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(Gummie Ship)

"And you automatically blame me?" Enigma asked Kairi.

"Yes. Now why is Riku acting crazy?" Kairi asked him.

"I don't know, what did he do? Oh wait is his hair a regular color now?" Enigma asked.

"N-No, so you did do something to him?" Kairi asked.

"NO! No… maybe, look what did he do?" Enigma asked again.

"Riku was acting all… soft," Kairi said.

"Soft? Now I know I didn't do anything that would make him weaker," Enigma said.

"No I mean he was acting all… happy to see us," Kairi said.

"He's your friend isn't he?" Enigma asked.

"More than usual, I mean he just up and hugged me and Sora. Then he… kissed Melody," Kairi said.

"He what? Okay now I hope it was my fault cause I know a whole market of people who would want that," Enigma said.

"Look this is serious," Kairi said.

"I don't know what you want me to tell you I have no idea why he's acting this way," he told her.

"Well something's up with him," Kairi said.

(Later, Enigma's room)

"Guy's I don't need a check up," Riku told Kairi, Sora, and Enigma.

"Sure, now follow the light," Enigma said flashing a small light to Riku sweeping it left and right.

"Guys seriously nothing is wrong with me," Riku said ignoring the light Enigma was shining.

"Riku you just up and hugged us, and you kissed Melody," Sora said.

"That was a… spur of the moment," Riku said trailing off the last part.

"What moment? You just woke up," Kairi said.

"Look can we not talk about this?" Riku asked.

"No way I gotta talk about this, what made you suddenly do that?" Kairi asked with curiosity.

"I-I don't know," Riku said looking away.

"Brain damage, might need to do surgery," Enigma said.

"What? I'm not brain dead!" Riku yelled.

"Quorra, you know how to do the bio scan?" Enigma called out.

"Affirmative," Quorra said, her voice heard all over the room.

"Take a look at Riku," Enigma said.

"Scanning," Quorra said, the sound of beeps and tones sounded for a few seconds.

"You have a... something-scanner in your room?" Sora asked Engima.

"I was bored," he said.

"Result, no fatal abnormalities," Quorra said.

"There see?" Riku said sounding annoyed.

"Though there are signs of damage around user Riku's left shoulder," Quorra added.

"Your shoulder?" Sora asked.

"What?" Riku asked suddenly tensing up grabbing his left shoulder where Quorra said there was damage.

"Riku, you got hurt?" Kairi asked concerned.

"I-It's nothing, I got hit in the battle yesterday," Riku quickly said.

"Scans indicate early signs of scarring, well past the initial time of the described fight," Quorra said.

"Sca- You have a scar?" Kairi asked even more concerned.

"I-It's nothing, th-the scar, I got it when I fell out of bed this morning," Riku said in a hurry.

"Body temperature has slightly risen, heart rate up. There is a high probability of lying."

"Quorra!" Riku yelled.

"Riku what happened? What aren't you telling us?" Sora asked.

"Nothing!" Riku said.

"Oh my-," Kairi put her hands on her mouth, "Is someone abusing you?"

"W-What?" Riku asked confused.

"Did someone hit you… Sora?" Kairi asked.

"Kairi me and Riku haven't fought in years, I didn't go up and hit him!" Sora said in defense.

"No one is abusing me!" Riku said annoyed.

"Abusing… really?" Enigma asked questioning.

"I'm fine alright! I get hurt all the time!" Riku said.

"Then where did you get hurt this time?" Kairi asked.

"I-… I don't know," Riku said.

"Riku," Kairi said, "Show us the scar."

"W-What?" Riku grabbed his supposed wounded area again, "T-There's nothing to show."

"Riku, what are you hiding?" Sora asked.

"Nothing!" he nearly yelled.

"Then show us where you got hurt," Sora commanded again.

"No," Riku said.

"Get him!" "W-" *BASH* Sora and Enigma both tackled Riku to the ground in an instant.

"GUYS!" Kairi said worried about them getting hurt.

"GET OFF ME!" Riku yelled as he struggled to get the two off of him.

*Shoom* "Hey guys we're ne-," Melody opened the door of Enigma's room and saw Enigma and Sora trying to force Riku's shirt off.

"Uhh…," Kairi said awkwardly.

"We're… uh… close to… I'll come back later," Melody said leaving.

"Me-Melody wait!" Riku struggled again trying to get the two off of him.

(Later, Teleportation room)

"Oh man… that was embarrassing," Sora said.

"Snrk, Everyone seems to walk in at the right time," Kairi said holding back her laughter.

"You guys ready to go?" Goofy asked.

"We're here," Donald said.

"Where's here?" Sora asked.

"According to the map the world we are currently over is Wonderland," Quorra said.

"Really? Great, we haven't been here in a while," Sora said.

"It'll be nice to see Alice again, I wonder how she's doing," Goofy said.

"And we're here because there are traces of a Neo being here?" Enigma asked concerned.

"Affirmative, this was the closest world showing signs of Neo activity," Quorra said.

"Then we need to find the Neo and take it out, we're not letting them get away this time," Sora said with confidence.

"Is Riku alright to go?" Melody asked.

"I'm fine alright, look I'm sorry that I-," Riku was saying.

"Eh EH! Not talking about it, E-V-E-R," Melody said the last word slowly.

"Right fine, look I'm sor-."

"And keep your distance from me this time!" Melody ordered pointing at him and taking a few steps back.

"Uh… yeah alright," Riku said defeated.

"Aww, get struck down?" Donald teased.

"And yet my relationships doing better than yours," Riku said.

"Wh-Hey!" Donald said mad.

"Ooh snap!" Enigma added.

World #12, Wonderland/Underland?

In an instant everyone teleported all at once into the new world.

"WheeAAAAAAH!" "AAAAAH!" Kairi suddenly yelled along with everyone when they were teleported not on solid ground but in the middle of what looked like a large building, surrounded by different pieces of common household wooden furniture, lamps, and toys.

"WHAT'S GOING ON, WHY DID WE GET TELEPORTED HERE?" Riku yelled as everyone else panicked.

"RELAX!" Sora yelled.

"RELAX? WE'RE FALLING!" Enigma said.

"No don't worry we'll reach the ground and then we'll slow down!" Sora said.

Sure enough as soon as the first sights of the ground came into view their rate of falling started to slow down to a crawl. When they got close enough everyone placed their feet down on the ground landing with a light and gentle thud.

"I'm getting sick of these surprises," Melody said annoyed.

"…," Vegas was slightly shaking and immediately went to where Kairi was hugging her leg.

"Oh it's alright don't worry," Kairi said warmly, hugging Vegas back.

"hmm… what's this?" Donald said.

"What's what?" Sora asked.

"Sora, look at this place," Goofy said pointing to the room. Sora took a look around the place he thought was the same one he and his friends had gone into years before, but this room was completely different. The lights were much dimmer than before, the round table was the same with the chandelier, and the interior of the room changed from a kitchen into a old looking regular… living room? Dining Room? Whatever it was this did not look to be the same place Sora had first visited.

"Where are we?" Sora asked.

"Wonderland, right? You said you've been here before?" Riku asked.

"Yeah but… this isn't wonderland, or… this isn't the same place I've been too," Sora said.

"Maybe we teleported to a different area than the one you were in before," Melody suggested.

"Maybe, where did we land exactly?" Sora asked.

"… … …"

"Enigma?" Kairi asked.

"WHAA! He's gone," Donald said.

"What?" Sora said. Everyone else looked around the room for Enigma, but he wasn't with the group anymore.

"Enigma!" Sora yelled.

"Up here!" they heard, on the rounded ceiling was Enigma standing on it as though it was a floor near the chandelier.

"E-Enigma?" Kairi said confused.

"How did you do that?" Sora asked seeing him above him.

"Me? What are you guys doing up there on the ceiling?" Enigma asked.

"What are you-AAHH!" "AAAHH-!" *CRASH* Everyone suddenly fell upwards at normal speeds landing on the ceiling above and crashing, but the furniture remained uneffected.

"See I told you," Enigma said.

"Ugh… w-what was that?" Melody asked rubbing the back of her head.

"How did- we just- how did we fall… up?" Sora asked flabbergasted.

"I don't know, you guys were up there when we landed, I was wondering myself how you got on the wrong end," Enigma said.

"Enigma!" Kairi said annoyed, "There is a chandelier right there and a table above us, how can this be the floor?"

"That's a… Oh… oh yeah it does make sense now," Enigma said.

"AAAAAH-!" *CRASH* Everyone fell a second time along with Enigma crashing on the floor this time.

"Whoa," Enigma said getting up, "Did I do that?"

"Don't do that again!" Donald yelled.

"Enigma where are we?" Sora asked ignoring the complaints.

"Wonderland, you know this place right?" Enigma asked.

"No I mean where did we land?" Sora asked.

"What do you mean?" Enigma asked.

"This ain't the same place we've been to," Donald said.

"Yeah, this place is different," Goofy said.

"Really? Are you sure? Because it's been a few years since anyone's been here, maybe the place changed a little," Enigma said.

"The entire place is completely different! This area was completely colorful, but now. It looks like something out of an antique magazine," Sora said.

"Maybe we should ask someone," Riku suggested.

"Ah! Good idea," Sora said scanning the room, "There," he said pointing to a weird and small door that was big enough for something the size of a mouse.

"Hey, hey uh Mr. door knob," Sora said kneeling down to the tiny door.

"… … …"

"Hey… are you awake?" Sora said again gently tapping the handle.

"Uh Sora… what are you doing?" Kairi asked worried.

"This little guy lives here, he's been… he's not alive," Sora said in realization.

"Wha-! He's dead?" Donald asked scared. "That poor Knob, he was so young," Goofy said like he was crying.

"Guys he's not dead… or… not alive- It's just a regular doorknob!" Sora said.

"The doorknob was alive? I think I'm more worried about Sora now then I was about Riku," Enigma said.

"I'm not crazy! This knob was really alive the last time we were here," Sora said.

"Yeah, we remember too," Donald said.

"That reminds me, how do we get out of here?" Melody said looking around.

"Uh… this door isn't locked anymore," Sora got up and looked at the table, on it was a little glass bottle with a tag around the mouth that said drink me, "Well I hope this hasn't changed," he said taking the bottle.

"Whoa Sora! Don't drink things you find laying around," Kairi said.

"Yeah especially if they say drink me, that just yells out poison," Enigma said.

"Guys I'll be fine don't worry, I've drank this before," Sora said trying to calm them down.

"Yeah you've also been to this room before, and the knob was talking before," Kairi said.

"hmm… good point," Sora said rethinking about drinking the potion.

"Oh relax I'll test it," Riku suddenly took the drink and took a sip of it.

"R-RIKU!" Kairi said worried. Riku put the bottle back on the table, for a few seconds nothing happened to him. Then he suddenly started to change, Riku's body began to slowly shrink down and get smaller.

"Riku?" Melody questioned as she started looking down at his changing body. Eventually Riku had turned into a mouse sized version of himself, small enough to fit through the tiny door.

"There see, no problem," Riku said presenting himself.

"You're tiny," Melody said suprised.

"So it does still work," Sora said looking at the bottle.

"So this thing makes you smaller? Is that why that door is tiny?" Enigma asked.

"Riku, don't just drink stuff you don't know anything about! What if that had been poisoned?" Kairi said bending forward to eye him.

"Believe me there was no chance of that," Riku said.

"How can you be sure? You didn't know that," Kairi said.

"Look you guys want to get going or not? More time we spend here, more time the Neo get's to do whatever he's doing," Riku said trying to get them to hurry.

"ugh, this isn't over," Kairi said taking the bottle herself. Soon everyone had taken a sip and became a pocket sized version of their group.

"Amazing, so gravity is unstable here and we can shrink," Enigma said.

"I think the gravity was your fault," Melody said.

"Everything looks so much bigger… it's a like a whole new world," Kairi said.

"Well let's go then, maybe someone can tell us what's changed around here," Sora said.

The group made their way to the tiny door and walked though it into a wide and new place outdoors.

"W-This place too?" Sora questioned looking around. The area was much more murkier and there were many different mushrooms and toadstools lining the area with dark grass, and fog all around the area. They were obviously in some kind of forest, but their tiny size made the place look far more enormous.

"This is different," Goofy said.

"What's going on with this place? This isn't wonderland," Sora said.

"Maybe we really are in the wrong place," Kairi said.

"There's no way of that happening, Quorra told us this was Wonderland," Enigma said.

"Maybe she made a mistake, I mean she is new," Kairi said.

"There's no other planet to mistake near here," Enigma said.

"Mistake or not, that doesn't change the fact that we know a Neo is here," Melody said.

"She's right, gotta keep pressing forward," Riku said.

"Well where do we go from here?" Kairi asked.

"Hold on," Enigma took out his Gummie phone and turned it on. "Quorra, can you give us directions on where to go from here?" Enigma said.


"Hmm… static, signal must be pretty bad here," he said putting his phone away.

"Wait!" Riku said raising his hand.

"You hear it too?" Enigma said.

"What? Hear what?" Sora asked.

"Quick hide!" Riku said. A nearby log was seen and the group headed inside of it.

*STOMP* Suddenly every heard the sound of what was loud stomping around the area, the log had a small opening up top and it let everyone else see outside.

"Something's walking by, something big," Sora said.

"Well not 'big' per say," Donald said. Soon a row of something passed by them, it was a group of what looked like flat people with large spears and some kind of heart like design on them.

"W-The playing cards?" Sora said looking at them, Donald and Goofy got a closer look at them to. The people looked like the same playing cards they met before, but these cards were slightly thicker, and covered in armor shaped in a rectangle. Their faces were covered in helms that let only their scary yellow eyes been seen.

"You know them?" Kairi asked.

"Not personally, but those guys work for the queen of hearts," Sora said.

"She's a tyrant," Donald said.

"And not too nice," Goofy added.

"Maybe it's the opposite now, you know since this place is all loopy… well loopier maybe?" Enigma questioned.

"No they don't look like they're nicer," Goofy said watching them walk off.

"Yeah I guess the giant spears they carried with them didn't look all too friendly," Sora said.

"What are we going to do? If we see them again we can't face them in this tiny size," Melody said.

"We can take em, I've faced things that were bigger than them by comparison," Sora said.

"We can't stand up to an army of them," Kairi warned.

"Oh yeah," Sora said.

"We just need to get bigger than, Sora you said you knew this place," Enigma said.

"I do… but I don't know how we can get bigger," Sora said to them.

"But you said you knew this place, sure it's a little different now-," Kairi started.

"That's not the problem, I've never needed to get bigger when I came here. There's another bottle back in the room where we were in that could make us bigger, but when I came here in my smaller size everything was normal sized for me," Sora said.

"So this whole world grew?" Melody asked.

"Yeah I guess it did," Sora said looking around the area.

*tap tap* Kairi felt a small tap on her leg, she looked down to see Vegas was trying to get her attention.

"What is it Vegas?" Kairi asked.

"…" Vegas pointed out of the Log hole at the other end to show something that was looking into it.

"Uh guy's!" Kairi said worried. Out of the hole was a single card soldier looking into the hole where they were.

"Hmm? Who are these knave's?" the card questioned aloud.

"How did we miss that?" Sora questioned surprised.

"Whoever you are you're coming with me," the Card said reaching his hand into the Log to grab them.

"Sacred Hero!" *SHING* Sora suddenly transformed into his Realization mode and slashed at the card's hand.

"GAAH!" the soldier quickly took back his hand, despite having armor on the strike really hurt him.

"RGh, You'll be killed for this!" the card said reaching in again.

"Darkra!" "Holyga!" "Firaga!" *Ching Ching* *VVVVVeee* "GAAH!" the card yelled out being hit by darkness, light, fire, coins, and sound. He staggered back a bit, but didn't give up on capturing them.

"That's it! I'll kill you myself," the card said using the spear he had with him he began striking at the log. *CRASH* The inside of the log began to crack up, like a cave beginning to crumble.

*STAB STAB STAB* The soldier started skewering right through the first layer of the log where he thought Sora and the others were. *STA-* "Huh?... Hrgh, what the?" his spear was now stuck where it was unable to come loose.

"HRRRRRGH-! HA!" the Soldier finally pulled his weapon out, but something else came with it.

"ROOOAAARR!" "HA!" Enigma in his Chronic Knightmare form holding on to the end of the spear with his long arm pulling Sora with him straight for the Card's head.

"Whu-?" *BONK* Sora delivered a powerful straight kick to the Card's head knocking him out in an instant. The soldier fell back onto the forest floor, shaking the ground like an earthquake to the tiny fighters.

"I told you I faced bigger guys than him," Sora said standing on the enemies chest with Enigma.

"We need to get out of here now," Riku said when the others got out of the now shattered log shelter.

"What for?" Sora asked.

"Any moment now there's going to be other soldiers coming, we need to leave, we can't handle a group of them," Riku warned.

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