A/N: I'm practicing to writ the ultimate lemon, so I'm giving ya'll some random yaoi smut! I shall use as many Akatsuki couples as I can. Tell me how I can improve, please!


Kisame had never thought anything would happen. In fact, he was positively convinced. Itachi had never really expressed a desire to go farther than a simple kiss in their relationship. Now, when Kisame had only been lying on his bed, reading purely innocent magazines, when Itachi had come in. Kisame looked up, only slightly interested. Itachi walked over, slowly, to the bed and sat next to Kisame. "Do you want me?" he asked softly. Kisame choked.

"What?" he asked, eyes like a surprised Rock Lee. Itachi leaned forward, his lips brushing Kisame's ear.

"You heard me," he whispered, blowing into Kisame's ear. Kisame looked into Itachi's eyes and saw something he hadn't seen in a while. Complete lust and want, a craving and desire for another's body. But the roots of such a lust were love and trust.

"What do you want?" asked Kisame, sitting up and placing a hand on the small of Itachi's back. Itachi straddled Kisame, leaning forward and crashing their lips together in a vicious kiss, tearing his hands through Kisame's short hair. Kisame moved his hand to Itachi's rear end, squeezing ever so slightly. Itachi broke their contact and smirked down at Kisame.

"That answer your question?" he asked, slightly breathless. Kisame didn't say anything, simply crashed their mouths together in a passionate gesture of a violent lust. He pushed Itachi back, so that he was on his knees, legs spread and Kisame before him, his much larger bulk towering over Itachi's lighter, more agile one. Itachi looked up, no hint of doubt in his eyes, just a pure, undiluted trust and lust. Kisame crashed them down, hands scurrying under Itachi's shirt. Itachi helped lift off his shirt over his head. Once the garment was tossed regardless off to the side, their lips were smashing together. Kisame nipped and sucked at Itachi's mouth, suckling on his tongue. Itachi's thin hands slipped into Kisame's coat and spread it open, splaying his hands across Kisame's taut chest muscles. Kisame removed his mouth from Itachi's, and let the man below him shuck his coat from his shoulders. Itachi worked his fingers under Kisame's shirt, working it off of his broad shoulders and over his head. Kisame grinned evilly down at the Uchiha, bearing his shark fangs. He dipped his blue hands into Itachi's pants. Itachi gasped slightly and bucked his hips into Kisame's hand. Kisame unzipped the Uchiha's pants and pulled them down with his underwear, throwing both behind him. He then descended upon Itachi's chest, biting and nipping his neck, collarbone, and nipples. Itachi entangled his hands in the azure strands of Kisame's hair, pressing the shark man's mouth viciously against his skin. Breathy gasps escaped his mouth as he arched into Kisame's touch.

Kisame's mouth left the Uchiha's skin, earning him a glare as he sat up. Kisame just smirked as he stood, slipping off his pants and underwear slowly to give Itachi a view. Itachi stared without embarrassment, giving Kisame butterflies in his stomach. Kisame started to resume his previous position, but was pushed back by Itachi. Itachi pushed him into a sitting position, and before Kisame could register what was going on, Itachi was between his thighs. Kisame gasped, then moaned as Itachi's warm mouth enveloped just the very tip of his erection. Almost without his consent, his blue fingers wove their way through Itachi's hair, taking a firm hold. Itachi glanced up, making eye contact with Kisame as he completely impaled his mouth on Kisame's manhood, ramming the tip to the back of his throat. Kisame moaned and, keeping one hand on the Uchiha's hair, let his other slide between Itachi's legs, pumping him slowly. Itachi moaned around Kisame's member, sending shivers up the shark man's spine. A fire was building in Kisame's chest, spreading downward. "Itachi," he breathed. Itachi knew what he meant and removed his mouth, sitting back and looking up into Kisame's yellow eyes.

"Kisame," he said slowly, gulping and blushing slightly. "I'm-" Kisame placed a single finger on those beautiful, curved lips.

"I know," he said. "though, with that little display, you could've fooled me," Kisame grinned as Itachi blushed a little more. "Wait right here, I'll be right back," Kisame said, standing and running to the bathroom. He quickly looked around, trying to find something to use as lube. He sure as hell was not going to take Itachi dry, after all it was his first time. Kisame threw open the medicine cabinet and found a bottle of bath oil. Sighing, Kisame ran back to the room with the oil. He found Itachi sitting on his bed, face impassive. Smiling slightly, Kisame walked over to the bed, placing the oil on the bedside table. He made eye contact for a moment with Itachi before tackling him, capturing his mouth in a ferocious kiss. His hand wormed its way down between Itachi's legs, finding his puckered entrance. Itachi spread his legs and lay back as Kisame lathered his fingers in the oil and slowly worked Itachi's hole. Itachi's long, thin fingers grasped the sheets as he tossed his head to the side, letting moans escape his lips freely. Kisame added a third finger and stretched them far apart. Itachi jumped slightly, but showed no other signs of discomfort. It made sense, after all, they were ninjas. They could handle a bit of pain.

Kisame decided Itachi was stretched enough and placed the bottle back on the table. He then positioned himself above Itachi and slowly eased himself in. Itachi tensed up. Kisame leaned down and kissed his cheek. "Relax, it'll make things easier," he said. The fire in Kisame's chest engulfed more of his body, still traveling downwards.

Kisame made eye contact with Itachi, then slid himself out and rammed back in. Itachi screamed, caught off guard, and grabbed the sheets in his white knuckled hands. Kisame grinned and started a thumping, rapid pace. Itachi's moans steadily grew in volume, the fire spreading between their bodies. Kisame groaned, eyes half lidded, as he rammed into Itachi's defenseless, willing body. Itachi cried out as he climaxed, Kisame growling as the heat he was sheathed in tightened as Itachi found his release. A few more pounds later and Kisame came, groaning loudly, inside of Itachi. Kisame collapsed next to Itachi, their heavy breath intermingling above them in the cool night air. Finally, Itachi turned his head to face his partner. Kisame tiredly raised an eyebrow. "Well? How was your first time?" he asked. Itachi sighed, settling into the bed against the large bulk of Kisame.

"Nice," he said airily, eyelids drooping. Kisame chuckled and threw the covers over them, ready himself for a good night's sleep. And there, together, they slept, no promises of tomorrow or better times, simply the memory of that one, exhilarating night.