Description: Set 3 years after Kingdom hearts Sora Kairi and Riku all live in Radiant Garden, they help people all over the galaxy when they are needed, an old foe though from their past has returned though, along the way they meet a new person who can wield the keyblade and some new enemy's. Can they survive the new threats that they will soon be faced with or will this be one Disney story without a happy ending?

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Sora was in deep thought in his small house. Ever since he turned 18, he and his friends Kairi and Riku had moved to Radiant Garden. They had gotten jobs at the new World Restoration committee, which used to be the old Hollow Bastion Restoration committee. He and his friends would help with any trouble caused by Heartless or Nobodies anywhere in the Galaxy. So much time at passed, they had all really changed.

Riku had stayed taller than Sora at nearly 6 feet tall, and his hair had become a bit longer then when he was 16. His arms were a lot more muscular, much more looking then Sora's who was still on the lanky side. He had also become a real celebrity with the ladies, but altogether he was still the same Riku.

Kairi had also grown. She was a bit shorter then Sora now at 5'7, and grew her beautiful red hair out all the way to her waist. Her outfit had changed to a pink tank top, and a white dress that reached her knees. In Sora's opinion she was the most beautiful woman he had ever known, he was glad they were a couple.

It's actually a funny story on how they got together. It happened about two years back. Riku had told them both to meet him by the poupu tree in there old play island. That was there favorite spot, to hang out together. Upon reaching the spot, the two teens found a table with pizza on it. This caused confusion to cross there faces, what could this be all about it. They stared at it for several minutes before Riku finally came by with an explanation.

"I am getting tired of waiting for you guys two to get together." Were his exact words, "It's painfully obvious to both of you that you like each other. I've got the only key to the lock's I put on our boat's, and we're not leaving till you have a Romantic dinner together." After his short explanation, he used his dark powers to teleport away. Being lost in darkness so long, Riku had managed to keep some of his old powers.

In retrospect they probably could have undid the lock with their Keyblades, but the two were more focused on the fact that they were alone together. Needless to say that the two were both mad and embarrassed at there older friend, but none the less ate together. To the surprise of them but not others Sora and Kairi both greatly enjoyed it. Though near the end a Poupu Fruit fell on Sora's head, which resorted in the two of them sharing it, their destinies intertwining, and ending with a first kiss.

Sora had also grown some, and he was now 5'10, wore a new drive suit that was made to his new size. He had lost some of his lankiness, and grew some muscle. Though not as much at his older friend.

The sound of his phone ringing, brought Sora our of his thought process of how everything had changed. He dug through his pocket, to retrieve the phone, and smiled when he saw the caller ID. "Hey Princess" he greeted into the phone after putting it to his ear.

"What's up Prince", Kairi voice replied from the phone speaker, "Is everything going alright, haven't heard from you in awhile?"

"It's nothing Kairi I'm fine."

"Sora," Kairi said in a concerned tone "We've been together long enough to know if you're lying".

"Believe me Kairi, it's nothing to get worked up about," Sora reassured smiling softly.

"All right then, just remember I'm always here for you." Kairi replied, "love you."

"Love you too bye," Sora hung up and placed the phone back into his pocket.

An hour later Riku came bye, holding an envelope in his lands. His face showed excitement "What's up Riku?"

"We got a letter from the King", he replied handing the envelope to him.

Sora anxiously tore the envelope open. "Did something happen?" he asked opening the folded letter, and reading it out loud.

Dear Sora Riku and Kairi

I'm afraid there's some bad news that has been brought to my attention. I cannot say in this letter for fear of it be intercepted. I will be coming in 4 days with Donald Goofy, and a new friend you should meet. See you soon.

Signed King Mickey

"Oh man, I hope it's nothing to serious," Sora said anxiously.

"Yeah," Riku agreed, but was looking at Sora with concern. After a silent moment watching Sora stare at the letter sadly, he asked, "You alright Sora?"

The young man looked at his friend in surprise, "Yeah I'm fine, why do you ask?"

"Ever since we got that mission to get rid of the heatless from Destiny Island a month back, you've started to get lost in thought a lot. Did something happen?"

"It's just…" Sora trailed off.

"It's what?" Riku asked fully intent on listening to whatever Sora had to say.

"I tell you will you absolutely positively promise to tell no one, and I mean NO ONE," Sora said firmly.

"Um… all right," Riku agreed with raised eyebrows. Sora had never been like this before, whatever it was must have been big. "I won't tell anyone, just tell me what it is".

"It's…" he trailed off again with a sigh, "Here look." Sora pulled out a brown paper bag and handed it to his friend.

Riku accepted it, and opened it up. He pulled out to his surprise, a small black box with a ring in it. It didn't take long to figure out what it meant, "NO WAY!"

"Yeah," Sora replied sheepishly blushing.



"AND Kairi?"

"Ah huh." Sora was now blushing furiously, but still beaming proudly.

Riku grabbed his hand, and started shaking it vigorously, "WAY TO GO MAN! CONGRATS!"

"Shhh!" Sora shushed harshly, "Quiet I don't want anyone else to find out yet."

"Sorry, so when we went to our old home-"

"Yeah, I placed an order a while back and got it then," Sora finished his sentence.

"So when are you going to propose to her?"

Sora thought for a moment, "Well seeing the letter I guess before the King shows up. But I don't know how I should propose to her."

"Don't worry man, whatever you decide to do she'll say yes."

"Are you sure?" Sora asked, Riku gave him a look that clearly said 'isn't it obvious.' "Ok, yes I know, but I still want this to be a memorable thing."

"Don't worry Sora, I'll help you all I can," Riku replied placing an arm around his shoulders.

Kairi was sitting on a bench in the Market area. There had been less trouble out in the universe so it was nice to relax. She had become really good friends with Leon, and the gang. Sometimes she went shopping with Aerith, Yuffie and Tifa when they weren't to busy. She was thinking about Sora and his sudden change in personality. She didn't know why he changed, but it worried her. Was it because of something that happened in his family, was it his health, or maybe he wanted to break up with her?

Her cell phone rang, causing her train of thought to falter. She picked it up and put it to her ear, "Hello."

"Hey Princess," Sora voice came from the other end.

"Sora, I was just thinking about you."

"Look I was wondering if tomorrow, we could spend the day together if your not busy? There's some things I want to talk about," he asked.

Kairi didn't know if she should be happy or worried about this, none the less she accepted his invite. "Sure Sora, I'm not doing anything at all."

"All right I'll see you around noon then."

"Sure it's a date, love you."

"Love you too, bye".