A/N: Yay for B! I've really become a fan of Beyond Birthday recently. My friend told me that if I liked L I would like B. Unfortunately…she was right. But I started this story a little bit before I read Another Note…so B might be a bit off for the first part. And this has to be dedicated to my friend Sarah who demanded I write her a B story before I even read about B…and what follows is a tale of twisted, macabre love that I started to prove how unworthy I was of writing B…and ended up getting Sarah's approval.

Disclaimer: I don't own B…or L.

It seemed that nothing could faze L, not even the fact that he was currently confined in a walk-in closet by someone who could have passed for his evil twin. Beyond Birthday, the second Wammy's House child. Beyond Birthday was a genius, like L in so many ways, even picking up most of his mannerisms. But Beyond Birthday was also drastically different from L. He was an evil genius who would do anything to beat L. L was not afraid of him.

Beyond Birthday flicked on the dim closet light and smirked at L. "It's a pity. I thought you would be more of a challenge. But it was so easy to lure you out of hiding. All it took was a few deaths. Just follow the trail of murders, detective. And now, you're my prisoner."

L regarded Beyond Birthday impassively. He was tied quite securely to a metal folding chair with more duct tape, rope, and padlocks than L found necessary. "I see. If I am truly as little of a challenge as you say, why do you fear my escape?"

Beyond Birthday's eerie smile never wavered. "No, I'm not afraid of what will happen if you escape. I'll just catch you again. But what's the fun in that? You've already proven to me that you're an easy catch. Reports of your ingenuity were greatly exaggerated, I'm afraid. But why let you escape? You're here now. Why waste time? Soon you'll be begging for me to finish with you." A deranged giggle escaped from him.

L stared at him calmly. "I'm glad you're enjoying yourself."

Beyond Birthday snickered. "I haven't even begun to have fun. Just admit that you've lost and I've won."

L's gaze remained steady. "Perhaps I have lost. But you haven't won. You can never take my place."

Beyond Birthday frowned. "I don't want to be L. I'm better than that." The twisted smile resurfaced. "I want you to suffer. I want you to know that I have beaten you. You'll beg for death before I'm through with you."

"I doubt that,' L murmured. 'But you're welcome to try."

Beyond Birthday snickered. "Is that a challenge, L? I like a good challenge. We'll see tomorrow how you really measure up to me."

Beyond Birthday tugged at the ropes, admiring his handiwork. Yes, L wouldn't be going anywhere. He was completely immobile. "Good night, L." He walked his fingers up L's sleeve. "Don't let the bedbugs-" He pinched hard between L's shoulder blades, "-bite."

There was only a small flicker of pain across L's face and it was gone almost instantly. But Beyond Birthday had been looking for it and he had seen it. He smiled. It was enough for now. He turned off the light, leaving L alone in the darkness.

Beyond Birthday spent the night preparing for the next morning. It had been easy to capture L and L wasn't really fighting back. But L wasn't admitting defeat. He was just biding his time. Beyond Birthday didn't like that. It would be no fun to torture L if L wouldn't scream for him. Beyond Birthday wanted to savor and prolong L's suffering. If he went too far with L on the first day L would die and it wouldn't do for it to be over too quickly. But if he didn't inflict enough pain on L, it wouldn't be torture. It called for a very delicate balance.

Beyond Birthday ambled through the kitchen, browsing through his collection of perfectly sharpened knives. He selected his favorite and set it to the side. Then he looked under the sink until he found his vial of corrosive acid. He grinned. Good enough. Now he could relax and wait until morning to toy with L. He wouldn't sleep of course, but it was better to wait and let L's imagination run wild with gruesome possibilities.

Beyond dipped a finger into a jar of strawberry jam and licked it contentedly. Sweet, but not as sweet as his revenge would be.

L spent the night pondering what Beyond Birthday might do to him. He forbid himself to let his imagination work him into hysteria, but all the same, it was better to be realistic. There was a very real possibility of a gruesome death. Beyond Birthday wanted to prove once and for all that he was better than L. What better way of proving that than killing off his rival? Of course, Beyond Birthday wouldn't kill him until after he had broken him down mentally and physically. L wasn't about to give Beyond the satisfaction of pleading for death. Most likely that would annoy Beyond Birthday just enough so that his death would be particularly unpleasant.

It was dawn when Beyond Birthday eased open the closet door again. L's eyes met his. 'Well?" L asked calmly.

Beyond Birthday smirked. "I was bored last night, waiting for morning. I was disappointed you didn't cry for help."

L stared at him blankly. "Did you expect me to?"

"No, but it would have been very entertaining."

"I'm glad you are so easily entertained. You wished for me to call out for help, knowing that you were the only person that could hear me and you would not spare me? That would have been a waste of energy."

Beyond Birthday smiled. "I love it when they beg for mercy. I won't spare anyone, no matter how much they beg, but if they truly amuse me with their pathetic groveling, death comes swiftly for them."

"In that case," L said calmly. "I could never amuse you. I know that you will take time gloating over my capture before killing me."

"Oh, but you do amuse me." Beyond Birthday grinned. "Your defiance is quite amusing. It won't last long. It never does. I look forward to breaking your spirit."

"I'm not like your other victims. You will never break me."

"Is that so? I would love it if you were an even match for me. It would make your eventual defeat so much sweeter. I'll even let you try to defeat me." Beyond Birthday brandished his knife and started slicing indiscriminately through L's bonds, cutting up L's arms in the process. When he finally pulled the frayed ropes away, they were stained red with L's blood and flecks of skin. L gritted his teeth with pain.

The padlocks came off next and were thrown onto L's bare feet. L winced slightly. Finally, the tape was ripped off, taking chunks of L's skin and hair with it.

Beyond Birthday contemplated L as he licked the blood off his beloved knife. L wasn't trying to run away as fast as he could, which any normal person would have done. Well, Beyond Birthday could have easily caught him if he tried it. L didn't seem to even notice Beyond Birthday's presence. He stayed sitting in his chair and just stared at the rivulets of blood coursing down his arm.

Beyond Birthday smiled. Breaking L's spirit started now.