"Come on, Sakura" Ino called impatiently, tapping her foot on my porch.

"Almost finished" I yelled back, throwing some more cloths in a giant black suit case. Sighing, I ran to my bathroom, grading a towel and sprinted back to the suit case.

I hung the towel around my neck and zipped my suit case up. Just in time, as Ino, tired of waiting, busted in my room with multiple veins popping out of her forehead.

"You didn't pack at all, did you? You waited until last minute " she accused blue eyes narrowing.

"Maybe" I mumbled, suddenly very interested in a string hanging from my sleeve.

"You ARE hopeless, but I should have known" Ino said sighing.

"Hey, its your fault then if you knew" I said grinning. I walking over to my bed and fell on it. I was tired from packing, I put my arms behind my head, thinking about yesterday.

I had trained with Naruto until nine. After getting home I had gotten in a nice warm bath, my body demanded it, I was all sweating and dirty from fighting. I remembered smiling about my (slight) victory, I bet naruto was as sore as me. I had landed a few good punches and kick on him, but I hadn't escaped exactly bruise free either. Soaking for a few hours until I made myself get up and eat a quick dinner. It was around midnight, when I had started heading to bed.

'Mmmmm, I can't till I get in my nice fluffy bed' I thought, yawning. I was exhausted, I didn't turn the light or pull the sheets back. I had just laid down and closed my eyes, but something didn't feel right. My bed was…….really hard. I jumped up, all trances of wariness gone, and slide the kunai that I always had hidden up my sleeve, to my hand. Crouched defensively I stalked my bed. After waiting for what seemed like hours, I jumped backwards to the light switch, expecting to see a dead body or a very still ninja waiting to attack me.

Instead of that, I saw………a suit case? Some ninja I was, after banging my head against the wall a couple of times. I turned to pull it off the bed and froze. I was supposed to pack, as in leaving tomorrow. And so the chaos had begun. Mostly involving me running around my room and yanking cloths from my dresser and tossing them in. When I was done my room looked like a battle had been fought, cloths I didn't want lay scattered on the ground, and my closet, I shuddered. Sighing, realizing I wasn't going to get any sleep I begin the painfully slow process of picking everything up and putting it away.

While I was off in my head thinking. Ino was staring at me, after a few minutes I turned my head and stared back.

"What" I asked, getting bad feeling, it was never good when she did that.

"I did know you would wait last minute" she grinned gleefully.

"You didn't" I glared at her, 'I never did have a blood limit, maybe I have a special jutsu that blow very annoying people up……(concentrating)…. ……nope, sad.'

"Yes, I did, I knew you would do this, I lied, you leave tomorrow" She grinned.

My eye started to twitch, I stood in the dark for an hour, freaked out, stayed up all night packing, and ruined my calm and sleepy mood for this. Ino must have realized my eye was twitching or the murderous expression.

"ummmm, got to go, I think I hear Kiba calling, bye, see you tomorrow" she shouted, rushing out the door before I could stop her.

"I'll get you back for this" I yelled to her fading shadow.

'Well at least I can sleep'. Still thinking murderous thoughts, slowing I drifted to sleep. But I was worried, ino had never told me where I was going, all she told me was to pack a few months worth of cloths. I trusted her but I wish she tell me. Every time I had brought it up, she would shut up, and refuse to talk. It wasn't that bad actually, I saved a lot of money on not having to buy aspirin, the headaches she could give, ouch.

I was even more worried that godaime had sided with her. Once I had refused to go until she had told me where. She had disappeared for a moment. I thought she had given up, but no. Instead she had marched in with godaime right behind her. Then godaime proceeded to tell me that due to my 'obligations' and 'health' that I must go on this trip. Of course I didn't get a clue how this going to help my village or health. But hey. It was godaime and I couldn't exactly say no. I had sucked it up and nodded my head like a idiot until she left. Oh well, I nuzzled more in to my pillow, and started to fall into a deep sleep, I had learned live wasn't fair long ago.

I woke up later to my growling stomach. I slowly got up and walked sleepily to the kitchen. I yawned and opened the fridge, I grabbed the milk and put on the counter. Next I got a bowl, then went searching through my many cabinets for my favorite cereal, I had hidden away. When Naruto was hungry , he'd often come and raid my house for food. So I had taken desperate measures (after many times reaching for the box and finding it empty) I taken to hiding it at odd places. Naruto had an uncanny food sense of finding food I didn't want him to eat. Often he come over and sit next to me, eating my special, extra yummy, comfort food, resulting to many punches to his face.

After a few minutes of searching, I found it. Ducted taped to a alcove in one of the ground cabinets. I pulled out brightly colored box of cereal, which was most made of food coloring and sugar. After fixing a giant bowl of it, I went to the couch to watch TV and eat dinner.

(in Suna)

"Gaara, do you like dinner?" Temari asked nervously. Watching him take the chopsticks to his month , chew slowly and swallow. He repeated this process a few more times before he answered.


I wasn't scared I cooked it badly, but how he could like it? Gizzards and lizard tongue, I shivered as I watched him take bite after bite. I had only made this for two reasons, one its was his favorite food and two, it easily hid the taste of the special herds I had added.

"I'm glad, want some more?" I asked getting up to clear the dishes.

"Is there more?" he asked almost done with his bowl. I waked over to the big pot I had made it in, it smelled repulsive but I held my breath, and looked in.

"Nope, you ate the whole pot" I answered, gagging internally.

"Very well, good night" he said yawning, then left to go upstairs with a very confused look on his face, probably wondering why he yawned, that was something he never did.

I turn quickly so he wouldn't see me smiling, phase one was complete, oh my god, I did not just say that. I slapped my head with my hand, wow. Sighing I returned to cleaning the kitchen, cursing kankuro for making me watch all his sci-fi series and movies.

It only took me about twenty minutes to cleaning everything up. But I left the big pot I had used to make gaara dinner in the sink. Revenge, Kankuro was the one who had helped planned everything. I cooked it, it was only fair that he cleaned it. I sat down next to Kankuro, absently mindedly brushing some crumbs off the table. I listened carefully to make sure where was no movement upstairs before starting to talk.

"Kankuro, it worked, in a few more hours, he'll be in such a deep sleep, nothing will wake him, this plan is perfect" I said pleased that it had actually worked.

"Of course it is, the herds you put in are a extremely strong, and in about twelve more hours he'll be on the island " he replied smugly.

" You do know when he gets backs, he going to be pissed" I said cringing, an angry gaara was scary enough, but a pissed gaara was………I don't think there a word to descried it.

"Its his own fault he such a workaholic, he hasn't taken a weekend off in a two years, let alone a vacation, he basically lives in his kazekage office. This is the first time in weeks he's come home to eat, he needs a vacation and if we have to do it by force, oh well. Come on Temari, even the elders agreed and that's sad, god knows those old bats barely take any days off either." Kankuro said.

"I know" I said sighing, I stood up stretching, it was time I went to bed. Tomorrow we had to get up bright and early to get gaara on the boat and drive to the island before he woke up. We had made sure it was far away, so gaara wouldn't be tempted to try swim back. I doubt he would, he didn't like large body's of water. Back when he showed a some emotion, he'd complain how his sand would get wet and become slower to manipulate .

Back when we were still planning, we figured this was the best place because of his distain for water (although luckily, he still took showers daily, it would be hard to tell the kazekage he stunk, harder still that it was gaara)

"Well, goodnight Kanky" I said, using his childhood nickname.

"Aren't you going to do the pot in the sink? It's stinking up the place" he complained, wrinkling his nose.

"No, that's your job, I cooked it, you clean it. Besides I need my beauty sleep" I said sticking my tongue at him, I stood up and started to walk away.

"There aren't enough hours in the day for that, you stupid porcupine" he said, just loud enough for me to hear him. I turned slowly, glaring him, but he just kept smiling at me. Normally I pretty level-headed, but insulting my hair and looks was something he knew better to do. I mean how many times did I have to beat him to a bloody pulp, to prove my point?

I started to walk menacing toward him. My hand getting closer to my kunai pack (It was awkward to sit in a chair with a giant fan strapped to your back, believe me, I've tried) , the more I got closer to him. Instead of fleeing in terror (which, he usually did, along with screaming like a girl) he just sat there.

"Careful there Temi, wouldn't wake to make any loud noises to wake gaara, would you?" he said, using my nickname. I grounded my teeth together and realize he had won…..for now, but this was far from over.

"Fuck you" I snarled at him, I turned and begin to (quietly) stomp up the stairs. Which was exceptionally hard, inside I was screaming for blood and vengeance.

Back down stairs, Kankuro merely kept smiling at my retreating figure. He closed his eyes, savoring the moment. And then sighed and started searching for some gloves. Unluckily for him, he only found hot pink, elbow length ones (this was all planned and unknown to him, the camera I had hidden was already taking pictures….the internet was such a wonderful thing, I mean what type of big sister would I be if I didn't humiliate him on the web ).

Frowning he put them on, and in his option, walked towards a very smelly doom. Sighing, he muttered "This better be worth it" and started to clean the revolting pot.