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And then there was the night they made love.

They slid together, Sasori's arms wrapped tightly around his young, precious, delicate love. Deidara's body hugged Sasori's as they kissed fervently, falling back onto the bed. As they broke and gasped for air, their eyes met, and Sasori saw for the first time no fear or hesitation. He saw only love and adoration, and trust. Above all, a willingness and trustfulness of a drowning man to a lifeline.

"Deidara," Sasori murmured, gulping thickly.

"I'll stop you if you cross the line, un," Deidara said firmly, wrapping his legs around Sasori's waist. "Make love to me, hmm." Sasori licked his lips and dived back down, kissing Deidara passionately. He loved Deidara with all his heart, and now he was to prove it with his body.

Sasori slowly ran his hands up Deidara's chest, teasing the sensitive flesh. Deidara gulped and squirmed a bit. He was blushing furiously. Sasori leaned down, pressing his mouth to the younger's ear.

"Try and relax and enjoy this, Dei-kun," he whispered. Deidara gulped and wrapped his arms around Sasori's neck. Sasori lowered his mouth to the skin of Deidara's neck, running his tongue over the flesh. Deidara wiggled. "Patience," Saosir chuckled. He knew slow was best for the young man. He slid his hands to Deidara's hips, and then to the hem of his shirt. Slowly the garment was removed, and Sasori ran his hands again over Deidara's torso. The skin was uneven and scarred in some places, and a few odd ribs poked out, but he was better. Deidara was much better than when Sasori had first found him.

Deidara bucked his hips up, blushing darkly. Sasori took his time. He slowly undid the buckle of the pants, unzipped them, and then slid them down. They had had many close calls, almost getting to this part when Deidara shied away, calling it all off. Deidara closed his eyes and gulped, allowing the pants to be removed. "Remember, Dei, if I cross the line…"

"I know, un," Deidara insisted. "Just keep going, yeah." Sasori nodded, and ran his hands over the taught, strong skin of Deidara's legs. He noticed the bulge in the boxers and smiled. So Deidara was enjoying this. Sasori cupped his hand over the bulge and pressed down lightly. Deidara gasped. He hadn't even touched himself there. It sent strange tingles through his body, and made him want to get away from the touch, but also submerge himself in it. He closed his eyes, waiting for the hot, agitated feeling to dissipate. Sasori had stopped now and was watching him.

"Take deep breaths, Deidara. I'm not going to do anything until I know you're all right." Deidara nodded, lips a tight white line. Sasori sat patiently, waiting for Deidara to decide to continue or back off. Slowly, Deidara's clear blue eyes opened.

"K-keep going," he said, voice stuttering but audible and firm. Sasori paused, and then slowly removed Deidara's boxers. His erection stood up painfully, skin tight and a blooming red. Already a drop of pre-cum was beading at the tip. Sasori made eye contact with Deidara, then lowered his head to graze his lips over the tip, smearing the salty liquid over his kiss-swollen lips. Deidara gasped. It was all so new, so alien, he wanted to pull away and drown in it at the same time. His whole body felt flushed and clammy, as if he had a fever. It made him worried, but also like he wanted to close off his mind to all thinking at once. He gasped out loud when he felt Sasori's mouth begin to take in his penis, and like lightning Sasori removed his mouth.

"I'm sorry," Sasori said.

"Keep going, God, keep going, Sasori!" Deidara hissed, bucking his hips up. He had decided he was going for it, despite these unfamiliar feelings. He had never felt this good, and if it was strange, so be it. Sasori lowered his mouth back onto the tip of Deidara's penis. Deidara gulped and held still, though so many emotions were tangling in his brain and pulling in his heart he had just shut off everything but the physical, carnal pleasure. As Sasori's mouth encircled him once more, he cried out. The heat and wetness around him gave him hot shivers all through his body.

Sasori slowly slid his mouth lower on Deidara's hard erection. He knew his young lover was close, having never had any experience in this. He rubbed the tip of Deidara's erection at the back of his mouth, running his tongue along the bottom, from base to tip. Deidara shuddered, gasping for air. A few more long licks and sucks, Deidara cried out and expelled his seed in Sasori's mouth. Sasori swallowed and left Deidara's penis fall from his mouth, sitting up to look his lover in the eye. Deidara was sweating, hair a mess, face flushed a dark pink. Sasori crawled over him, kissing his lips softly. Once Deidara had caught his breath, they looked at each other. "Are you ready?" Sasori asked. "Do you want to continue?"

"Y-yes," Deidara replied. Sasori nodded and rolled off the bed. He unbuttoned his shirt, folding it and laying it on a chair. He then slipped off his pants, exposing his large, throbbing erection. Deidara gulped as the boxers came off, Sasori's body fully exposed. Once more, Sasori climbed over Deidara, kissing him passionately, their tongues slipping and sliding across each other. Deidara could taste the tang of his seed still in Sasori's mouth. Finally they separated for air, and Sasori traced his fingers lightly down Deidara's body, until he reached that area between Deidara's legs. Deidara bit his lip, spreading his thighs to give Sasori better access. Sasori reached back up to the nightstand, opening it and taking out a bottle of lube. He popped the cap open and dipped his fingers in, slowly sliding a single finger inside Deidara's tight heat. Deidara bit his lip. Sasori watched his lover's face as he slid a second finger inside, spreading them apart. Deidara gasped, moving back on the bed. Sasori stopped, allowing Deidara to adjust before moving his fingers some more. Once Deidara got used to the feeling, Sasori slid his third finger in, moving them all in different directions. Deidara was bucking up against the fingers, and once Sasori thought he was ready, he slipped his fingers from Deidara's body.

Sasori smeared some lube on his own penis, positioning it at Deidara's entrance. Deidara gulped and looked nervously up at Sasori. Sasori stopped, reaching up to caress Deidara's cheek. "Relax, all right?" he said. "If I hurt you, tell me to stop. I promise I'll stop." Deidara nodded.

"Just… go slow, please?"

"Of course." Slowly, Sasori pushed the tip into Deidara. Deidara bit his lip and tensed, and Sasori stopped. Once he felt Deidara's muscles relax, he again pushed slowly forward. He was part way when Deidara cried out, squirming away from Sasori. Sasori stopped, letting Deidara adjust. Once Deidara seemed less tense, Sasorio started again to push in, this time to the base of his erection. Deidara lay gasping, chest heaving with the intake of breath. Sasori stayed as still as he could, letting the sensation of the heat around him take his mind and feelings. Softly he pet Deidara's stomach, before running his fingers lightly down Deidara's erection from tip to base. Deidara whimpered, and Sasori stopped, instead resting his hand on Deidara's hip, stroking the skin.

Eventually, Deidara's breathing evened out, and he opened his eyes, licking his lips. "Relax, Deidara," Sasori reminded him. Deidara nodded, trying to let his muscles loosen up. Once Sasori thought he had relaxed enough, he slowly began to slide back out. Deidara gasped, and Sasori stopped once more. Deidara recovered quickly, and Sasori moved again. Now fully out, he slowly proceeded back in without too much discomfort to Deidara. As soon as he was again completely sheathed up to his base, Sasori leaned forward to kiss Deidara. When he adjusted, Deidara cried out. Thinking he had hurt him, Sasori stopped moving. "Do that again," Deidara panted. Sasori repeated the motion, and Deidara let out a whine of pleasure. Sasori pulled back, and slid back in, Deidara writing in pleasure and moaning loudly. Slowly Sasori built up speed, but not too fast. He stayed gentle and slow, making sure to hit Deidara's pleasure spot and make him moan. He came easily, and Sasori was soon to follow.

Deidara lay panting and sweaty, hair strewn across his face and fluids leaking from his insides and settling on his abdomen. Sasori got off the bed and grabbed a towel, coming back and cleaning Deidara off.

"Mmm… thanks Sasori, un," Deidara yawned.

"No problem," Sasori replied, pushing the hair from Deidara's forehead and kissing him. "You just get some rest." Going back to the bathroom, Sasori tossed the towel in the hamper, and then walking back to the bedroom he folded up Deidara's clothes and placed them on the chair. With a yawn and a stretch, he crawled into bed and they fell asleep.