he decided to skip seventh period and head over to the gym. Who needs to learn how to read anyways? Or atleast those big sophisticated words, that only God knows what they were smoking when they thought of it.

Heading down the hallway with his hands folded behind his head, he saw an older boy walking towards him with his hands jammed into his black pants and his more than likely dry-cleaned white button up T-shirt on, which was no other than Uchiha Sasuke. Also know as Mr. Perfect. Even though Naruto didn't know much about Sasuke's family, what he did know was that they ran a chain of fancy resturants and malls all over Japan and where branching out even to America. Sasuke had perfect grades, was good at anything without even looking like he was trying to put in any real effort. He had just about every girl and some of the boys swooning over him, fainting at the very glance. And on top of that he was, even though Naruto preferred to keep this to himself, very handsome! He could turn the heads of angles. He made blind people blush.

Yeah, yeah, he's perfect, but his personallity totally sucks. He's the type of person who can come up with a witty comment at any given moment and toss it at you like a dirty napkin. Naruto personally thinks that's he's a little sadistic when it comes to interracting with anything under the catergory of 'living'.

"Uchiha...Sasuke." Naruto spat out with a grimace on his face, with Sasuke returning the favor.

"Uzumaki Naruto, dobe." He threw out with just as much vemon if not more.

"You know what?!" Naruto yelled in the dead quite hallway, Sasuke stopped and gave an amusing smirk to the blond.

"I wouldn't unless you want to yell something of more value than that, dobe."

"Hmph, you betta' be careful on that pedestal of yours, 'ya might fall off of it. And oh my god. " Naruto widened his eyes in a mockery of surprise. "You might just have to walk around down here with the rest of us, and gee, I don't know, 'ya might catch a peek of yourself in o' lake or a pound or a puddle even, and you're not gonna like what 'ya see. All you're gonna' see is-"

"Are you done yet?" Sasuke cut in, crossing his arms, keeping a stoic face on as he look at the blond boy. "Sometimes, right before I go to bed, I think about all that you say about me, and you want to know what happens after that? I fall asleep. Get over it." Sasuke turned around and began walking to his locker as Naruto watched him, not knowing why he couldn't glare holes right through the raven's neck, finally giving up he turned the heel and walked away.

Hm, didn't know that Sasuke's locker was right beside Sakura's, I ain't even know his locker was down that hallway..." Naruto shrugged and began to walk to the gym. Glancing at his orange watch that had a fox opening his mouth and with the digital numbers right in the middle of the open mouth.

"Hm, 2:46. not bad I guess, I'll just call Kiba n' ask him what we had ta' do in readin' class. Even though Iruka-sensei is gonna' be pissed that I ain't come to his class..."

Naruto leaned up against the wall of the tan building. Tapping his foot for a good twenty seconds, he found himself getting immensly bored, he forgot that he had to make sure he looked presentable. Once again opening his bookbag he took out a small and slightly cracked mirror.

If anything you can say that Naruto was really cute, his blond hair always in a messy heap, but seemed to compliment him. He had tan skin, naturally, despite all of the rumors of him going to tanning salons, as if he could afford that. Big blue eyes with long golden eye lashes. Three scarred whiskers on either side of his face, that he personally rather not talk about. Even though he was cute he was turned down left and right when he threw out offers. Maybe he had a childish cuteness to him that automatically made him unattractive to girls, but that didn't keep the guys from looking at him.

Naruto may be naive, but he's definitely stupid. Now, even though he's stupid, he can tell when someone is staring at his ass and then pretending their blind at some point and grab it like they're reading braille. He'd have to (1)shoryuken their ass, especially that creep Sai. Sai would stare at his junk for hours like he was trying to decode the secret message of 'boxer or briefs?'.

Naruto made sure there was nothing in his teeth or sticking out of his nose before he slid the mirror into his backpack. Geez, waiting for the one you confessed to via letter takes forever! Naruto glanced again at his watch which was blinking 2:59 in red. Naruto decided to dust out any creases in his blue male capris that stopped at his shins revealing a white ankle sock met with blue shoes with white stripes. He unzipped his orange sleeveless hoodie halfway to reveal a bit more of the blue t-shirt underneath with colorful words of "Do you know where your mother was last night?" splashed across it. On the back of the shirt it said. "Because I do." He thought it was funny, so he got it to tease Kiba with. He hoped Sakura would hurry, school at out at 3:35, and he knew she wasn't going to talk to him if there were people around.

Hearing footsteps Naruto glanced at his watch. 3:04, then look up to see a particular raven boy approaching him with that arrogant smirk across his face.

"Hn, I knew it." Sasuke grunted, just low enough for Naruto to hear.

"What the hell are you doing here? And what d'ya mean?" Sasuke took out a familiar slip of paper and held it between the space between his index and middle finger.

"Hm, I think due to this letter I was summoned here, by no one other than you." Sasuke shrugged before smirking down at the smaller boy. "I always knew it though. You screaming out of nowhere everytime I came down the hallway, trying to strike me, but all you really wanted to do was touch me wasn't it?"

"WAIT! I-I- You wasn't s'pose to get that!" Naruto yelled pointing accusingly at the letter in question.

"Isn't this to Sa-chan? A little flattering yes, but it doesn't suit me at all." Naruto's mouth hung open as Sasuke looked upon the blond with great amusement. "Might want to close that thing, we're trying to preserve the natural life not kill it." Naruto furiously shook his head before reaching up to grab that letter only to have it go up just out of his grasp. Dammit, the Uchiha was a good 5'10 Naruto was a soaring 5'6.

"That-that ain't meant for you!" Naruto yelled, making another attempt at trying to grab the letter only to have it pulled out of his reach once more.

"Oh? So who is it for?" Sasuke held his arm all the way up watching the blond jump up and down in an effort to grab the said letter.

"Sakura-chan you prick!" The raven slowly felt his arm come down, but before he did, his arm automatically flew up again.

"Hm, I think it's addressed to me, don't you think?" Sasuke opened up the letter and began to look over the sloppy handwritting. "So I wanted to send you this letter to ask if I can be your boyfriend. Because well, I think you're really good looking and smart!" Naruto, trying to conceal a blush looked away. "Dobe, don't you think you should make it a little more obvious that you were trying to talk to a specific person? Anyways, Haruno's locker is on the opposite hallway of mine. I had mine moved away from hers recently. Her locker number is 198."

"..." Naruto didn't say anything, but inside his head he was screaming in horror. Usually he'd punch the bastard in his face, but he could see what kind of game the Uchiha was playing.

"Lost for words, Dobe?"

"I can't just pull extra fast and cool come-backs right out of ma' ass! Is that what you want? Because I'll just rip one right out of my ass!" Naruto screamed, only realizing how bad it sounded after it left his mouth.

"I don't want anything coming out of your ass. You know what?" Sasuke asked with a smirk on his face. "I might just keep this and send this to everyone in the school to let them know who has a crush on me."

"It ain't meant for you! And there's plenty of people who gotta' crush on you! I can't believe Uchiha Sasuke ain't above blackmail!" Naruto screamed rabidly shaking his fist that wasn't trying to grab the letter.

"And who knows that? No one but me and you. No one's going to believe you if you said it was for that girl anyways." Naruto bit onto his bottom lip before giving up trying to grab that letter that just seemed to curse him so.

"What the hell?! What d'ya want?!" Naruto shouted, not entirely knowing why this bastard was doing this to him, but he knew he couldn't attack him or this would be everywhere and people would think he was actually in love with him.

"Hn." Sasuke moved closer to push the blond up against the wall before leaning into his ear. "I want you to listen to my commands." The raven whispered huskily into the blond's ear. Naruto began to blush furiously before pushing away the raven to get some distance between the two. He didn't even know why he blushed, the bastard only whispered in his ear.

"Hows 'bout we ma-make a bet then?" Naruto stammered a bit swinging his arm out to make sure the raven was a good bit away from him.

"Fine, what's your wager?" The Uchiha asked with a surprisingly high amount of interest.

"Hows about we have..." A wide smile came across Naruto's face. "A race? Two n' the mornin' you versus me. If I win you get rid of the letter never ever to bring it up in 'ya life again."

"And if I win?" Sasuke asked raising his eyebrow.

"Then I'll do 'ya damn favors." Naruto spat on his hand before sticking it out. Sasuke scowled at the hand in disgust before rolling up the sleeves of his white shirt, then ramming his hands into his pockets.

"How appalling..." Naruto looked down at his hand before looking back at the raven.

"Ain't 'ya goin' ta shake it?" Sasuke looked away from the spit. Spit always made him feel like he was about to start gagging for some reason.

"There is no way in hell I'm touching that. Just be there. Meet me at the resturaunt I own that's in this area. I'll have that road closed off for us."

Naruto growled deep in his throat, sort of hating how powerful the Uchihas were in other peoples' eyes. Putting his hand back down to his side he wiped the spit off on his pants before looking back up at the Uchiha. "Whatever, prepare 'ta lose. Be sure 'ya bring a match with you, you're goin' ta need it when you have 'ta burn that letter."

"Hn, we'll see. I'd like to see the piece of crap you're driving."

"Che, you're not goin' ta say that when I'm finally able ta knock you off your pedestal and watch you drown in a pool of self-hatred, but that's what makes this whole thing so delicious, right?" Naruto said being followed by the school bells indictating that school is over. Sasuke scowled at the blond before walking in the opposite direction that Naruto was going in. The tan blond huffed out a big breath of air before heading over to his beauty that was parked in the teachers' parking lot. He knew that the teachers weren't going to do anything, one teacher pressed their fingers onto his window, and the next day after school that teacher was met by a team of firefighters trying to put out the flames that engulfed his car.

Walking up to his car, Naruto admired the designs on it. His car also known as the Nine-tailed, had a crimson demon fox on it that was snarling showing all of it's teeth, it had nine tails curled all around it with the tip of the tails ending at the driver's door handle. The car itself was an yellowish-orange. The wheels rims were spiked and always kept clean. On the front of it right above the fox's head the words. "Nine-tailed" was painted on the it in a graffiti type of style.

The inside was a real beauty too, orange cushiony seats, the clutch was colored in orange with a green toad on the top with four tounges pointing out the. 1, 2, 3, and 4 gears.

Naruto gently put his key into the car and opened up the door to let some of the heat escape before getting in. Turning on the car, Naruto pushed the gas a couple of times and enjoyed the vibrant Vroom that purred so well out of his car. Naruto drived up to the sidewalk and waited for his best friend.

Naruto waited for about ten minutes before his dog like friend appeared from the school building. Inuzuka Kiba was Naruto's best friend not only because they were simular in act and attitude, but because Kiba could handle his pranks and jokes if they were directed at him. Sometimes the boy would out-do Naruto in his pranks. Kiba was a tad bit taller than Naruto, he was 5'8, and was relentless on how small his companion was. He was older than Naruto by a few months,but Naruto was 16 soon to be turning 17. Kiba had already turned 17, just like the majority of the class. He had messy brown hair, and narrow dark almost black eyes. Kiba also had a dog fetish, he carried his buddy Akamaru everywhere, and in school kept the poor dog in a gym bag. Some days he'd have to leave his dog at home especially if he was going to get a ride from Naruto, he would be damned if that dog would come into this car. Kiba tought that dog to piss on command and he wasn't going to have him do that in his beauty!

Naruto always found himself some-how annoyed by Kiba's dressing though. After many of years he finally got him to stop wearing that heavy ass winter coat that he even wore in the summer in the dead heat like he was trying to cook a racoon in there. Sometimes Kiba would throw it on for old times sake, but his usual wear was a thin black hoodie with "Big dog" sprayed across it and light blue jeans torn at the knee and at the shins.

"Oooi! Kiba! Get the hell in!" Naruto yelled, reaching over to open up the door for his buddy. Kiba hopped in and slammed the door giving the blond a cheesy grin. "What the hell!! Don't slam 'da door! You'll hurt 'er!" The blond shouted in Kiba's face.

"Meh, shut-up, I didn't slam it, damn thing can't feel anyways." Kiba threw his hands behind his head and rested his feet on top of the glove box.

"Gah!" Naruto slapped Kiba's feet off of the glove box before soothingly cleaning up the dirt left behind. "It's ok, he didn't mean it, you're not a thing."

"Tsk.." Kiba clicked his tounge before continuing. "Anyways, why weren't you in reading class? Iruka was piiiiiiised, and it was odd that the Uchiha wasn't there either. Rare to see that dude skip a class. Everyone was talking about it. You and Uchiha Sasuke not there? What happened, man?" A wide grin plastered itself onto the blond's face before he pointed his thumb down at his car.

"Guess who has a race with Uchiha Sasuke."

"No fucking way! You do know that he can probably afford the fastest of cars right?" Kiba asked looking around at the car like it just aquired a new found beauty to it.

"Pft, my baby can handle it. After that guy eats my exhaust Sakura-chan will finally recongized me!" Naruto cheered before quickly shutting up and looking at the dog-boy.

"Oh yeah, how'd it go? Talk to Sakura-chan?" Shit... Naruto thought, but knowing Kiba he might aswell tell him, but not the whole thing.

"Um, about that...You said 298 for the locker number didn't you?" Kiba looked at his palm before turning back to the blond and giving him a nod.

"You dumb shit that was Sasuke's! He thought I wrote it 'ta 'em! That's why I have to race him, 'cause he threatens 'ta black-mail me!" Naruto hollared as he shook his friend by the collar.

"Wai-wait! I got it from Ino!"

"Ain't she Sasuke obsessed too! Whose 'ta say she just ain't spew that out with the rest of her fan-based shit?!"

"And black-mail you!? Well, no one would believe you anyways..."

"That's what he said!"

"Alright! Alright! Let go!" Naruto let go of Kiba's collar before settling back down in the drivers seat. "You going to tell me if you win right?" Kiba asked looking at the blond.

"Of course, might as well hold 'ya breath 'cause it won't be long, I"ll smoke him in a matter 'a seconds." Naruto said letting his arrogance show.

"Pft, you say that now." Naruto drove out of the school and made his way to Kiba's house. Naruto wanted to drop Kiba off and get to the shop to work on his car for tonight. Just thinking about it sent shivers of excitment of his spine. Just to think of how he is going to beat Sasuke and win Sakura's affection all in one blow. Now thinking about it he didn't even know why he liked the bubble-gum haired girl so much. Yeah sure she was pretty and smart and rich, but doesn't personality come into factor when it comes to a person? She, by the blond's opinion was even worse than Sasuke. She'd kill him just to get a whiff of the Uchiha's sock.


Naruto pulled up to the workshop before easing his car into Work Garage 3. Turning off his car, he peered out of the window and was immediatly greeted by Ebisu, the co-owner of the store; Jiraiya is the one that runs the joint. Naruto nicknamed him 'closet pervert' because with the glasses on you can't tell what he's peering at and the way he crouches to look at things, gosh it reminds him so much of pedobear.

"Yo, closet pervert." The man was wearing a blue casual t-shirt with casual blue jeans, he had a blue bandana tied over his head, and he pushed up the big dark circled glasses in a way to greet Naruto.

"It's Ebisu-sensei! Don't call me that! Jiraiya-sama got a call from Iruka-san, wondering why you didn't come to class." Naruto crossed his arms and stubbornly looked away.

"Chyyyaaa! I was gettin' a race! I ain't need to be there just to learn how 'ta read anyways! I'll be there tomorrow!" Naruto huffed out. "Now I have 'ta work on my car!" Ebisu shook his head before leaving the garage to let the boy do his work.Ebisu knows better than almost anyone that Naruto was very serious when it came to driving, and the fact that he was tuning up his car meant that it was a big race too. Other times he'd just say that his beauty was too good for a tune-up.

Naruto's eyes turned into concentrating slits before he looked over his tools and got to work. His car was a Subaru Impreza WRX first generation, the 1996 version, which was surprisingly easy to work on. Jiraiya betted it in a race, and Naruto won it, after that it became his baby.

Several hour later Naruto gently closed the hood of his car before sitting back in the driver's seat. Pressing on the gas pedal he was greeted with the cars sounds.



"Ahh, music to my ears!" Naruto joyfully expressed. "That Uchiha is so going down!" Then all of a sudden the image of Sasuke leaning in and whispering in his ear made the blond blush slightly. Naruto slapped his face a couple of times to try to shake the images and the blush away. All he did was whisper in my ear, what am I blushing for!?

Naruto glanced at the clock ticking on the wall in the left side of the garage. "Hm, 12:57, just a little bit more!" Getting up a low growl erupted from Naruto's belly. He forgot that he hadn't eaten since lunch time. Naruto walked into the shop and over to the workers' lounge. Grabbing a cup-o-ramen he lazily peeled back the lable before pouring water in it and sticking it in the old and small microwave.

Sitting down on the old yet comfortable couch, Naruto couldn't help, but wonder what that rich bastard was driving. He thought of the most expensive types. Ferrari probably...or a porsche...wait don't think about it! My beauty may be old, but she'd kick the shit outta those new and expensive cars! Naruto's thoughts were cut off by the beeping of the microwave. Naruto took out a pair of chopsticks before breaking them apart unevenly. Whispering his thanks he began to stir the chopstick in the noodles before wondering what on earth he'd have to do if he lost.


Driving in the dark, Naruto turned the street and stopped at the fancy resturaunt that only middle-upper class and richies could afford. The name of the resturaunt was called "The Burning Fan." Naruto grimaced at the place, wondering if he should piss on the side of the building or not. Parking his car, he stepped out and leaned against the brick wall waiting for Sasuke.

Naruto looked at his watch that read '1:58' before puffing out a breath of air.

"Yo, Dobe, you made it." Flinching from the sudden noise, Naruto looked over to see the Uchiha pull up in a Corvette Z06, the 2007 version. The blond's mouth slightly dropped from the sight of the car.

"You bet your ass I did! And I brought 'ma beauty, she may be old, but she runs great!" Sasuke stepped out of the car and approached the blond.

He patted the pockets of his black loose jeans all the way up to his short sleeved jacket before shaking his head at the blond. "Well it seems I'm all out of golden stars for you. Try again later."

Naruto growled lowly at the raven before grabbing him by the collar. "Hey dip-shit! I ain't come here to be insulted I came here 'ta race? What 'bout you, huh?!"

Sasuke smirked before prying the blond's tan hands off of him. "Hn, well let's get started." The raven pointed out a pale finger at the street. "Go straight then there will be a road that leads to the high-way, first one there wins."

"Heh! You're on!" Naruto ran over to his car and jerked open his door before looking at the Corvette from the corner of his eye. Sasuke was smirking at him like he had already won the race. Probably realizing that his car was over ten years out of date, but Naruto worked hard as hell on this car, so it ran like a new one.

Naruto stuck his head out of the window, looking ahead at the road he yelled. "Ready...Set...GO!!" Both of the teens pounded the pedal of their cars and sped off. Sasuke smirked as he kept up with the blond, moving in he rolled down the tinted window to look at the blond and give a triumphant smirk. Naruto didn't returned the gesture, but he did give him the middle finger and a loud. "Fuck you, pal!" Sasuke turned back to look out of the front window. Naruto began to drive ahead and when he got ahead, he drifted in-front of the raven, swerving when the raven tried to get past.

Sasuke sucked his teeth, suddenly feeling very aggitated. That irritation quickly faded when he quickly swerved to the side and sped up beside the blond. Seeing the road-way that led up to the high-way in sight, Sasuke quickly sped in front of the blond and past him. The road that led to the highway was narrow and twisted slightly. Sasuke shifted his gears as his car turned side-ways and hastily drifted up the road blocking the whole thing making it impossible for Naruto to make it past.

Naruto's eyes went wide as he saw Sasuke began to drift and inevitably block the whole road. When the sleek black car reached the top of the highway it quickly turned itself around and screeched to a stop. Naruto's car quickly followed after it's coming in. Naruto's car slowly, almost shamefully, came to a stop.

Naruto repeatedly banged his head into the steering wheel with the only one thought spiraling through his mind.

I lost...

I lost...


"Yo, dobe." The Uchiha knocked at the blond's window, before Naruto pressed the button to roll it down.

"Mmffhhmmmfffmm..." Naruto gurgled incoherantly underneath his breath.

"Hn, that language may be impressive on some other planet, but here's were your plan goes wrong, this is planet Earth."

"I said this is bull shit!" Naruto screamed, lifting his head to glare heatfully into the onyx eyes. "How the hell did you drift all the way up!? Is that allowed?!"

The Uchiha smirked before leaning up against the car. "Does it matter? I won the race, so now you have to listen to me."

"That's bull shit! I can't believe it!" Naruto hollared whacking himself in the forehead hard enough to leave a print.

"Hmph, better come into touch with it pretty soon, because you lost."


(1) Shoryuken- This is that move from Street Fighters that Ryu and Ken would do were they would upper-cut you then send you flying.

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